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ladies and gentlemen
hang on let me make the music a
little quieter like
this – there we go ladies and
welcome to another live stream
adopt adopt me die
we have been building a Jurassic
Park Okay guys you guys hear me
this time sometimes
Mark for this work I hope you
guys can hear me anyway anyway I
I hear myself double wait hang
on okay I did something wrong
oh I click play on this court
I click play of this court from
hearing my oopsie see that I was
thinking I
hurt myself to okay close this
court there we go that was a dog
it's still Place hang on this
court are you still okay it
still please even if you click
close this
court that is weird all right
where are your eyebrows they are
here look very thick they grow
all the way around my
face and now my beard makes me
look like a dino expert
okay all right ladies and
gentlemen talk more slow I don't
you oh okay I will talk
very slowly okay anyway ladies
and gentlemen we have been
building okay I'm going to
unlock the house a lot
of people come in I think we
have been building Jurassic Park
come on
on so this is for Park workers
only this door okay and then you
can go in here buy tickets I
need to put the ticket sing all
right everyone who comes in you
have to get tickets
you have to get tickets all
right otherwise you cannot
afford the park so set price to
maximum $20 tickets $20 okay the
diners are doubt yet but when
people get the dinosaurs we are
going to put them in here
look we made room for every
single dinosaur and and shout
out to
angel I think he couldn't make
it today but shout out to Angel
for building a few of these cool
things he made this chair it's
like oh it's like a stegosaurus
chair look at it with spikes and
stuff that is so cool where is
your face cam
well actually I wasn't really
ready for the live stream I just
came out of the shower and I
wasn't ready so I very quickly
started everything but I didn't
really have time to prepare the
lives the FaceCam and stuff I
can't put it on but then you
will have to wait a little bit
if you guys really want
want to if you guys really want
to face cam and then I will have
to like start everything up so
yeah you guys can vote okay we
even made a little place for the
Aussie egg rip off the egg when
the Aussie egg will be over
tomorrow when the dino eggs come
out the Aussie egg will be gone
so here
rip off the egg LOL and here
people can show their dinosaurs
with the best
outfits we will vote to as the
best Dino outfit and stuff
so let's say if you have a t-rex
with a top hat and a monocle
which you can
have the really what the FaceCam
okay hang on and I will have to
everything okay fine okay fine I
will do it
FaceCam let's see where is it
it's lying there first of all
have to like position in
stuff nice why okay I'll try to
position it
and stuff stuff
then I need light you guys why
you guys so much
light as possible
as possible
then we need then then oh
all right I have to still not
positioned right
and then I zoom it it
all right Zoom it so so so I was
too much
turbot Zoom with zoom
zoom like this
and then it's kinda okay
I guess sort of then I need
to also do the blue screen
the guys why are you making me
do the face cam all right all
right face cam oh that's not
that makes me blue that's the
wrong thing
so let's see I have a few let's
go on this one so you can see it
better and wash my face where's
my baby oh there it is
let's see if I have this
chromakey know
and have dis chroma key now
we're both not really really
this one is better now this one
is better
let's see change it a little bit
all right see I have to do it
all I have to do it all and I
and my hair is
super wet because it just came
out to shower because someone
thought it was a good idea
to go for a run like half an
hour before the live stream and
it was a bad idea so people are
already waiting okay so tomorrow
when the darkness come out you
guys if you
have I hope we can get if we can
get get everything
single dime so everyone needs
one dinosaur okay we only need
12 people 12
people who each have one of the
Dinosaurs and if all the 12
people come here
then everyone puts their times
or in the right place then we
will have a full dress a park so
we'll have room for every single
one of the dinosaurs there's 12
of them okay what's your real
name I'll it's Tommy yes you
can put you can put the name
name command and also
also you guys
Teresa new secret command who
can guess the new secret command
you guys who knows the new
secret command it is a word
that people use a lot it's a
very simple word that a lot of
people say
What is the command see more
day lapel please for Crowley's
be okay
more dirty Ella more bundle
deal to me my king thank you
kiss are you going to do this
I don't know what you mean by
going to do this court okay
anyway the the park is almost
ready for the arrival of the
dinosaurs okay here's the
problem if I put on my face cam
now forget I have it so I'll
just not even look at the camera
as it Minecraft it's not
Minecraft it's not that I know
but that's a good choice
that's a word we use a lot we
should make a dino command what
would happen Stephen best mod
yes that's something we say
almost every other line
Oh Katie beats Welcome to the
channel okay so we still need
some lights in a back of each of
cage of each of the rooms so
then the dinosaur will be like
glitter on the back of course
the dinosaurs will be sitting in
the middle on this tree trunks
like this
put him on there and I will put
some trees around it it depends
already actually put some notes
this will be removed later what
everything will be so this will
be forced to T-Rex will be in
the forest the
Deinonychus will be the Jungle
the third act will be disguised
this going to be a sky room
I don't really know how maybe
put like a branch and put the
tree on a branch somehow if I
can find a way to make that
everyone is trying
everyone is trying different did
not find it yet let's see I'm
don't find it that some people
said a word that is really
similar okay maybe it'll take a
while what if we make it a like
a really long thing every week
no one finds the
command we add Robux to the
winning pool to whoever finds
secret command that would be
pretty funny but then I would
have to make it a much harder
work because this one is really
easy actually you guys will know
it as soon as you
you guess it but bumpa UFO is
here hey okay
so let's see the Tasmanian Tiger
will be dry fields or Savannah
will be grass field glyptodont
will be grass Dilophosaurus will
be jungles
because there's palm trees and
volcanoes they can actually eat
from the volcano because it's
like just a colored
eating Bowl let's see the
saber-tooth will be Savannah
daughter will be jungle let's
see T-Rex will be
forest Deinonychus with the
jungle be sky woolly mammoth
will be snow of course
stegosaurus will be Forest and
the ground sloth will be a grass
field someone find it yet I'm
going to have to
scroll scroll scroll okay no one
has found it yet but they'll
everyone is trying
different rule for so as we
should do like a fossil a
command but what happened hmm
everyone thank you Luke thank
you thank you for buying tickets
everyone when you buy a ticket
it really helps oops so we can
build more also also I found a
way that you can make clouds you
all you need is like the circles
you guys probably already knew
this all you need is like those
circles and I made this cloud
and that's how you also make
like the bushes in the back on
the wall that's really cool I
might like covered a whole wall
with it if I ever get enough
money so it looks like heels are
and stuff like that and build
more stuff stuff why don't you
take a dinosaur everyone is
trying so many no one else is
a no one else to say anything
it's all everyone's trying to
find the secret command
how did no one find it yet I
thought it would be like the
third thing someone who try
that's actually actually
surprising all right
anyway so of course you're not
supposed to go out I actually
didn't do anything out here so
don't try
to go into workers only only
eight that's the workers are
error because there's nothing
here I was surprised someone on
my back I was surprised okay I'm
going to have
remove you from my back because
otherwise you cannot go first
person I was surprised how big
these worms are I didn't do
anything I just changed the
floor to like I don't know the
Microsoft logo or something look
at yellow blue and the green and
the red Room room Pom-Pom top
that's not it but that should be
a command there's a lot of
comments that should be a
command but I don't know
what they would do do
pom pom pom secret
command if it's literally she
could command very smart but no
