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Hey everyone, welcome to this week’s check-up!
And I have a special guest!
Hey everyone I’m Adam.
Who happens to also be a nurse.
Yes, I have a masters of science of nursing,
in administration.
So very similar to Jakey.
Yes Yes,
We're talking about "How To Be Successful on PrEP"
We’ve found that there is so much information out there on PrEP.
But we just wanted to put a different spin
on it.
To let people know who are on PrEP or who
might be taking it in future, how they can
be the most successful on this medication.
We want you to know that if you take PrEP,
that it’s so important for you to be taking
it every single day.
Every day.
You cannot miss one dose of it.
As you take it you build up medication in
your blood stream.
And if you miss a day, miss two days.
Is that the medication, active ingredient
plummets, and you’re increasing your risk
of exposure, and sero-converting if you are
Ya, and sero-converting means going from HIV
Neg to HIV Pos.
And so if you’re someone who, you know,
misses taking your daily vitamin or you just
don’t think that you’re organized enough
to do something which is daily, then this
is probably not the best option for you.
So another way for you to be successful on
PrEP, is to….
Surprise surprise….still use condoms!!!
It’s very shocking, but dick does not naturally
taste like cherry!
But one thing to keep in mind with that, with
PrEP and truvada.
IS that it’s only a preventative measure
for HIV.
It doesn’t take any other STIs into the
So you can still get syphillis, herpes
Gonorrhoea, chlamydia, genital warts, HPV.
The list is endless.
That's so important because I think a huge misconception
There are still other STIs out there.
And believe it or not, PrEP isn’t 100% effective.
It’s only between about like 90-99%.
So adding condoms to the mix, is just going
to increase your success.
You have to follow up with your doctor every
three months.
They’ll be getting repeat blood work on
you, so they’ll be doing HIV test, and they’ll
want to make sure that you’re not experiencing
any side effects that aren’t showing, so
looking at your kidneys, your liver.
And they could also be testing you for other
STIs at that time.
And you’ll need a prescription refill.
Ya, they should only be giving you about 90
pills every time you get a prescription.
So, its just a perfect way for you to go back,
check in, see your doctor, talk about whats
going on.
Super super important.
Go back to the basics.
Which is essentially just having conversations
with sexual partners.
Ya, PrEP should not be replacing a conversation.
Having the conversation is going to help you
make the best informed decision about how
you’re going to choose how to have sex.
And so asking people what their status is
and when they were last checked.
Ya, I think that is so important,
because you know if it was a month ago versus
two years ago, it’s going to dictate, you
know, how you choose to engage with this person
Conversations are going to be awkward, but
we think it is really important that you’re
still having them.
Ya, so figure out the best way for you to
have that conversation and make sure
that you take your pill ever single day
Use condoms please, go see
your doctor every three months while on PrEP
And have convesation
Yes, and that's it, that's how you can be successful
Alright well thanks for watching everyone
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