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– You know, the bagel dough is ready
when you can't properly
host your cooking show,
because you're too out
of breath from kneading.
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We're making it all plant-based.
We're gonna get some spicy Nashville,
hot chicken style nuggets.
There's so much deliciousness
going on this pizza.
Why are we wasting any more time?
We've broken the recipe down
to three distinct steps.
You can follow right there,
but we also got a full recipe
in the description below.
Let's get to it.
We've got a lot to do.
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New Simple Truth plant-based products
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So now we gotta start with
our Nashville hot spice blend,
and that all starts with brown sugar.
So we're gonna go ahead and
add the brown sugar to that.
Nashville hot chicken spice tends
to have a much sweeter palate,
and a lot of people give it credit for,
so you all start with a
fair amount of brown sugar.
Add in Chipotle chile powder,
obviously Chipotle
powder isn't traditional
and natural hot chicken,
but I love that kind of
smokiness that it adds,
so I'm gonna add equal
parts, cayenne pepper,
and that is gonna add the base
of your sweet and your spicy.
I get real excited about
Nashville hot chicken.
I hope you get as excited as
I do about anything in life.
I don't get excited about much.
Nashville hot chicken, that
gets me jazzed, pancakes too.
That's a different episode.
I'm gonna go ahead and
add some onion powder
and some garlic powder.
I'm gonna add a little
bit of smoked paprika.
I really wanna get this smokiness on here
to really like drive all of
that flavor through the pizza,
and then just a little
bit of black pepper,
and for my money, that's a
national hot chicken spice.
So I'm gonna take…
Oh, why did I say for my money?
Like for your money, it's
not, but me like, come on.
So I'm just gonna go
ahead and whisk that up.
You might get a couple of clumps forming
with your brown sugar, but
just whisk through that.
Anything in cooking, anything goes wrong.
You whisk through the pain.
So I'ma get that.
Nashville hot chicken isn't
just a seasoning blend
that you like, add to the
chicken after its fried,
what you actually do is you
take the chicken out of the oil
and then you dump it in
spices that have been mixed
with more oils.
So what I'm gonna do, is add
about half that spice blend
to the bottom of a bowl,
and then we're gonna take a
little bit of whatever oil
you're frying it in.
You can also add the hot
oil that might make things
a little bit easier.
And so I'm just gonna add
a little bit of peanut oil.
You can use canola oil,
vegetable oil, actually,
traditionally you can use lard,
if you just got a big old tub
of lard sitting in your home,
and I'm not talking about
your ex husband, right ladies?
So if you see,
we got all that grease
mixed up with the spices.
We're gonna take our
Hashville not nuggies (laughs)
I was gonna say national hot nuggies,
but Hashville not nuggies
sounds like a great plant-based
interpretation of the dish.
So now we're taking our Emerge
Plant-based Chick N Grind.
This is a product that I really love using
because it's plant-based
but, you can use it exactly
how you would raw meat.
Which to me is like a
relatively new development
in the plant-based meatless community.
I'm gonna go ahead and
take an oyster shucker
out of your pocket.
Always keep one there.
Just in case you come across
some oysters that need shucking
you never know when
you're gonna come across
some oysters that need shucking.
Happens all the time,
happened to me last weekend.
I was out hiking and I
saw some oysters there
and I was like, "Hey, you shuck me bro?"
And I was like, "bro, I got you, bro.
"I got Mr. shucker right in my pockets."
I'm just gonna reach in.
I'm gonna take about
one ounce little balls
and I'm going to form them into nuggets.
This is exactly how you
would use ground chicken
to make non plant-based nuggets.
But, we going plant based,
so we're just gonna form them
into little nuggie shaped disks.
And then we're just gonna
let them chill on a rack
right there.
And then we're gonna dredge
them and we're gonna fry 'em.
And then we're gonna submerge
them in our delicious spicy
Nashville, hot grease.
Hot Grease!
My nickname in high school.
It wasn't, but that'd be a good nickname
for like a running back.
I wish I was like hot grease.
This is gonna take awhile and I'm slow.
Hey, can you guys do the
thing where it like wipes,
and then I'm done all of a sudden?
(bell chimes)
Where you already did the clockwise thing,
you did, Oh!
Look at that!
We got a bunch of
nuggets, that's fantastic.
So now we have to make
our dredging station.
So we're going all plant-based on this.
So, I'm gonna start by doing,
is just taking a bunch of flour.
That's gonna be our dry ingredients.
As you can see, flower is dry.
You are very welcome for
the scientific lesson.
Thank you.
So now we're gonna add salt to that flour,
just to season it up a little bit.
And we're just gonna give
that a quick little whisk.
And so typically when
you making fried chicken,
you might use buttermilk or
some sort of eggs and milk
sort of egg wash situation,
but since were on plant-based,
I'm actually going to use
the Simple Truth,
Plant-based Ranch Dressing,
makes it a little bit of hot
sauce as my wet ingredient.