it's not people have said some
words that I really similar but
that's not it okay people will
find it eventually I think it's
time that we dig up because
yesterday we didn't go live
so I'm actually behind I think
two or four bones and I
need to still get the bone Wings
if you dig up the last few
fossils you get the bone wings
for your pets you can actually
actually put bones
Wings on your pets also what
outfit should I use I made a new
outfit is called Baby noob check
it out
oh wait am I baby yes look
I made a damn baby I'm in a baby
knew about fit
it is me baby noob Lip lip Lip
lip Lip lip
use cocoa is be everyone please
out that is when you use
robotics out that he probably
has like a
row box code but no the command
is a secret but it's
actually really short and you
should have already guessed it
how has no one guessed it
find it eventually we'll find
him eventually
I have everything I have to Bone
Wings nice lucky lucky lucky
is lucky to have the bone Wings
I'm going to get them now okay
do-do-do-do-do-do baby
Noom on his way in the
helicopter I don't really feel
going in a helicopter because it
is it is
what's the English word the
pilots are a dog and a cat is
yeah it's operated the steward
it is operated by a cat and a
and I don't know how I feel
about that I think it's
new but it's not new dude
everyone is saying much better
words now I wish I had picked
your words as the command as a
secret command
baby Noob know it is something
that you already knew
that we said that people say all
the time in fact people say it
way too much it is actually
something that otherwise people
usually say all the time like
Non-Stop like every other
command is this this and now no
one is saying it when I ask
people to guess how is this
possible house is possible
Oh The Bone Wings looks cool in
the white pads okay time to dig
you need to equip the dinghy to
all I just want to quit it
Viva la mode mortadella born
adopt me it is not a debate way
I already got the fossa okay
what's it going to be I don't
know how far behind I am I think
I only need the T-Rex in a Dodo
right or was there more no no I
don't think
I was there two more I'm not
really sure okay we'll see we'll
see see let me just run some
on this this
same you school and then dab I
don't dabbing is bad don't you
know if you put that
backwards it's bad back again so
soon we will yes
I am I have been live almost
every day this week
oh that's the dodo that's the
one I want dream pads dodo dream
pets dodo
for me to dream Pat dodo okay
where's my work cannot see my
cursor that's so weird all right
I think I have to wait until
this is over I hate when I
see my cursor it confuses me so
much but a little bit
anyone found it yet has anyone
found it yeah cluck Loops
rate Club trade welcome to the
club's people all right
I have to dig up the last one
the T-Rex bones
I have to dig up the
last one a t-rex and then I get
the wings or I already have the
no I'm not sure but pum pum pum
pum pom welcome clips and
heck Roblox from the clips rate
was that it would did you get it
I don't know let's scroll up the
timing at it I don't
see it at least I'm not seeing
the Emojis the result will have
to emojis in it so
I can scroll up and maybe find
it okay I didn't see it
red King says I think I found it
wait Did you get one
friend no friend as an old one
yes I got the T-Rex bone the
T-Rex bone you guys
to you Rex bone is here T-Rex
bone T-Rex
H is an old one one
I'll bump around how people are
going crazy I didn't know people
would look for it this much I
thought people would just forget
about it or just try a little
bit oh no what have I done I
the best way to make your chat
active okay it's the last time
is going to say the same thing
you've unlocked T-Rex DNA you've
got a T-Rex you've got a T-Rex
that's the start of Jurassic
how fast are they 30 miles per
hour hour the t-rex is 30 miles
have a T-Rex you have a T-Rex
wait did I say 30 miles per hour
what's fat faster I think bumper
dumper Dan
nice Dino UFO has to die no
Emojis an egg and
a dino dino a maybe
be trading Star Trek you cannot
trade the starter egg the egg
from the tutorial is not even
I cannot even see what he says
try digging more to find cool
toys I thought
I had old toys already oh take
this cool accessory as a thanks
for helping out he says yes
hmm yes there's the bone Wings
you see them at the bottom of my
screen you see the bone wings at
the bottom
out there in my hand I'm
actually like literally holding
wings in my hand right now
okay need a pet to put them on
someone gave me a rat I didn't
uh I didn't even know this game
at a red so thank you so much
much for giving me the rat I
think it was your ship but I'm
not sure I'm going to put the
bone Wings on the red-eye I
actually kind of want a rat in
real life rebs are like my
favorite pets in real life so I
look at this that's if you make
it flying and it has the bone
wings that's pretty cool bump
bump bump but is it – no Deb is
oh look because if you do it
dab command it's already just
like thousand or more okay I
think I already have everything
there's nothing left to dig
it says yep okay but Papa maybe
we should do a new Secret
command oh what if we do a
secret command
a new one every day or every not
day every week and then if
someone finds it they get
like a prize that will be so
funny but then the whole chat
would be just Spam probably and
not people normally talking so
maybe that's not a good idea I'm
not really sure
I'm not really sure if that's a
good idea
mark the mood to do a regular
people lose dunno so do you say
sir he follows Korean news I
should know you should know
green out of all people
definitely should know
your foes the scrolling no' no
must put on a
mask no no I'm looking for my
no I mean my rat I need to look
for me for me
it's already saw it I ran inside
there it is
there we go
all I will say is the resort
will have to I kind of want to
give a hint but if I give a
hint you know it instantly
that's how easy it is
Pom-Pom but I'm fine why does
the Mortadella comment on
have an emoji it should have
like an as sausage sausage more
today is like
sausage right like ham so my
give me a pet you know what that
someone is going to be named
after the pet the pet is going
to be named after someone
when our okay who's the pet
going to be named after is it
going to be
Eeveelution nice that is a nice
name because
we love Evie's Eeveelution this
pet is named after you
there we go nice nice and thank
you for the soccer ball as well
I don't know
who gave that to me oh it's tags
how is it if you loosen
tags nice green wait what did
Green do if I find it Green's
honor maybe we should make a
green thunder command when he
gets to to when it gets to
Dragon top hats
we should do that I really want
that but I don't know what I you
guys come up with like really
cool names for commands but like
what would they do would they do
like some
would say just be another
counting one like the cookie one
or would they be something else
Evie I'll just call it just
evident we go
but I
think already have a flying
version of this oh no we are
sick we need to go to hospital
with Corolla which out everyone
stand back boom boom boom boom I
need to reset the Talk Like a
Pirate Day because it was
talk like our day green gets a
comment and I don't you are not
dragging top Hat he made the
dragon topic but you don't have
it he doesn't have it
he only made it no pirate is now
in the past because it's
supposed to count down to talk
like a pirate day but that's now
in the past so I need to reset
it to a next year
Stephen is jealous it's how can
I be jealous he doesn't even
have a comment yet we don't know
we haven't even
thought of anything yet
yet pump out some
gives me a balloon oh thank you
all Luke gave me a rubber duck
balloon thank you or Dawn dawn
pump pump shoutout oh wait are
the Bots is the maybe we stream
Labs but even here
coins haven't seen a stream lap
spot in your
it must be here right the other
bodies here as well usually
they're here at the same time
wow the balloon makes you feel
go down so slow on the
trampoline I feel like it makes
you go higher but
oh there's the Bots you have
sixty five coins nice I've only
been at my own stream 465 minute
that's not true I just reset it
every time is it night water
stream labs
and doesn't matter whether it's
a nightbot nightbat
will have to secret command it
doesn't really do much it's just
like if you guess it the
night what will respond with a
very short word
that people use all the time
like every time I
every time I make a every time I
make a video the half of the
comments have this word in it
you guys should know it half of
the comments half of the
comments I have this word in it
