Evening outing. I was looking for an interesting roebuck, but all the bucks were young and not what I was after. After sunset I sat in a high seat for a while and a …
Going stalking?
Old Zeiss 8×56 still my favorite binos
These are nice looking bugs, but get my heart racing when landing on my neck or face :-)
Young hinds
The dog says deer
Young buck not what I am after
Looks like just one young crane here, usually they have more…
Button buck
High seat for the last hour or so
Still early and a pig shows up – in 95% cases it is a sow
You can clearly see tits under the belly
The grass is tall enough you may not see piglets – there are three
Young buck again
The number of hares dropped significantly over the last 30 years
Also this is one of rare blackgame areas that needs predator protection all year
So… this one is not welcome here
Blaser R8 .308 -165gr Hornady BTSP

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