Yes, I did use an oyster shucker
to open a bottle of ranch.
That's called cooking.
So we're just gonna dump
some of that ranch in there.
I'm gonna add a little bit
of hot sauce to that ranch.
And I'm just gonna thin it out
with a little bit of water.
We don't want too clumpy
of a batter on there.
There we go.
That's looking nice like a tiger.
So we're just gonna be
shallow frying these nuggets
in some oil.
We wanna get it up to about
360 degrees when I'm working
with the Emerge
Plant-based Chick N Grinds,
I really like to cook it hot,
cause when you over cook it,
you lose some of it like
beautiful juiciness.
That's really characteristic of this style
of plant-based meat.
So again,
we're just cooking these
exactly like chicken nuggets.
So I'm just gonna take my
little chicken-less patty,
and then I'm just gonna
toss it into the wet.
Always want to go wet hand, dry hand,
except for when I don't do that.
Then you don't wanna do that.
And then just pop it back in the flower.
See, we just got a nice
even coating on it.
So I'm just gonna take
that, pop it back here.
I wanna fry these in batches
cause you never wanna overcrowd your oil.
That way you can get sputtering
and you can get muttering.
You can get splattering and
you can, did i say muttering?
Alright, so we got our
first batch of nuggets.
Nice and battered.
So I'm just gonna go ahead
and drop them in, very,
very carefully (oil sizzling).
It should only take about three minutes.
These don't need to cook for very long,
but we do wanna make sure
that batter gets crispy
and that high heat is going
ensure that you get it there.
And so while those are frying,
I'm just gonna continue to coat
♪ And into the flour ♪
♪ And into the ranch ♪
♪ And what do you get ♪
♪ Nashville, hot chicken,
pizza bagel giant nuggets ♪
So our first batch looks like it's done.
And what I like to do when I'm
doing Nashville hot chicken,
I like to take it straight from the oil.
And then I just douse them
right in that fat and spice mixture.
Its gonna give a lovely coating on it.
Yeah tons of aromatics in that spice blend
and then of course all that
sort of red tinted grease,
just kind of shuffle it around.
And then the heat from the nuggets
is actually gonna kind of heat it up.
(laughs) And then you probably shouldn't
just splash it around.
That's what I'ma do.
Get some height on it!
Come on!
All right, look at that, Oh!
This is one of my favorite
colors in all of food right here.
Just that burnished greasy red.
And so now I'm gonna take
these right out of the oil.
And while they're still a little bit wet,
I'm going to dust them
with some of the fresh
Nashville, hot spice,
and then these are good
to go on our pizza.
Why man?
I just want to get them now!
Well now we got to make the biggest bagel
that I've ever made before.
This is a bagel recipe
that would typically
make 12 normal bagels,
but we are making one giant bagel
for our giant Nashville hot
chicken pizza bagel (whistles),
is gonna get fun.
All right, so we have our warm water here.
All we're gonna do is
bloom the yeast, yeah.
It's just about,
it's about 84 degrees right now,
which is enough to bloom yeast.
If your water is too hot,
it's actually gonna kill the yeast.
So you don't want that.
You don't want to murder yeast.
This is like billions of yeast here.
If the yeast ever decided
to rise up and rebel
against humans, you
don't want to kill them.
I'm whisking that yeast
with some water and sugar
and the sugar is actually
going to help that yeast bloom.
The yeast is gonna eat the
sugar and then it's gonna
(blows a raspberry)
little air bubbles
and that's gonna cause
your bagels to rise.
Bagels are a pretty standard.
Yeast, flour, water, dough,
typical do a lot of breads,
but the thing that makes them a bagel,
is the method that you cook them ,
either typically boiled
in some sort of either brown
rice syrup or honey syrup.
And that gives them that
signature sheet on the outside.
We're making like a giant two footer.
And I don't got a big
enough pot to boil that in.
So we'll cross that bridge
when they get there.
While waiting for that to bloom,
we're just gonna get our flour.
Yeah, who's there?
How did people do this?
This is how they do this?
So now the yeast is blooming.
All we're gonna do, is
turn the stand mixer
on a nice low heat, low heat (chuckles).
And we're just gonna
pour in our yeast water.
Go, go, go, go, go!
We're gonna knead a lot of this by hand,
but I just want to get it into
the stand mixer right now.
Just to kind of create,
what's sort of known
as like a shaggy dough
in a lot of recipes.
And then I forgot the salt,
we're also gonna add salt in there.
It's never too late, not too late.
It's gonna get incorporated.
So, we're just gonna unhook it.
And then,
I learned recently that people
take the attachment out,
before they take that out.
So I'm just gonna use my hands
to manually get all the dough in there.
