Hey Food Tubers Down Under in Oz! To celebrate your national day and give you you a rest for bashing us poms about the cricket Jamie has done wonderful …
Aw yeah, word up Food Tube. It's Jamie Oliver
here, live from Hackney in London and we're
here today to celebrate, Australia day!
Yeah, round of applause everyone.
So, we're going to make beautiful pie. So
if you talk to an Australian they're pretty
serious about their pies. So my Australian
brothers and sisters, let's share the love
of pies with the rest of the world in Food
Tube. It's a great recipe, beautiful stewed
meat and the best pastry ever. We're going
to make killer, Aussie pie.
Let's do it now. First important thing. This
is one kilo if skirt steak here. So just slice
it up in one centimetre slices. We're going
to go heavy on the black pepper, a heaped
Also, I'm going to go about half a nutmeg.
Just going to grate that in. Going to go in
with a little bit of olive oil. About two
tablespoons goes on the meat and a good pinch
of salt. And we're going to massage it up
and that's the first bit of flavour happening.
Two pans, really hot and we want to brown
that off guys. So I'm just going to wash my
hands. Next up we're going to go a little
bit of olive oil into a pan, four nice sprigs
of rosemary into the oil.
We';re going to go straight into the oil with
400 grams of carrots and onions, so let's
really caramelise these beautiful veggies
here for another ten minutes. While that's
happening let's cut to a little bit of DJ
BBQ and Gennaro Contaldo. Yes!
Nice, thank you very much DJ BBQ and Gennaro,
beautiful stuff as usual. Now for a nice little
bit of beer. Okay, the Aussies do make a fine
beer. So we're going to crack into a Coopers
brewery original pale ale. And gi you love
beer then click on this bottle now because
we have our brothers over the road, Craft
beer Channel and they're review this beer
amongst other beers. So click over, have a
little look and subscribe. So back to the
While this pan is super hot and it's dark
right. We're going to go in with the beer.
About a quarter of a pint. We want to get
all those sticky bits off the bottom of the
pan and once it's cooked away we want to thicken
it up with one heaped tablespoon of flour.
We're going to stir that in now. We want a
little edge of sweetness. So we love a little
bit of tomato puree. We love a little tablespoon.
Stir that in and then go in with our lovely
caramelised veggies.
Look at that! Sweet and gorgeous, so we've
built up a little base. Just go in now with
about a pint of water.
We want to cover it with liquid.
There's one thing I haven't done, and that's
the mushrooms.
200 grams into the pan. I'm really pleased
with that intense flavour. I might just add
a little bit more water and turn it right
down to a little simmer. Pop a lid on, cook
that for about an hour, hour and half. I've
done a great little video to show you how
to make the perfect cheesey pastry. Click
the link and watch it right now.
Okay guys, so this has chilled out in the
fridge for about half an hour, an hour.
I'm going to cut the pastry. One third goers
Get a pinch of flour and dust from a height.
Then I tend to just roll it out. We're always
going to roll away from us. Roll ti about
the thickness of a pound coin. I'm going to
put this over here. Put it over the rolling
pin and just roll it up. Lay it over and then
very simply. Nice cut off the excess in half,
and in half again then just use a knife to
cut off the excess. Fill our lovely pies here.
Look at that! So these little off cuts here.
We can just squeeze them lightly back together
again. Roll out.
Just going to cut it into quarters. I've got
a little egg wash here, that's just to stick
it together. Get your pastry and put it oin
the top and again just cut the edge.
And then use a fork and just squeeze our fork
here like this and then use thumb forefinger,
and forefinger and give a good pinch like
that. But definitely something you want to
do. Put a little cut like that in the top
to let the steam out, so ready to rock and
roll. Is some beautiful little pies, again
some beautiful little egg wash on and around
the central part. So this is going to go in
the oven, these are individuals portions so
I'll cook that for about half an hour, forty
minutes for 180 degrees centigrade. Look at
that! Beautiful golden rich crumbly pastry.
So there you go guys, a homage to our Australian
brothers and sister.s
Happy Australia day!
So just break into there. Get the pie open,
look at that! I mean, gorgeous filling, great
pastry, It's off the chart good.
So there you go guys, a wonderful home made

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