Welcome to the NEW Game Cage Series! This series will be dedicated towards playing various titles and games with members of the community ranging from all …
okay so i really didn't know how to start this 
video off but i guess i'll just come out and say  
we're gonna be doing some gaming content on the 
channel now to all my ogs out there that have  
known me way back in the day and playing 
call of duty playing minecraft slender  
i used to play lots of games on the channel 
but lately not so much so i said to myself i  
like gaming i don't do as much gaming content as i 
should or at least i would like to so i'm starting  
a brand new series on the channel and that series 
is called the game cage now what the game cage  
series is going to consist of is periodic episodes 
on the channel where i'm going to be playing  
multiple games on the channel and just like this 
video i'm pretty sure you guys can see down below  
this video is running on three hours so 
that just means that i'm gonna be playing  
the following games as you guys can see down 
below here and i'm going to leave timestamps in  
the description box below in case you guys are not 
really feeling one game and you guys want to see  
me play another i'm going to be doing that so i'm 
going to be linking all the time stamps down below  
if you guys are going ahead and check out but 
the gamecube series is going to consist of me  
just playing multiple games multiple multiple 
games ranging from rpgs to shooters to just  
everything as a whole so i hope you guys sit back 
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if you guys are new i can't wait to start this 
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what more can i say so i hope you guys sit back 
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that being said i hope you guys sit back and enjoy
so all right so we're going to be 
kicking this game cage off video  
right with dragon balls universe 2 mods 
morals final form myrno and merged zamasu  
versus angel maris limit breaker super saiyan 4 
goku and full powered super saiyan 3 cumber my  
squad is going to be moral myrno and merged 
zamasu let's just see how far i can go now  
keep in mind some of these mods are so on 
point that it's going to be a little tricky  
to get around especially cumbers i think that 
cumber among the group is going to be the absolute  
strongest but i really love this idea that we 
have murno moro and merged zamasu versus cumber  
i don't know why he would be teaming up with goku 
but needless to say i think cumber and goku would  
fit well if cumber were to somehow work with 
goku here but i think the primary target is  
unquestionably going to be cumber but if goku 
wants to catch these hands then my hands are  
rated e for everybody so on top of that let 
me go ahead and just finish off marist in this  
case because maris is going to be someone that i 
don't think is going to be as strong but i think  
this mod of his is going to be very cunning so 
i want to see how much work i can put in into  
beating him down especially considering the fact 
that we saw what mares did against morrow right so  
now let's see if we can actually turn the 
tables on him oh my goodness yeah he's gonna  
i mean just damn at this point if maris keeps this 
up then i think that i i i might be thrown off my  
game here but needless to say guys thank you all 
so much for tuning in to the game cage like i said  
before i hope you guys watch the entirety of this 
video it's going to be insane i mean just almost  
as insane in this fight i honestly i might lose 
i'm telling you all right now oh i got to get the  
hell out of dodge the only reason why i might lose 
is because you guys don't understand how strong  
cumber is cumber is really really strong he's the 
strongest mod among the six fighters showcased  
right now so i'm not too sure if i have the 
health advantage probably cumber has that as well  
but i i think given the sinister nature of who i 
have on my squad i think we should pull off the  
victory if this doesn't kill me am i alive okay 
i'm alive i'm still kicking and i'm still intact  
i mean who knows maybe this might be this fight 
might be long or uh this fight might be short but  
in the comment section below what i want to know 
is how would you guys power scale all six of these  
characters from top to bottom now i know a lot of 
you guys are gonna you know put mares first but  
if you had to put maris first and then i would say 
the other five second then how would you guys have  
it be ranked from two to three to four to five to 
six because i don't know maybe i would place myrno  
uh right actually no wait a minute myrna would 
be number one and then it would be marist right  
considerably and then after maris i would say moro 
and then probably cumber or a give or take let me  
break or super saiyan for goku i think definitely 
merged zamasu would be last this is crazy all of  
my teammates are going down limit breaker super 
saiyan 4 goku is getting in the way cumbers being  
a nuisance my palms are sweaty knees weak arms 
are heavy and lots of vomit all over my chair  
this is like this is giving me anxiety dude this 
is uh you see that counter that sweet counter i'm  
telling you cumber's to be a problem and we've 
been doing mods on this channel for so long  
that more often than not sometimes some of these 
mods give me anxiety only because they're so  
unpredictable it's not like budokai tenkaichi 3 
where at least everyone is kind of evened out in  
terms of health you know power scaling wise for 
in terms of like attack defense you know here  
it's like it's it's all over the place so let me 
see if my boy moral oh my god i'm telling you this  
attack right there is going to be what's going to 
be the downfall i mean i'm pretty sure he probably  
killed mer zamasu yep cumber killed merged zamasu 
this is so bad and now i'm being ganged upon i'm  
trying to use all my items because why the hell 
not right and but i don't even think these items  
are going to help me out here so get your ass up 
i need you i yo so much for being immortal right  
and right now i'm trying to use this attack to see 
if it's going to just you know blast everyone else  
around me away yo this dude cumbers a beast i mean 
the the people that created these mods for this  
game are so unique in a sense to where oh did 
i did i just go down did i really just go down  
am i am i alive uh yeah okay i am i was about 
to say goku is in front of me for a reason so  
but either way i mean we're going to be showcasing 
a lot of different games and hopefully enough um  
within the next couple of weeks we're going to be 
doing more of these game cages because it's fun it  
presents something different uh i love xenoverse 
2 mods i really wish that they gave us xenoverse 3  
but i mean hell right what do i know in that sense 
right let me see let me see how far i can go this  
is yo this is barbara i mean honestly i think 
outside of tank ig3 xenoverse is heavily mod uh  
heavily heavily modded that i don't think we're 
ever going to see um another dragon ball game  
modded like this i mean fighters didn't come close 
kakarot didn't come close but you know what it's  
about well you know what's about to come close 
this victory unless unless i catch this big fat l  
because cumber is beating my ass am i the last one 
on the team oh my god okay this is my only chance  
because myrnos somehow is holding his 
own mourinho somehow is holding his own  
uh unless all myrna went yep i'm gonna lose it's 
official it's official come on morrow listen i am  
the most cunning being in the entire multiverse 
bro i should be able to out so look at look at  
mary's trying to pick up goku okay now i know that 
goku goku is going to be what is going to be their  
downfall if i can get rid of goku first i mean 
unless i can stay into this fight if i can get  
rid of goku first and then follow through with 
killing somebody else like neris i guess we'll  
save cumber for last but i need thank god zamasu's 
up murno murno get up myrno myrno has been such a  
fan favorite that i love it i love how he brought 
this character into life and then he's been a  
fan favorite like ever since um yo this is 
giving me anxiety why is cumber after me dude  
dude oh my god how am i alive seriously i 
mean either the items really came in handy or  
i just have the best luck possible because this 
is this is way this is way above my pay grade  
i feel like what let me see i i 
think humber's the last one yes  
cumber's the last one oh if we take him out if 
we take him out what a what a great beginning  
this will be for the game cage what a great 
beginning for the game cage this would be  
oh no it's not marissa's last all right let 
me take him out let me take him out it it only  
makes sense considering what mares did in the 
manga tomorrow by smashing his gems all right  
let me take down a little old maris let me see 
if i could best him if we could beat this dude  
then it's it's lights off from there again we're 
double teaming him dude what a uh what a fight  
so far this dude has no chance no oh yes we did 
it oh praise be zamasu dude all right game one  
locked down that was pretty dope all right so with 
that being said let's go on ahead and showcase the  
second game that we have locked down for our 
game cage to see what we got coming up next
okay so this is without question one of 
the greatest backstabbing games of all  
time and this is actually the first 
time that i'm going to play among us  
right so i have no idea what to expect i 
mean we all look like a bunch of little  
space bandits right oh sh oh i wonder what this 
is there's an apostrophe also i'm the imposter  
oh well gee i wonder uh okay so i get to 
i get to backstab somebody interesting  
all right well i i guess i i'm not going to look 
sus at all considering the mask i have on let  
me just go on ahead and just try to see if i can 
lure someone out here somewhere and um all right  
there's a dude right here let me see i want to 
see if i can actually let me see can i can i can  
i use these vents to get on by i don't know maybe 
not let me let me go ahead and see real quick uh  
i'm actually oh crap all right i don't wanna 
you know what yeah i'm gonna i'm gonna follow  
white i'm gonna follow white only because i 
really want to sabotage someone but i don't  
know exactly how to do it um oh crap there's a 
person in here all right so yeah i think some  
of these dudes may be on to me and i'm trying to 
keep this as low-key as possible but like i said  
uh oh okay let me see i i need to lower someone 
around here to see if i can do something  
um like i said i i am so new to this game that i 
have no idea what to expect so all i know is that  
we're supposed to be completing some tasks so 
i think it's when they start discovering bodies  
is when stuff is going to start to pop off but 
i want to see if there's any means of us trying  
to do something that's gonna sabotage let me see 
weapons god wait can i kill him how do i kill him  
i don't know how to kill him kill him there 
we go let me get the hell out of dodge  
if they if they spot the body i i'm gonna cry 
all right so we we finally betrayed someone we  
finally betrayed someone all right uh is 
it possible to do anything here no like i  
said i have to keep it as low-key as possible 
and i guarantee you they're gonna vote me out  
because i look so sus right now but to be 
honest like this reminds me of some of the  
old school games that we used to play on 
the block right oh i just saw someone oh  
a dead body reported oh oh crap you're 
having a discussion all right let me see  
i'm probably gonna blame it on the blue guy oh 
let's see i was under investigation what happened  
uh let's see there was a body found in one of the 
rooms let's see so everyone's having a discussion  
red imposter i say it was yellow okay so hopefully 
enough yellow trust me yeah i think it was yellow  
oh hell no are they gonna vote me out they 
better not because i am the imposter damn it  
damn it dammit dammit oh this sucks hold on let 
me see i i vote yellow that's all crap they're  
gonna vote me out no blue has to save me blue 
has to so wait are they really gonna vote me out  
damn it they threw me off the damn ship unreal 
was the imposter son of a god they got me  
they got me okay damn damn damn damn all right 
so they got me they got me that was interesting  
that was interesting all right so that was that 
was something different like you know what i'm  
saying let me see if i can i can i swap out my 
outfit real quick let me see i want to choose  
now you know what i'm going to go with purple 
i'm going to go with purple i'm going to change  
my hat because i look super super sauce right now 
so i'm going to put on my little space helmet here  
if all else uh let's see what else i have here 
this is this is a fun game as a matter of fact i'm  
gonna put on my little viking helmet right here 
skin uh let's go ahead and just go with i guess  
police pants as a matter of fact i think it'll 
make sense yeah if i had a police hat on all right  
so i i literally look like a cop uh all right so i 
guess we have all of the members on board we have  
two cops here okay two police officers who's gonna 
be the imposter let's find out this is okay so  
damn it one of them is the imposter okay i need to 
okay so i i at least i killed somebody but damn it  
they they voted me out real fast i need to as a 
matter of fact you better get the hell away from  
me i swear to god you know what i i need to keep 
within my teammates distance i'm going to stay  
with you guys just in case you know you know what 
i'm saying or it could be this dude who might be  
the imposter i don't know is it one of you guys 
i'm gonna follow y'all because i i think it's  
best that if we're in a group we can actually 
uh rule out who's who and who's doing what  
this humongous stuff is pretty interesting though 
i'm not gonna lie uh it it feels alien-esque right  
like it feels like i'm playing an alien game 
uh minus the aliens we just have a bunch of  
backstabbers here all right is anything busted 
we need to complete the task as a matter of fact  
uh all the computers here look god i don't i don't 
trust big bad wolf at all you better get the hell  
away from me homie i don't trust any of you guys 
i don't trust anybody here this is pretty listen  
if you guys had one of the most wackiest 
experiences is this dude gonna get locked out  
did he oh never mind i was 
gonna say did he get locked out  
all right you know what i think i think i think 
the other blue cop whoa what just happened uh  
oh oh is the ship about to go down please don't 
please don't listen this game cage is introducing  
a different element here so we're all so we're 
all in the same room doing the same thing at  
the same time all right so whoever the killer 
is i i guarantee you it's this guy it has to be  
blue i'm telling you all right now it has to be 
blue i don't trust this dude i think he's a snake  
then again i really feel like calling a meeting 
i just but then again nobody has been killed yet  
back up i don't trust you you know what i'm just 
going to chill around here i want to see if i can  
actually if i can chill around here i think i'll 
be all right uh let's see whoa what the hell is  
happening over there fix the lights all right so 
the lights looks like oh did someone just cut the  
lights that's not good that is not good at all 
all right let me see if i can fix the lights so  
i just trap myself that's not good guys i want 
you guys to comment down below some of your  
craziest experiences for among us i'm going to be 
in the city i don't trust you homie nope nope nope
yeah i i i would much rather remain with these 
guys yeah i i listen i i don't trust anybody here  
i'm telling you guys oh a dead body was 
reported oh wait a minute discussion time  
all right so pikachu 56 was dead all right who 
uh i say black and actually no you know what  
yeah i don't even know
maybe black
i don't know this is hard 
we have to vote somebody out  
all right so we have to vote somebody out what 
about white i don't think i don't think white  
has spoken yet no idea challenge who me 
lol saw the dead body in the investigation  
room banana is let's say yeah i i i want to vote 
blackout i i vote black that that's what i think  
banana oh my god black i i would say black i i 
don't i don't trust that dude at all big bad wolf  
that just sounds super sus to me but then again 
we could be voting a completely like innocent  
person off the ship so all right so let's see 
let's see everyone voted and damn everyone got  
black off of the damn yo they just kicked this 
dude off the ship was he the one he has to be  
the one oh he was not the impostor we just kicked 
off an innocent person from the damn ship oh crap  
oh he is so mad he is so mad all right let me see 
i i need to like you know what i i feel like just  
standing right here but this is the navigation 
room so i don't feel like getting killed  
by the navigation room oh crap what the 
hell's going on oxygen is depleting what  
the hell do you mean oxygen is depleting 
we're all gonna freaking suffocate dude  
get away from me ninja it's probably ninja 
you better not kill me brody so help me god  
if you kill me all right what's this pull and hold 
all right am i doing it there we go i think we  
should be good the sludge is gone all right what 
is this what is this can i use this by any chance  
uh okay so what am i supposed to do here 
all right oh i i can actually get the  
leaves out of here that's pretty oh emergency 
meeting what just happened someone just died  
did someone just die what the hell is going 
on white imposter yes yeah i i i would say  
i would say white white white yeah vote 
right yeah vote white out it's white  
it's white it's white yes you're we're gonna 
vote another person off we're gonna vote  
another innocent person off the team bro all 
right yep we're all gonna vote white out yep  
everyone's gonna vote white out 
oh this is so bad trust me guys no  
oh he's gonna get voted out he's tight this dude's 
gonna crap his pants and if it's not white yeah  
yeah it's probably him yeah it's probably him all 
right let's see yeah white god damn everyone voted  
white off if it is white then we won right or 
at least i was oh [ __ ] we threw the wrong guy  
out oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god 
okay okay okay okay so let me let me go up here
oh this is nuts i'm just gonna chill 
over here i don't trust you green damn  
talk about backstabbing right okay what's 
going on down here do we have any tasks  
what are the tasks whoa banana you better you 
better back up what's going on down here what  
