This hunger challenge is a part of the unique Russian Style of Survival method, that makes you stronger both in physical and mental ways. Developed on the …
How long can you live in the woods without food and Internet?
Do you have the guts to do that?
Hi, my name is Mikhail Didenko and I am the author of the popular book called The Russian Style of Survival.
And in this video I will tell you how I answered these questions to myself.
Food must be the third most vital thing for
us, after the air and the water.
But no food means no energy.
If you got lost in a forest, you won’t survive
without energy.
Good news is that we all have the resources
to survive in emergencies.
If you got lost in a wild forest, going to
find food may be not the best solution.
If you are far away from any populated place,
then you will have to, but if you know that
you will find a camp or a village in two weeks,
you’d better not eat at all.
Because you can spend more energy to find,
cook and digest the food than you would get
from it.
It is not worth the effort.
You need to search for the food only if you
can make snares really easily, you know which
animals and birds live in this forest and
you have hunted successfully before.
A healthy person can live up to 40 days without
any food.
At first, your stomach will ache, and you
will feel weak and dizzy, but after a while
your body will understand that it will get
no ‘fuel’ from outside and will start
using own resources.
We often feel hungry when we lack carbs.
And our body starts to produce carbs from
its own fats and proteins.
After about 5 days your body will feed itself
You will still feel hungry and weak, but you
will be able to live and move forward.
It is emotions that matter most!
It is the panic, not the hunger that kills
People who got lost start eating wild birds’
eggs, berries and mushrooms.
They cannot eat enough and they get very weak.
Their bodies break down.
You need to stop eating at all to launch your
body’s self-feeding system.
If you have food, you need to eat regular
portions, without trying to divide it into
many smaller portions.
But when you don’t have food anymore, don’t
panic and just stay hungry.
You should go forward and search for people.
I will tell you honestly about my own hunger
How it was and if I was able to pass it.
Some people will say that staying hungry for
3 days is very easy.
But one thing is when you have to stay hungry,
and quite another when you choose to pass
this test and can go back home any time you
If you doubt it, try it!
So let’s start!
According to the system I explored in my book,
I took only 3 things with me: my knife, a
lighter and a steel bowl.
No camp stoves or sleeping bags!
Only survival hacks!
Real stuff!
I chose to stay in a new place to be in a
new and unexpected setting.
My choice was Konev Bor forest near the small
river called Velegushka in the Kolomna District.
The river’s name derives from the old Slavic
word Velegoshch.
It has the same roots as the name of Baltic
Slavs’ sacred city Radigoshch (or Radigast).
In ancient times, this land was home to the
Slavic tribe called Vyatichi.
They came here from the western Slavic lands.
I think the other version of the name is Velegast
– a ‘great guest’.
For a long time, Vyatichi had lived independently
from the Kievan Rus’.
Even in the 15th century, some of them
were still pagans.
When I walked here, I saw a medieval burial
Some ancient sacred places must still be hidden
in the forest.
The willpower test started right after I decided
to go.
I wanted to, but “all people are afraid
of the unknown”.
The second time I wanted to go back was when
I was about to leave the train at the station.
I wanted to call it quits and go back home.
When I was going to Konev Bor, my friend who
told me about the place, said that there were
lots of swamps there with quicksands and other
The news made me want to go back even more.
But I made a promise and I had to keep it.
When I was in the forest, I switched off my
mobile phone and my digital detox started!
I walked along the firebreak.
I was wowed.
The place was great.
Lots of fragrant grasses like in Urals.
Ferns almost as tall as myself, mounts of
anthills, and no one around, only a hunting
I found a great place to stay at.
I put the log to sleep on under a fir tree
with spreading lower branches.
If someone came close, they would break a
branch and make a noise.
According to my method, I have to sleep on
the ground at night, no sheds!
But you can make an improvised sleeping bench.
This is a test, too.
It’s hard to fall asleep with no walls or
tent to protect you.
It gets dark, and forest night life starts.
You hear so many strange noises!
Your sleep is broken all the time.
The famous nodja whole-log fire is dangerous.
It’s so warm that you can sleep too deeply.
And some predators or bad people can hurt
or kill you.
But you cannot stay awake all the time.
You’ll get weak if you don’t get enough
You need to sleep but be alert.
And the nodja is good for the winter, when
you can’t live without it.
I found birch logs that remained from a big
fallen birch.
I never cut or pull down live trees.
The logs were tainted a bit, but okay anyway.
One of them was wet.
I covered it with a piece of birch bark.
Great to have it at hand – a very good thing
for making a fire.
Some people make shelters under hung-up trees.
