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Thanks for tuning in to this episode of
2 1/2 in 2 1/2. Today,
we're gonna do something really, really
awesome. What I'm going to do is, I know
that there were a couple of posts that I
had made about foods and getting your
kids to try new foods and really
exploring the goodness of foods.
That's what I was going to do today, and
tonight, the boys and I, we are going to eat
beef liver. Awesome! See, the trick is
that you notice, when
people hear
about beef liver, they think you know…
absolutely horrible, and again, that can
be the case, but what we want to do is
when you are cooking you want
to get something that's organic (local), and that's
why I like this. This is organic beef
liver you know with no added hormones,
synthetic pesticides, basically anything
bad for the cows. That is the reason why most
like liver, in terms of, organ
meats, essentially, that it's it's one of
the lowest, in terms of calories for meats.
There is there's probably in one
serving about 150 calories for
It's very nutrient dense, and
what I mean by that is that if you have
a serving of liver, you can
generally get most of your vitamins and
minerals, 100 percent of your daily
recommended vitamins, especially the b6,
b12, thiamine, riboflavin, and it's so
nutrient dense that you don't need
a whole lot of the beef. Now,
liver, what exactly does it look like?
My son is filming, but this is what
the liver looks like. Now I know it
doesn't look too great, but it tastes
awesome, and as I said, what we're going
to do is, can you come
over here? We're gonna make it. What
I've done is, you can see all this, adding it to
there, but I have just chopped up some onions. I
chopped some onions,
and I put some bacon grease. The
bacon is organic bacon that I get from
a local farm. I know where
the bacon comes from (locally). I'm very
comfortable with that, so again it's
organic. I'm completely happy
with that. What I've done with the
liver and onions, which is basically just an onion, is
I put a little bit of garlic I added the
liver to it. I'm gonna add a little bit
of thyme and a little bit of tumeric.
I love turmeric. You guys
should be adding turmeric to just about
everything. It's one of the best spices out
there. So a little bit of thyme, a little bit
of rosemary. Then we're going to fry this thing
out. It's going to take about five minutes
And then, what I'm gonna do is
add some chicken stock to it and let it
deglaze. But I just wanted to show you

you know, tell you guys again to
try new food. My son has come in, and
he's very excited about trying out
the liver. I know but that's what
we're gonna do as a family. And I think
that if you can guys can start focusing
on foods first and getting fit through
foods, especially good, nutrient-dense
foods, that the quality of your life
generally is gonna be improved. So,
I appreciate you guys tuning in. You
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more recipes like this or just free
information on my digestive enzymes,
feel free to message me there.
I appreciate you guys. We're going to have a great
time trying this liver, and
you guys have a great day. See you later

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