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I have a six month old who hasn't urinated in 9 1/2 hours.
SHe doesn't have a fever and is now sleeping.
Her appetite has not been right for 3 days and she vomited once on each of Monday night and Tuesday night but not since.
Should we go to the emergency room or wait another five hours until we can reach her pediatrician?
Greetings, Is her abdomen distended?
How was the amount of urine in last 24 hours?
Does she take breast feed?
How is the soft spot on her head?
Is it depressed?
What is her usual feeding?
When she was seen by doctor last?
Is there any other symptom or significant past illness?
Her abdomen does not seem distended and the soft spot on her head does not seem depressed.
She is on forumula now (for the past four weeks or so) and usually takes about 35 oz per 24 hour period.
She usually eats 8 oz before bed — tonight just 2 – and another four oz in the middle of the night — tonight just 2.
Other than vomiting twice over 36 hours ago and not eating well, she doesn't have any other symptoms.
She did have a uretero cele (sp?) treated at 2 weeks old and has an extra ureter with some urinary reflux and is on antibotics for increased risk of UTI.
SHe saw her Doctor last about three weeks ago, and we called on Tuesday after she had vomited once and he told us to give her a little pedialyte periodically for 12 hours, which we did.
How much urine did she pass last time?
& in the last 24 hours?
How is her weight?
It didn't seem like alot last time, but we've had a diaper change with at least some urine every three hours or so when she's awake and twice last night overnight.
I'd say about 5 diaper changes in the 24 hours before she went down for bed last night at 7, then none from 7pm to 5 am.
She's in the 30th percentile or so, weighed about 15.6 pounds at 6 months, but hasn't eaten well for three days and may have lost weight.
Thank you for the input.
Failure to pass urine can be due to different causes.
From her history it can be due to due to dehydration from less intake or it can be due to a kidney disease or obstruction.
As she had past history of UTI with extra ureter this can also be a problem too.
As her fontanelle does not appear depressed she may not have much dehydration.
When you have changed 5 diapers in last 24 hours & from sleep & dehydration she may not be passing urine now.
Try to give her fluid around 25 ml / hour & watch if there is any increase in flow.
You can also put warm clothes over lower abdomen & mildly press which may stimulate her to pass urine if it is in urinary bladder.
If you feel the extremities are cold or the fontanelle or soft part of head is going down you should take her to ER.
Otherwise you can take her in the early morning.
Any query, please feel free to ask.
It will be my privilege to assist you.
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