All you need is just to put some thin trunks
and fir branches against it, and the shelter
is ready.
A dangerous thing to do, the tree can fall
and crush you any time, like if a storm starts.
My staying place was ready, and it started
to get dark.
I was not hungry and it felt really strange.
I drank lots of water: you always need to
drink a lot when you don’t eat.
Found out one more thing.
In an emergency 2 liters per day is okay,
but I had to drink about 4.
If I drank less, I felt weak and painfully
But when you fill your stomach up with water
(and better warm it), you feel okay.
Before I went to sleep, I buttoned and zipped
up my clothes, so no bugs could get under
In the morning, you always need to check your
I put my feet into my backpack, pulled on
thin work gloves, and pulled my balaclava
I was warm and mosquitoes couldn’t bother
At night I woke up all the time because of the owls hooting
and other birds making strange noises.
I only fell asleep before the dawn.
I went to see the beaver dam.
Beaver colonies used to live there.
They made the dam and made place to gradually
turn into a backwater land.
There are mushrooms in the forest, and you
wouldn’t die of hunger here.
But that’s not what I was there for.
I went back to my staying place.
And I felt almost not hungry like I feared
I stretched myself on the sleeping bench and
gazed at the clouds.
I felt free from the big city fuss.
Sometimes you need to leave all things behind
and just lie down and stare like a child.
The hunger started to work after 3 p.m. on
day 2!
I was suddenly very hungry.
I dreamt of soups and roast beef.
But was able to resist.
Switched on the mobile to check the time and
caught myself as I was about to click on Facebook.
It was a willlpower feat not to click it.
It got to its worst at night.
It was crazy and I knew it.
But I wanted just to stand up and go away.
At night, who cares really!
But I managed to stay.
All I wanted is this night to be over!
I went to sleep at 9 p.m.
It was getting dark already.
That’s the right and natural cycle.
You go to sleep when it’s getting dark and
you get up at dawn, like at 5 a.m.
That’s how village people had always lived.
But city people’s natural sleep cycle is
We use boosters like coffee to wake up and
be active.
And we take all the greater amounts.
Modern people’s bodies even cannot generate
their enzymes in the right way.
But it’s a long story.
My second night was better.
My sleep was not deep, but it was okay.
I already knew the place.
I woke up before dawn, at 4 a.m. maybe.
Fell asleep again and woke up when the sun
touched the trees’ tops.
I felt not hungry again.
I even thought what if I live in this mode
all the time!
Will save tons of money) No rent and utilities
to pay!
I felt happy and a bit euphoric.
It was the last day and I passed the test!
How you feel IS important.
Like you are walking under heavy rain with
a really big backpack.
Your shoulders ache.
And suddenly you are told that you’ll get
to a deposit of gold nuggets and you can take
as much gold as you want!
You’ll walk quicker at once!
And you’ll forget about the backpack!
I found an old well and took some water from
I decided I should have it filtered.
And do you know that back in the 80s people
could drink puddle water and nothing bad happened?
Why unfiltered water is dangerous?
You can get harmful bacteria, viruses and
parasites from it…
You can get gippy tummy and your body will
lose water.
You’ll be weak, sleepy and may even die.
Ideally, you should filter water in 3 phases:
– you filter it,
– you treat it with hydrogen peroxide, with
manganese, or with iodine
– and you boil it.
I used two simplest techniques.
I boiled it and added the peroxide.
You have to combine 2 phases at least.
Because not all bacteria die when you boil
the water.
Bacteria like the anthrax can survive even
the boiling.
You need to boil the water for 10 or more
Why I used the hydrogen peroxide?
It’s harmless.
The taste is not too great after you add it,
but it’s okay.
It’s important that you filter the water
really well and you use all the means you
It won’t be too much.
Before night, I grabbed my heavy bag and walked
to the station.
It took me less than 2 hours.
Late at night, I was back in Moscow.
I didn’t feel hungry from the start of day
And I was okay.
I only felt slightly weak and dizzy sometimes,
if I rose to my feet too abruptly.
After my hunger challenge, I search Internet only
to find things for my projects and self-development.
I feel happier, because I don’t read tons
of hysterical news.
I don’t follow newswires anymore, I don't discuss things in social media.
Now I feel better, because I understand myself better. And now I know better what I am capable of.
The exercise is great, but it should not be done more than once a year.
As for minor challenges like ice bath or ice swimming, they should
be taken once a week only.
We should not be stressed too often.
Okay, so how this exercise, my hunger challenge influenced my health?
You know it worked like a booster and now I feel great!
So stay tuned, watch my new videos!
I have new and even greater things to share with you!

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