hmm hmm all right did I says
what did
I miss there's a secret command
and now people are trying to
guess what it is so people are
trying to guess
oh shoutout to ducky wait why
did it not make a sound
it's supposed to be like a sound
when it pops
all right I don't know all right
it's the music
or the music just started a new
song shout out to Tokyo there is
a sound it's very quiet I said
the music for me very
quiet that's why not for you
okay you guys should hear it
I'll thank you for the Apple
thank you for the Apple so much
because I forgot to go to the
hospital I literally forgot to
the hospital thank you everyone
thank you gave me an apple
so now I don't have to die
Heat 2 healing up real quick how
do I get cry have to mask all
pum pum pum paara
Dino fan you forgot to
save the big boat no I did it
but you are right that is what I
have of people say
that is true I like half of the
comments if I go to my comments
right now
in YouTube every comment over
all my videos at least half of
them are imagine if you forgot
to save your big boat and I'm
like I didn't forget to save my
big boat
it wasn't possible back then to
save such a
oats and then they don't listen
and any keep commenting it 102
he wants to get some new eggs
today I want to
but we have to still wait one
day we should make a count on is
it possible wait hang on
YouTube countdown on
OBS candle is it possible obs
countdown but I wanted to be
like a full day countdown is it
possible to have one it's that
welcome my name is Scott and if
you're here because you want to
make sure I do Scott Scott
I want to know how Scott gonna
do this I'm watching us
I'm just trying to I'm just
looking at someone's video
on YouTube on I want to do a
countdown till egg that would be
really cool
powerbomb right right now the
countdown till the
dinosaur eggs is 24 hours and 35
but he's just making a room or
something look at this
what is he even try making he's
just putting his name that's not
useful I want to know yes to cut
how did you get that clock
wait what graphic workshop and I
care how do you put the
timer Scott teach me Scott Scott
wait what is it what is it doing
count that that Lua countdown
all right hang on gotta try this
is that like a special thing
thing folder
live stream
documents did anyone find it yet
yet let's see I don't see it but
but okay I don't know
how to do this and I don't know
how to nice quality I have to
set the YouTube to Lowe's
because I play the music on
YouTube so it was just going to
use too much of my
interwebs if I uh if I keep you
to pain Max quality while I'm
playing songs while I'm live
streaming then I'm just
downloading more who can I steal
I actually have cherished Fierce
also thank you for giving me the
food oh whoa
what is this a crown oh I got a
new rabbit thank you
gave me the RAM this
all right we got a new patch you
know what that means we're going
to name it after one of you guys
okay winner who is going to be
willing to believe Paolo butter
Mayo we are going
to name the pet you're the
winner winner but oh
poor Romeo is that not actually
oh come on
okay fine just Paulo Paulo down
The Bunny
puppy Paulo odds on the puppy
why does it do that sometimes
you don't come down just take it
easy oh I want to put this one
I want to put the white hood on
it what does that look like like
now it's super white
don't thank you for the dino
sauropod toy
thank you so much you gave the
rabbit to me thank you T kiss
and Eeveelution after you we
named the previous pet oh wait
did we just get a new pet
already already
yeah you launched me you you
launched me all the way into the
water park oh but we got a new
pet so we got a name him after
someone as well he was following
eyes just going to keep falling
on It's just gonna Keep follow
why did you launch me up here
who knows
all right we need a new winner
because we got even a new pads
okay this pad will be named
after after
look Amore looky looky
but without a c and then Maury
like that okay come on why is
the last name
almost tags Roblox always
struggling Roblox
Beach role and all the time you
won't win
AZ police still doesn't have any
pets named after him even though
he's like the most watched did
we do top
hours yet it's someone in the
top hours command
so hours
that's the command right and
then you see the top 10 most
Watchers but send me don't count
but send me don't count in the
10 okay it's not oh it's a just
top what is it command I
don't know the command green
says I'm Legit stressed over his
command oh no okay I'm going to
change it so if someone does get
it it will say you found the
secret command okay top 10 is
easy know green thundersnow it's
point so never mind never mind
when when you type
topic to stop points not not top
coins not time time
I don't know how to do it how do
you do okay give me a second I
have to change this super secret
you found this Secret command
all right submit okay so now
someone finds the secret command
and we'll do it the a normal
answer plus it will
say you found a secret command
wait there's a way to put the
name so we will know who wins I
don't know what you win I will
give you like a pet or something
command variables what is the
Channel name of the current
Channel please
don't guess it before user user
user okay
found secret command okay I hope
that you want to work I'm not
actually sure
oh no it has to be in between
the okay it's a bit
dollar sign right okay
dollar sign sign I told her
shine user found
this Secret command there we go
okay so now someone finds a
secret you guys will know and it
won't be just me who knows if it
was a secret command or not
someone is isn't it it so much
just yes
puggle Veatch found the secret
command there we go finally
someone found it that took a
while you guys that took a while
okay it has been found oh God
why do you keep hitting me with
your car are this hurts so much
much this hurts so much okay I
will remove the part you found
the secret
command okay we can do this more
often if you guys like it
or not that was kind of fun okay
so pug
Pogo Fitch I keep forgetting it
sets a mode that is Sam okay Sam
oh aren't wrapped so much
wrap me help stranger danger
someone is kidnapping me me with
their ice cream
track stranger danger stranger
danger okay thank you for the
thing okay this is Sam oh OH
I don't know if this is even Sam
oh hi why am I training with and
I cannot
tell someone else it's in
role-playing games oh there's
there you go I found him he'll
still looks like a duck okay Sam
oh because you found
the secret command which is Viva
by the way for those who didn't
you get one cheese very very
rare cheese
you get get one
Shadow chili pollution get a
bike very rare you get
a bazooka
grappling hook very rare and you
get a gift also super rare
because it will have
a billion dollars in it so that
is this is what you want
definitely just didn't make it
up on the spot this definitely
what I meant
to give you from the start
this is for or finding a secret
command okay okay
Apollo says treat me I will give
your pets really Paulo which one
are you also my girlfriend new
pets actually just now okay
which means we have to give it a
name after you guys okay winner
Trooper Cooper
that sounds weird someone else
who also has a TV in our name
Evie foxy
okay oh they changed to a
different pet worm still going
call it even foxy otherwise it's
not fair so someone is giving me
a new pads thank you for giving
me the red panda whoever gave
that and the Bandicoot and
anything else that you guys put
in me not thank you to the
person who keeps trying to put
me trapped me in the ice cream
truck help help it whoop okay I
need to be
the toy to escape the bazooka
who are you ha escaped
ha ha no I don't know how to get
out of the water ha ha I'm just
going to shoot in a random
Direction aha
if you foxy is EV girl God okay
okay dude tell it to run a
mountain out out
up about it but we're excited to
Aidan I don't know what happened
here but okay that's okay star
all we got
all right no no no it's not a
fox this is still the red panda
from the bed back it looks a bit
like a fox sorry hello okay so
we dug up the wings
okay so I guess we have to
prepare but maybe there's like a
chance that was also my fund
code congratulations
congratulations that is pretty
funny that that is I don't know
that is fun and it didn't mean
it for it to be such a big deal
I just put it and I thought
maybe someone guesses it someday
like in the future
like in a week or in a month or
something doesn't matter if
someone from the crowd Speed
Channel just tries FIFA and it
works that would be funny but
then I told
you guys like hey there is a
secret command but I'm not going
to tell what it is and I thought
people just forget
but it became like a big hunt
