The video tutorial investigates a unique and exploration based app, The Human Body, to learn all about the body system in …
human body systems and he's racked with
meee twice
while learning quite the about the
function and their role in the body
it also allows interaction between
students and teachers or parents
on civil war and has a fantastic faces
that are highly
Guidi let's take a look so this that
essentially has no instructions
what you first need to do is make a
so a the child whole issue you can pick
different a shadow it i've pick a color
solu- customization but not much and
putting then I'm forgive themselves use
and I'm
and then basically you can select from
I'm sick people
that have been my I'm sci-fi flick on
Jess Alexis forces full-size basically
students okays just have to explore
their way around the act and see what
they can figure out
because as I said there's no real
instructions so the moment we haven't
chosen a body system
we need to click on little indicator out
there anthem by Sleep choose a buddy
so if we choose a the nervous system
and you get a few things that pop up and
kids explore and discover some of these
so the first thing you can do he's up
pensions only
pleasing the beats get that nice and
touch on the body and you by cease &
nerve impulses
a this little button down the corner if
you press it
if I actually stop the walking motion
and you can see what knows filing
if you tap it repeatedly you can get me
into a run
I mean saving is a fine fossa in Iran
basis lies down stocks
on each level in the 40 system you also
I'm get smaller things to play with the
heat is a nato
if I pick up that nato and drag it over
the body
I can give the body some pinpricks which
it does in life can you see the sad face
comes out
Cosi grad bunch of flowers
she we put those on the nice you get
some great sound effects
they might and someone sneezes the full
as a feather hi fleece one produces a
there we go I say get a smile you'll
often see this little banged up here
which opens up I a few other come-ons
and you can also access these other
areas of the nervous system
so we can go on more specifically look
at the Bryan and was a mean onto the
and you've got this little slaughter
that can
change the view of the Brian that you
looking at
and what we actually want to do that's
not useful itself
if we bring and I mean you again tap on
settings have
you can bring up this one called tax and
I'll actually libel some
the areas all the nervous system so you
can see the Bison ganglia
cerebral cortex except rap and if we
drag the slider across
and we get to see if you other areas of
the brine
once again you can interact with those
basically what touching them
and I drop off as you touch h1 it's more
just for
interest site I'm and we can remove the
tax there
so if we then want to go and look at the
all I and you can actually say it uses
the camera and shows what the eyes
and you can see houses and shine on the
back to the autotext the upside down
but some can actually touch goggle
and get a few other sponsors especially
like putting someone in the office
makes them think am once again
show you libels and the level various
you can change the eye color as well so
really cool just faces that case to
dancing guy
exploring interested exit right
essentially can do to sign with all the
other body systems suffer tap on this
we get the school 80 system and you can
take a close look
that's very spot to the school ecosystem
and down
you'll find ways interact with those
let's go back to the main I love you
look at this later we can actually track
finds out
and the person stops the full paces am
got respiratory system circulatory
I'm digestive system
you can make the person
ate food and see what happens during
am see how walking fix digestion exit
and that the muscular system as well you
can see you can I have a lab systems
have multiple systems running a once
um which is kind of interesting and kids
just take exploring as they move around
the apt
okay great feature is jus Mike little
night to themselves or ask questions
I'm so what they need to do if they
click and hold on this rain will come
out to the recording
um spot like advice asked a question
when I related stop the recording
folks have a look how long this food
remind me in the digestive system before
it's removed from the body
so when I release now but a blue dot on
my strain attack on that
it brings up all the recordings of mine
I can click on placed
my dodges to listen to the recording I
want to make a new 1i can drag out to
empty by and I could make a new note
whole question
new recording if i dont wanna showed the
I can tap on this quite probable removes
the record it's a job you want to remove
the recordings altogether
just click and how comes up with a low
cross and you can too late recordings
and start again
I'm bout this feature is fantastic when
you go back to your home screen
and you can actually make parent
accounts and that allows a parent to
I'm poor teacher for that matter to
follow the progress
all found that solve all this unit's and
communicate within the student is Mike
question recording so then
and then parent can actually reply so if
you make it a jerk and house
and create a parent putting I H
the set foot in a few days house Fulham
hey I'm silhouette Mikaela
putting the name say
th to put in a passcode
so this is so students can get into your
account and if I decide on going to
follow that particular student
ha lot then click take I'm skipping my
bicycling on this crane I you can
actually see
oldest you can show following and see
what their lightest
on recordings and information is so you
can see he ingested I has my recording
and if we click on the button began
press play
to see remind Duchess's fortune from
I can you can see here it's come up with
your I'm icons and you can actually
recorder a flaw I to Jess I'm so I will
just do that
how the food remains in the summit for
about four hours and it takes anywhere
between 12 to 24 hours to move right
through the system
so now images skies fact into a
module should be outta listen to your
sauce when we go back to the first
strangest in the ASI
she has one communication for
so if you tax on that stage 50 she can
say that teaches left a response
she drags out tap on ply
mind sunday for best four hours if you
want to manage the uses
and you will need a parent account sophy
going to a parent accounts
into the passcode click on the Settings
up here
and then you can actually click on
preferences down the bottom
size click on preferences you can then
the following so you can change that you
get on follow particular people
I'm you can it change the language
as a few options there and he can manage
so if you actually want to lay
particular counts I'm so natalie
that one not one cuz I'm not using them
so I
take that the update my canse and you
can change pass cuz
for your particular teacher cats if you
so that's a good why to manage all your
there is also a and human body handbook
me accessed from the parent account when
you click on handbook
I'm a takes you through many other
systems give you some extra information
and clues UN
to sum up the interactive elements you
can work with
throughout the at so that's well worth a
read as well
so are fantastic at no one has been
violated after the week by Apple and
race number one the educational app
many countries let's not think I had
crossed the finest
I I had a goatee and get fucked with the
on a school pedagogy and %um subscribe
for more excellent vs

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