And this is where you really want
to take your stance seriously.
I know what you're thinking.
Hip mobility, why does
that matter in the kitchen?
That matters so you can get
your hips spread out wide,
so you can drive all
of your power in there.
If you've ever seen a
football lineman do drills,
hitting the blocking sled,
it really is the same motion as that,
except you're going down.
Cooking to me is a sport full
of brute force and agility
in hot nasty bad-ass speed.
You'll know the bagel dough is ready,
when you can't properly
host your cooking show
because you're too out of
breath from kneading it.
This dough looking nice and elastic to me,
we've got some good gluten development.
I'm just gonna ball her up.
And now (chuckles),
I do that with a lot of
cantaloupes in the store
and then sometimes I drop them
and I have to pay for them.
So, I'm gonna take this.
We're gonna give it a nice first proof.
It's gonna get it kinda
looped up a little bit of oil
in a bowl,
give it a flip.
I'm just gonna cover this.
Let it say it in a warm
area for about an hour
to an hour and a half until
it has doubled in size.
And we're gonna punch it out.
We're gonna punch a hole right through it,
and then we're gonna bagel it.
Wow, his is a lot of bagel dough!
You know what they say?
Any pizza is a personal pizza
if you're sad and willing.
And so I'm just gonna take out that dough.
Oh, nice and puffy.
That is exactly what we want.
I'm just gonna get it onto a pizza pan
because what else would you
use to make a pizza bagel?
You wouldn't use a bagel pan.
What does that mean?
Bagel pan is not a thing.
Gonna take the dough.
I'm of gonna press it out,
and I wanna stretch it
to the edges over here.
We're gonna let this go
through a second proof.
So it's gonna look like it's
losing its rise right now,
but it should rise back up
by the time you throw in the oven,
then I'll obviously puff up
a bunch more in the oven.
So bagels have holes, bialys don't.
a lot of people don't know about bialys.
So I'm gonna do is I'm just
gonna try and kind of punch up,
that's not gonna work.
I'm just gonna form a hole
in the middle of the bagel.
Kind of tuck the dough underneath.
Yeah, there it is.
That's looking beautiful.
And so now we're just gonna cover it
and we're gonna give it a second proof
of just about a half an hour.
So I'm,
guys could you do the wipe thing?
Oh, hey, there it is.
It's done.
So now, like I mentioned before,
bagels are typically boiled,
but we don't have one of
those giant industrial,
bathtub-sized boiling machines.
And so what I'm actually gonna do,
is I'm gonna take agave syrup,
I would normally use honey
or barley malt syrup is very traditional.
Like who got barley malt syrup
in their house these days?
Since we're going like full
plant-based on the recipe,
I felt like I would avoid
honey and use agave syrup.
It really does the same
thing in a lot of recipes.
So I'm actually just gonna
take some of that boiling
water with a agave syrup and
kind of dollop it over the top.
It doesn't get the same
effect as boiling it,
But if you bake it with a
little bit of water on it,
you're gonna get extra
moisture in that dough.
So we're just gonna bake this
off for about five minutes
and then we're gonna get
everything bagel seasoning on it.
Stay tuned.
Alright, we're gonna take this bagel out.
You see, we got a little
bit of caramelization
already forming, scorpion
kick! (oven door slams)
I'm gonna brush it down with
a little bit of coconut oil.
Again, typically it would be an egg wash,
but since we're going plant-based,
coconut oil is a great
way to add some browning
and also give a little
bit of som'n for that,
everything bagel seasoning to stick to.
And then I'm just gonna take
a lot of everything bagel seasoning
which has a bunch of sesame
seeds and garlic and onion.
And we just gonna give a hefty sprinkling.
Why am I getting so much everywhere?
You don't have to do that.
You can just do it from much closer.
So now we're gonna take this,
we're gonna fly it back in the oven
and we're gonna finish baking it off,
and then we're gonna slice
it up and we're gonna top it,
we're gonna bake it again
to have our twice big, giant Nashville,
hot chicken plant-based bagel.
(soft music)
For our sauce layer, we'll
be using Simple Truth,
plant-based Buffalo dip.
The top our pizza bagel,
The Simple Truth line
of plant-based products
also includes non-dairy cheese shreds
and slices like these
hot pepper cheesy slices
we got right here.
Typically pizza bagels, right?
They are sliced in half
around the equator.
So you get two halves of the pizza bagel.
My problem with that,
when you have something
like an everything pizza bagel,
the entire bottom of half,
hello, does not have any
everything bagel seasoning on it.
My proposal to you all,
because I'd like your feedback.
Before I do this,
I'm gonna take off about a half centimeter
to expose the bread flesh,
thereby giving it the
appropriate pizza bagel texture,
but only leaving the
flavored side of the bagel.
Are you tracking that?
