Get in check with your emotions today!
(upbeat music)
– Welcome everybody.
It's important to understand
that we all have emotions,
and recognize those
emotions when they come up.
Emotions can be excited,
and so much more.
And only you can feel those emotions.
So when they come up,
accept them.
Don't touch them
because feelings are meant to be felt.
Sometimes when we feel
anxious or nervous or mad,
your heart starts to beat quicker
and your breath starts to shorten.
How cool is that that our body knows
that we're feeling that way?
Well, there's a couple
of things that we can do
to let our body know that we are okay,
and help us de-stress.
Some of those include breathing,
taking a walk,
listening to your favorite music,
doing jumping jacks,
or, a simple exercise.
So let's say
we're preparing for a test.
That can feel scary, right?
one way I prepare for a test
is I do a breathing exercise
and a simple yoga flow.
So, let's do that.
Take a deep inhale through your nose,
(deep inhale)
exhale through your mouth.
(deep exhaling)
Now let's come on to all fours.
You're gonna stack your
wrists below your shoulders
and your knees below your hips.
On your next inhale,
you're gonna gaze up towards the sky,
drop your belly down to
the ground for cow pose.
round your back up towards the sky,
tuck your chin,
cat pose.
Now we're gonna take this
back and forth a couple times.
You can shake your hips from side to side.
Awesome job.
Next, you're gonna tuck
your toes underneath
and take your hips up towards the sky.
Downward facing dog.
Begin to pedal out your feet,
left and right.
Bet that felt really
good on your back legs.
Shake your head, yes.
Shake your head, no.
Awesome job, everybody.
A simple breathing technique
and yoga flow can help you
when you're feeling stressed.
See you next time.

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