Keto has been blamed for the passing of an Indian Actress. Is KETO bad for your kidneys, and does it lead to kidney failure as the news tells us? This video will …
– Is the keto diet bad for your kidneys?
Will keto kill your
kidneys and then kill you?
This is a valid question.
There's an article out there
in the tabloids right now
about an Indian actress who passed away.
I think that much is true.
And it's been reported in the news stories
that she was eating keto,
and this is what caused
kidney failure and ultimately her demise.
Let's talk about the ketogenic
diet and your kidneys.
I'm Dr. Ken Berry, a family physician
with 20 years of clinical practice.
And this video is gonna
help you understand
the ketogenic way of eating
and your kidney health.
So currently the truth of the matter is,
is we don't know any of
the details of this poor,
unfortunate young lady's medical case.
We don't know what preexisting
conditions she had,
what medications she was taking.
And we don't even know
what she considered to be
a ketogenic diet.
Many people out there who've been duped
think that keto means you
eat whatever you want to,
and then take some exogenous
ketones and that's keto.
We don't know any of the
facts about this case,
we just know the inflammatory,
click-worthy headlines.
Both I, and many of my colleagues
in the low carb community
are looking into this case
and we hope to find out more
information to share with you.
But currently, all we
know is that the actress
says she was eating keto
and that she developed
kidney failure and ultimately succumbed.
I've done several videos
on this channel about
how a ketogenic diet actually
improves your kidney function
and doesn't harm your kidneys in any way.
I'm gonna put links, they'll
pop up somewhere in this video,
and I'll also include
them in the show notes.
I've also linked to a large
amount of research data
and research studies down
in the show notes below
to help ease your mind that keto is not
going to kill your kidneys,
nor will it kill you.
I want to help you understand this
by doing a little thought exercise.
So I live in Tennessee
in the United States
and when I was a young boy growing up,
there were three dialysis
clinics in the entire state.
There was one in Memphis,
one in Nashville, and one in
Knoxville, and that served
the entire population of
Tennessee at that time.
So you can see that kidney
function back in the 1970s,
it was pretty darn good
and chronic kidney disease
and kidney failure and
the need for dialysis
was very, very rare.
Now over the course of
the eighties, nineties,
2000s, and the 20 teens,
now we've come to the
point where there's over
120 dialysis clinics in
the state of Tennessee
here in the United States.
That's a 4000% increase in
the number of dialysis clinics
over those few decades,
while the population of Tennessee
has only about doubled in that time.
So obviously something during
the eighties, nineties,
2000s, and 20 teens was going on.
Do you think everybody in Tennessee
in those four or five decades,
they were all eating keto
and that's now why we need
so many dialysis clinics?
Indeed, you can go to the
average small town in Tennessee
and there's a dialysis clinic
on just about every street corner.
It's sad, but it's true.
The need for those dialysis clinics
did not come from Tennesseans
eating a ketogenic diet
and killing their kidneys.
The reason that we have
all these dialysis clinics
in Tennessee now is because
people have been eating
a diet rich in sugars, in
grains, in vegetable oils,
in processed carbohydrate
treats and breads.
This is what has led to
the kidney failure epidemic
that Tennessee, and
probably your town as well,
your state as well, is suffering from.
Both myself and hundreds of
low carb doctors and dietitians
and other healthcare providers
have seen multiple examples
of how a very, very low
carb or ketogenic diet
or even a carnivore diet
can improve kidney function.
We've seen multiple people
go from a stage three
chronic kidney disease and
reverse their kidney failure
back to a stage two.
We've seen stage two go to stage one.
We've seen stage one kidney
patients go back to having
normal kidney functions
eating a a ketogenic diet,
or even a carnivore diet.
So I've seen absolutely no
evidence that the ketogenic diet
does any damage to the
human kidney whatsoever.
We think that the kind
of the pervading fear
of the ketogenic diet with
regards to kidney function
comes from a couple of myths.
The first one is, is that eating a diet
that's too high in protein
is bad for your kidneys.
Now this is a complete and utter myth,
there's no research to back
this myth up whatsoever.
But it's a very resilient
myth in the medical community.
Many doctors, many dietitians,
many healthcare providers
believe that a high protein
diet will harm your kidneys
or at least that it's
hard on your kidneys.
But when you actually
look at the research,
and if you question your
healthcare provider and say,
"Why do you think that eating
protein hurts my kidneys?
"What research do you base that on?"
You're gonna hear crickets chirping,
and you're gonna see
kind of a confused stare
on your health care provider's face,
'cause there is no evidence
that supports that at all.
There are multiple examples of societies
that ate moderate protein
diets and high protein diets
that had wonderful kidney function.
Weston Price would go in and look at these
indigenous cultures that ate
either a moderate protein
ketogenic diet, or a very
high protein ketogenic diet.
And then other explorers as well,
and medical researchers would
go and look at Inuit tribes
and tribes in Northern Russia
and Northern Scandinavia.
These people ate nothing
but fat and protein,
and they never had a
complaint of a kidney stone
or of kidney failure or shown any signs
of kidney disease whatsoever.
Many healthcare providers
believe that eating
a high protein diet or a diet
rich in meat will cause you
to have kidney stones and
they're wrong about that.
But they are right about
worrying that any diet
that causes kidney stones
can lead to kidney damage.
That's absolutely true, but
it ain't the meat doing it.
I've actually got a YouTube
video on this channel
about kidney stones and what
diet prevents kidney stones
and which diet actually makes
kidney stones more likely.
I'll have a link to that video.
But the truth of the matter is,
is it's a diet that's
high in carbohydrates,
high in fructose, and that
causes chronic inflammation
in your body, that's
the diet that increases
your risk of kidney stones,
not eating a meat-rich diet.
Again, in case you missed it,
I've got tons of research
links in the show notes below
to help you understand,
and also perhaps to help your
healthcare provider understand
that a moderate or high
protein ketogenic diet
doesn't do anything
harmful to your kidneys.
In fact, it's actually
very healthy and very good
for your kidneys.
Those links are down in the show notes.
If you have a friend who's
eating low carb, or keto,
or carnivore, or ketovore,
and they're worried to death
about this news article,
could you do me a favor
and your friend a favor
and share this video with them
so hopefully I can help
to calm their nerves.
They have nothing to worry
about eating a ketogenic diet
if the ketogenic diet
that they're talking about
is full of real whole
foods, one ingredient foods,
lots of fatty meat, plus
or minus a little veg.
That is the healthiest diet in the world,
and that's why I've started calling it
the proper human diet.
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Hope this video helps.
This is Dr. Berry,
I'll see you next time.

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