is this what is this what are we supposed 
to do with this okay press and hold yeah i  
i think brown's about to kill me wait a minute 
wait a minute what's happening what's happening
what is this emergency that we're calling for
all right what just happened okay wait a minute 
whoever yeah we we have a bunch of people oh wait  
a minute emergency meeting what's the emergency 
meeting what the hell is the emergency meeting  
all right let's how is it me when 
i was walking around with you brown  
it's brown yeah it's definitely brown  
it's definitely brown brown brown is sus 
everyone vote brown off let's vote brown  
off let's see if i get voted off i'm gonna get 
i'm gonna be so mad i'm gonna be so freaking mad  
uh-huh i'm safing nah nah don't don't don't 
give me that everyone vote brown it's brown it's  
huger hands down it's you yep get him out of 
there get him out of there yep it's gotta be  
you get your ass out of here let's see oh he 
was not the imposter holy crap yo oh my god bro
well i guess we're just going to sit 
here oh he left the game what a vagina  
he left the game it's not me so i don't know 
let's see i'm i'm just gonna chill right here  
okay wait a minute i i told 
you guys i i have a suspicion  
get away from me ninja i'm just gonna chill 
here the whole time you better back up red guy  
oh wait wait wait what's what's 
happening did the light dim
oh wait a minute could have could this oh wait 
oh it's really dark so that means anyone can  
just creep up on you anyone can just creep up 
on you hold on hold on hold on wait a minute you  
know what i'm gonna call for an emergency meeting 
i'm gonna call for an emergency meeting all right  
let's see emergency meeting all right all right 
let's see what let's see let's see it's blue
blue i saw him try something 
it's blue you you sneaky dog
by the lights it's blue
we got you let's vote blue off yo it look like if 
i'm right oh my god oh my god oh my god after you  
purple we got you blue oh my god oh we're gonna 
vote the wrong guy off this is hilarious oh blue's  
gonna be so mad he's about to get voted off he's 
about to get voted off i love it oh yeah he's  
he's done oh my god did i we all j oh my god 
did i just did i just get someone kicked out  
wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute wait 
a minute let's see let's see oh [ __ ] oh my god  
oh oh oh oh i i think i think i may 
damn i'm responsible for killing like  
for killing a bunch of them bro oh my god 
i am such a monster dude could it be ninja  
all right so it wasn't blue so 
then it's gotta be oh my god  
all right all right all right damn oh what the 
hell emergency meeting what nothing happened
what let me see what happened  
now why yeah too fast yeah that was way too 
fast nothing happened anywhere too fast to tell
yeah this is kind of weird but you know what if we 
had to vote someone out i'll vote ninja out yeah  
skip i'll i'll either skip our vote ninja you know 
what yeah avo ninja i vote ninja damn it i should  
have skipped i should have skipped let me see 
oh wait a minute did we really just vote red out
wow did we just really vote red out was red one  
oh my god it has to be oh my god oh my god it 
has to be ninja this is this is really terrifying
oh my god this is really terri i know i'm not 
the imposter so damn nobody has died yet though  
so that's that's interesting to me all right 
uh let's see can i fix this by any chance or  
let's see if i can fix this sorry hold for 
censor i i i think i'm about to get killed
okay so it's not ninja it's not ninja
okay so because if it was ninja he 
probably would have already killed me  
damn some of y'all are low-key just dirty 
in this game some of y'all are really really  
dirty in this game y'all will yeah y'all 
will definitely sacrifice your own friends  
for the namesake of preserving something 
i think it's probably green though  
you better get away from me green you get 
you better you better get away from me green
oh oh yeah they caught him they caught him 
they caught him they caught him it was green  
it was green i knew it it was green it was 
green it was green it was green it was green  
they just killed me in front of everybody it was 
green it was green it was green vote green oh  
my god it's green ah dude yeah 
it's definitely green it's green  
damn dude listen guys guys get this game play 
it and just feel the people betraying oh my god  
these people are betraying each other 
it's insane who was it oh my god it was  
green it was literally green how did nobody see 
marina just kill me right in front of everybody  
and i kind of had a feeling because i i i saw 
the way oh no dude they better vote off oh dude
dude this is so bad well first of all 
i'm responsible for like kicking out like  
like six people out the shuttle 
marina damn it it was marina  
you monster alright well let's move on to the 
next game this was so fun definitely something  
i would consider playing if you want to just 
throw innocent people out of a shuttle in space
okay so here's something you guys don't know about 
me so i absolutely love zombies especially call of  
duty zombies right so i figured why not hop on 
some black ops 4 play some zombies before cold  
war because cold war is going to be something 
that i can't wait to play um and as of course  
you guys can see on screen i am ranked number 
four in the entire world for call of duty zombies  
right so i want to go on ahead and see how far 
i can go i have over 95 000 kills and counting  
and sometimes playing with random people i 
mean it's a bit of a hassle but i want to  
see how far i can go with uh with the randy's 
that i'm playing with here today so um again  
what i really enjoy about zombies i mean 
for this map especially this is like the uh  
this is like the like the little glitch 
point so as soon as you come over here  
there's not a single zombie that can get to you so 
i kind of figured that one out a long time ago but  
needless to say uh i think diving into this is 
gonna be interesting just because number one i  
get to pop some heads number two i get to talk to 
you guys and chill a little bit where the hell is  
the box all right so the box is in the lighthouse 
now again for those that don't know me i've been  
playing zombies on my channel for a very long 
time where the hell is the last zombie are they  
baiting him dude this is like the worst time to 
bait a zombie and there's only three of us right  
we have a guy missing he quit early on in the game 
but we have about like three more rounds until we  
can get another random person in here so uh let 
me see did you guys did you guys build shields yet  
oh i hate these dudes did they open the door did 
they open the other door they did all right cool  
so does this mean i get to hit the box of course 
i do kings always get to hit the box first i mean  
because i know these guys didn't hit the box at 
all so um needless to say also what i want to  
get to know this sucks hell no the ballistic knife 
are you out of your mind i might as well just use  
a spoon to fight these zombies with where's 
the last zombie are these guys like he are  
they can't be baiting him so that means that one 
of these stupid-ass zombies is like somewhere  
on the other side of the map oh there we go he's 
dead all right cool uh oh we have a fourth guy in  
here perfect then we got the nuke coincidentally 
enough is this guy gonna play oh my god you're  
gonna you're what the hell is he what is this 
he has a freaking what is that like a glock and  
a giant knife attached to it all right i see you 
but he's about to go down in in the quickness so  
let me go on ahead and just mute these guys 
real quick because i do not want to engage  
in conversation with anybody so um also if you 
guys want to play with me i am going to be playing  
this uh for quite some time until cold war zombies 
comes out i mean cold war zombies to me is going  
to be fire um but i also want to know from you 
guys as i was about to ask you all is what is  
your favorite call of duty zombies of all time 
is it is it you know world of war zombies is it  
black ops 1 zombies is it black ops 2 zombies is 
it black ops 3 zombies is it black ops 4 zombies  
is it advanced warfare zombies which was utterly 
trash and if you choose that i'm gonna roast you  
in my comment section um all right you know what 
i'm gonna i'm gonna grab this shoddy only because  
i'm trying to rack up on points and the more 
points i can get the better it is for me so  
i don't know for me i'm really hopeful uh as to 
what is to you know be expected in the future  
for call of duty um i we we've seen the resurgence 
right of cod throughout the years um for me i'll  
be quite honest i think the the call of duty that 
i played the most um was definitely modern warfare  
2. that was my like there's nobody who could tell 
me otherwise that modern warfare 2 and black ops 1  
were not the best call of duty games because they 
were they were absolute fire and if you have a  
different opinion that's fine but i i think to 
me there we go we got the shield i think to me  
uh multiplayer-wise those games are 
top-notch especially for me honestly  
modern warfare 2 but i think in terms of zombies 
it's probably going to be black ops 2. there was  
something about black ops 2 zombies that really 
um that really resonated with me so i want to know  
from you guys as to what your oh yo don't do that 
don't do that don't don't just run up on me like  
you saw that dude he ran up on me with some 
barbecue nuts get out of here you get you oh look  
at this dude zamasu did nothing wrong kakaroto how 
many more zombies do we have we have a whole squad  
so you know if things get really really sticky 
uh what i would normally do is i would probably  
flee the scene and i would go to that little 
glitch spot because it just traps all the zombies  
it's not illegal right it just puts everyone in 
place so i think that if all my teammates go down  
i think what i'm gonna resort to is essentially 
trying to you know survive as long as i can to see  
how far i can go so again i really i really really 
hope that you guys uh just watch the entire video  
because this uh this game cage is interesting to 
me because i for those that don't know that for  
those that haven't been ogs on my channel for 
a while that are just new i've been gaming on  
my channel for a long time i have over what is it 
like 6 000 almost 6 000 videos on this channel so  
if you guys go back to like 2012 2013 you know 20 
you know 14 and stuff like that i've been covering  
so many games on this channel that i've enjoyed 
that i had a great time playing um i just think  
that over the years are you going to grab that or 
not grab the grab the bob man you know what see  
dudes like that that take a long time to pick and 
choose what they want to do uh oh this is so bad  
you know what you grab it you want it so bad oh 
this sucks i'm gonna have to level these you know  
what uh i'm gonna have to switch i'm gonna have 
to switch and then i'm gonna have to substitute  
whatever i have oh this is not good what is 
this oh yo i got some crummy ass pistol bro  
honestly i i also wanna i also wanna concede to 
the idea that black ops zombies is also very fun  
when it comes down to mods if you guys have modded 
you know cods for uh for black ops 2 on the pc for  
for black ops 3 stuff like that i i remember 
playing with uh my homie devil artemis a couple  
of times we were playing some mods um i haven't 
really played enough mods to say like okay this  
is absolute fire but what is going on over there 
okay uh i think that's one of the i think that's  
one of the the uh the perk machines but i don't 
know i mean for me uh if you guys are gonna be  
wondering to be honest i'm going to be playing 
uh call of duty cold war i think on the ps5  
so if you guys just so happen to get the p5 you 
guys can add me on the on the on the playstation  
you guys can you know hop on with me especially 
when it comes down to zombies now here's the  
thing right so i haven't i'll be honest like i 
haven't been competitive for cod uh ever since  
uh i would say modern warfare 2 if you guys used 
to game with me during modern warfare 2 you guys  
would know exactly how much of a beast i was back 
during those days right i was like what is it  
how old was i i was like 15 16 17 right right 
right around that age rage age range i'm trying  
to focus while killing these zombies i might my 
tv is so dim i'm not trying to get caught up with  
these dudes trying to like smoke my nuts like 
oh let me just get right there right there right  
there let me go ahead and get out grab myself a 
gun let me get something good let me get something  
good i don't want to get played uh all right i'll 
i'll i'll take the shoddy for the time being but  
uh this this is still a fodder shotgun to be 
honest this is a complete oh you saw that yeah  
listen if if you know what you know you know what 
i'm about to do i'm about to dedicate this entire  
game to my boy zamasu because zamasu did nothing 
wrong all he tried to do was get these zombies to  
die but you know humans being humans uh oh oh this 
is bad this is real bad what i really hope happens  
or what i hope doesn't happen is i hope that 
these players that go down because normally  
enough what they tend to do is they tend to 
quit and i really hate it when people quit games  
because it's like dude what's the point right uh 
what is this do i want to grab the switchblade uh  
all right i'll grab the switchblade are we getting 
puppies or are we gonna get puppies any round now  
are they trying to glitch it up over there 
oh they are trying to glitch it up over there  
all right all right i see exactly what's 
going on all right so we got puppies inbound  
we got puppies inbound i'm gonna smoke these 
dudes like like i smoked my freaking meat  
on a grill shish kebab style i'm about to shish 
kebab these pups all right who wants to be the  
first one the thing with me though is like i said 
before i'm not the greatest zombie player of all  
time but then again i'm ranked number four in 
the entire world for my stats so i i've done  
this for quite some time and so i i can speak on 
my own behalf when i say i know what i'm doing  
but i don't know what the these dudes 
they're literally trying to glitch it out  
those dudes are literally trying to 
glitch it out that's crazy to me right now  
all right am i gonna be the one to grab 
max ammo or is it gonna be someone else  
yo these do oh there we go these dudes bro 
these dudes are gonna be responsible for us  
catching a fat l and i don't want to be caught 
in the middle of of just losing this game during  
round seven it's not my forte i don't want to 
go down knowing being the guy oh god they both  
went down this is not good how are they going 
down so quickly oh i got the teddy damn it  
all right we gotta we gotta pick these dudes up 
man why are y'all on the ship though like for real  
hold on let me see i have to i have to freaking 
run my way across to try to pick up my homeboys  
from committing suicide which i don't condone 
especially for zombie games all i would really  
hope for is for these dudes to stay intact and 
not quit the game hold up home biscuit i'm god  
damn it all right you know what this is bad uh 
where's the other dude is he up oh is he up come  
on pick him up pick him up can can one of y'all 
pick him up before i can i know he's trying to  
glitch i know he's trying to glitch pick him up 
what are you doing oh what the hell just happened  
is he dead oh i damn that sucks for you 
homie i am not trying to get caught up  
in that so where's the box the box is 
over there all right so what i'm gonna do  
is i'm gonna grow a spine and i'm gonna try to 
like alleviate my my own situation by fighting  
over here uh and if i get caught up in in in in 
a pickle then i guess i'll just outmaneuver my  
way around these uh these these containers and 
i'll find a way to avoid all this come on man  
this has to be the last stop all right cool see 
what did i just tell you guys what did i just  
tell you guys that dude left the game this this 
is why oh what the hell dude how many dogs we have  
all right you know what um i'm gonna grab 
that i'm gonna grab this sniper only because  
it could do me justice but i think right now in 
this current situation i do not want to be here  
let me see if i can get the hell out of here man 
this sucks this really sucks only because i'm in a  
situation that ah there's only three of us i knew 
that dude was trying to glitch is this guy trying  
to glitch too i hope not i don't think so to be 
honest all right so the pack-a-punch machine is  
over there i'm gonna have to try to figure this 
out because they're gonna try bum rushing me and  
i need a i need a plan of escape there they are 
all right let me see if i can put these dudes down  
i mean what's really cool about this is a lot 
of people were asking me yo man your name is on  
gaming how come you don't play any games i'm like 
oh i play games all the time i play mods right  
i mean but that's the thing though like a lot of 
people know me for playing um you know tenkaichi 3  
mods xenoverse 2 mod stuff like that oh let me see 
down he goes all right cool damn son damn okay so  
i don't know wait a minute wait a minute i think 
it's the shield yeah you better back up homie  
all right so i need to rack up oh damn oh you know 
what no no see normally people would automatically  
go for the nuke don't go for the nuke try to milk 
it as much as you can and then as soon as you can  
find your situation being a little better you can 
go on ahead and just use this and then just be out  
see that's the smart thing to do uh let me see if 
let me see if homeboy is gonna let me hit the box  
yo don't be stingy homie let me hit the box let me 
hit the box let me hit the box that's right good  
little beach there laddie let me see what am i 
gonna get uh damn it what's with these snipers bro  
okay i'm not gonna i don't know if i want to take 
that sniper to be honest um what is this what is  
this what is this all right you know what yeah 
i'll stick with this and i'm just gonna run my  
way through damn you saw that did you see 
the cheese that went flying off that dude  
all right so i'm gonna i'm gonna mack it over here 
for a little bit i dedicate this game to logan  
imagine let me see let me see if i can um this is 
gonna be tricky though because now everyone wants  
to get in the way i'm trying to help that dude 
over there because he doesn't seem to know what  
the hell he's doing i need to leave oh oh you saw 
that oh kobe kobe trying to get around oh this is  
not good all right so oh boy i can't get i can't 
get full of myself because i have to i have to  
balance myself out here for a little bit all right 
