This inspirational story of a Rajasthan Boy is intensely inspiring and it will compel you to think up about your future if you are wasting your Brahmacharya energy.
Manthan (Tussle) is always required to make new decisions in life and ManthanHub helps you do Manthan for yourself.
My name is Anupam Agrawal, I am from Udaypur Rajasthan, I want to share my painful story with you through ManthanHub
you will be surprised by hearing what I went through a month ago, I hope you won't repeat the mistake by hearing my story
to hide a mistake I did another mistake and with this, I am trapped in this mud and it seemed impossible to get out from that mud
I have been suffering from masturbation, sexual intercourses, and many addictions for the last 10 years, I used to consume many things for intoxication
to get rid of all these habits I tried many things, read many books, went to many places, met many people, and seen many videos but still, I couldn't get rid of this
there was no improvement in my habits, I screwed up and went deep into this mudhole
one day someone suggested me some Homeopathic and Allopathic medicines, which could save me from these habits
especially the biggest problem for me was Masturbation, but since when I got to know about this medicine I felt I have got a hope of light in this infinite dark
I started consuming it's 6 months course with hope without the advice of experts
since the time I have started this course, my craze for masturbation slowly diminished, I was getting happier
I started to believe, 6 months quickly went by, the course I was attending was a Homeopathic course
I was happy and believed in things but still, something was lacking in my mind
I will tell you what I lacked, but before that, I want to make one thing clear that when the course was finished I started feeling urges for masturbation and other temptations again
I got into this habit again, I was not able to understand what I was going through, was I cheated? was medicine a fraud? or I fooled my self, I was not able to understand
then again I committed a mistake, I went to my physiatrists and explained my problem but he told me that I am alright, it was just my illusion only
he gave me a 6 months treatment of Allopathic medicine, I did the same, while on the course my urges suppressed, I was getting less crazier
but still, I felt something was lacking as I was feeling earlier but then too I neglected what my mind told me
I started thinking sharply about what was going on, something was there but I was not able to understand
after thinking for a few days, I got that the natural will power, intelligence, balance, and mental capabilities were getting diminished day by day
the natural mental capabilities to think and understand were getting diminished, was it a medicinal side effect?
as per the ManthanHub's suggestion, I started reading, after getting information, the facts I got just shocked me
I think you too will be shocked after knowing it, whatever medicine or treatment we take it must be understood, the science behind them must be known to you
the medicines I was taking are called Anti-Depressants, they have a temporary effect on you, this is suggested in the time of an emergency
but I got addicted to them, to get rid of one bad habit, I started another one and I was not able to get rid of this
as after consuming it everything was fine but when I stopped taking them, I got into the old habit again, it was a matter to worry about
this medicine balances your mind artificially, due to depression or any other addictions, the brain chemicals get imbalanced
with these medicines, the serotonin in the brain gets increased, because of this you forget depression and get rid of your bad habits
due to this, the bad habits and thoughts stops coming into your mind and you will not do any wrong thing, but
it's a temporary effect and against nature, on one side this helps you but on another, it diminishes your natural willpower and mind capabilities
your brain's natural efficiency and intelligence diminishes, which has been given to you without price by nature and it's a priceless thing
since I have got to know about it, I discontinued the course, now my next part of the journey is Amazing
listen carefully, I remember a Doha (poetic verse) by Kabir Das (READ ABOVE)
it means the one who works hard, tries to find something hard, gets something in the end, like when a diver dives into the water definitely gets something
but those who sit on the sideline due to the fear of getting downed gets nothing in the end, I started bravely read some books like Divya Prerna Prakash and I got that the gift nature has bestowed upon us
like will power, thought power, comprehension, effort power, and practice power, if we utilize this properly then we can naturally stay away from all type of depressions and addictions
there are no side effects after getting cured by it because we do this in a natural way, I want to suggest you 2 things
The first thing, I learned from Bhagwat Gita is that is Practice and Quietness
Practice includes hard work and efforts, i.e. you have to implement what you have been taught in ManthanHub's videos
you will definitely see the changes in your life, second is quietness
quietness doesn't mean you have to leave your house, quietness means you have to leave the things which makes you weak, is dangerous for mind, body, and soul, which makes you fall, which frustrates you and gives you a lot of grief
to save your self from those things is also a kind of quietness, I am feeling very well since last month, though it is tough getting out of the mud I have been saved because
as you know that if a person falls into a bog, then n matter how much he tries but he never gets out and keeps getting into the bog more and more
I move with nature
second is Brain rewire music, friends, you must listen to ManthanHub's premium brain rewire because it develops, strengthens, and makes your imagination powerful, hence you can take some grand decision
you can powerfully make a decision and implement that in your life
I believe that you will act as per my advice and you will definitely cure yourself with your will power, intelligence power, with the help of quietness

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