Years after cancer treatment and a combined heart/lung transplant, Antara Desai’s kidneys began to fail. In need of a kidney transplant, Antara turned to Johns …
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>> Yes, so Antara is a wonderful patient
who's been through a lot
in her life medically,
despite her young age.
>> It all started with
cancer when I was 17,
I got tuberculosis when I was 21.
It got relapsed when I was
22 and I had to go through
heart and lung transplant when I was 28.
And at 37 I had to go
through kidney transplant.
>> She developed kidney
failure from past medications,
as well as the anti-rejection medicines
that she needed for her
heart and lung transplant.
So she then presented to us
with chronic kidney disease
and on the verge of
having to start dialysis,
seeking a kidney transplant.
From a long term perspective,
dialysis, although would have
kept her alive day-to-day,
certainly would have expected
to cut her life expectancy
in half compared to getting
a kidney transplant.
>> I'm so lucky that at that
time, when I said I need kidney,
everybody was like, oh
we are ready to donate.
So luckily my mom's kidney
matched really well.
>> There are many important differences
between receiving a living
donor kidney transplant,
versus the deceased donor transplant.
There are nearly a 100,000
people in the United States
waiting for a kidney transplant,
so the waiting period can
be three to seven years,
depending on blood type and other factors,
for a deceased donor transplant.
Short term, the kidneys from a live donor
work more rapidly and
patients recover more quickly
from their operations as a result of that.
And on average, a living donor
kidney will last 50% longer
than a deceased donor kidney transplant.
>> Am I positive?
>> Mm-hmm.
>> Did you, I thought
you told me that you.
>> He explained the where
the kidney is going to be
and we had to meet both
teams for my mom and for me.
So I met Dr. Desai and it
was pretty straight forward,
they told me, they showed me
where exactly kidney's going to be.
They said it was going
to be on right side.
Initially I thought we
woulda take that kidney out.
But they said no they
don't even touch them
because it's way back,
it's more complicated
so right now I have three kidneys,
one on two back and one in the front.
>> Her surgery itself was
fairly straight forward
for live donor transplant
from a technical aspect,
but from a medical stand point
there was a lot of thought
processes that had to go
into her overall care.
She's been on immunosuppression
for many years
so how that affects the
immunosuppressant that we give
around the kidney transplant,
there's certainly an impact
from how we think about that.
There's also a considerations in the fact
that she's had a prior
heart and lung transplant,
so the anesthetic care and
the immediate post-op care
has to keep that in mind carefully,
as we get her through the procedure
and the immediate post-op period.
>> Any doctor that we are
attached to is associated
with Hopkins–
>> Hopkins.
>> and that makes it a very, very simple.
We have the lung team and the heart team
and the kidney teams work and coordinate
and come up with a decision.
>> We have a large multidisciplinary team
the physicians, nurses,
occupational physical therapists,
other support staff they're very involved
in the care of the patient.
>> A bit back more on the,
>> One, two, three.
>> Niraj: Antara is back
to work within a few months
after the transplant
as a physical therapist
and has continued to
thrive and do very well.
She has great kidney function,
she's not had any bouts of rejection.
Her heart and lung transplant
continue to function very well.
>> Life is normal I think that's
what we want her to achieve.
>> It was a very interesting year for me.
I'm so grateful that my
mom gave me the best gift
I can ever ask for that's why I'm here.
So, she gave me birth again.
>> I am not the hero,
Antara is hero in the story.
>> Antara: I think
that's what I've learned,
that I just have confidence in my doctors.
That helps me go through everything.
I'm just so grateful to be here.
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