so i created this little mini train all right good  
we alright so so they hit the teddy which is 
good they hit the teddy which means that i  
can go and hit the box somewhere else let me see 
if i can put homeboys down this is nuts like if  
this is what exterminating the mortals looks like 
for zamasu then i'm all in all right round ten  
where's the box where's the box the box is 
back at the uh i was gonna say the lookout  
i was gonna say the lookout the box is back at the 
lookout mr popo grab the sacred ointment mr popo  
all right is it up there where is it at i'm 
telling you all right now if worse comes to worse  
i am out of here i am going to my little 
spot and i'm gonna hang out over there  
what am i gonna get what am i gonna get uh 
okay that sucks all right so i'm out of here  
all right so let me let me do this oh you 
saw that i bounced right on top of his head  
so this is i guess what i'm gonna do i'm 
gonna i'm gonna snipe these dudes out of here  
i'm gonna reload as fast as i can and then i'm 
gonna go through the poop shoot and i'm gonna  
make my way out of here like i said before if you 
guys want to see more of these uh game lock videos  
then let me know in the comment section below 
because i i really want to do like for example  
i want to play games like spider-man i want to 
play games like you know uh grand theft auto  
6 whenever that comes out i want to play games 
like resident evil village let me show you guys  
the spot so you guys come over here right you come 
over here and watch this watch this they're gonna  
they're gonna come to you like flies on [ __ ] 
oh what's the matter you can't touch me right yay  
all right so i'm gonna buy myself some 
time that's exactly what i'm gonna do  
see this is this is smart tactics 
right i'm gonna buy myself some time  
and then i need to figure out what my 
next approach is gonna be because to be  
honest i i don't want to get caught up um and 
i feel like i really have some some trash guns  
so i think what i'm gonna do is i mean and there's 
three of us too so i mean let's just see how far  
that goes uh what did i just what is that what 
is that yes insta kill yeah let me grab that  
all right so what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna keep 
shooting these dudes i mean i can't knife them  
from this point uh is the coast clear i think 
the coast is clear all right cool so i'm gonna  
go in ahead and drink this all right so i got 
all my perks i got all my perks which is good um  
the only thing is i need to hit that box i need 
to hit that box only because i got all my perks  
so if i can get a third gun that's going to be 
fire because i mean when the golem gets tough the  
tough gets going and you know when the tuff gets 
going the going gets tough so let me go ahead and  
grab this let me get something good please let me 
get something good so i can pack a punch it and  
i got the same shotty i had before are you kidding 
me come on no don't don't don't don't don't don't  
kill him oh yes okay i'm good i got the hades 
i'm nice i'm set all right so i got the hades  
i just need to know where in the world the uh 
the pack of punches is it on is it on the other  
side it probably is like i said i mean i'm open to 
playing with anybody who's down to play um because  
these games are chill these games are chill these 
games i mean they have great vibes especially when  
you're squatted up by the way i'm gonna be uh 
also getting the xbox series x so if you guys  
want to add me on there i'm gonna be putting 
out my my gamer tag um i think relatively soon  
because it all depends on like the circumstance 
and the situation involving the next gen consoles  
so if i'm able to cop some then for sure and if i 
do that i'm going to give you guys my uh gamer tag  
but again it just really varies if these game cage 
videos do good um so that's why i encourage you  
guys to slap a big fat like and you know what else 
i encourage you to do i encourage you guys to go  
and go i don't know if you guys are playing on you 
know ps4 on xbox one but what i what i encourage  
you guys to do like no lie is i want you guys 
to go and play some play some call of duty i  
want you guys to play some call of duty uh revisit 
revisit some of the older cods uh just because i'm  
telling you guys right now you guys are going to 
enjoy it you guys are really going to enjoy uh the  
nostalgia i think that comes with some of these 
games because i'm playing black ops 4 right now  
and i am enjoying every second of it so this is 
what's gonna happen once i start getting desperate  
i'm gonna come over here i'm gonna draw 
out my sniper and i'm just gonna throw my  
thing over here right there just like that 
and i'm gonna smoke these dudes from above  
that's exactly what i'm gonna do look at that 
look at that look at that down goes frazier  
now i'm telling you this this spot works 
relatively well only because it can get you  
out of a sticky situation so i i don't want to get 
caught up in a situation to where i'm literally  
hanging on for dear life but i also want to know 
um going into 2021 what are some games that you  
guys want to see me play i'm all for playing 
with you guys because anybody that knows me knows  
that i'm always playing with the community weirdly 
enough minecraft gears of war 5 you know call of  
duty whatever the case may be so i'm playing it 
smart right now homie i am not trying to get my  
my uh oh there oh i need that i need that i need 
that anybody down here all right cool all right  
let me just do this all right uh any other 
zombies around the area there's a few of them  
let me just put him out of his misery all right 
so are we good is the squad good yo we i need  
to know where the freaking pack-a-punch 
is man i need to pack a punch my weapons  
this one right here is definitely a pack-a-punch 
but that all depends if they turn on the freaking  
lighthouse which i'm not even sure if these guys 
know how to do see this is a good spot too i would  
argue but i'm not sure if this spot will get you 
caught so i i want to see what's gonna happen if i  
do end up in a situation to where they surround 
me and then they just start just destroying me  
let me see they need to turn on that freaking 
lighthouse bro if they turn on that lighthouse  
i think we'll be all right but also here's the 
thing right so i want to know from you guys  
how far did you guys go in in a zombies round 
so let's say for example did you guys go beyond  
round 10 did you guys go beyond like round 20 
like i i genuinely want to know because i know  
a lot of people are going to say yeah i i've been 
to like round so and so right i think my highest  
round no lie was in the 50s and that was right 
before i got tired and i i i just honestly quit  
yeah oh no these zombies ain't got no chance 
bro you got oh no no no no no no oh god nope  
nope nope nope all right we have a fire sale uh so 
the boxes are gonna be everywhere see this spot's  
pretty good too um only because if i get cornered 
i can just quickly uh jump down go back into the  
in the poop chute and then i'll be all right did 
someone go down oh why did you go down homie i'm  
gonna go pick him up because that's that's just 
the right thing so that's the mainly thing to do  
is to go pick up my compadre where is he where is 
he oh damn homie damn homie what did you do did  
you bring the freaking did you open up the gates 
of hell dude let me see if i could pick homeboy up  
this is why i am a good partner and this is why 
when things get desperate i hop over here i get  
into this little corner and then i just start 
destroying that's right that's right see also guys  
i don't really know oh damn this is crazy i don't 
really know how long this game is going to be so  
like i said before um there's going to be a 
timestamp down below if you guys want to uh  
just check out whatever it is you guys want 
to check out yeah down goes frasier again  
oh you saw that finesse  
sweet finesse see also here's a little tidbit 
you guys probably didn't know so i wanted to  
basically give away a ps5 or an xbox series x 
but the only problem was like retailers don't  
really they're not really doing anything to allow 
the consumer to you know buy more than just one  
product or even then everything's sold out because 
of you know the stupid virus so it is what it is  
hopefully next year you know things will be all 
right um what are you doing homie has this guy  
lost his mind oh we got pups pups are on the way 
all right fetch me their souls right where they at  
see i i i'm gonna be the i'm gonna be the good 
teammate and i'm gonna i'm gonna protect my homie  
i'm gonna protect my homie from uh from certain 
death because i i know these pups don't want war  
with me right all right homie oh you see look at 
that look at that i don't know what's going on  
over there i don't know if they're oh damn i have 
to save my homie protect the princess at all costs  
see that's that's the type of teammate i am 
i'm gonna completely forget about myself and  
i'm gonna worry more about my homies oh damn i'm 
out of ammo coincidence right all right can we get  
the max ammo already or what there we go all right 
let me let me waste all of this let me just throw  
this over there just in case all right anything 
anything from any dog anything anything at all  
i i hear him i hear one of the dogs around here 
either that or i have like a brain tumor so
i don't see him yo i can hear the dog 
unless there's other dudes fighting them so  
this is interesting though i mean three random 
people round 14 all right not not not too bad
did he did he kill the did he kill the freaking 
dog where where is where's the third guy there  
we go yo is he is he all the way where is he at 
oh he's all the way out there this dude is like  
just i i listen i don't know what he's i don't 
know what he's looking for i don't know what he's  
trying to look for but homie's obviously trying 
to search for love out there but you know what  
good for him god god bless you whatever it is that 
you're searching for my friend all right i need to  
hold down my own right now and here they come yeah 
i see you i see you see i'm also curious as to how  
um you know uh call of duty cold war zombies are 
gonna be like because i'm not entirely sure if  
they're gonna follow a formula i'm not sure 
if they're gonna follow something completely  
different and and basically introduce like a new 
element i have no idea so that that's why i'm a  
little optimistic but at the same time i need to i 
listen i'm trying to defend my homie out there but  
let me see if i can continuously uh 
i i i want to see how far i can go  
let me see let me let me see this is this is 
getting interesting for me because i'm by here  
by myself i'm looking at all of the hell 
spawns basically make their way towards me  
or towards my bestie damn son can you imagine 
if i if i actually did a dragon ball fan manga  
on unfreaking zombies right listen and i i know 
you guys are digging the thumbnail come on don't  
don't don't front on me now don't front on me 
now i know you guys are digging the thumbnail too  
took me a while to get that actually made 
and it actually took me a while to you know  
uh think of a of a way to introduce gaming to my 
channel because i mean that's what i've always  
done outside of dragon ball so it was what it was 
so i'm actually pretty happy that uh we're doing  
this again i mean you guys can hold me to it if 
you guys want to see more of these game locks or  
these game cages just um let me know let me know 
what it is you guys want to see let me know when  
i'm going to try to do it bi-weekly if anything 
i mean that's that's a give or take like when  
and where and stuff like that so oh homie's back 
homie's back all right all right cool cool cool is  
he running from his ex that's my ex right there 
damn you by the way guys follow me on instagram  
at uh unreal studios i always talk [ __ ] about 
my exes did that dude freeze oh i think he did  
there we go round 15. um what i need right now 
okay so they're playing rock music all right yeah  
rock music jerry what the damn what the devil 
you're all right um let me see uh damn damn damn  
i don't know where they're gonna come from and 
the music is a little distracting only because  
i don't know which corner they're gonna you 
know i i need to listen in to find out where  
the zombies are coming from and to think that 
i'm going through round 15 with a freaking  
shitty sniper is pretty interesting to me i 
mean it's not the worst sniper i've seen worse  
oh damn i'm out of ammo all right um let's see 
how far i go but yeah so huge fan of zombies  
huge fan of you know call of duty zombies um not 
so much on like war zone or whatever i mean i  
i've never to be honest i've only played warzone 
once and that was for like 10 minutes so because  
i'm always too busy making fan mangas and 
doing other stuff and i'm just like damn like  
i just forget to have some fun right so i 
i guess here we can have some fun all right  
y'all y'all are just climbing up like you just 
want my meat you know what eat eat eat grenade  
all right what can i do right now how 
many kills do i have i have 241 kills  
i am in the lead right now when it comes 
down to sheer kills i am holding down the  
fortress and mind you there's no glitch on this 
side so it's just me bodying dudes by myself  
damn listen if y'all want the meat so bad bro 
y'all are just fine for it what the hell was that  
oh did they throw monkeys i think someone has 
monkeys yeah they threw monkeys i i already  
knew it as soon as i saw them flee the scene i 
was like yeah them dudes got monkeys them dudes  
got monks oh throw in some lava grenades right 
over here all right let me see if i can actually  
all right so this is what i need to do i need to 
flee oh that was bad that was a really botched  
jump all right let me jump up here jump up here 
oh get out of my face get out of my face homie  
oh what is that over there oh no all right 
this is what i'm gonna uh damn it all right  
this is what i'm gonna do i'm gonna power my way 
through this i'm gonna power my way through this  
i'm gonna grab that max ammo 
look at that look how smart i was  
look how smart i was alright 
so now now i need to see  
just what i'm going to do because listen i don't 
know why these dudes turn on the music the music  
just sounds too distracting for me but it is what 
it is 272 zombie kills 106 kills 106 head shots  
all right let me see i need to i need to buy my 
time here because i i think there's one zombie  
left if i'm not mistaken so let me just take care 
of him all right so round 16. in this uh i need  
to get rid of luna luna is not the dog that i want 
on my squad so for this specific uh zombies video  
we're just about 30 minutes into this video so 
if you guys are watching the zombies portion  
thank you so much for being here i 
appreciate the hell out of you guys  
and um again throughout the course of this 
video we're just gonna have some fun because  
that that's what i feel like matters most is 
just us having fun i don't even know how long  
this freaking game cage video is gonna be man i 
i have a feeling it's gonna be like really long  
let me see let me see you know what i might do 
as well i might dedicate a few of these game  
cages to like specific videos so or specific 
games so if you guys want to see if you guys  
want to see me play exclusive resident evil you 
know content or if you guys want to see me play  
uh call of duty or whatever whatever the case 
may be um just make sure you guys check out  
the playlist because the playlist is going to 
have all of the game cage videos and you guys  
can just you know binge watch whatever it is you 
guys want to binge watch but i i think you know  
from time to time i'm going to just throw in a 
whole bunch of stuff random stuff fun stuff and  
uh let me see if i can get rid of these dudes 
oh what was that someone got zanuk zanuk good  
job we got the nuke all right cool cool cool 
cool uh let me check out my options let me  
let me see if i can lower the music volume there 
we go the music volume is terrible all right so  
we're back to uh we're we're back to where we want 
to be all right cool so yeah i mean i mean because  
i plan on doing resident evil village i plan on 
doing uh spider-man miles morales i plan on doing  
call of duty cold war um of course we're still 
gonna be doing dragon ball cause dragon ball  
is fire um again we're going to try to dive into 
fighters we're going to dive into more xenoverse 2  
mods all that good stuff you guys already know the 
deal so damn we're out of ammo like you know what  
i have a question right so let's say right let's 
say if we had gohan piccolo 17 and vegeta all play  
call of duty zombies how do you guys think those 
dudes would do if they were all in in the lobby  
i mean they're not literally in the game but let's 
say they had it they had an actual controller  
and they were playing zombies like how would you 
guys rank them like would broly do the worst would  
vegeta do the worst would piccolo be like the 
best player would vegeta be the best player oh yes  
yes yes yes time for us to pack a punch some 
heat listen yeah i don't want no smoke with  
the king right now right all right let 
me let me pack a punch this weapon again  
all right come on come on come on let me let 
me let me double pack a punch all right cool  
now let me pack a punch of that i'm 
packing punching everything guys  
all right cool cool cool now we're going to pack a 
punch the sniper and then after this what i might  
do with the sniper i'm gonna pack a punch it one 
more time i'm gonna pack a poncho one more time  
hopefully it's gonna give me some heat all right 
now the last one is gonna be the internal mercy  
i'm going ahead and pack a punch down okay so now 
we officially pack a punched every weapon twice  
all right so where are the zombies yeah look 
at that just one shock and they're electrocuted  
oh you oh damn damn damn damn oh 
i wasn't expecting this to happen  
yo i i i wasn't expecting for so many 
of them to pop out oh this is bad  
all righty ladies and gents it's time for us to 
clutch it up time for us to clutch it up you see  
this right now oh this dude spawned in my face 
are you serious yeah but you ain't going nowhere  
homie i'm telling you all this is a great spot 
if you just want to like fall back and retreat  
because right now i'm falling back and i'm 
retreating but at the same time i'mma help on my  
homie just in case uh okay he got him never mind 
let me see if i can get rid of these damn zombs  
let me see i i think i think we i 
think we should be good right now but  
damn they just keep on coming that's what she 
