Visiting the Illinois State Fair in Springfield Illinois – feeding animals at the petting zoo, checking out the State Fair butter cow, sliding down the giant slide, riding …
Hi guys. Today we are at the Illinois State Fair Family Day. My name is Shawn.
I'm Brandi
I'm Abi
And we're gonna have some fun today. So come with us and see what we can find.

Right this way, loads of fun for everyone
Thank you much. Thank you.
Got the Illinois State Fair map. Man, this is crazy, there's all kinds of stuff here.
Let's go check it out.
Sulcata tortoise. He's so cool.
Say bye-bye.
Oh we got the piggie named Tinkerbell.
Say hi Tinkerbell.
How are you today? "I want some belly rubbings".
How are you doing?
Kind of camera shy maybe.
A miniature scottish highlander.
What do you got, you got some food?
Oh he looks like he just had a haircut.
Kind of shaved.
We got a camel.
Who hi camel. Oh look at this one, he wants…
Whoa, hello!
See what we got here. Oh my goodness, very gentle.
You're so gentle.
There you go.
They're so cute.
Look at the little baby.
Is that the momma or the dadda?
That's, I think that's the momma. There'd be the momma and there'd be the baby hiding.
So tell me about your day. How's it been?
Has it been good or baa-aaa-ad?
[background noise]
They like follow you around cause they just think you're gonna feed them all the time.
But we don't have all the food. Oh donkey hi.
Ah ya's a baby. They're so, so soft.

How you doing?
How are you doing? You're not very camera shy, huh?
I have your problem sometimes too.
Oh there's the donkey again.
Oh hello.

Here's a little bitty donkey. Hi. You smell my hand? Oh, I don't have anything. I know.
We're all out of food. Oh, you're so pretty though. What'd you say?
Say hello?
Sure, okay.
There you go. Let me feed one. What are you gonna do? Don't sneeze one me.
There you go.
What you think?

Hello, hello.
Gotta get those hands clean. Those animals, like, chow down on not only the food but your fingers.
Sky..Sky glider ticket booth here.
The sky gliders going.
Looks like it's kind of empty here. I've got some people coming up.
This take you, I guess across the fair. So like…
You know, if you didn't want to walk the fair you can always just take the sky rider.
They have like a one-way ticket and I guess a round trip. I
I don't know. What would you choose?
What was the mystery flavor?
Umm, cherry. Is it good? Wow.
Kona Ice always makes the kids happy.
Cannot beat free water, especially when it's ice cold.
Thank you, Jesse White.

Home of Lincoln and Lincoln Logs. Let's see what we can build.

What's this little sign say? Lego bug race – let's check it out.
Ready, Set, Go!

Coming up on the home stretch. What do we got?
Kids Corner

That's cool.

That's all for Kids Korner folks.

So we tried to milk a cow and apparently the cow went home.
I'm udder-ly dissatisfied at that.
He moo-oved on out.

This is her first double decker merry-go-round.

There she is.
Abi on the zebra.

I think his future is on somebody's toast.

The original world-famous redwood log house. Over 1900 years old.
Can I go in? Let's see what it is.
This is built inside…
Of a redwood tree.
How cool is that?
They got some pictures.
[background chatter]
How are you doing young lady? Are you enjoying the fair today?
They got a nice little fridge.
Thank you. Remember every picture tells a story. There it is.
Thank you.

Wheeeee. Hello.

I'm not a farmer, but that sure is nifty.

They got some dog biscuits.
Some almonds.
Illinois wine tasting.
Can't come to a State Fair and not see a belt buckle.

There's like, lots of booths here who have lots of different, you know, products…
that I've never seen before.
Lots of great deals to be had.
This is Sunday. So it's the last day but
you know, it looks like some of the prices have been marked down a little bit,
lots of specials coming on.
Get your bling-bling on.

Woah. Look at the size of those sunflowers.

Well, that was a day at the Illinois State Fair, how did you guys like it?
I liked it.
I had a good time.
What was your favorite part mom?
Getting the dream catcher.
Well that was Abi's, what was yours mom?
I think the giant slide for me.
Actually I think everything was my favorite.
Everything, yeah. It was reall, it was really a cool place.
Hot day but. Yeah.
Very hot day. Had a lot and a lot of stuff to see today.
There were some attractions that we didn't get to see. Some that, maybe we'll get to next time, you know.
I don't think I would come last day again. Yeah
There was a lot of stuff closing up.
And the milk a cow wasn't there.
Yeah, the milk a cow we missed.
And I got my dream catcher.
Yep, she's excited about a dreamcatcher, yeah
And you rode the carousel, how many times did you ride the carousel?
Four or five?
Bye guys, we are leaving the State Fair.
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Oh, we are OneCrazyFamily, too. Bye

Thank you.

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