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i want to talk about how hysterectomy can  
really destroy your body shape now this video 
is not just for women who had a hysterectomy  
but it's primarily for women who are considering a 
hysterectomy you might want to think twice because  
here's the problem when they do surgery there's 
all these ligaments that are attached to the  
inside of your torso to the bottom part of the 
ribs to the lower back to the pelvis and when they  
cut these ligaments and fascia which is a ligament 
it can create an imbalance because all these  
ligaments are opposing your abdominal muscles so 
when you lose this stabilizing base it can create  
major weaknesses within your abdominal muscles 
and then your stomach starts to collapse and  
fall forward giving you more of a belly fat it can 
also create lower back pain because you lose the  
low back curvature it can even actually 
spread your hips out a little bit more  
it can create weaknesses in your core but other 
than that i think it's totally fine and i'm being  
very sarcastic there's other side effects too that 
occur after you have a hysterectomy number one  
you can lose your libido you can have bladder 
issues bowel issues even increase your risk  
for cardiovascular disease and even clots 
because the imbalance in hormones if you had a  
full hysterectomy when they took out the ovaries 
as well depression is a side effect weight gain  
is a big side effects in fact the average a 
woman who gets a hysterectomy after one year  
is weighing 25 pounds more also you can have pain 
and inflammation but there are also people that  
have no symptoms at all so before you implement 
any of this information check with your doctor  
i'm just giving you my opinion the two top 
reasons and there's other reasons why someone  
would get a hysterectomy would be endometriosis 
and fibroids usually both of those conditions  
occur because you're estrogen dominant and that 
means that you would want to avoid estrogen  
like birth control pills also avoid gmo 
cotton did you realize that cotton is gmo  
which means it has exposure to glyphosate 
herb which could mimic estrogen and create  
problems so make sure your tampons were organic 
and also dairy i've always recommend if you do  
dairy it must be organic but if you are estrogen 
dominant i would avoid dairy completely and other  
things you need to avoid of course is soy and 
pretty much all of your foods should be organic  
including your vegetables because pesticides 
insecticides herbicides fungicides that are  
on your food can mimic estrogen so we're trying 
to reverse that now there's two big things that  
can help balance your estrogen and give you 
more good estrogen versus bad estrogen one  
is consuming more cruciferous vegetables and 
two consuming seek help if you're going to  
take a sea kelp tablet i always recommend 
only taking one per day you don't need much  
but a little bit can be very very helpful now if 
you've already had the hysterectomy i hope you're  
on the healthy version of keto i hope you're doing 
intermittent fasting both of those together are  
going to be essential in supporting reduction of 
inflammation as well as leveraging your metabolism  
to give you the best chance of losing weight 
so you can minimize the excess weight around  
your midsection and if you do fasting periodic 
prolonged fasting your body will go through  
what's called autophagy and will help recycle 
damaged proteins as in scar tissue and adhesions  
that comes with surgery and the last thing i would 
recommend if you do have adhesions or scar tissue  
which causes pain is tocatrinals it's a type 
of vitamin e that works very well on reducing  
inflammation turning into fibroid adhesions thanks 
for watching before you go if you have a question  
about a product or you're new to keto and you want 
to know how to begin keto or you're on keto and  
you need a debug because it's not going as smooth 
i have a keto consultant standing by to help you  
this is just for the people in the us hopefully in 
the future we'll be able to answer everyone's call  
but i put the number down below 
so you can call and get some help

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