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Greetings! Yeah, it's me! it's me!
In the previous show, we learnt how to make Singapore oats puliyodharai.
In this show, we're gonna see how to make Chennai Rava Idli (semolina idli).
And the cook is none other than Gayathri!
In this show, we're gonna see how to make Chennai Rava Idli (semolina idli).
And the cook is none other than Gayathri!
Gayathri, why did you choose to make rava idli?
Rava idli is very tasty and can be done instantly.
Making normal rice idlies is a long tedious process.
You'll have to soak the rice, grind it, and let it ferment overnight.
To avoid the lengthy and tedious process, I'm making this alternative!
Rava idli. It's very easy yet tasty!
Okay, I'll see if it's tasty and tell later.
By the way, is rava idli famous in Chennai (India)?
Yeah, it's made in almost all households.
But, this dish originated in Karnataka (India).
Let me tell you about it's history.
During a war in Karnataka, there was a scarcity of rice, which is used in idli.
And so they experimented in making idli using semolina and created Rava Idli.
Henceforth, it became famous in the whole of South India.
Okay! Did you listen to her story carefully?
Let me check by asking a question.
Who made the rava (semolina)?
Who made the rava?!
They made rava idlies, not rava!
Who made the rava?!
They made rava idlies, not rava!
See, you weren't attentive in the first place.
But, you understood the story, right?
See, you weren't attentive in the first place.
But, you understood the story, right?
Have you tasted rava idli before?
Yes, I've tasted.
But, I haven't made it myself.
My friends make and I've tasted!.
Ok, observe her cooking, learn the recipe and try making it.
Sure, I'll make and give you!
Ok, let's start cooking!
What are the ingredients to make rava idli, Gayathri?
Ready to cook?
Let's switch on the stove.
Heat 2 tbsps. of oil in the pan.
Let's prepare the tempering using mustard seeds, urad dal, …
channa dal and cumin seeds.
Add these when the oil is hot.
Let this fry well.
Then add chopped green chillies and curry leaves…
Make sure its finely chopped!
If not, it'll become too spicy!
Do you eat spicy food, Bhavani?
Nope, only moderately spicy food in Singapore.
Do you think this is going to be too spicy?
Nope. I think it'll be just right.
The number of chillies seems fine.
10 chillies for 1 cup of semolina is appropriate.
We'll add curd and semolina.
So if the tempering is spicy, it'll taste good.
But, in chennai people like hot and spicy food, right?
BTW, how long have you been in Singapore?
It's been four years now!
Oh, 4 years!
And Bhavani has been to US too. How was it there?
I was there in US for 7-8 years. It was good!
It's different from Singapore.
What was different?
Did you miss anything there?
Oh, you missed Singapore food.
And are you missing Chennai?
What's your favorite dish in Singapore?
Have you eaten?
Yeah, but not much as I'm vegetarian.
I've tried many vegetarian dishes.
Bee Hoon (Rice Vermicelli)
Let's find out from her!
Tell her which dishes are famous in Singapore.
Suggesting vegetarian dishes is a bit hard…
We have a lot of non-vegetarian varities.
But, vegetarian options are less.
Oh, have you tried Chinese vegetarian food like mock meat?
Mock meat resembles meat, but is soy-based.
It looks like chicken but it's not!
It approximates certain aesthetic qualities of meat, but it's vegetarian.
The green chillies have fried well.
Now let's add the rava (semolina).
Roast it for 5 minutes until it gets a nice golden color.
It should roast for 5 minutes, is it?
Meanwhile, speak Singlish!
I don't know singlish, but there's one thing i learnt.
Adding "lah" to any sentence makes it Singlish!
That's Singlish lah!
Ok, you speak something in Chennai tamil.
Just give it a try!
Just imagine you have a moustache, twirl it and speak!
Bro, what bro? Eat bro!
Looks like you are a T. Rajendar fan!
We've to mix the yoghurt and steam it in the idli cooker.
Let's switch off the stove.
Ok. I've a couple of questions.
What do you like about Singapore?
I've never missed India as there are a lot of Indians here.
And there are many South Indian restaurants too
Is your family here?
Yeah, I've many friends too!
It's done. Let's transfer to a bowl and mix.
To this add yoghurt.
Sour curd is preferable.
Add 1 cup of curd for 1 cup of rava (semolina).
Bring it to the consistency of regular idli batter.
Add salt to suit your taste.
Then add some baking soda (or fruit salt).
Baking soda makes it fluffy…
while yoghurt makes the idlis slightly sour and soft.
Mix well.
You'll notice that the rava has absorbed some of the yoghurt.
So add little water later.
Meanwhile, let's heat the idli steamer.
Your Singapore assistant is ready to help you.
Help me pour the batter into the idli trays.
Pour a ladle full of batter into each mould.
As I said, the batter has become thick.
At this point, add little water.
How long should the rava soak in the yoghurt?
Let it soak for 5 minutes.
What's wrong?
The two of you are united like Siamese twins!
I shouldn't be here at all.
But, what to do? They are paying me for hosting!
Maybe they won't! I'll tell them!
Looks like you're gonna ask them not to pay me.
Never mind, there's food! I'll eat until my stomach is full.
See, that's why he's here (to eat)!
Pour the batter into the idli trays.
We don't have to grease the trays, right?
Yup, as these are non-stick.
If you're using steel plates, grease them beforhand with oil.
Keep it in the stand.
To make the idlis aesthetically pleasing…
place roasted cashew nuts before pouring the batter.
It will make it more appetizing.
Now pour the batter on top of this.
Not bad! You guys cook exactly as I taught you!
I've seen people hiding an entire pumpkin inside rice…
but, they've hidden cashew nuts inside the idli batter.
How is the assistant working?
Let's keep the idli stand in the steamer.
Steam the idlis for 10 minutes on high heat.
You've hidden so many things!
First, you hid cashews inside the idlis.
Now you've hidden all the idlis inside this steamer.
Ok, how long should this cook?
About 10 minutes
It'll be ready in 10 minutes time, right?
We're now at the most important segment of the show.
Wondering what it is?
Food tasting!
Today, Gayathri from Chennai has made rava idli.
This dish originated in Karnataka. Correct?
Ok. Give her the rava idlis.
Taste and give feedback, Bhavani!
We'll give him later! Let's get the ball rolling from that side.
Grab a bite! Dip it well in the chutney.
Very nice!
It's as soft as a flower!
Oh, that soft!
The singapore team loved your rava idli, Gayathri!
Ok. Thank you very much!
Now, you're not going to taste it!
It's my turn!
Not fair! I don't get to taste my own preparation?!
We're supposed to taste your preparation.
Have this chutney, if you want!
I'll see you in the next show.
I'm going to eat now!

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