Internist Mödling: Frau Dr. Theresia Maier-Dobersberger ist eine anerkannte Spezialistin für innere Medizin mit einem hervorragenden Ruf im Bereich …
my name is Theresa Maier-Dobersberger.
I am specialized in internal medicine.
Today is about stomach / intestinal diseases.
I have designed my ordination as a feel-good practice.
The people are generally all under high stress levels -. So they have the opportunity
before the clinical and medical examinations to relax a bit.
Many patients come to me with chronic stomach / intestinal diseases of various
kinds. Patients are clarified clinical-physically
– I put a lot of emphasis on a conversation, so that patients can report their complaints
clearly. After researching infusions are often necessary
when has existed for weeks diarrhea.
Especially in recent years, bloating and abdominal pain increased.
The implementation of an H2 breath test often brings light into the darkness
– people suffering in the increasing mass of lactose intolerance, fructose malabsorption and sorbit intolerance.
These functional disorders of the intestine are very easily detectable with a simple measurement method.
I have worked for many years in research molecular biology,
my focus in this area was cell information.
Therefore I use in my practice a biophysical diagnostic and therapeutic device,
with which errant cell information can be attributed to the normal range again.
For you as a patient, this means that the true causes
of chronic diseases can be tracked.
In my daily practice I see my patients as holistic beings
who are exposed to both external as well as internal influences.
For further information, I invite you to visit my site
Thank you for your time,
Your sincerely Theresia Maier-Dobersberger

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