[IBS in America]
According to the IBS in America survey,
living with irritable bowel syndrome or
IBS can be hard.
IBS with constipation IBS-C and IBS
with diarrhea IBS-D are both
characterized by recurring abdominal
pain and changes in bowel habits. In both
IBS-C and IBS-D, nearly two thirds of
survey respondents strongly or somewhat
agreed that their symptoms prevent them
from enjoying daily activities and they
reported frustration as their most
common emotion. On average, these IBS
sufferers reported missing two days of
school or work each month and they
reported nine days of diminished
productivity. For IBS-D sufferers, the
biggest source of embarrassment is
characterized by the inability to
predict symptoms. They avoid situations
where there won't be near a bathroom. For
IBS-C sufferers, symptoms lead more than
half to self-treat with numerous
over-the-counter products, products often
resulting in dissatisfaction and
recurrence symptoms that cause
frustration and depression. Don't suffer
silently, if you or someone you love have
symptoms of IBS, speak openly and
honestly about them with a physician. For
more information, visit IBSinAmerica.
gastro.org. Brought to you by the
American Gastroenterological Association.

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