Can You Sue Your Doctor For An Infection After Gallbladder Surgery Maryland Medical Malpractice Attorney Explains? Maryland Medical Malpractice Trial …
You sufferend an infection after your gallbladder
Surgery and now you are wondering are you
Victim of medical malpractice hello I'm
Marcus Boston and I'm a medical malpractice
Attorney practicing law in the state of
Maryland and I would like to talk with you
About how we normally see infections develop
After a gallbladder surgery what can happen
is the
Doctor goes in to perform the procedure and
Performing the procedure the doctor cuts the
Common bile duct for whatever reason the doctor
Does not notice the cut does not do anything
Repair the cut and then just goes ahead and
Closes the patient up the doctor then sends
Patient home and then in a couple of days
or a
Couple of hours the patient is complaining
Severe abdominal pain and the patient has
to be
Rushed back to the hospital once they get
to the
Hospital it is usually discovered that the
Duct was cut and the patient had been leaking
Bile into the abdominal area that leakage
Now caused an infection and that infection
Turn septic causing either death or serious
Complications to the patient so why have I
The time today to explain all of this to you?
Because if you are watching this video you
Suffered a massive infection as the result
A gallbladder surgery you could be septic
Now and you are wondering what should you
Well if it happened here in Maryland this
is what
I invite you to do pick up the phone and give
Me a call I can be reached at 301-850-4832
Or if you prefer you can send me an email
[email protected] we answer questions
Like yours all the time and we would be glad
Listen to yours story well that's it guys
Today's short educational video again I'm
Marcus Boston and I am one of the medical
Malpractice attorneys here at
Boston Law Group LLC and we will see you next
Time guys take care and enjoy the rest of
Boston Law Group, LLC 301-850-4832…

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