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Today we are going to talk about an interesting sea animal
which is an interesting animal as Tardigrads
and also an engineering miracle
this sea animal is called Nautilus
Ok. I will explain what Nautilus is, what it does, eats etc…
Nautilus is Chephalapoda animal, and it comes from Nayirudai family
Nautilus is also relative to octopus, calamry and squid.
the shield of Nautilus is also looking like snail's shield
you can all see Nautilus as the shape of our cars Turbo systems.
Nautilus lives in deep waters of South Pacific.
It is interest in day light Nautilus goes very deep waters and stays there.
It lives around 800 metres and more deeper.
It is because it stays away from pradators at these depths.
when the day becomes night it comes to shallow waters.
the shallow waters means it was seen on 20 metres and 30 metres but
usually it goes up to 70 metres and 90 metres depthes and try to find its prey in there
especillay for Technical Divers it is common to see Nautilus at 70 metres between 90 metres depths.
How can this animal survive at such pressure depths
I always think about how it does this survival at such depths
First of all this animal has 26 to 30 small passages in its curved shield
all of these passages ( small rooms ) are full of gas
and somehow this full of gas passages can make Nautilus stronger and enduring at such deep depths
the water goes from one tube and turns around in its passages and spirt it and this makes it moves
Nautilus can not move very fast but it lithes depends on its way
Because the eyes at at the back and the shield is a bit wide ,Nautilus can not see very well
That's why sometimes it hits on the reefs and rocks while it is moving
beucase Nautilus is a Chephalapod it has 90 tentacles
Nautilus uses the tentacles to prey and catch other animals
insamination becomes in mantle part of Nautilus
Female don't leave the eggs into the water because the eggs might be eaten by other predators
so female sticks the eggs into a rock and insamition starts when the male comes there
All chephalapods are sextinked inheritence
One thing people mixes is, Nautilus with Argonats
Argonats are looking like Octopus
reprodution of Argonats are so different than Nautilus
Argonats penis detaches from its body
find the female and sexual act starts, then penis find the male and attaches to its body again of the Argonat
this is an extra ordinary motion of Argonats and science still can not explain how to do it
how a central nerve is and still science doesnt know that and how penis comes back and attaches
Females are 20 to 30 cm grow up in the shield
Males are 2 to 5 cm grow up in the shield
Males can produce sperm as the size of their bodies (2 to 5 cm)
That's why Argonats and Nautilus can be mixes up
Argonats are similar with Octopus
You will see on the photos how Argonats and Octopus are similar to eachother
but Agonats are relative to Nautilus
Natilous hasn't been evolved for 500 hundred million years.
you can see lots of Nautilus shields in Malayi Island
I sometimes think how Nautilus survive from deadly disasters on Earth
maybe they were lots and most of them they dissapeared becuase of the disasters on Earth and a few of them survived
Noutilus lives in very deep waters and shallow waters so that the evolution in deep waters might be slow comparing to shallow waters
because in deep waters the oxygen level drops alot Noutilus might slow down its metabolism and that's why evolved very slowly
the Evolution on the surface went very fast compairing to deep waters, even from the sea to the lands and from lands to the sea
we know that deep water creatures like below bathypalegic 1000 m and abyspalegic below 4000 meters, creatures dont come up to the surface
so we know that deep sea creatures adapted in those depths and live their whole lives in the dark cold waters
and it evolved in there for million years
Science knows that these animals didn't change alot in evolution
So maybe that's why Nautilus hasn't been evolved for millions of years and lived till our century
and it does with an extra ordinary marvelous engineering system
beucase it has gas in all small passages so Nautilus sink like a submarine,
and It uses the gas to go deeper and to come up to shallow waters, this adaptation seem very well with Nautilus
it comes up from the dark waters to daylight whenever Nautilus wants to hunt, to find its prey
there is not alot of animals like living in both different habitats very deep and shallow waters
there is alot to talk about Nautilus, we will continue on the next episodes. Thanks for listening to me…

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