kind of like looking for the
golden ticket ticket maybe we
can do this every time time
next time I will do like a very
rare word like one that you will
never think of oh fluffy someone
gave me an animal called fluffy
is it full of tsg I have full of
PTSD as a
pet OTS G is tags does not even
for fluffy the silly guy you
guys know that it means the
silly guy right
there you go silly guy all right
I want to wear face masks but
then you guys can see how cute
the baby is the Roblox baby the
baby I think I'll give away a
hundred dollar coins tomorrow oh
that is so nice of you
ok I will check who is the top
watcher okay hang on I'll have
to go to stream labs labs
look and if I'm not logged in
yet I have to login hang on on
again is tall
boot boo there's like when I
login it gives how many channels
I have on this Google account
one two three four five six
seven eight nine and I only use
two of them the order were
either accidents or just plants
that had a never did Clara
welcome to the channel thank you
for subscribing
apparently I have nine channels
on just this account that's not
even camera counting any other
Google accounts
our YouTube channels that I have
have I don't think what do you
should I activate betting that
you can bet for coins I think
I'm not gonna do that I don't
know I don't think I like that
okay I just checked and AZ is
still the number one
is he plays is still the number
one he has watched
11 hours you have watched my
streams for 11 hours since we
started the bought since we have
the streamlined spot which is
only like a few weeks ago so
that's crazy crazy green thunder
watched four seven one two seven
hours OJ's welcome to the
channel then night Bart I'm
going to reset of course
nightbot 200 because not but
doesn't cut sorry not bad reset
then Angels
six hours so tactic more than
five and a half hours
Sophia from one of four hours
random dude four hours exactly d
– real
foxy pug go fetch that do little
tree okay I think that's ten I
don't know
just a number
we need a countdown I kind of
want to learn okay hang on let
me go back to how to put
countdown on obs
Studio adding a cocaine gaining
Korea's that's a good Channel
he'll probably tell tell me
okay but most of them just being
like a timer for
when the stream starts like five
until the stream starts but
YouTube does that and
automatically so I don't really
need that oh you just get it
from a site and then you just
put browser source
that could work that could hang
on give me a second that could
work if we just find a site
countdown to adopt me Dino
stat exist
there is an actual live stream
car right now counting down to
there's one it says nine hours
that's not even true that's not
it comes out out wait that's not
even true and it's also not
live never mind that one isn't
even live okay that was weird I
was looking on YouTube
for a live stream that shows
that's a countdown there's so
many people here talking so fast
you got your snack ready I just
guys I just put stuff in the of
I was so
don't before this live stream
started 1/2 hour
before the election started I
put some stuff in the oven and I
went for a run I thought I can
make it but I didn't make it so
now this fruit that I cannot eat
yet that is done and I just came
back from the shower
and now my hair is so wet okay
adopt me for so eggs
wait can we just do countdown to
tomorrow 7:00 p.m. which is my
time time
countdown to tomorrow online
clock why why
okay countdown to change
countdown to tomorrow's Saturday
7:00 p.m. 7:00
seven zero p.m. case of work
no it's not working right now
give me a second Ezra welcome
okay hang on I'm going
to try I'm trying to make it it
so it comes down to tomorrow
7:00 p.m.
but I don't know how
I'm on the side right now it has
a countdown if I know if there's
a side that counts down then I
will do do it
7:00 p.m. on trying to set it to
on Saturday Okay works it works
okay then I need to set the link
know then I need a very specific
link to this page how do they
not have a very specific link to
this page because that's what I
need Halloween version
shoutout to ducky ducky
okay I can almost get in and see
the time now and Halloween
version Fourth of July version
wait what 267 days what are you
talking about oh 20 21
I was counting down to the next
Fourth of July okay I get it
okay never mind
alright let's go back to the
game I'll find it later
for you it will come out at
11:00 p.m. that so late oh sorry
if it is saying I
remember a story from when I was
a little kid I remember
this I had one of these shoutout
to ducky okay if someone wants I
kiss like a really good
shout-out me Polly shout out to
Star Safari
countdown to tomorrow 7:00 p.m.
countdown Dot
online clock dotnet that one is
not good good don't timer okay
generic and chill chill what
can we change edits or you can
change the outfit or not
out for what's it called the
layout of the countdown I
what account now it comes down
to tomorrow tomorrow yes
Saturday the 10th
7 p.m. p.m.
minutes 0 seconds 0
that's not where I am luckily it
shown the wrong City I was for a
second I thought it was going to
say my Civic days hours minutes
wait weeks no not weeks create
countdown okay I'm going to
close it anyway just in case it
get my city right
12 hours waiting not 12
hours oh it's just 7 a.m. I did
7 a.m. instead of seven PM sorry
hours 19 and
maybe lady day okay guys I got
it now I think I got it I want
to try I'm going to try to put
countdown now I'm going to put
the count down here let's try if
this works
countdown to to Dino
count down to Donna leg okay put
this oh no it puts cookies over
it now I need inside the doesn't
put cookies because she cannot
them for the thing dang it bro
brah dang it brah
you found a side that's better
what side did you find any
decide that counts down should I
that doesn't have cookies
because otherwise it's not going
to work obs site for countdown
free countdown
freak free countdown wait what
guys so let's look for good
counter products I created a
nice and simple program out but
you have to install
stuff I don't know I'm not going
to install stuff guys I need a
countdown okay I shouldn't put
obs countdown to
tomorrow 7:00 p.m. come on I
know it's 24 hours and
50 minutes your your birthday is
at 10 oh wait what
we mean like tomorrow the
the 10th of October that
birthday it's almost it's a site
for countdown
okay 700
creative three countdown I'm
going to click on it it
die die
it's almost time for
Dino eggs or something this
one's me to create something
that says
it's almost okay it's almost
time for Dino eggs
create free countdown step work
so the lot is it loading clicked
on it I need to
lie down why do not have decided
to work
guys why
I was so distraught music is
really low I didn't see that it
was so loud
I put it like this that's all
all better bye done down
and okay fine we need to keep
looking and guys because I
really want this countdown
I really want this countdown
guys guys
I also need to go to school or
we got a new monkey thank you
who gave me the monkey didn't
see okay we need
to name the monkey after one of
you okay okay let's see
pick a winner name winner winner
look how you're already one one
lucky more in sir
you already have a pet named
after you so I'm going to do it
going to do a different one
ducky ducky is lucky today
ducky even though it's not a
dark it is a
Bandicoot actually I think
someone gave us a different pet
while we were naming it and
what's a monkey is
second ago yeah okay well can I
mean the train follow me okay I
want to
mean train Rollin AFK so on
drive me around while I'm
looking for a cat a countdown
countdown clock to okay you can
say Okay 2020
20:21 one 10 ten
1906 at work one day
24 hours oh it says the total
seconds seconds
what this actually
decide actually says how many
seconds this is how many seconds
but it adds up old seconds
not just two seconds after
you've already taken away two
hours so this how many seconds
according to the sign I'm not
sure if that's true you guys but
it sounds legit it could be yeah
that should be about right that
is actually weird you guys
this long until the Dynomax
going okay K 87 people
count with me 87,000 79 7038
it is a 7 77 seven eighty seven
thousand seven to check I cannot
keep up with this is too fast
okay I cannot keep up
you found a timer right King
when which one I'm trying to
still find it
it has to be one that doesn't
have because the one that I
tried this one shows cookies it
has to be one where if it's
visited by different computer
because it gets
visited by like a different
computer that there's no pop up
or anything
what did you say date countdown
is that just the site
hang on the 16th of October no
the 10th
of October at as seven
p.m. p.m.