said let me see if i can uh how far i can go  
is this dude guarding the pack a punch machine 
like what are you doing homie he's like protect  
the pack a bunch at all costs let me let me let 
me just blow these dudes heads off real quick
damn you saw that oh yo look at that protected 
him this is why this is why you need me on the  
squad i will help you guys out as a matter of 
fact i'll even throw a couple of a couple of  
gems out there to secure my my homies uh trying 
to pack a punch their their weapons look at that  
look i know i came in clutch and and at the same 
time i got my own problems to deal with right  
i'm fighting zombies with depression so all right 
let's see let's see all right are they doing good  
what's good all right i think we're straight 
where's the last zombie that that has to be the  
last zombie all right is it over no it's not over 
it's far from oh no see that's what i was saying  
guys got to be careful where's 
the last zombie at did he get him
where is the last zombie i know he's 
around here somewhere there he is  
he's not the last how many more zombies do we have 
yo i have 90 rounds left i have 90 rounds left  
listen anybody want smoke i'm i'm ready to fart 
in your face i'll fart in your face don't don't  
test my grounds what are they what are they doing 
out there all right he's out there he's over here  
so that means that this dude probably has the last 
zombie i'm pretty sure he's uh yeah he he had the  
last zombie i was gonna say i'm pretty sure he's 
just like securing windows because there's no way  
homie is out there just scratching his ball sack 
nah he's he's definitely doing something out there  
round 18 how many kills we got 380 368 kills and 
158 head shots that's what i'm talking about baby  
as a matter of fact i got 158 [ __ ] shots so  
oh we got pups all right cool damn seven look 
at this right 700 rounds bro i have 780 rounds  
i could literally shoot everything 
and i'll be good for an entire round  
look at that look at that securing the homies 
position at all costs what's good how me damn  
damn damn don't worry daddy's got you i'll protect 
you i'll protect you at all costs don't worry  
where the at damn all right uh did this dude even 
pack a punch i don't think he did to be honest
you know who i feel bad for i feel bad for that 
guy out there because what the hell is he doing  
all right we need we have like one more 
dog there has to be like one more dog  
there has to be like one more dog where 
you at where you at pups is he dead
are these dudes about to quit on me i 
better not quit man that's gonna suck  
migrating hosts oh wait yeah he got the last 
one watch watch watch he got the last one  
finish off the pups come on come on finish off 
the pups what does he do like what are you doing  
are you jacking it off kill the puck oh my god 
there we go all right so i mean so far so good  
i'm the only one that never went down so it is 
what it is then again i'm up here so it's like all  
right cool i'm holding down the fortress and if it 
gets sticky i mean they're going to come from here  
they're going to come from here they're gonna 
come from here and they're gonna come from  
there so i'm like all right cool i'll just 
run to my little corner if things get sticky  
oh things are getting sticky not trying to not 
trying to chance it not trying to oh that's nice  
yes you saw that i took his head off real quick 
yo i love the fact that i have all the perks  
with the simple freaking drink bro yo i i you know 
who i feel like right now i feel like i'm moro  
i feel like i'm moral from dragon 
ball and i'm just consuming life  
just sucking the souls out of these dudes 
who wants to smoke y'all want smoke y'all  
want smoke i'll give you all the smoke look at 
that just look i i didn't have to aim down sight
damn these guys are catching elves bro and see 
what's interesting too is you don't really have  
to be in uh in that little corner right there 
to secure victory because as long as you have  
these uh these specific uh heat grenades or 
whatever the hell they are you you you can  
guarantee yourself victory because they're really 
not going to come at you like that oh somebody's  
up here with me aye cool cool oh oh did not 
see you did not see you let me see let me see  
because i'm sitting in this chair and i'm 
just thinking to myself damn at what point  
am i gonna die or am i just gonna quit the game 
entirely and just be like you know what guys  
let's uh let's move on to the next oh what the 
hell's happening damn they they felt the presence  
of ultra instinct they were like not sure we 
can't we we can't wage smoke with this dude  
anal is crazy too we're almost at a million 
subs that is insane and you know what it is  
man i i think it's way overdue um but also like 
i'm just gonna keep it straight with you guys  
i'm aiming for like 10 million subscribers by the 
end of my run i'm not even kidding now some of  
y'all might be looking at me like damn you crazy 
like you think dragon balls gonna get you that far  
probably not but you know i'm a very motivated and 
dedicated person so i feel like in time we'll get  
there and i i don't want to wait until like i'm 78 
years old for us to get there so hopefully in the  
next couple of years we'll be able to get there a 
little closer and that really all you know varies  
on your support so the more support we get from 
you uh the better it is for us to reach that goal
i i like what i also think that i'm gonna 
do on some of these game cage videos  
is i might do some like random giveaways like 
just and again i i don't i'm gonna give it  
away only because i know people need it and 
plus it's good for my taxes so why the hell  
would i not want to give something away oh nah 
homie this dude tries spanking me you saw that  
oh he went down that's not good that's not good 
that's not good that is not good let me let me  
see if i can throw this here is someone gonna 
pick him up oh he quit oh he quit oh he quit  
he quit he quit oh that's bad that is very very 
bad so it's just me it's just me and this other  
jabroni all the way out what is he doing is he 
like is he mowing the lawn oh this is not good  
all right so my ammo is starting to be depleted 
what is that what is that yes let me grab this  
grab some insta kill all right so maybe maybe this 
might give us a little bit of a better situation  
i mean considering how we went from four people 
to three people to two people and i guarantee you  
it's gonna just come down to me i i just i just 
know it is because it always does right but as  
long as i can showcase how far i went and again 
i can go pretty freaking far dude like especially  
with this little corner that i'm up here with 
i got my pack of punched weapons i'm straight
let me see how far i can go how many more zombies 
do we have left how many more dead eyes any more  
dead heights y'all have to watch the uh the evil 
evil dead show ash vs evil dead i'm telling you  
right now i'm recommending that show watch it it's 
really really good where are you going this dude  
is crazy yo what up home biscuit you bringing 
some friends along too all right all right  
the last thing i want is to be caught by surprise 
and having some of these zombies just like pop up  
out of nowhere and like smack my ball sack 
that's the last thing i want there we go  
round 20 all right so if this dude leaves i think 
i'll be okay with it only because i got to round  
20 on a video essentially just doing my little 
strategy just being up here you know i haven't  
went down once so that's why i'm ranked four 
number number four in the whole world [ __ ] all  
right let me see can i play this i can't uh 
oh oh they after my meat they're after my meat  
let me see i don't know maybe like if if i don't 
take this as serious as i am now and if i just  
wander off there then sure i mean i i might get 
myself killed but you know what i'm gonna wait  
for him to go down because it's only a matter of 
time before he goes down i know he's gonna go down  
i know he's gonna go down only because i 
have like that feeling because he's out in  
the middle of nowhere and he doesn't have a set 
strategy so when you're doing stuff like that  
it's not always the best what up homies damn these 
dudes are getting fried these dudes are getting  
fried all right anybody else all right 
so i mean so far i got to give him props  
i don't know what he's doing but he's probably 
just running around probably just running around  
trying to hold his own but i i guarantee 
you guys at some point he is going to quit  
i i guarantee you because i it's that's the one 
thing that i feel like i hate about zombies is  
once people quit you can't really bring anybody in 
and that's something that i really hope they fix  
because let's just say as an example right 
this is round 20 you can't really you know  
bring in anybody after like round five that and 
that sucks to me damn these dudes are piling up  
i mean he he's he's surviving 
on his own good for him oh yes
dragon all right see this is why i 
love this spot because yo they can't  
they literally can't touch you and you know 
what it's not cheating because it's in the game  
it's in the game and if it's in the game i'm gonna 
definitely exploit it see i i i can already see  
one thing that people are gonna demand for me to 
do they're gonna be like yo man you know play some  
play some dokon play some legends play this play 
that and i'm down for it like don't get me wrong  
i'm absolutely down for it but in order for me to 
play a game uh that you guys recommend i'm gonna  
have to like it so you can't just tell me like 
yo play door door the explorer i'ma look at you  
like you're on drugs you know what i'm saying so 
what is he doing out there is he spanking his beef  
because listen if he's spanking his beef i'll 
join him i'll i'll join you listen homie i'll  
join you bro um where's the last zombie is he 
holding him down i have no idea oh i hear you  
where you at there you are okay never mind 
that wasn't the last zombie because like six  
of them just popped out of nowhere yo this 
was like a coordinated attack you saw that  
they all just popped up they were like yo 
nah homie just stepped out of his little  
shell he he just stepped out of his 
little corner so we're gonna have to  
climb up and smack him all right let me see let me 
see he's still alive bro so kudos goes out to him
oh y'all are trying to slap me you know what i 
might go down on purpose i i honestly just might  
go down on purpose only because of the walls oh 
yeah baby insta kill look at that i'm gonna one  
shot these dudes yep look at that finesse finesse 
finesse finesse finesse oh finesse oh i missed  
that one dude i missed i missed those two that 
that's whack finesse finesse shots left and right
damn this is this is getting intense i'm not 
gonna lie this is getting real intense because  
i'm pretty sure we're gonna go far i wasn't even 
expecting for us to go this oh we got the nuke  
we got the nuke all right cool cool round 22. 
how many kills 545 kills 246 [ __ ] shots so  
that's a lot of [ __ ] shots though 
let me see how far i can go i hope my  
stupid controller doesn't die that's the one thing 
about you know the ps4 and xbox one i hope the uh  
the battery life and just the the overall life of 
the controllers last longer i mean which i i know  
they are but yeah you know what i'm gonna 
go help him i'm gonna go chill with homie  
i'm gonna go chill with him only because at this 
point i don't care if i go down because i think  
i just proved my point oh you saw that you eat 
damn i hate when they like move to the side like  
that like that just throws me off my game a lot 
oh damn yeah yeah really mad mad right where's he  
at oh he's by the deck okay all right so if he's 
by the deck damn you saw that the accuracy though
okay so he's using he's using one of 
his uh he's using one of his specials so
yo i hate when homeboy i i just hate 
when they run to the side like that
i got one bullet left uh i 
i wasted it in the worst way  
oh this is bad honestly i i didn't know 
much about this corner i i didn't know how  
far this corner can actually extend 
to until like literally right now
what's going on what's going on oh damn they on me 
they on me on me thank god for that shield because  
like once i turn my back they can't do anything 
zamasu that's right that's right oh can i can i  
recharge all right oh this is not looking good for 
me did that dog just push me bro why'd you push me  
look at oh they pushed me oh my god that's what 
i'm saying damn it all right i'm gonna have to i'm  
gonna have to help out homeboy i got all of the 
open the door i got all the big guns so i think  
i'm good i think you're well it was cracking 
oh he's coming towards me yo where you going  
oh you idiot now we're gonna have to run 
together we're gonna have to run up here  
apart of a park open the door all right 
yo go upstairs go upstairs go upstairs  
oh crap there's zombies already coming 
at us i i can already see it dude  
damn yo they made their way up here that fast that 
is crazy oh this dude's about to get destroyed  
oh that dude's about to get this oh he's 
alive how the hell did he just survive
like yo for real how the hell did that do just 
survive that he was getting smacked down yo  
damn what's he about to do are you about to 
well what oh i see you want me to follow you  
all right cool cool you know what 
i'll follow you i'll follow you  
follow you just to die wait a minute look 
at his tag is that magga is that make  
america great it is make america great like 
he has to make america great again oh that's  
funny that's funny he probably thinks that i'm 
some freaking political person democrat republican
all right these dogs got to go come on step into 
the fire no don't don't don't ruin my finesse  
don't ruin my finesse damn you you damn mega how 
about make the great how about make the game great  
again yes make the game great again that's gonna 
be my maga slogan make the game great again oh ye
kai maga oh what the what the hell is he doing 
wait a minute oh my god are we actually doing  
like an easter egg oh crap what the hell is 
behind that door yo i i'm not i'm not ready  
oh i'm not ready bro what's behind that door 
don't worry i'll stand with you i'll stand with  
you until death oh don't worry we have some 
friends this this is not this is not what i  
was expecting what the hell is behind that door yo 
yo yo i'm not trying to kumbaya wait what is this  
what is it what the hell is that is he trying 
to propose to me is that is that what this was  
yo yo like was that what that was is is 
that a ring is he trying to propose to me
yo i i think homie's trying to propose to 
me bro okay i mean my answer is no oh my god  
you are so lucky that i just did that all 
right grab yeah grab samantha's music box okay  
and let's get the hell out of here bro oh this 
is not good did i lose my shields oh i'm not  
trying to lose my shields oh this is not good oh 
this is this is so not good oh i went down wow  
wow okay all right see this is 
now this is where things begin  
to get very bad oh hell yeah you 
see that get out of the [ __ ] way
damn that sucks i lost all my freaking perks 
all right so like like where are we leaving  
like where's the exit i i completely forgot 
like my mind's drawing a blank oh this sucks  
is he on the other side oh 
yeah he's on the other side  
don't worry friend i'm coming 
in more ways than one oh crap
all right where's he at did 
he yeah he he took the stupid  
yeah he went down there somewhere where's he at 
where you at homie you just left us oh this guy  
bro this guy yeah uh he's down there yeah he's 
down there oh my god hold you there there we go  
yeah you tight oh he they're coming 
down with me bro what the hell  
pneumonia all right let's see let's see 
how far we go all right what's he trying  
to do i like i i know i know he's up to 
something i know that for an absolute fact  
so what is homeboy up to let's find out shall we 
again you guys are nearly watching a one hour call  
of duty video by me so couldn't be more grateful 
if you guys are watching up until this point  
hashtag make the game great again that's how i 
know that that's how i would know if you guys are  
watching or not oh i'm not trying to get caught 
in that nope nope nope nope what up homie oh  
all right listen i i try to help you out bro
you know what the hell is he doing
i forgot what that was despite the fact 
oh he's doing the code oh he did it
oh i see what's happening here all right what 
is this oh we can't unlock this that sucks  
don't worry friend i'll save you
oh crap don't worry don't worry don't worry i'll 
i'll protect us i'll protect us as much as i can  
i don't have a freaking shield oh this sucks this 
really really sucks like this sucks grilling nuts
don't worry friend i'll protect you all right  
listen at this point i'm just like all right i'll 
just follow his lead and i'll see how far we go  
what's the lead what's the did he did the 
freaking thing just say god of destruction  
god of destruction beerus  
damn damn damn damn damn all right come on what's 
your plan what's your plan what is your plan do  
you have a plan my good sir if you don't have a 
plan then we are absolutely and doubly screwed  
oh yeah this is not looking good i don't 
even have a shield bro i'm not trying to use  
my special yet because oh what is that what is 
that what is that what is that what is that ah
damn it you have a shield brody help me  
oh actually no don't help me you're gonna get he's 
gonna go down wait a minute are you guys seeing  
this wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute 
he's invincible oh he's invincible wait a minute  
that that just that explains everything oh my 
god that explains everything this dude cannot die
yo this dude can't die this dude can't die 
no matter what happens this dude can't die  
are you kidding me oh that that sucks for me 
because i can die i am an ingram come on guys  
don't don't don't come after me i'm just a 
little god damn it damn it damn it damn it
damn damn damn damn damn even 
with my freaking grenades bro  
that explains so much this dude 
can't die that that explains so much
oh crap you guys hear that
some creepy ass music you know what let me die 
on purpose i want to see if this dude's really  
like invincible he's got to be invincible 
he has to be invincible he just has to be  
i did not see this dude lose any health are 
you know what all right i'm i'm going to use  
my freaking i'm gonna use my special too i have 
no idea where i'm going or what i'm doing but  
let me grab that shield real quick y'all better 
back up y'all better back up i ain't playing with  
y'all bro y'all better back up back up back 
