Learn how to massage the foot to stimulate the stomach and how this can relax you in this free medical video on how to use reflexology. Expert: Karen Fraser …
This is Karen Frazier and we are doing a demonstration
for Expert Village. Once again we are doing
a reflexology technique on subject A and we
are working the various zones of the foot
in order to stimulate the area, organs and
body systems. That when the inside of the
right foot, we have the stomach area and just
by working right along the inside you are
working that stomach area along with the bladder.
When learning reflexology and actually doing
the technique for a while, you can actually
feel if someone has water in their bladder
and if they do and you feel that, you don’t
want to stimulate that area too much. Now
going along the different zones, like I said
we are working that area.

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