should work text text in Black
to frame in
red the picture or you can
upload a
picture can I put a picture of
wait never mind what if we just
do nothing get to my timer timer
do we get it
wait I almost got it right I
almost got it right so according
to the science it's taking the
wrong times
I need to put it to 6 p.m.
because decide things I'm
somewhere else
thus I think so many UK or
something okay I found a site
that might be able to do it and
on all right 6 p.m.
ten more minutes until you go to
sleep oh no star but that in 10
minutes it's the
only one day left okay hang on
10 October
20 2008 bviously
6 p.m. no discount on doesn't
wait sit until 6 p.m. black
no picture get my timer
no it's not working what is it
not working it keeps
your scouting down 24 hours
regardless that is so weird
I don't get it 6:50 p.m. I
didn't say
6:50 p.m. I said 6p I want to do
7 p.m. have what I'm so confused
guys I need to fix this but when
I figure this out we will have
a timer
classic classic
10th of October look I'm on your
here I'm doing countdown
for sale egg egg framing black
okay 10 October
7 p.m. that's the update
days until know 700 you have to
specifically set 0
is that it is that all I did
wrong oh my God is that all I
did wrong
okay we're going to try this
we're going to try this you guys
please work please please work
let's work work
it works we have a timer with
a time when you guys fossil egg
for so egg
for so egg for so egg okay make
it smaller smaller
okay I'll just cut off this one
this one is
self-explanatory right all right
then we will put okay hang on
the minutes is 11 or to me it's
this time to me
this time okay okay then we need
to add like a text thing
actually can make it transparent
as well let's see hang on okay
then I will
put a filter and I can make the
white transparent I'll just add
color chroma key to remove the
white let's see if we can remove
the white custom select color
white white
it also removes the black that
is a very weird
what why did also removed the
black if I I what what what what
is it that doesn't make any
sense I'm so confused what
what similarity
what I did I'm doing something
okay pick color color select
color pick screen color
of whites okay
I am so confused why is it okay
you know what
we'll just do it like this we'll
just keep the whites I guess I
don't know I don't I don't know
Tiffany okay I don't know then
we put text
why are we swimming
okay hang on hang on I need to
rename that otherwise I don't
know what that is okay text
countdown text text where is it
I don't even see where it is
all because I didn't write
anything at okay that makes
sense actually actually
because I didn't write anything
yet yet
but um by give me a second you
guys it's going to it's going to
look beautiful when it's done
sighs is thousand – thousand
what thousands multiple
thousands by
multiple thousand it doesn't
make any sense all right
where is it right now now
all right I'll remake the text
you trapped me wait hang on let
me go to the game you trap me
are you Glory LOL there's water
in your car
why did you do you have water in
your car oh no the boat is
I mean the car is sinking help
we're sinking we're sinking
glork lured Laura Oh Lord Oh
Lord oh Lord door door door door
okay you know what first I'll do
will put my fossil fossil fossil
egg picture hang on fall so wait
for it boom
time for fossil fossil egg
time for
fossil egg and then I will
duplicate duplicate that can I
like copy that paste duplicate
there we go now if to Fossil
eggs transform it by
rotating it flipping it
horizontally this
is going to look beautiful yes I
do want it to be
lower so you can see the whole
thing all right so like this
this and then yes
and then this
yes one day at 3 minutes left
okay now I'll try to text one
more time text file so countdown
so I'm until fossil eggs
eggs make that that
just keep it black I guess watch
phones again I keep forgetting
what my font is the name it
something with P right know our
traffic okay
thick color black please like a
big please
time until fossil
egg egg
whoo okay can we outline outline
that I'll wine size smaller get
it looks horrible
but I'll
steffensen terrific yes it's
every time I forget it for a
second and then I remember
saying it has to be lower it all
has to be lower
lower a little bit bit huh
this like the best part of
streaming I think Steven think
so too when you get it right
it's like more beautiful okay I
don't and then I don't I'm not
saying this is the perfect one
okay I'm still drowning we're
still sinking I'm just going to
escape you guys is how you
escaped you need a bazooka an
endoscope and you shoot in any
direction doesn't
doesn't matter
and I just shoot like here or
you just shoot like here someone
get me a ball thank you but I
need to escape with this
shoot there yeah
trying to shoot okay it's not
working this time all right we
only one option to escape now we
must wait can I
just stuck I wait wait okay
something weird is happening I
cannot move move
something right on the cannot
I'm on roller skates or
something I think I'm glitch
some of roller skates
permanently okay let me
what if I equip new roller
skates and on cook them okay
that works I need to go to the
hospital because I'm I'm sick
get ready for the raccoon video
tomorrow it's going to be a big
one oh okay okay yes we're going
to make a big fit your own Milky
someone gave me a penguin called
Milky Way Milky Way should I
renamed it I like Milky Way so
nice it's actually a really
clever name because like it's
like the black of the penguin is
the Galaxy and the white of its
belly is the Milky Way galaxy
the black is the you know the
the you know first I don't know
the dark matter whatever you
want to call it
everything that is in a galaxy
whatever is the darkness of the
universe when will be
to build show I want to join oh
yeah we could build a the do a
build show you guys we could do
a build show
in my house or something hmm or
we can use to build showing you
guys this house so you build
something in your house
we could do that okay one for me
and one for you there we go
we did it come to camp site to
get a free Buffalo only for
Bill but I have I think I have a
buffalo ready okay well I will
collect it anyway just so when
when we give away stuff I need
as much as possible and then
after after that
we will do after we are done
with the Dynamo update and I'm
kind of done with adopt me then
I will give away everything that
I have except maybe like my Dino
my diagnosis and maybe some
other stuff that I'll keep but
I'm going to give away
like 19 of what I have if I
because I'll probably never play
again or almost never oh why do
I keep getting hit by cars I get
hit by cars in this game a lot
like a lot arts and crafts
says I gave it thank you so much
you didn't wait what the penguin
okay I didn't
see what you gave but thank you
oh my God
guys we have the time until the
fossil egg on the screen finally
wait I think
I can actually what if we make
the text a little bit of color
would be actually a nice idea if
what if we make the text
this could the colors the egg
and then the outline the color
of like the yellowish color
color and the egg
so look good good the outline is
to be
darker I think what if the
outline is to color of the brown
on the egg
egg okay then
the the thing itself needs to be
the color of the shell of the
the outline could be the color
of the green of the Aang I'll
try all the different
colors on the text that will
work or accidentally set the
outline to Super maximum size
Wait no that's not the size this
to Sauce
like this
this okay it is here time until
egg for so egg less than a day
you guys officially less than
one day left look less than one
day left less than 24 hours
until fossil egg officially
comes out I want to make a
video after covid we all want to
do a lot of things after but we
don't know one when that is
sub trapping me in your car
stranger danger stranger danger
so our strangers
tried to murder me help
Adrian welcome to the Channel
if I'm saying it right I don't
know hey this looks like The
Lion King Rock
this is The Rock from Lion King
where's my baby lion so I can
hold him and put paint on his
face you subscribe thank you for
subscribing Liliana I need good
pets for my school friend he got
hacked oh I don't really have
good pets I think I have just
mostly normal pets but why did I