up i only have this for a few more seconds  
all right and now i'm going to 
grab this and i'm out of here
that was great yo this dude's invincible that 
no i mean go figure right oh y'all hear that
damn y'all hear that
yeah you guys are feeling the heat now right 
what a crazy video i wasn't even expecting this  
i wasn't even expecting any of this
my sworn enemy
y'all hear that
what there's some satanic [ __ ] 
right here man all right can we  
you know what yeah i'm gonna follow homeboy 
because i have no idea what schemes he's up to but  
clearly he's invincible i watched zombies 
slap him and and he wasn't even phased  
so i'm going to follow homeboy i'm going to 
see what the hell he's doing what is this
what the hell is that grab 
it grab it grab it duality  
hurry up there's a zombie coming 
his way here the seal of duality
let me grab myself a brew drinking nail polish 
remover all right i'm gonna follow homeboy  
this guy clearly knows what he's doing so i 
mean this is why man i'm telling y'all y'all  
have to watch my uh my game cage videos going 
forward because this dude knows what he's doing  
as i'm sure many of you guys know as 
well are you hearing this whoa what
now retrieve what we have lost all 
right so what are we retrieving  
are are we going to retrieve our our virginity 
because i gave that up a long time ago so damn son
yo this dude not only is this guy invincible 
but he's smart for cod that's what i need that's  
what i need i need a smart partner like this 
his schlong is probably like eight feet long
damn oh what the hell was that 
are the gods shooting at us  
is that beerus what the hell's happening 
is he really throwing snowballs  
where the hell's he throwing snowballs 
to you better back up you stupid zombie  
look at this look at this he can't injure him man 
i'm telling you all right now you guys are gonna  
be watching a very long zombies video of this is 
practically as a dragon ball zombies video man
there i was back to back with jesus and i looked 
down upon look look at that look did you see  
that you see that he hit him he hit him and his 
health didn't go down he's invincible he has the  
invincibility cheat cute little kids brat remember 
some little ones they had such a big oh what the  
hell they left all the time wait a minute how 
did he can i can i get up there too there we go  
that was so yo this dude knows his stuff man where  
you at where you going are you going 
oh zombies zombies my ex-girlfriend
i'm trying to follow this dude because 
i have no idea where he's going
what are you trying to do my good sir  
are are you trying to liberate the 
world from from its homeless population  
honestly if i were to die i want to die 
in like in in this butthole looking cavern
what's interesting though is no 
matter what it is that i do watch this  
no matter what it is that i do it like it 
doesn't matter because these zombies are  
they're not gonna touch this dude cause 
this dude is like literally invincible  
that's crazy but you know what i'm still racking 
up kills so it doesn't even matter at the end  
of the day all right oh there it is there's the 
orb oh he's he's throwing snowballs at them okay
all right so you know what i'm 
gonna do i'm gonna go oh that that's  
interesting can i can i go up too can 
i there we go get off the damn zip line
yo i i completely forgot there was a zip 
line there to begin with come on come on  
go there go there come on go there go there 
go there oh damn it i want to go with you  
i want to go with you come on come on can i go 
up there too there we go eat it suckers oh crap
all right where's this dude going oh 
this is so interesting oh crap wha what  
the hell i i just threw a grenade nothing 
nothing just worked ah damn it i'm down  
look look look look look look look look at 
his head the yellow never dropped of some time  
you are invincible do you know the way yo you guys 
are officially watching a one hour episode that
oh where did you come from zamasu
my ass is numb yo i'm not even 
kidding this is crazy i mean i've  
played long games before like this but most 
definitely on my bed oh crap oh crap oh crap
what's he doing you better hurry up man  
you better hurry up brody what's he doing 
what's he do what what are you what are you
damn it i'm gonna use this where'd he go where'd 
he go where are you going my buddha my buddha  
there we go let me see if i can 
just get rid of the freaking  
zombies that's right that's right 
come on that's right that's right  
what is going on here i've known some of 
you what the hell just happened the others
what is going on it's not always been plain  
sailing but it looks like we finally 
what the hell is happening right now  
so to answer nikolai's question about what i 
really want oh yeah i just want my happy ending oh
look i know what you're thinking 
what the hell else can dempsey do  
besides we're talking to like a floating 
lamp well i've thought about that we may have  
won our war but that doesn't mean interesting 
interesting episode folks i'm telling you guys  
serve my country best by helping travel that's 
crazy generation of recruits you know master  
of my country best you know what i'm saying 
excellent idea making the next generation
are they really arguing are you guys 
really arguing during a time like this
this little tribute 790 kills 302 deaths
so so was that it so so oh crap yeah of 
course and and the minute everything ends  
look even the zombies paid respects
even the freaking zombies had to pay respect
all right let let's just see how far we go 
i'm very curious to see what's about to happen  
i'm gonna follow oh the light the freaking 
lighthouse it's jesus oh that's a bright light  
all right where am i where am i going my good sir
y'all saw that right
i mean what what is what are we up like 
what's about to happen is the lighthouse  
about to like take off like are we in a secret 
rocket ship or something oh this is nuts
yeah this dude has like oh what the hell 
is that oh what the hell was that just now
this dude has no chill this 
dude has no chill and i like it
wait for me friend if the lighthouse 
takes off i'm not trying to die too
this has got to be the craziest experience  
for the first game cage video too oh what 
the hell's happening are we about to die
is that thing gonna kill us oh he did kill me 
[ __ ] help pick me up where's that thing going
oh this is kind of spooky oh that's pretty cool 
though like it's actually beaming onto something
all right so what's what's the 
dealio are we going back upstairs  
all right we're going back upstairs i 
have no idea what this guy is doing but  
because i i i don't recall you know this guy 
has he oh he has to have like infinite ammo  
oh i okay yep say no more say no 
more say no more hold the zip line
dude like this this maggot dude it really knows 
what he's doing that's that's that's insane now  
now i'm assuming we're going back down wait for me 
i want to find out the secrets oh this is not good
oh this is really not good why would 
we come up here for come on man
oh come the hell on brody
where is this guy go i got 
damn it they touched my butt  
they touched my butt look look look his health his 
health is not going down this dude is he is god  
he is look what the hell 
did he just do to the zombie  
oh this dude has like this dude has some 
of what in the freaking hell is happening
like is this what it feels like 
to have mastered ultra instinct  
because this dude is literally goku he 
has bastard ultra instinct he's not dying  
with this power goku you shall 
never be defeated says maris oh oh  
yo yo y'all need to jo yo y'all need to not come 
after god damn it y'all need to not come after me  
i mean he's good though he doesn't even care 
he's like oh did this guy just go down again
what is he doing down there help 
me up help me up you son of a whale
damn he is not gonna die he has as  
much health as you need and his 
like his shield is like infinite too
all right i'm gonna follow your lead
where are we going because apparently goku 
here knows exactly where to go all right i'm  
assuming we're gonna go back down yes we are 
i wish i i honestly wish i could just jump off  
and just like off myself at this 
point because it's like damn dude  
an hour and almost an hour of 10 minutes of 
just zombies all right what's what's what's  
the deal here oh we're supposed to go up there all 
right cool all right uh can we go there we go all  
right so now what we've reached the lighthouse 
now what hombre i'm following him straight up
this is i mean if this isn't 
the craziest or at least one  
of the craziest zombie experiences you've 
seen on the channel uh oh what was that
get out of the way
damn seeking the power source did you 
did you find the power source oh damn  
oh damn what are we what are we supposed to 
do oh oh that's what he did about you misty
this dude knows everything it was 
overtaken let me grab another shield
listen listen i i i know some of y'all might be 
watching this and being like damn unreal like  
you're not thinking about it you you're 
going i mean listen i'm not just going in i'm  
already in in i'm already deep inside 
okay i'm not going in because i'm already  
going deep inside look he's not losing any 
health this dude is just he is he is jesus
he is not dying there is literally electricity 
everywhere like it feels like the apocalypse  
and i'm just so baffled out of my mind 
that this dude's still alive with me  
only because this dude had used his stupid 
little glitch to make himself indestructible
look at this he cannot be hit with this power goku 
you shall not fall a and a little old me here is  
fighting for his freaking life and this guy just 
abandoned me why are you gonna abandon me homie
oh this is nuts and he has an infinite rocket 
launcher bro bro bro bro bro what is happening  
what is happening what is happening this 
dude literally make the game great again
look at this dude he has to have infinite ammo 
too there's no way he doesn't there's just no way  
wait for me
i'm telling you all i mean this this 
dude has to have infinite ammo too  
like i refuse to believe that we're doing 
this without him being indestructible  
but you know what i i guess now i know 
what it feels like to be vegeta always  
needing goku to save him kakarot you have ui god 
goddammit kakarot yeah down goes frasier guys
bring us the goth device whatever help me i'm 
dying damn how many zombies are there jesus  
damn brody oh he got the nuke you know whoa
what are we doing with the 
device what what is happening  
ah i'm drifting into the sun 
my life shall have meaning oh
thank you scott this dude scott how the hell did 
scott just save me from like all the way out there
this is this is some black 
magic [ __ ] right here man
this is some black magic wizardry right here 
oh speaking of black magic wizardry so by the  
way i was actually thinking about this so i was 
actually considering on playing the next harry  
potter game when it comes out because i'm a 
huge fan of harry potter and i was strongly  
considering it and if i end up doing it then i 
have no ammo i literally have no ammo i can't  
believe this i am literally a helpless little girl 
i have no ammo this oh god where'd it go damn it
they're everywhere dude they're everything i'm 
trying to like rack up points or whatever but like
you know what let let me just 
i'll follow him like this
damn what is even happening listen i i know 
you guys are probably watching this up until  
now like damn unreal this video is going to 
be so annoying to render this is going to  
be so annoying to render only because this is 
probably going to be such a long video but i'm  
doing it for you guys so thank you so much for 
your support what are you doing we're gonna die  
or at least i am because i'm a freaking 
human i have nothing dude i have nothing  
kill them kill them damn zombies i'll i'm i'm 
gonna die the shield behind me is the only  
thing keeping me safe guarded i'm about to die 
i'm about to take it i knew it i knew it i felt  
death breathing down my don't expect me to haul 
your fat ass off dude what uh what an amazing  
what an amazing video so far man i am counting 
an hour and 15 minutes of zombies straight up
damn dude yeah let's let's just get up in 
the water this dude make the game great again  
all right well what what now what's oh 
i see so like are like are we playing  
tag with this thing are we supposed to 
just throw snowballs at it and that's it
hold on i'm coming
listen i i wasn't expecting for us to 
do easter eggs and for us to be doing  
all these things with because listen 
it's just how many kills 926 kills guys  
we're about to hit a thousand kills we're 
literally about to hit a thousand kills don't  
worry homie i'm following you i'm following your 
invincible ass come on let me get up there too
it just sucks because i have like i have no ammo 
i just saw a whole bunch of zombies just drop down  
do you know where it is do you know where it is
he seems to honestly know which i'm surprised 
where is it oh yeah just throw some snowballs  
at it yep good good [ __ ] there 
don't worry i'll knife him for you
all right what are we what are we 
doing now yeah apparently we just  
have to throw snowballs at this thing so 
and there's only like one zombie left so
literally throughout the entire time we're 
doing this this dude did not take any damage  
this dude i mean he was probably 
yeah he was the guy that went down  
four times in the beginning because he was 
trying to do that stupid freaking glitch man
but hey you know what a thousand 
kills is a thousand kills so  
all right what now what now were you at were you 
at home biscuit where you were oh there he is  
that would normally be my corner but not today 
all right let me see let me see where is he uh
yeah i feel like we've been at it we're doing 
this for a while i mean an hour almost an hour  
and 30 minutes right i mean speaks volumes now 
what did we feed the demon did we feed the demon
okay so is that it
oh crap so now what oh i i think 
we honestly need like one more
oh damn it get off me
oh crap what the hell just happened 
oh what the hell is happening  
what the hell was that we got these boy 
scouts to run around demon witchcraft
i get it that's crazy
the agarthing device can do many things it has the 
power what it what is happening what is happening  
what is happening i think 
we open enough new worlds  
isn't that why we're in 
this mess in the first place
what piece are you talking about you stupid guy
i'm about to damn 926 kills man all right so 
is that it wait a minute is this it are we done
i don't think we're done yet chief
this is so bad round 29 and i have no ammo
what is he about to do what i mean 
all the dogs are here all right cool
i thought this dude quit i i didn't even see his  
name for a second i was like yo 
where'd he go all right i'm here
okay oh wait a minute so i 
i did i give my soul to this
what is going on what what's 
happening i'm scared i'm so startled  
oh oh what the [ __ ] you know you 
can't get again i get him out of the way  
oh get him out of the way get him out of the 
way i'm gonna have to throw these on the ground  
you know what let me see if i can 
drink this max ammo i i had to do it
i i had to do it
listen homeboy got a rocket 
launcher so he's not worried damn
what i mean but first of all what is 
about to happen in like wait a minute is  
this is this entire freaking lighthouse 
shaking oh what the hell is happening
what in the hell is going on oh my god
oh my god dude
this dude is so lucky that he can't die
oh that is insane what is happening to the game  
this has got to be the most the 
wackiest [ __ ] i've ever seen
oh i see what he did he put those two 
sticks down so he's able to like just  
destroy everybody back demons
damn damn damn damn
damn damn damn damn i'm gonna throw some 
freaking i'm gonna throw that right there  
all right this is what i'm about to 
do i'm about to unleash infinite ammo  
and just shoot my way through yo we 
just yo we just bombing these dudes
what device to full power
oh damn it there's still more
this this was not what i signed 
up for that that's all i gotta say  
oh my dual shot controllers getting low
wait a minute did he just pack 
a punch that little thingy  
i think he did yo i i think 
he just pack a punch something  
oh look look at this we have 
hell's army coming after us
you know what'll be the worst part about all of 
this if like by somehow you have to take a dump  
while you're playing this oh so we're 
gathering the souls very interesting okay  
oh this is nuts did he did he get it did he get 
it oh oh damn it help kumbaya kumbaya damn you see  
that body's just flying everywhere good job good 
job pick me up thank you so much my good brethren
i need to switch to this freaking this 
sniper's not even doing much anymore
skin nibbler kimmy gibbler what's this all right 
let me let me see oh oh oh kakarot wait for me  
takaratu no wait for me i'm second 
fiddle kakarot no where's he going  
where's this dude going damn this dude already 
went through the butthole and everything  
my turn the this is what a sperm cell feels like 
when it's going through the the vagana all right  
now what oh i see so we have to take their 
souls here now okay sounds pretty good to me
all but i think it's gonna 
have to be straightforward  
okay all right i i guess i could do that i mean 
listen when you're playing with a partner who  
has infinite ammo and has an infinite rocket 
launcher of ammo i mean it works right damn damn
all right are we good all right 
now now where do we go now  
oh this guy's he's jolting it 
wait for me you sons of [ __ ]
i think yeah i think i know he's about to go he's 
about to go to the last one which is downstairs  
i believe yeah i kind of knew it either that 
or he's gonna give up the lamp and it's over  
let's see yeah i knew it we're gonna come here 
and then we have to take the zombies life here  
bring it on zombs i'ma stand here with you brody 
just cause i'm scared back demon hell spawns
uh you know what i'll just do this  
even if i knock them back if i don't 
knock them back it is what it is
come on come on drag them 
in there drag them in there
listen i i am trying to do 
everything in my ability  
to make sure we can finally get through this
this dude's rocket launcher is so we 
got it we got it we got it now what  
now what now what is it said is this it 
is this set is is he about to feed it or  
or or is there more ah crap i think there's more
damn it i think there's more there 
how are you so is there one more  
i'm only going to assume there's one more 
either that actually no no oh yeah that's it  
okay so now we're gonna go 
upstairs if i'm not mistaken right  
or is there another oh is that it that 
can't be it oh that's the last one  