Cause that's what's gonna happen.
There we go.
Mustn't cut your hand.
Yo, I'm terrible with a bread knife.
So now you're just gonna
turn bagel around the knife.
You should peel off all of its
bread skin in one fell swoop.
This is good, I'm glad we
made this decision together
just you and me.
Look at that.
I'm pretty happy with this.
There we go, now we have all
of our licious bagel
bread plush, exposing.
We still have it so much
of that everything's seasoning on there.
Now I'm gonna take all that delicious
plant-based Buffalo dip.
Honestly like it's kind of a marriage
of cream, cheese and sauce,
but it's also plant-based.
it's actually made from cauliflower, huh.
I eat about two heads of
cauliflower a week as well.
My digestive system is working over time.
Yeah, we go hard.
And so now we're gonna layer
on our nondairy cheese slices
and this got the hot peppers in 'em.
So we're just gonna shingle
these on really nestle them
into the dip.
I use shingle as a verb
a lot when I'm cooking.
And I need you to know that.
That is looking great.
Yeah, you don't get the paper,
I have eaten this paper before.
It just happens sometimes.
And now the next step,
I'm just gonna start winging
our plant-based chicken nuggets
on there.
God, I really want eat one.
You can just feel how crispy
they are to the touch,
is gonna be absolute incredible.
This is like if a seven year old
with a very attuned palette,
if their fever dream came to
life and what the best food is.
Like a Jewish seven year old like me.
Oh, and add a little bit of
vegetables to it, you know,
I love when you get
that crunch of red onion
on like a barbecue or
Buffalo chicken pizza.
So for Nashville hot chicken,
might as well do that too.
So I'm just gonna dot some
red onion around here.
And then a couple of green
jalapenos there, just for color,
that little punch of spice.
I also pickles on pizza.
What a great combination.
You get all the starchiness
all the fattiness.
And then especially with jalapenos,
you get in that little spice crunch.
You know what?
On further review, I want
more nuggets on there.
You know, this is my pizza.
I'm a nuggety guy.
I want to get more nuggets on there.
There we go.
Now this is a Nashville
hot chicken nugget,
giant pizza bagel, chicken pizza bagel.
But now it needs more onions.
This is gonna be a thing
where by the time I decided
it's good to go into the
oven, it's gonna be this tall.
Now that looks like a giant Nashville
hot chicken pizza bagel.
I'm gonna go ahead.
I'ma put this in the oven
for the 9000th time today.
I think I am developing
carpal tunnel in my elbow.
Does the joke, jet, was
that a convincing joke?
Oh yeah.
Now that is a giant plant-based
Nashville hot chicken pizza bagel,
if I ever seen one, and I have
seen one, cause that's it.
But if we add a couple more steps,
I'm gonna take some of that spiced oil
that we have from earlier.
I'm just gonna give it
a nice little drizzle
all around with that, that is incredible.
Now we just got to hit it with a drizzle
of that Simple Truth plant-based ranch.
Hope my drizzling muscles
are working today, yup.
All the drizzling muscles are
working overtime right now.
The key is stabilize
yourself with the quads.
And then you let core do the working,
and that is your giant
plant-based Nashville
hot chicken pizza bagel.
I can not wait to get into that.
I am absolutely starving.
I can't believe I stared at
these nuggets for so long
without even eating one.
That's never happened before.
All right, so this pizza bagel
looks absolutely incredible.
I am so pleased with it.
Like it looks like a
Buffalo chicken pizza,
except it's also a
Nashville chicken pizza.
So I don't even know what's going on,
but I'm gonna go ahead and
cut myself off a slice here.
What a satisfying feeling that is.
Whoa, wow
look at that.
I could just eat it this right now,
but I wanna give you, the viewer,
the most immersive eating
experience possible.
So we're going,
we're going Spork cam.
All right, so I'm just
gonna dive right into this.
I think my plan, no, you know what?
I think I can just fork the whole slice.
All right, and just get her in there.
That was a series of flavors
that I've never before
experienced in my entire life.
And you the viewer, were here
with the most intimate
access to that experience.
And the version that you get
is that like classic Nashville,
hot chicken flavor,
but then you get the
creamiest not like slight acid
from the Buffalo dip.
It was fantastic.
And then just like to cut
through all that spiciness,
that Simple Truth plant-based
ranch, everything bagel
seasoning on the backend
just to remind you like, hey,
this ain't no French bread pizza.
This is a giant Nashville pizza bagel,
and you sure know you're eating it.
Thanks again to Simple Truth and Kroger
for sponsoring this video.
Remember the high quality
plant-based products we used today
can only be found at Kroger.
So order a pickup at your local
Kroger family store today.
And thank you for stopping
by the mythical kitchen.
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We got new episodes of our podcasts.
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wherever you get your podcasts.
And it's up on Instagram
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