know pads come out in this much
time we will try to get as many
of them as we can can
people a Mortadella illness
Korean has he lost dinners
Viva Los Ninos audio
oh sup my
guys up Elliot boing boing boing
boing who wanted
to shout out again dou dou want
to shout it shout it to dowe do
ducky did a lot of Shadows whoa
– – with Aidan Aidan wanted a
little shout outs to Jace Jays
shout out to
ODed Shadow this on the red knob
which out must be over it
okay hang on we need to take the
fossil everything the fossil
countdown things and
and move them down OK chat will
be over
that Roblox follower will be
over that
redeem that's it redeem us be on
okay so now let me try to repeat
that one Jays yes now it's over
okay good good good good good
goody goody goody goody goody
goody goody goody goody coins
how are
you doing I'm doing well thank
you Elliot for asking that soon
as few tasks and have
a sip of this lemonade which
which I put on my forehead it
wasn't on drinking okay but
thank you for the hot dog style
I want Lemonade in real life as
well well why do you keep trying
to murder
me with your car stranger danger
to he's like
the stranger to tries to capture
you you this is why you don't go
with strangers they just drive
into the river and try to murder
you this is not good good
do you play Dragon Avengers I
haven't in a while but I don't I
quit games like forever so
probably come back sometime
please say hi
I was sure of it hi also
everyone make sure you get the
free Dino head if you don't have
the free Dino head make sure you
go to my video
from yesterday and get the free
Dino head for everyone shout out
to ducky again
okay make sure you get the free
Dino head everyone
everyone and also soon there is
a new free Fox as well
Three Forks it's very soon let
me check Twitter
Roblox I I very much believe
that very soon
Roblox will give us all a free
Fox as well to put on your
shoulder it is
called something like Firefox
it's probably has something to
do with Firefox where was it
hang on Roblox leaks
leaks it it Roblox leaks
leaks Roblox
leaks wait was it robots leaks
or was it the other one on
what's the other
one Roblox r Notifier are
Notifier again this is the one I
new shoulder thing Spirit Day
2020 wait
is that also a free item don't
own is also a free item
celebrate being good to one
another with this Spirit
eh what a spirit they have never
heard of spirit they make sure
to tell someone how awesome
there's Luke too 2
what a spirit day I don't know
know then what is this
corn what is this corn okay here
it is new item from a code fiery
shoulder pal from Firefox or
something but it's the code is
not out
yet who knows the code does
anyone know the code I want the
code so I can have this Firefox
on my
can you give me a robin please
sure doc you which one are you
in Roblox roblox you're not
sam'l sam'l looks like a duck
but his YouTube name is pug so
which one are you hmm
I don't actually know what hi
I'm new in your hey Susie z z is
here stop catching me with your
car okay I'm
going to my house so people stop
capturing me Quick Escape
and warning just way but it's
just a distraction ha ha
I'm going the other way actually
actually you've got distracted
you don't know the code okay
soon it's coming out always had
an owl who could have never seen
it all in this game before okay
when we fight when the code
commands I believe it will be
very soon definitely within a
week but maybe already within a
day so let's keep checking
Roblox on all social media
to see if we can find the code
for this Firefox
oh thank you the Buffalo by the
a didn't ever said thank you
thank you for the
Buffalo it doesn't have a name
so we will pick a winner in the
winner in the chat for the
Buffalo name name 2 Jays
Jay's McGraw R/T I'm changing
the name you cannot see it
because the countdown is in a
Jay Jay's look Gorge gee I hope
sit typing it right o your last
name is also tags okay we'll
just BJ stand
Jace there we go okay so the
Buffalo is now called Jays
I will have to already change
the thing I already have to
change the fossil because
it's already the day is already
so it's already no longer a day
so I will cut off today there
you go
and then I'll move it to the
middle like a
this is I think I might make the
fossil eggs smaller smaller what
can I make the bow small at the
same time no
ok fine the move them both at
the same time time
turn in at
down to Cairo wrote it down a
little bit though be nice like
this this Derek
go go for so egg egg okay well
that's I think
I guess that's a little better
oh no it's too much to the side
I don't know it's not centered
Stephen is going to happen to
you Stephen watching watching
okay I will keep it like this
for now or I'll put it to the
corner no wait that's where the
subscriber pups are okay
I will have to keep it here for
cryo is Speedy fellow mortadella
FIFA lowenstein's audios
tickets here for Jurassic Park
buy your tickets for Jurassic
Park here if you get a ticket
then you may go into
Jurassic Park sadly we do not
have the answers yet but this
this is where we were all the
dinosaurs okay just Tasmanian
tiger Triceratops
clip To None Dilophosaurus
Sabretooth and dodo and that's
half and of course on the other
side we have all the others they
go the top is the easiest to get
and the bottom is the hardest to
get the bottom we will put the
dough in a T-Rex okay so the but
on this side we have ground
sloth stegosaurus woolly
mammoth pterodactyl Deinonychus
T-Rex t-rex all right so welcome
oh Lord Stephen is going oh no
oh no you can hear it
stomping because the text is an
animal I can't wait is there a
way to perfectly Center it to
Mike – probably probably a way
if you click transform flip
vertical fit to screen
center to screen out and it goes
like Center also
vertically okay well I guess we
might as well quick before
returns let's do it
but do it for sure fun which one
is it it this this one
okay so now we know it's
horizontally perfectly centered
now very slowly move it up there
it goes Tom until
time until the fossil egg
alright and we'll just adjust
the rest to that
all right we'll put it like here
I'll put
Lowell one of the fossil eggs
is called fossil egg 1 and then
I met duplicated it and now the
other one
called fossil egg 1/2 that's not
I meant it was just supposed to
be called foes alike too to just
get something going on with my
microphone hang on
I don't know what I'm doing
wrong I touched it and it
felt like I got a shot that's
not good
my sister there okay is it
centered it is Center dish
center dish okay
then we have the fossil eggs put
one here
put one
there you go fossil egg egg
okay now it should be centered
because that's it is officially
centered by obvious okay thank
you everyone who bought a ticket
for Jurassic world if you
also want to buy a ticket come
into my house and oh no someone
put their thing in front of mine
because they want to steal my
money no no don't buy from them
by from mine my ticket thing why
why why
you are evil why must you try
steal from me
do you keep people from her
house I think you cannot pick
people specifically can you
they try to steal my money OK
only buy it if it says says
build a Saurus
hmm LOL
and all the fossil pads I I get
goes to build a spark okay we
we need to get off off is that a
Stephen baby Stephanie's here
Stephanie's here quick quick
an adult quick become an adult
so we can pick them up can we
pick them up invite to family
Dan maybe we can pick him up
yes look at it baby Stephanie oh
no it's escaped
I want to give pet really okay
and then if someone
gets like a Dodo you can show it
here ladies and gentlemen
everyone has to sit down here we
have a dino expert she's going
to tell us about the dinos quick
down everyone sit down quick
she's going to tell us about the
dinosaurs sees a dinosaur expert
that's why she's on the stage
okay everyone get off the
stage except the dino expert she
wanted when we weren't live she
wanted for
so long to be on the stage and
tell us about the dinosaurs
okay everyone please sit down so
she can explain a she is
paleontologists she's a Dynamo
expert but I'm pretty what is
your Rolex your name it is build
a search just like the channel
I be the helper who she wants to
be the helper okay so there's
two seats on the side for other
people they can also help with
the show so this is where the