okay ladies and gentlemen you're watching an hour 
and a half of call of duty black ops 4 zombies  
if you're still here watching this 
with me man god bless you i love you  
i really do man i really really do and if 
you're not watching up until this point you suck
oh this is this is this is bad all right can we 
can we can we not be that aggressive gentlemen
damn damn damn i have no ammo i  
literally uh yep i'm just uh at this 
point i'm just a i'm just a vessel
all right let me i don't have anything dude i 
don't have anything this dude is the only person  
that has something all right take it take it take 
your stuff take your stuff yo yo take your stuff  
all right where's he going take your stuff yeah 
take your stuff let's get the fudge monkey out  
of here this has got to be the most intense one of 
the most intense uh black ops 4 moments i've had
so now i'm guessing we're going gonna 
sacrifice this thing to the ancient gods  
and then from there we'll be 
all right if i'm not mistaken  
oh my god they're chasing me they're slapping me
oh oh this is so spooky this is spooky
what's about to happen what is that 
i have no idea what's about to happen
what are you shooting at home 
biscuit i'm down help me help me maka  
i'm right in front of you home biscuit pick me up
what's the narrative here yes pick me up i'm 
trying to understand the narrative damn it
all right let's see all right so this this 
is my only crutch oh that was my only crutch
that was my only crutch so i'm trying 
to figure out what are we trying to do
what is the what is the narrative here
oh what the hell's happening
what the hell is happening 
listen i have no idea oh
oh crap
so wait a minute did we just summon the devil 
oh did oh did we just summon lucifer bro uh oh
activate it oh my god there she is witch witch
oh my god oh my god
this is nuts i thought this game was 
going to end a long time ago 1000 kills
and all but how can we be 
sure she won't turn on us
listen listen i mean i i oh my god i 
wasn't expecting anything like this
but you know what if we're doing easter 
eggs and stuff why not why why the hell not  
all right can we can we get this over with 
please can we can we move on from our little  
our little journey she promised she would 
keep us safe forever are they fighting  
it just amazes me how all the zombies are gone
i i lost the the the freaking 
zombie story a long time ago  
damn this dude sure knows how to play all 
right so what's what what's the goal now
i mean listen the the sign here is we need 
to wrap this up because this is insane
i don't even have a shield did you guys notice 
that this dude never once dropped his shield  
he always had his shield despite everything 
that's happened his shield never went down  
he never went down after a certain 
you know after a certain while  
all right now what oh what 
the f freaking where are we
what the hell is this
wait a minute oh what the hell is happening 
oh what oh come on dude what is it see i i  
was never here before so i don't know what the 
hell i'm supposed to do oh this is bad pick me up  
pick me up may god have mercy pick me up don't 
expect me to haul your fat ass pick me up home  
skillet right here right here pick me up i 
suppose i ought to thank you for that all  
right now what what are we what are we supposed 
to do oh i think we're supposed to kill whoa
yo i am
i'm tripping i am tripping what is where are we 
what is happening what is happening can someone  
explain to me what is happening i have no idea 
what i am looking at what i am dealing with  
this is insane i have never gotten this far 
into an easter egg for this specific map  
because i i i i just care to 
play far to get far and that's it
where'd he go
oh what that what are we supposed 
to do though the entire world is  
like getting destroyed this is what 
happens when you trip out on trooms
oh my god what is happening 
what are we supposed to do  
what is happening to the world everything's lava
yo everything's lava
where where'd he go i'm not even what another bomb
oh that is this is nuts
oh i see so we're supposed to stay close  
oh because this thing is actually 
making its way down here okay now  
i see oh i'm am am i burning in lava i am burning 
in lava help i have no idea what's happening help  
dude oh my god help help help all i oh 
my god oh he's he's gonna go down wait a  
minute he's gonna go down his health is going 
down oh he's gonna go down he's gonna go down
oh so he's did the invincibility go away yeah 
i mean i i kind of understand at this point if  
it's me or the the easter egg i get it
oh i'm gonna i'm gonna watch 
this from his perspective  
guy did i mean i have to 
find out what's gonna happen
okay so he doesn't have infinite ammo but 
so he's definitely following this thing  
are you guys seeing this dude's logo read 
what it says it says trump 2020 oh my god
all right where is he what's he about to do 
it's everything is so red and blurry bruh bruh
i i i i don't know what's going on  
okay what's so he's following that red 
energy what the i'm alive okay i'm alive
so we're supposed to follow this
oh i see so we're supposed 
to step on specific rocks
listen homie i i don't know what you want me to do 
but i whatever it is you want me to do i'll do it
that's crazy so this whole thing is lava and 
if we step down we're gonna get destroyed
damn it i i i can't activate 
my freaking yeah yeah yeah  
get away from my friend ah 
damn it this is not helping
yo i don't even know what the hell i'm 
shooting at i'm just shooting aimlessly yes
okay so i'm guessing i'm only guessing 
that we're supposed to take this  
directly up at the lighthouse right 
damn get away from me you dirtbags  
now i mean that's the only logical guess i 
can make right now is the fact that we're  
supposed to take this thing to the freaking 
lighthouse i i could be absolutely wrong but
let's see let's see let's see let's 
see yeah this guy definitely yep it  
looks like it's it's hovering okay so 
so where where are we supposed to go
guide me senpai
yeah i'm i'm gonna drink this real 
quick because lord knows i need  
to just shoot rapidly at anything 
i at anything i come across
this is insane ow get away from me zombrains
so like is this thing feeding off of energy or 
what because like i'm trying to figure oh yes
now what are we going up
are we going up yeah we're going up okay 
so i i have two theories behind this
yeah i have two theories behind this right now  
is he going to go to the lab is he going to 
go to the lab oh damn damn damn damn damn damn
is he gonna use this is he gonna use this
oh he is okay so i see we're supposed to 
bring this back to the lab i'm only gonna  
assume we're taking this back to the lab and 
if we step out okay so that makes sense if we  
step outside of that barrier then we're gonna die 
okay now now everything is starting to make sense  
come on come on let's finish this once and for all
yeah this is it we're gonna do it we're gonna do 
it we're gonna do it i'm so happy back you demons  
oh this this is this has got to 
be the craziest listen you guys  
are getting a treat you guys are getting an 
absolute treat from from from me right now  
and and look if you guys want to play zombies you 
guys already know how to find me oh oh no no no  
no no no no no no no no no no no no no no okay 
okay i had a i had to reconnect my controller  
don't worry about me all that couldn't have 
come at a worse time don't worry about me  
don't worry about me just worry about your own 
survival worry about your own survival oh damn  
i literally had a controller next to me 
for safekeeps pick me up pick me up yes  
all right thank god what is 
happening what is happening
damn this this is nuts so so so what what do we 
get what are we supposed to do with this thing  
what are we supposed to do with this thing
is this thing closing in oh 
it is closing in oh my god  
oh my god it's closing in it's closing in on us
does this mean we're gonna die
what is happening what is 
happening what is happening
oh my god
what just happened yeah a war 
unlike any we have ever seen  
wait what are we supposed to do are 
you going to tell them everything
what what the hell like what 
are we supposed to do now
like like is this the apocalypse like is this 
is this really over talking about nikolai  
they are an hour and 40 minutes of this guys
tales of demons and angels  
where are these dudes are like this dude's 
celebrating clearly he's drinking and [ __ ]
so so what the hell you supposed 
to do oh the light is bright
the dark
no i'm in the light oh that's pretty ah
i feel like they're gonna summon the 
super saiyan god or something bro  
the war against yourselves okay now what
okay so so now what is is it over
no it can't be over hold on there's 
no zombies there's no zombies at all  
so wait a minute there's more what 
the hell happened to the landscape bro
oh this sucks damn damn 
everything everything is lava
okay listen this guy we just destroyed 
the entirety of the uh of the map so
what is what is happening what are we about to do
oh oh wait wait wait wait for me home biscuit
yeah this guy definitely knows what he's about 
to do yep he's he's asking me to follow him
well ladies and gentlemen i don't know what's 
about to happen but what my name is now what  
i did not tell you because 
i no longer felt like myself  
whoa you brought me back mastered ultra instinct 
goku like what the hell is going on my name is
did you yo
this is how ultra instinct came to be
oh what in the hell did goku 
just turn muy he had to have
had i mean i i look i'll i'll shoot that thing but
uh oh oh what's what's happening what is 
this i mean do i do i have to claim it okay
okay now what
what the hell oh dude did we just complete we did
wow we did we completed the easter egg
guys guys
guys this is why this channel is the best
some really some really creepy  
have it music damn all right okay we could have 
it keep drinking we might summon witch in forest
very good not bad at all let me drink some more 
is this guy drink is he drunk what's going on
is that richtofen man what an ominous like i've 
never i've never done this easter egg before
whoa oh i knew it everything 
oh oh oh they lied to us
they lied to us it is time oh the 
multiverse they lied to an end the paradox  
must be resolved at least the multiverse bro
bro you is you bugging you're gonna destroy 
the multiverse are you guys out of your mind  
how are we ever gonna see dragon 
ball super the enemy come back again  
come on bro oh they did it right 
oh crap what the hell is going on
whoa wait a minute but wouldn't that mean 
like their own reality would be destroyed  
right like their own universe i know 
and i'm so sorry oh what the hell oh
whoa oh crap we fought did we 
wait a minute did we just get  
dusted did we get just did we get dusted 
all the chapters of our lives right
i remember all of this over and over but 
victory could never be out damn i remember this
we were always doomed this is nuts 
this is so nuts i remember all of this
this is like this exists we are the ones 
who fractured the universe this is the truth  
what the truth richtofen oh 
with the time machine right
when we are gone holy crap what 
what is happening this is like a
the revelation even monty himself all of 
it will be wait a minute where it belongs  
the dark ether wait so oh
oh this is five in nuketown 
and so everything's gone
wow we should not be here so the story 
ends here wow this is a gruesome sight
this is gruesome
jesus what what kind of story is this dude 
everyone's gone the multiverse is gone who's  
that leave this life behind it is my hope that 
you know one thing i know i remember that girl
what the
no way
oh don't do this to him zamasu no is she she 
is yeah she got him more than just my allies  
wait a minute so what kind of 
twisted story for my friends
so you use this to destroy the 
multiverse you son of a whale you  
man what a what a tragedy what a tragedy and 
here i thought zamasu's story was pretty bad  
wow so that's it we completed it 
the game is over or at least i'm  
assuming because right now we're at 
a black screen what the hell is this
there's a little hole ah they're 
gonna walk towards the light  
are they gonna walk into like if 
only oh wait so he's so he's alive
okay see myself at the peace okay
so is this really the end of zombies what the 
hell is happening maybe guys my ass is numb
shut up richtofen
maybe i think that i'm going to teach my ass 
is numb oh my god get those kids toughened up
okay so so they're nearing they're nearing 
the light i'm only gonna assume i am happy man
i would like to know for sure of course you 
are i brought honor to my ancestors damn so  
these are all of the og's though 
that are talking the ancestors
two hours is nothing but this that is i don't 
even know how long this video is gonna be
of course and is that the end that has to be the 
end two hours nearly two hours of just zombies  
for this game cage video first of all my butt is 
sore second of all my voice is gone so you guys  
got everything out of me when it came to that wow 
yep it's over wow well that was that was amazing  
that was truly truly amazing all right well 
before we wrap things up on this video let's see  
what we got going on next because that was a very 
interesting very interesting battle holy crap dude
okay so for anyone that knows me knows that 
i absolutely again love zombie games and  
for left 4 dead 2 i really have a strong 
gravitational pull towards this game only because  
this game was and still is one of the best 
games that i've ever played on the xbox 360  
and now we're playing the last stand 
this is actually the first time  
that i'm playing this dlc i have no idea what 
to expect i think the community did a great job  
in creating this look at the atmosphere brody oh 
my god we have louis bill zoe francis okay so let  
me go ahead and grab my first aid kit grab this 
shoddy this is a little ominous riverside park  
picnic grounds and swimming area alright well i 
don't think we're gonna be swimming here today  
all right so let's go ahead and venture out to 
see what we got going on i really really wish  
that they actually made a left 4 dead 3 because 
anyone that's played left 4 dead 2 will tell you  
this game is go yay all right so let's try 
to figure out a way to damn these are these  
zombies are going to swarm us this is crazy yo man 
it's been so long since i've played left 4 dead 2  
so all my homies that have been on my channel 
since day one you guys may remember that i used to  
play mods and all that kind of stuff but look at 
this man the police the police must have really uh  
really been devoured here i mean there's nothing 
left look at the atmosphere though oh i hear a  
witch i hear a witch i'm not trying to chance it 
dude i'm not trying to chance it where's the witch  
because you know when you run into the oh damn 
it the hunter damn it okay so a and a charger  
yo my luck right what is going on the zombies are 
everywhere did my game just freeze okay never mind  
i was about to say all right so let me see if i 
can find my oh sweet mother mary and god i think  
i just i think i just pissed off moro yo you know 
what i'm not a [ __ ] let's go ahead and kill her  
let's kill her shall we yay oh god finish her 
finish her please finish her finisher damn it  
finish her finisher dude finish her oh my god 
why are y'all just standing around finish her  
is she dead i think she's dead all right down goes 
the witch let's get the hell out of here dude and  
like i said before i really encourage you guys to 
download and play uh left 4 dead 2's new dlc pack  
oh look at this it's called the last stand right 
and uh oh i was about to smack bill in the face  
see this is what's mysterious about this game is 
the fact that like it's just it's sort of like  
a little open world game like you're supposed 
to go from point a to point b um but i i just  
really wish that you know valve followed through 
by giving us a left 4 dead 3 that would have been  
so great can you guys imagine for the xbox 
one if they win if they went along ahead  
to give us a left 4 dead 3 like that 
would be insane because left 4 dead 1  
and left 4 dead 2 were absolute you know beasts of 
games right let me go ahead and grab some steroids  
i have no id see here's the thing 
though right what would you guys do  
if you guys were a part of a zombie apocalypse 
drop your thoughts in the comment section below  
i hear one of my uh one of my exes out there 
she's squealing is that a jockey it's got to  
be around here somewhere yeah there we go shot 
him right in the ass there's a jockey oh there  
he is there's my ex oh man the controls are so 
wacky here oh damn it another hunter dude okay  
thank god for my teammates i have no i mean 
we're supposed to get to the lighthouse right  
so i i think i'm at 70 health i need to get i 
need to get my ass the hell out of here and i  
need to try my best to avoid shooting cars 
because if i shoot a car then we're going to  
sound the alarm and we're going to bring a horde 
of zombies this way and i'm not trying to do that  
look at the atmosphere though i mean honestly i 
think people that live in uh in rural areas their  
best to survive because listen i live in new york 
and if i got swarmed by zombies i'd be finished  
i would be finished anybody that lives in 
new york anyone that lives in california  
places like that you guys would get destroyed 
because of the sheer overwhelming amount of people  
that exist oh crap did one of them get stuck okay 
never mind i i have no idea where i'm going dude  
i'm i'm just trying to follow the path of 
destruction i shot this dude's intestines out  
and he's still coming at me guys i i need help 
see i'm the type of dude that was straight away  
from my team but uh i i i don't want to stray too 
far off no matter how comfortable i am because you  
just never know right damn where are we this is 
some spooky stuff yeah oh i hear i hear a boomer  
i hear a boomer where's the boomerang oh there 
he is nice job lewis all right oh i need some  
what is this can i grab some shoddy all right 
got some shotgun ammo this is pretty intense  
though because like honestly being the fact i'm 
a huge zombie fan i'm also a huge uh zombie fan  
movie like i love train to busan i love you know 
peninsula and stuff like that like i i feel as if  
like they need to make better zombie movies right 
i mean that's just me though um not many people  
are gonna be too fond of zombie genres because i 
mean the zombie genre nowadays it's complete ass  
because i remember there there was a time where 
like they came out with resident evil and they  
gave us doom the live action movie which 
is complete ass they gave us a whole bunch  
of stuff i mean dawn of the dead was pretty 
