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Friends, today we are
going to talk about
Hydrastis Canadensis.
It's a very famous
Homeopathic medicine.
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Hydrastis Canadensis is
slow-working medicine.
for stomach and liver cancer..
Be it primary cancer
of stomach or liver
or be it metastasis, which means
a cancer spreading from elsewhere..
In both the cases,
Hydrastis has proven to be
a useful medicine.
In the condition of
both these cancers
a person loses appetite, thirst
to an extent that the very sight of
food makes the patient feel nauseated.
It causes loathing for food.
Since the acid forms in the stomach
due to absence of food
it gives continues
burning sensation
increases acidity and the
patient burps continuously.
Since the person
isn't having proper food
and the cancer is basic,
the patient develops weakness.
If the patient tries to eat,
especially in stomach cancer
he vomits it.
Just like in the case of Phosphorous
and Ferrum Met.
Since the patient has
nothing in his stomach
he vomits saliva
and the yellowish enzyme
which resembles a thread.
Thick yellow ropy discharge.
This is the
characteristic of Hydrastis.
Loathing of food,
weakness, epigastric burning
and discharges thick
yellow ropy enzyme..
This is a special characteristic
of Kali Bichrom and Hydrastis.
If a patient has any
of these symptoms
you can surely given him
Hydrastis in potency.
The patient retains only
water or milk in this condition.
And that too, cold milk.
As the condition worsens,
the patient develops jaundice.
And the tongue swells,
turns reddish and flabby.
Obviously, since there's
less solid in stomach
it leads to severe constipation.
The patient's body waste
will be of light colour.
The liver enlarges
and it becomes painful.
Because the liver is
sorrounded by capsule.
So, it enlarges and
it becomes painful.
It starts from dull pain
and develops to severe.
Hydrastis works to
decrease this pain too.
Similarly, when the stomach
cancer becomes serious..
The stomach pains a lot and it
becomes persistancely heavy
and painful.
Hydrastis can be used
in this condition as well.
Friends, Hydrastis might not
cure this condition.
But when it comes to pain and
destructiveness of cancer on organ
it manages them well,
as per our experiance.
And all the symptoms of Hydrastis
are cured by rest.
I have told you this
with referance to cancer.
But there are other
conditions too..
For example, the enzyme
which discharges from nose
which is sticky, yellow and ropy..
And in the case of nose block..
For piles..
If piles isn't getting cured
and you've tried all the remedies..
And in anal fissures.. If there
are fissures around the anus
Hydrastis Mother Tincture
works for this condition too
and we have been using it
since a long time.
The condition in which the
female discharge white liquid
and if that is thick,
yellow and ropy
Hydrastis can be
used for this too.
Friends, Hydrastis Can
is a big remedy.
It is used for different purposes.
But as a pathological drug
we started using it for the
four conditions I mentioned
and we've been doing it
successfully even now.
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