people come to learn
about the Dinos when will you
give me the Robin I don't
know which one you are in the
game if I know one then I will
give it okay
but not my writing because I
have found that has right and
I'll keep that one I think
because I don't really have good
pets what if people donate I
will give pets how about that I
mean I give flying and stuff
that would be cool if people
donate and then I'll use the
money to buy fly potion and I'll
give them to people people
okay I join family and it's just
to me
and Stefan We Are Family I still
don't understand why
I cannot wait to see different
chat the text
why they cannot make this
transparent the the White here
on arts and physical completely
I didn't mean to
there it is look it either could
becomes completely invisible
invisible that's so confusing
green Green
no it has to be white but but
that is so weird
that it also cuts out black
which is like the opposite
Stefano you know this one it's a
chroma key when I put a chroma
key on the countdown and I set
it to White it also
Cuts away the black that is that
doesn't make any sense because
black is like a darker version
of white but if I said a light
version of Blue to cut out it
doesn't cut out
the darker version of the blue
so it doesn't make sense
so confused
smoothness 0 custom opacity
contrast brightness gamma gamma
I am very confused passivity
huh color
color correction correction does
that do it help at all not
you're arguing
I guess I don't know contrast
doesn't really whoo
you can turn it around so it's a
black so it's white on black
or if you put in Middle Lane
almost cannot see it's a secret
you almost cannot see what it is
yes I've managed to make it
perfectly invisible
try not a hundred percent White
white okay
like an off off wait you mean
like another color through it
okay how about we select color
and we make it like the color in
the egg that you see over there
that is like a yellowish what if
we make it that what happens
then alert to know as soon
as I said gets to similarity 90
what is the kind of weight of
like I don't understand
smoothness smoothness now that
doesn't help help
nope I don't understand OBS is
being weird weird to me
all right color correction what
else do we have
setter set duration you shift
but there's no color in it
pom pom pom pom pom pom okay
give me a second I can actually
this who it is okay
it's risky I'm gonna try it okay
red red
text read picture no picture
picture get my timer okay
I'm going to do it you guys so
this time if I make
it read on if I make it red
red then I can cut away red
which is I guess is than black
take away the picture 10th
2012 20 20 20 20
on 7 p.m. you have to put 0
otherwise it doesn't work
I'm ready trying this get my
okay it's the same right there
the same time okay good good
good then I did it right then
you get the link of that okay
this is gonna work this time
risky risky
countdown to dino egg properties
okay it does work it is now red
now what we do is we cut away
the white again let's see if
hang on select
Oracle way to read so that the
countdown itself what if you cut
away the red
and the text itself is trans
know that looks weird no no no
no no no ohh oh nice nice
with a lot of smooth
smoothness all right all right
that's pretty good-looking
then all you need to do
is put like a picture behind it
so it's not entirely so it's
better if Isabel
image countdown
back ground and has to be just a
random color like white
I think I have a white image
somewhere then I save it for
these occasions White
perfect except it's too big all
right why is it so big make it
very small okay it has to be
everything everything behind the
curve down all right cut it cut
to like knock why cut it cut it
this cut it like this
I do this all right right I'm
going to do it just do a white
shape which is apparently yes
great minds think alike
I think you just do color
correction or something to make
it transparent opacity opacity
but not too transparent like
like this is shhhh 78 78
like this this it's alright I
could also make detects cream
and then we have to restart one
more time okay I'll check what
color serious if there's one
like that's perfect there are
way more colors than I thought
dang it I should have made it
wait I can just do you shift
never mind I have already have a
color correction on it I can
just you huge shift never mind I
can just make it green I can
make it green pretty easily I
had just have to do
this one filters
color correction now delete that
I already messed with that new
color okay guys this time it
will be fixed color
correction sorry I got so deep
into this huge shift
almost almost almost there mmm
okay the green is maybe too much
well that's because we're
looking at green background
right now
and maybe put it in the left
corner know because that's where
people say things pop up
and darker darker
oh slightly
lighter okay okay I'm Gonna Keep
it like this yeah I
said it works I think it works
okay the countdown is no perfect
house to show going
by the way we're still want to
show I'm back by the way I gave
you that
monkey whatever monkey where is
it oh I have a frog now did you
also give me a monkey why are
you forget me so many pets and a
cat that I didn't see
I saw the rest all right I have
a cat named moppet and more
how many poor so I have like 20
you guys come on that's crazy
okay the frog doesn't have a you
guys you know what that means
the Frog needs a name so we will
pick a winner winner winner
here I am here I am AG ugh
how do you say that I'm here I
don't know I said I hope I hope
these things are not
like swears in other languages
okay I hope not that would be
I won't win this time AZ one
time you will win one of these
days what it what is this but
you can teleport anus
what did I just go into a
strange portal to another world
wait you have a portal to your
own house
this sick whoa oh wait it's not
a house is this someone's house
sources it's like a party pool
but it looks like ours because
it has the same colors huh wait
there's a door here dude what
why do you have why do you have
a couch under water in your
house where are we I don't
actually know where we are right
now where are we right now is it
green a green is actually in the
ladies and gents I don't know
where we are is so house if the
towels have never seen this late
room layout before
with the pillars but it's really
awesome it's really
really cool hi I'm a big fan
my friend no you are alive
that's okay
that's okay party
party and it's a nice party room
and this game is cool dances of
course I do this one did lead it
did it did Dee other the
of course is the best dance to
everyone else is the best dancer
to to this music let's turn up
the music
I think effort louder for me and
for you guys
I'm not really sure sure
waiting for the dino eggs like
like a cab
what did I okay what okay now
forgot how loud I had it ok like
this I think can I get a pet
police my
username is dragon is got okay
my me where are you I can I
don't have
to do have some pads but none of
them are really good because
people want like people want to
get with oh you have to sit on
this one first and then you have
to sit on
this one trick tricked people
one two to get like flying
unicorn and stuff I don't have
that I just have like this frog
and stuff I'll frog is
sick to have still
Golden Apple I think I have
wants to yes here frog eat it
before you make anyone else sick
oh no green is sick green has to
the krona and and somehow as
well oh no this is bad I can get
dodos at filling flintlocks I
want to see that I don't
actually believe it because it's
not out yet because we have to
wait this long exactly exactly
well well it might be like a few
minutes early last time it was
like a few minutes early frog
and green thunder I'll he was
already sleeping well now you're
sleeping are all right that's
what I've decided this outfit
was not made for adults if I'm
going to be be adult I'll need
one of my other outfits which
else that make I made a dino
Wrangler outfit from Jurassic
World so this outfit is for
if you are a dino Wrangler so
you have to be prepared if I
dunno escapes and it also has a
face mask so
so should I put on my face mask
on time for the Stream
do it I wonder what would that
even look like on the stream
I've never seen myself with with
okay okay
wait first guy I have the mask
like this this are we going live