good dawn of the dead 2004 was pretty good  
all right where am i supposed to go brody i have 
no idea i mean where are we like are we on a  
i i feel as if we're at a uh like a dump right 
because that that's what this feels like i have  
to get rid of all the zombies all right be ready 
to fight the horde all right well i guess i'm just  
gonna go ahead and activate this oh my oh here 
they come this is scary oh this is so scary i'm  
so startled damn they're cut what would you 
guys do in this position yo this is insane  
yo did you see that charger damn it get off 
my friend yo oh my oh my god and the jockey  
got me where the hell is my team where the hell 
is my team dude are you serious come on brody  
all right what am i supposed to do am i supposed 
to activate those things oh crap y'all better  
y'all better uh hold me down real quick yeah 
cover me real quick i'm not sure what the hell  
i'm supposed to do i think i'm supposed to 
activate those things if i'm not mistaken  
so if that ends up being the case maybe if 
they were to stop smacking me i can go ahead  
and just activate these things am i supposed to 
yes i'm supposed to all right provide power to  
the crane okay so that's what we're supposed 
to do we're supposed to activate everything  
yo this is this isn't i mean listen i can you 
imagine if uh if goku and vegeta were a part  
of a zombie apocalypse oh there there go my 
haters right there that's what they look like  
fat overgrown zombies yo this game cage is gonna 
be wild though i mean to all my og fans out there  
that have been watching me for such a long time 
i know you guys are going to be loving this just  
because like this is a call back to my channel 
oh boy let me let me go in ahead and just uh  
yo i need to back up oh my god all right 
let me see let me go ahead and activate this  
damn damn damn one more one more come on guys 
come on what is this what is this what is this  
oh yes the spaz shotgun yes i i absolutely 
love this shotgun all right let's go ahead  
and activate the crane all right and now 
the crane is supposed to be doing its job  
damn the zombies are really making their way 
towards us oh my god can i grab a first aid kit  
all right grabbing first aid grabbing ammo what 
else do we have this is i mean we have uh oh we  
have a pipe bomb great all right so what i'm 
gonna do is i'm gonna throw this pipe bomb in  
that direction to get all these crummy ass zombies 
out of here yes yes bask in my glory there we go
all right what is what is he 
about to do with that crane
oh i thought that was a witch for a second all 
right so i'm assuming okay okay oh no now i see  
all right let me just go ahead and shoot that 
spitter damn it no no no no no oh this this  
is getting intense guys what is he about to do 
with oh they're coming from this side oh no no  
let go of bill you son of a come on let him 
go let him go let him go let go of lewis  
all right use the lever to lower 
the container all right perfect
wait a minute oh for a second i thought the tank 
was going to get it was going to get here oh  
oh there he is oh this is not good this is not 
good now i remember during my childhood when  
this dude was first introduced i was like are you 
kidding me right now come on guys come on focus on  
the tank focus on the tank oh am i stuck yeah i i 
i would be stuck see this is like fighting broly  
it's it's this is literally broly bro oh oh oh 
boy he's chasing me of course he'd be chasing me  
is he dead great job all right roll these down 
we need to get the hell out of here oh there's  
there there's there there's the charger yeah 
you would have oh damn it yo the hunter got me  
yo these dudes are spawning in droves 
though holy moly all right let me  
let me see how far i can go because i need to 
get the hell out of dodge do we have ammo here  
we have ammo we have a first aid kit all right 
you know what i'm gonna use my first aid kit  
hopefully y'all will cover me and then i'm gonna 
grab that first aid kit and i'm gonna hold on  
twister for uh for safekeeps yo this dlc is fire 
though yo they need a left for dead three man that  
would be so great even though valve is not known 
for like doing you know games that have to end  
with a three half-life three as an example what 
the hell happened oh there there goes my haters  
scaring out in the swamp yo he ran away 
you saw that there we go we got him  
where the hell am i supposed to go dude see 
can you imagine this but like left 4 dead 3  
that would be so great man all right so i'm 
guessing i'm supposed to follow this trail  
here this is intense i'm telling you if there's 
any other game that's intense like this it's it's  
i mean there's hardly any there's hardly 
any other game that's that that's just this  
intense there's a freaking zombie in the fridge 
dude all right let me grab this pipe bomb  
all right where are we supposed to go so we're 
supposed to make our way towards the safe house  
which is going to get us to the lighthouse but 
i'm just trying to figure out like yo where the  
hell is the lighthouse or at least in this 
case where the hell is the safe house first  
listen if this was a real zombie apocalypse and if 
you guys had to choose four people to survive with  
who would it be i i need you guys to let me 
know in the comment section below would it be  
friends like would it be a family member a friend
yo these dudes are whoa okay never mind are we 
supposed to go through here i think we are hold  
on let me see all right we open this and then we 
um oh crap there's a there's a jockey right there  
damn it damn it damn it i'm trying to figure 
are we supposed to go through there i think we  
are honestly all right let me just jump 
on this car and oh my god come on guys  
yay come on come on zoey defend me yo these 
dudes i mean i mean if if these were fast  
zombies like the ones from like 28 days 
later and stuff that would be so terrifying  
oh crap where's the charger at all right he's dead 
oh this is so cool there's a safe house awesome  
all right get into the safe house you guys 
this is so clean so i'm assuming now now  
we're gonna enter the uh the final act of this 
uh dlc this is so clean though like honestly  
you know for me i i've often loved games like 
resident evil left 4 dead call of duty zombies  
and to be honest like you know games like this 
it just brings back fond memories um all right  
so this is the final act so let me go ahead and 
just heal up we we definitely need to heal up  
i think we have pipe bombs and stuff down there 
so lewis is healing zoe's healing uh definitely  
grabbing one of these uh we have one of those 
bs shotguns on the wall which we don't need  
what else do we have here any dragon balls 
because lord knows i need to make a wish  
um i have an axe but i'm not sure how well 
enough i'm gonna use this axe you know what  
just cause i'm gonna use it all right all right 
let me see uh i'm trying to cycle through my  
weapons real quick uh i could have grab you know 
what uh i'm gonna grab dual pistols i mean i i  
think that works better for me personally but all 
right we have snipers i think we're good i don't  
think i'm gonna use a frying pan all right to the 
lighthouse we go yay yo look at this just taking  
limbs off taking limbs oh crap oh crap this is not 
good oh this is not good see these dual pistols  
used to come in such clutch back in the day and 
and honestly they they still kind of do right  
oh i have a bad feeling about this i have a very 
bad feeling about this you know what this reminds  
me of honestly this reminds me of some of those 
like creepypastas with like the lighthouses and  
like the freaking you know i don't know maybe it's 
just me yeah oh shut him right in the ball sack  
all right where are we supposed 
to go now okay definitely not oh  
so we have to keep climbing up all right cool yo 
this is nuts i really hope you guys are enjoying  
this by the way because i'm telling you all right 
now you're not gonna find games like this too  
often oh crap they're climbing through the windows 
brody no oh crap kill the smoker kill a smoker  
there we go close to close the door 
that's the first thing i need to do  
um okay so what are we supposed to 
do i'm trying to figure this out  
are we supposed to activate something all 
right i i really don't need an ak right now  
okay so being the fact that we're up here are we 
supposed to radio something in am i supposed to  
shoot this yeah get the magnum okay so i honestly 
think there's there's not a purpose for us being  
here let me go outside i can hear the stupid 
hunter somewhere where is he at where is he at i i  
can literally oh there he is where'd he go where'd 
he go did he drop yeah he's definitely around here  
somewhere okay so i think we're supposed to go out 
here oh jesus yoho yo okay yo i i literally jumped  
in my in my chair that was that was not cool okay 
so we're supposed to go down this way okay cool  
so we went up there for nothing i mean 
not really for nothing nothing but  
all right bill protecting me great job bill i 
need to get to this lighthouse because you guys  
know as soon as we get to the lighthouse 
it's about to pop off oh there is that it  
wait a minute is this it wow that was uh that 
was pretty quick okay so this is the finale  
of the game all right uh what are we supposed 
to activate start the generator all right cool  
oh crap rescue is coming defend yourselves 
okay cool so i guess we're gonna  
yeah we need to come up here oh 
i yo i i can feel the apocalypse  
oh my god ladies and gentlemen we are about to 
go to war let me let me grab this assault rifle  
where are they coming from oh they're coming from 
over here damn damn damn damn damn see this is  
this is why i feel like we need to get more zombie 
movies that are like focused like this because  
this is some pretty intense stuff and i i i i can 
only imagine a zombie movie that could be based on  
on a game like this but done right you know what 
i'm saying oh crap i just had my ex squirt on me  
oh boy oh this is bad oh oh this is very bad 
okay so i i literally got knocked down damn it  
uh can i climb up somewhere all right watch out 
can we climb up here all right let me climb up  
to the lighthouse i i am not trying to go down 
there i am not trying to be a popper's witness
okay everybody needs to come up here hands down 
this is like the best place to hold it off at  
wait a minute but where's the rescue gonna come 
from oh i think the rescue's gonna come from there  
okay yeah this is hands down the best place to 
be at only because like we have the high ground  
damn damn damn these dudes are everywhere  
all right you know what pipe bomb out zoe 
needs to bring her ass up here hands down
okay that pipe bomb only killed one person are you 
serious but like where where is the uh where's the  
rescue coming from oh look at that are you 
guys seeing this right now you know what i'm  
gonna come down there and fight like a champ 
cue the eye standalone music aye stand alone  
yo and mind you i'm playing this game at like 
two in the morning so i'm not trying to scream  
because if i if this was any different 
yo i'd be screaming right now  
all right where's the tank you 
can you you can literally hear him  
where's the tank where's the tank 
we have to get rid of him asap  
all right so i'm assuming we're supposed to go to 
that island over there where's the tank where's  
the tank where's the tank where is the tank 
you can literally hear him is he over there  
i think the tank is over there yep 
there he is he's throwing stuff  
so the tank is over there he's like in the 
in the trees behind the mountains and stuff  
all right so i think he's stuck whatever that 
that's gonna that's gonna serve us a purpose  
um let me come over here 
let me grab some more ammo  
let me bring my ass back back up here because i'm 
not trying to get caught with that tank that tank  
is stupid he has to be dumb because there's no way 
that tank can't get us from all the way out there  
yeah he's throwing stuff i mean whatever it it's 
only gonna do us justice yeah so i'm only gonna  
assume that right there is gonna be our way out 
because i really can't think of any other way  
right is that it is that it in the distance oh 
man am i seeing stuff am i seeing stuff what is  
that what is that what is that oh is that a boat 
i have no idea i have no idea is the tank coming  
oh the tank is up there holy crow oh my 
god are you guys seeing this oh there he is  
unfortunately our greatest fear is 
here yeah there should be no way  
there should be no way he should be able to 
trump us right now oh get him get him get  
him get him get him get him get him get 
him get him get him there we go good job
wait a minute y'all hear that
y'all hear that right there was a ship somewhere
wait a minute oh we need we need gas tanks oh this 
sucks oh my god are you oh my god oh my god oh my  
god no way are you serious yo are you kidding me 
right now this dude literally just trucked me oh  
my god no he didn't bro i am so mad oh hell no 
follow me i am so freaking mad right now dude  
that yo he literally he literally smacked 
me off of of of the entire rig bro  
now screw these damn zombies follow me guys 
all right let me just go ahead and throw this  
down here just to get these zombies off me real 
quick get off get off get off get off get off  
all right so damn that sucks though man all 
right so we're gonna we're gonna climb up here  
yeah i'm not i'm not trying 
to waste any time broskies
this is really really bad only because 
like it's so hard for us to like  
so note to self i i can't risk i i 
literally can't risk being up there  
like that because that was really bad 
that was really really bad any zombies
that was so bad dude yeah y'all are 
probably laughing in the comments section yo  
unreal got bodied by a freaking by a roided 
up freaking whatever his face was a charger  
yo he literally bodied me i can't believe it 
all right so since rescue is on its supposed way  
damn we don't have any um we don't 
we don't really have any top-notch  
guns but let me come up here real quick 
okay let me just get rid of these dudes
all right so okay okay never mind i have i 
have the beastliest assault rifle all right  
cool damn so that means that we're going 
to also have to pick up canisters right  
so in order for us to progress we're going to 
have to pick up canisters listen zamasu wasn't  
wrong right zamasu was never wrong yo dammit these 
dudes are really really hard to like fend off i  
i can't even imagine playing this on hardcore 
mode man but i'm telling you all right now if  
you guys agree with me then left 4 dead definitely 
for the xbox series x that would be that would be  
brilliant the multiplayer for it i mean everything 
and just like the overall essence of what left 4  
dead was for the xbox was just great even for pc i 
mean it's pretty fire for pc but i just feel like  
it's a lot better um multiplayer wise for the 
xbox damn these dudes just keep on coming man
all right so at some point as soon as we kill 
the tank we're gonna have to try to grab those  
canisters because apparently we're gonna be out 
of fuel and i'm not trying to i'm not trying to  
get left left behind you know what i'm saying oh 
kill the jockey please i need to grab some ammo  
you know what's great about this game is the 
fact that it has like seemingly infinite ammo  
like in a way right because you could be camping 
next to a stockpile and you'll be all right  
damn okay i i hear the tank where's the tank at 
where's the tank at kill the spitter we need we  
need to kill the tank where's the tank where's 
the tank where is the tank i hear him oh my god
this is so bad oh this is so bad  
he's gonna knock me off oh my god can 
we can we kill him please there we go
all right now we're gonna have to get 
the canisters yeah we're gonna have to  
get the canisters i can feel it all right so 
where are the canisters that is the question
you can hear the ship dude okay where are the 
canisters okay one canister is down there yo y'all  
are gonna have to really really come come down 
here with me bro oh damn it freaking spitter bro  
all right i'm gonna have to recover where are 
the canister i mean they're all spread out so  
all right oh this sucks all right 
follow me follow me follow me  
alright whoever like i said i mean the way the 
way they actually set this up was pretty neat  
but i i just wish that the ai could actually 
also provide you with help yo cover my ass cover  
my ass fellas and ladies yeah okay so there's 
a there's a few oh damn it no no no kill him
oh this is gonna be so hard this 
is gonna be so freaking hard  
get off of me get off of me get off of me guys 
come on i why why can't i okay can i dump this in  
okay one out of eight no no no no this is no no 
damn it pig get off me okay some of them are in  
the house which is good all right let me go 
in ahead and just grab this oh my god grab it
at what point though are we gonna 
have like these freaking oh no no
wait do i hear tank music or am i bugging out  
oh this is so bad this is so bad 
this is so bad this is so bad
yeah and like in real life i would be toast 
where's bill all right bill needs to chill  
all right let me grab this all 
we need is six more after this  
hopefully it's five all right listen i 
i i need y'all to help me out here man  
get them off me get them off me get them off 
me no matter what happens get them off me  
all right cool we have a few of them up here i 
see a spitter by the way okay so as long as the  
stupid charger doesn't knock me off i think i 
should be all right all right let's grab this
oh damn it the jockey got zoe yo help out zoe 
help out zoe don't don't be don't be a little  
scuffle butt all right halfway there perfect 
halfway there perfect oh damn help up zoe  
wait a minute how is zoe down damn it zoe get 
up oh we have a we have a crap ton of health  
packs left too okay let me see something 
real quick can i yeah i'm gonna have to  
heal myself this is this is cray cray where are 
the canisters back up back up back up back up  
yeah guys listen i'm trying to like survive so 
i can finish this but this is a whole hell of a  
lot harder than i thought it would be all right 
let me grab this see in real life i mean the  
entire squad is bound to be infected hands down 
i mean there's no ifs ands or buts about it right  
you know what i'm gonna do as soon 
as we're about to get on the boat  
i'm gonna hit that adrenaline and i'm out of here 
i'm gonna hit that adrenaline and i'm out of here  
all right what do we have here because i also 
guarantee you the tank is gonna come as soon as  
we get the eight so hopefully not though because 
i'm really trying to get the hell out of here  
oh jesus get him off all right two more two 
more two more the last two are down here come  
on guys come on this is so difficult 
dude y'all need to come with me fast
oh this is so bad guys guys i need your 
help help me damn it damn it damn it damn  
it damn it i need to get inside here close the 
door oh my god yeah this this was a mistake  
this was a massive mistake i i need to heal 
myself quick come on alex heal heal heal heal yes  
y'all need to help a brother out man oh yes 
we have a fire bomb where's the gasoline tank  
oh i have it alright cool oh this is crazy this is 
so crazy get my way oh my god can can y'all like  
oh my god the ai pisses me off i hear the charger 
i hear the charge right here the charger oh my god
kill the freaking hunter this is so bad this 
is so so bad what in the hell is happening
who is hitting me dude like there 
was a zombie behind me the whole time  
all right all we need is one more 
canister one more freaking canister dude  
oh my god how how is my team going down like this  
look at me i am by myself out here 
my team is just like singing kumbaya
oh my god where is my team and how come 
they're not helping me dude help me yes yes
oh this is so bad oh this is so 
i i i need to hit some adrenaline
all right yeah this is my only this 
is my only means of escape right now  
this is all lewis is dead louis is dead there's 
a damn it get him off me no no no guys guys guys  
oh my god i hate my team so much dude get him off 
of me bill you idiots dude i hate bill so much  
pick me up pick me up that's right that's right 
pick me up oh they suck these dudes suck so much  
damn it damn it damn it damn it damn 
it damn it damn it damn it damn it  
i hear the freaky charger bro okay this is so bad
this is so bad get off of me get off of me no 
no damn it oh this yeah we're not gonna make it  
we're not gonna make it because these idiots 
don't know how to either revive properly or  
if i die oh yeah i'm gonna die i'm 
gonna die i'm gonna die damn it oh  
you know what the hell with this the hell 
with this we're not doing this anymore
okay so here's something that you guys don't 
know about me i am a huge huge fan of resident  
evil i practically grew up playing resident evil 
and this is the resident evil 3 remake however  
there's a little bit of a twist to this right i 
installed some crazy mods literally what you guys  
are about to see is going to be crazy because i 
have a brand new uh golden frieza and super saiyan  
blue uh goku mod up in here so let me see if i 
remember how to play this because i want to see  
how far i can actually go uh can i actually use 
the key do i have a key yes i do all right so uh  
if i play my cards correctly then we are going to 
bump into golden freeze and i haven't played this  
game in quite some time but in the comment section 
below what i want to know are your favorite  
resident evil games oh boy look at this dude look 
at spaghetti head over here trying to trying to  
think he can he can he can get one up on me wait a 
minute i completely forgot this dude got up to him  
let me go ahead and blow this dude's kneecaps 
off oh my god there we go down goes frazier  
i'm gonna have to be careful because spaghetti 
head spaghetti heads gonna be coming after me  
uh damn see the the thing about these zombies 
what's interesting though is i know that once the  
resident evil 4 remake comes out uh they're gonna 
they're gonna up the ante for that game like crazy  
let me get rid of spaghetti head real quick all 
right can i can i make my way there there we go  
now at any given minute i know nemesis is going 
to show up or should i say golden frieza you guys  
are going to see exactly what i mean oh another 
version of spaghetti hat i see all right let me  
see if i can take this dude down if you guys are 
still watching up into this point for the uh for  
the game cage then god bless you guys alright so 
i think it's around here somewhere you guys are  
going to see some heat oh what did i say there 
he is oh it's the golden chicken nugget himself  
yo holy [ __ ] he has a rocket launcher okay 
wait imagine this is like the next dragon ball  
movie frieza comes back with a freaking 
huge ass rocket launcher dude oh my god  
this is this is horrifying i need to get out 
of dodge quick frieza is going to destroy me  
mean if if this isn't intense i don't i 
really don't know what is because homeboy  
is trying to blow my freaking head off 
with this damn rpg i'm trying to duck  
i i don't know if jill's trying to twerk or or 
try to oh there we go damn it i'm telling you  
all this is the next dragon ball super movie right 
here i mean forget broly forget moro forget jiren  
who needs those guys right who needs those 
guys no i'm not [ __ ] okay oh this is  
terrible this is terrible up there he is oh 
monkeys hello monkeys oh god oh sweet jesus  
dude get your freak doll that this is see how 
unrealistic is this because those rug those rocket  
launchers should be able to destroy me oh my god 
this is how planet vegeta went down oh sweet god  
aw this sucks i'm barely alive poor jill she's 
probably having the worst possible day right  
but in the comment section below i want to get 
your favorite resident evil games of all time  
uh whether that be resident evil 4 resident 
evil 2 resident evil 3 resident evil 6  
i mean i gotta get out of here dude frieza is 
chasing me i mean that's pretty clean though right  
only on this channel are you gonna find some heat 
like that if only i can actually mod gta 5 just as  
well enough right oh i would do some fire with 
that all right let me get the hell out of dodge
all right look look look look dude i'm not i'm not  
trying to talk this dude is trying to talk to 
me he's like look man go back to the station
trust me no no no this is oh god all right so i 
i gotta lead him back to the station look at this  
place it's on fire the only thing that sucks about 
this game is is the fact that it's just too short  
everything else is pretty good but 
it's just too short man they took  
away so much uh oh did she spot him 
oh boy there goes frieza's cannons  
i gotta get the hell out of here 
otherwise i'm gonna get squished  
oh can i make it can i make it of course i'm gonna 
make because the game's already broken watch this  
see i'm really hoping that resonating before the 
re4 remake is a lot better than this because this  
wasn't a bad remake but they just cut so much 
that it just felt so underwhelming you know  
do i hear frieza i i hear him somewhere gold 
and freezing he's gonna he's gonna pop out out  
of nowhere like he did against jiren up there he 
goes oh come on i gotta get the hell out of dodge  
all right where's uh there he is super saiyan blue 
goku oh there he is i gotta grab some ammo hold up  
i'm not trying to oh boy this is not good come 
on jill get the hell i get see goku could save  
me right by using the instant transmission 
but instead he's letting me get dogged this  
is the next dragon ball movie right here oh 
good plan goku look at that damn frieza's  
yo i did frieza make his wish did he get oh 
look at him did he did he get like 10 inches  
taller that's right goku rof all over again 
oh goku watch out oh my tell me this isn't  
the best thing you've ever seen man get your 
big ass let's get out up here this is oh my  
god you know you could have used your kamehameha 
or something you idiot or miga tenogoku no stop  
looking at my titties and keep walking you see 
this guy you see him did you see him beeping me  
all right come on come on carlos i know we didn't 
carlos i didn't know goku goku's name was carlos  
i saved my ass first oh that's right man get your 
big ass moving bro you're hogging the freaking  
you're taking up the whole freaking door space 
man what matters is that we can get everyone  
out of the city you know who i mean i swear to god 
we're missing vegeta that's all we need is vegeta  
all right so what's good are we fleeing the scene  
what about you yeah what about you i won't be 
catching the train why not you're fast enough  
no there'll be new orders oh what a cheese ball 
if it means i can help save the city it's fine  
by me a typical goku stuff typical goku stuff i 
need to become the hero i need to save everyone  
i need to flex my muscles all right is this dude 
down here of course nikolai's down here they're  
talking about their tinder accounts and cheating 
on their wives oh hello fellas good work very good
can you imagine goku going out 
there to clean up an entire  
do city worry this is so out of place this is 
so out of place all right you're going ahead  
i'm not gonna die on you leave you 
in a cold cruel carlos this world  
oof okay yo i'm telling chichi bro that is such 
a sweet suave like [ __ ] tactic to say no girl  
you sound like you're very suspicious you maybe 
have crabs in your ass you're learning who the  
hell is this guy how to smack you across the 
face don't look at me like that good luck  
of course good luck i'm goku let's go let this go 
two russian guys and one american woman on train  
look at her she's like i'm gonna tell chichi 
he's like oh you're not gonna tell her are you  
he's out of there oh this is clean but like i 
said i mean this is this is such a great game but  
so underwhelming when it came down to the 
delivery right because it was too easy
you're talking like you are traitor 
maybe you are a traitor check this out
or something yeah he caught on to him look at that 
she knows even he can knows a platoon like that
exactly i wonder what would have happened yeah 
you may know something don't you oh well ladies  
and gentlemen it's our friendly neighborhood 
galactic ruler it's frieza oh he's back oh
calm down all right vegeta 
let's just back the hell up  
uh he's gonna lock the door on me of 
course he is use what are you doing
that's something gohan would say too bad 
father why don't you go give him a senzu bean
oh frieza has a new move oh that 
is so hardcore this is so clean
get off my train boom
listen listen if you guys aren't digging this 
right now then i don't know what else to say  
because this is just fire absolute fire i 
don't know what happened to female vegeta  
just now but i mean she was about she's about 
to square off with him you saw that and now  
we're back to the raccoon city police department 
with none other than goku oh it's been a while  
subway's got to be clear of the city by now are 
you kidding me yeah my hot date cheating on chichi
yeah look at goku trying to suave his way in 
there you're not slick all right where are  
we at right now what's what's what's going 
on around here this place looks familiar  
it's a graveyard aha this is where vegeta's 
pride was buried this is the police station  
all right so this is where uh this is where 
vegeta's pride was buried during the saiyan saga  
this is where vegeta's pride was buried during 
dynamic saga when frieza put him to sleep  
this right here is the south 
saga when cell embarrassed them  
do i need to say more about majin buu over here 
we have beerus who [ __ ] slapped him in battle  
of gods here we have vegeta's pride during the 
universe 6 tournament when uh hit knocked them out  
oh did i forget here's vegeta's pride when 
goku black and zamasu got the better of him  
and of course then there was the time 
of jiren i mean who could ever forget  
then we had broly who uh basically put vegeta 
down on the ground and then we had moro who  
basically made vegeta look like an amateur yep 
here lies the graveyard of vegeta's pride oh my  
god all right let's get the hell out of here i i 
never would i thought i would have seen goku with  
a machine gun bro all right i'm going to search 
the perimeter and shoot anybody's zombie in sight  
forget being a hero oh there he is now check this 
out this is classic gohan versus uh super boo  
super boobs like give me the kids and 
gohan's like i don't want to finish you  
that's perfect cell and this is 
gohan you should have finished  
the job gohan you had the chance 
you son of a [ __ ] jesus christ  
you got you almost got you got your father killed 
you almost got trunks killed i mean jeez man  
of course now we can't get in [ __ ] it's 
locked uh oh boy no i'm i'm left to deal with  
frankenstein all right all right come here come 
on come daddy first i'm gonna blow your kneecaps  
off right i'm gonna shoot you in your knees damn 
he got some strong ass knees bro what the hell  
damn how many shots could he take on the 
knees are you dead yeah who's your daddy  
who's your daddy yeah oh not yeah not so much 
are you i'm going ahead and put that here that  
could be useful yeah of course that could be 
useful why would you shut the door in my face
all right what's the job if our 
intel's still worth the damn then  
damn so you're telling me i'm gonna 
have to travel take him into custody  
custody i thought this was a rescue oh 
something's fishy something's fishy i  
smell smell deception take a look at this well 
i'm here what the hell am i supposed to look at  
remember and stop calling me freaking carlos my 
name is goku bro he knows we'll try to keep him  
under our thumb this dude so this search 
and rescue mission is really more like  
find and detain of course of course it'd be that 
of course good to know i'll open the shutter so  
you can get through all right hurry up open the 
shutters so i can go through on here because i  
have a whole bunch of naruto fans to take out 
in the left corridor all right be careful well  
you don't have to tell me to be careful i have 
plot on my side i have pry i have plot on my side  
all right let's see do i have any ammunition 
around here no ammo all right well time for  
us to make our way in here now let's see what's 
behind door number one what the hell is going on  
what the hell is going on in there oh sweet 
jesus there goes krillin and there goes maris
oh i'm not bro they don't pay me enough for this 
i go i'm the savior or not i don't give a damn  
hey you wanted me to go up in there by myself 
what are you stupid do i look like a hero to  
you oh god damn it man okay all right well let 
let's see let's see what we got lying behind  
uh these corridors here this is some spooky 
stuff some real real spooky stuff this dude  
this dude got bodied bro see i i don't want 
to check up on him but oh my god vegeta damn  
well of course that couldn't have been a zombie 
but i'm not trying to take any chances homie  
do you see those claw marks on that freaking 
look at that that's that's not a zombie a zombie  
wouldn't do that a zombie's too brainless see this 
is why we need to uh border up windows honestly in  
the comment section below i need you guys to let 
me know uh here we go more fodder characters oh  
he's overweight too he's not that overweight all 
right listen every time i pass by i want you to  
understand who i owe oh my god that's the next 
enemy in super it's it's some behemoth creature  
look these dudes are literally just coming 
right through the damn window at this point  
oh here comes chubba wubba back up barney you 
see this dude oh there he's on top of him ew  
all right well let's see what's behind this 
door up here all right so when super coming  
back come on i mean that that's that's what 
we're all anticipating at this point when  
is the dragon ball super anime coming back ah 
damn it all right well yo listen i'm about to  
do a fan manga on this i'm about to do a whole fan 
manga on what if goku vegeta went to raccoon city  
you guys can't sit there and tell me you would 
not want to see that right because i know you  
guys would you copy yeah real nasty in here i 
don't know what it is yeah i'm by myself fool  
all right i'll take a look the camera no no no 
no no no no no forget your forget the cameras  
bro i need you to come out here and help me 
i would never i don't care how much money  
i don't care how hot the girl is you can 
never catch me doing this thing by myself  
oh great it's a bunch of naruto fans hey do 
you guys still you guys still think naruto  
and sasuke can take on goku and vegeta 
i'm about to [ __ ] on your parade  
oh crap all right wait hold on they're they're 
kind of mad they're kind of mad hold on back  
up bleach fans all right are we good to go 
damn you guys got bodied not a single one of  
you is talking anymore huh well but naruto has 
the chocolate and with the with the nine tails  
you mean you man who cares bro i got plot on 
my side yeah not talking so tough now are you  
oh look at this dude he was waiting 
you're your typical saitama [ __ ] oh  
we have one naruto fan who decided to get up 
and rebel against me all right not so much now  
damn all right i'm wasting a lot of ammo but 
so what i'm goku i i can actually afford it  
let me see how far i can actually 
go um this is some spooky stuff  
some real real spooky stuff going on in this here 
raccoon city police department did you guys know  
oh well who's up yes i know that copy that i 
just need to locate the bomb did you guys know  
this is actually a museum uh for those that 
played resident evil it's it's it's not really um  
it's not really an actual police department it's 
it's a giant museum that the raccoon city police  
department actually turned into a safe zone 
because of the zombies and stuff um all right  
what's this i need to attach something to that yes 
we'll be doing this the exploding way all right so  
do i get to put oh wait i need to go downstairs 
and activate that stuff damn it listen i wouldn't  
know what to do if i was in this situation because 
you have to consider so many things you better not  
get up if you get up i'm gonna pop you so hard 
listen i i don't think you can pay me enough  
i i listen i i just really don't think you can 
pay me enough to be up here or just do this by  
myself hell no oh we got some marijuana just 
gonna use that for scientific research i'm not  
trying to waste my time do uh decoding that 
interesting stuff we got going on here i'm  
telling you all right now i think this dude's 
about to get up are you up i knew it i knew it  
i knew it back up back up all right so i need to i 
need to figure this out with with pr look at this  
how in the world would you ever expect 
me to actually follow through with this
and this is only going to get even more intense 
as we continue damn man but either way i want  
to call it a day for you guys i want to thank 
you all so much for watching the first ever  
game cage on the channel we're going to be doing 
more of these and uh the more support we get  
i think the more likes we get the more views we 
get the more i'm going to be inclined on just  
giving you guys random gaming videos uh whatever 
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online game plays whatever the case may be i 
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