with the face
mask very beautiful very
beautiful life face mask
live streaming eyes on your game
I usually aim is
EV cool girl where's Evie cool
who am I where are my eyes and
my chest your chest is
there your eyes are I don't know
I don't know where they are
okay okay hungry
what pet do I have right now I
don't know all the Frog green
the Frog are still sleeping
build a boat content this is
adopt made of okay I have a
little green frog and a little
green Top Hat guy I subbed and I
thank you Malik all right do you
guys like the face mr. Edward on
Livestream I don't know it feels
very weird weird
well there's so many Crips is
this really someone's house it
feels like a giant Museum or
something with like giant weight
your eyes are your ears what
does that mean I don't know what
that mean this means your eyes
or your ears
but where's the song that it
pause the song
now here's a new song never mind
I need to calls all these sides
I had so many
sides open still
still from Luke the countdown
timer timer okay everyone make
sure to keep an eye out on the
official Roblox Twitter
and other things because I think
pretty soon they are going to
Tweet about the next
free item the Firefox
I think soon or I don't know if
it will be Twitter probably not
probably a
different site but it's a
Firefox it probably has
something to do with the
Firefox I don't really know know
um like the monkeys no see no
speak no hearing or whatever it
okay you need to take a bath go
pool party while this is a
pool discount know okay fine
what trapped with what's in here
oh toilet
oh this is so much house though
but how can it be your house
if it's so big I do not know
that gets so big but it has like
no normal rooms it has only like
rooms like it has like an
underwater party room in here
like why do you have an
underwater party Rowdy swim up
with kids in your hand
here's like a secret underwater
TV room
okay okay how do I join there's
a link in the description
there's a link right below the
video that down it remember me
Mewtwo wait 200g Mewtwo from so
long ago welcome
back long time no see now you
cannot see like if I'm happy or
something because
of my my mouth is Now hidden I
will have to be very happy with
eyes I'm super happy super angry
happy angry
happy thank you at this I always
get those super like not
wrinkles but those lines if I do
this look at how many lines
limes why am I even asking
when I never get anything I
don't know which one you are in
Roblox ow I just got hit by a
car can we get
a counter on how many times I
got hit by a car in the Stream
it has to have been at least
five times now I keep getting
hit by cars
you are Love full of me go okay
that's Malik who they actually
have adopt me in the name so
they are true fan okay
let's go to the pool party
rollerblading while holding a
pet and a kid yes I'm not sure
if that's a good idea idea
don't don't don't it is harder
to talk with the face mask a
little bit maybe I should get
like one of those special ones
where you can talk talk better I
am the gingerbread man in your
house I'm not in my house right
now okay we
should go back to the house the
dino Park is in the house oh
the rolling Rollin Rollin all
right we are here to play in the
drop drop that in the water and
I was a frog
certified drop baby man I
just leaving them behind oh wait
my pet is not done with the pool
party cannot join you my frog
is your frog brother yes they
came from the same
Ted pools the same Ted tadpole
however you say it don't turn
turn turn
oh no you guys
we have the countdown but
sides I mean Roblox not also has
countdown dang it we did all of
that for nothing are you kidding
me what's really small and
robots look how small this
it's so small here full so egg
in 2330
all they say is coming in six
minutes past 7:00 because
they're our countdown is like
six minutes behind mine so then
it will come out six minutes
past 7:00
and actually know did you like
my house I will set
your house which type was that
was that the cave one I have to
try that one one day maybe I'll
have enough
money to get it I want to try
that on the one's really cool I
think it's a
nice house house it's just so
because it's big if you get that
house you have to put a lot of
stuff in it so it feels so it
feels more full okay I want a
different vehicle what vehicle
is appropriate for a dinosaur
Wrangler like a Jeep or yeah
cheap actually which ones do I
I've read and green Jeep yes yes
the dino Jeep is going to
Jurassic Park the dino Jeep
Dino Jeep is going to Jurassic
Park right now I sought and I
like thank you Malik you're so
thank you you are so nice bump
bumper the pain
okay okay here we go oh wait
what wait what just happened
I didn't go I didn't get
teleported okay let's try again
that was weird to the week just
glitch okay let's try that again
into Porto oh hello oh we broke
the game one more time going
into the Porto
why is it not working
working this is not working I
need this to work okay said only
if you walk
dude it's broken we broke it how
do we does it
work for anyone else am I
lagging is just connecting
it's my internet dying what is
happening we are trying to
prepare the stage put a guy in a
horse is
disturbing us know no okay you
know what if I reset I'll go
back to my house right I'll just
do that because I broke the
teleporter so I don't know any
other way to get back to my
house well hello Dora the
have to rob a now you're the one
that wants to rub it in okay
give you why do you want to
Robin isn't that like a very
common pet I only have two okay
here you go there you go
okay I think you got it I
clicked give okay
so everyone make sure to be safe
I'm a safety up officer as you
can see I have my safety stuff
right here wait I have to wear
the same as because in real life
we have this mask and Roblox as
same like this
I am going to join your group
yes if you
want to join the Roman looks
group I shout when I go live and
stuff like that but it can have
a mustache
over your mask you can that's
pretty funny let's say we can
have this face mask I cannot
see myself your study it right
over it this one is giant teeth
I almost
cannot see okay I'll just keep
this one one this one works wife
Pizza oh Pizza
okay okay so here we have all
the dino enclosures Hood Robin
is like the dodo okay
the Robin can be in a Dodo
exclude enclosure because it's
kind of like a dodo
it reset yes reset then the then
you go home
wait there's the portal work
from this side
side I do not know
all the T-Rex wherever T-Rex you
guys the first T-Rex in the park
is here the T-Rex is in the
T-Rex and closure as you can
see this is where the T-Rex
lives by the way we're working
on light still okay there's
going to be
a light in the enclosure in the
back so when the pads we will
put the pads on sitting here and
then it will be light behind it
and this one will be Mammoth
Mammoth is snow so that's why
white here because this is the
mammoth one one and this one
will be more orange
because it will be the 10th zany
until 10:00 ten Tasmanian Tiger
1 let's see if I can make it
like orange or something
like this color I guess that
will be nice no I moved it
they're gonna ruin that no okay
fix it all right I'll fix it I
think okay so this one will
be orange because it will be the
Tasmanian tiger
and closure right righty righty
there we go you you joint too
thank you for joining the group
young man or boy
no no no downtown okay then we
have to also make the ground so
have to put a rug here rug
basic rug will put one here here
and one here
here there you go then we have
to paint them
same a little lighter maybe even
I don't know if this is going to
look good because it's kind of
dark this is getting daytime
again okay this is where it says
meaning tiger lives it's
supposed to be kind of like the
Savannah so that's why I'm
making it yellowish
you're in the game actual
welcome to the game
I hope you come into my house
and look at my empty Jurassic
Park but I hope especially you
guys come tomorrow
to my Jurassic Park because
tomorrow wait a
minute someone put more chairs
okay I need to remove remove
wait I need to remove someone
from the editing Lily I think
Lily I'm sorry for now I have to
you from the editing later you
will be added back to the
editing because I think she's
putting some random stuff okay
it's fine I trust her
angel Gave Over welcome to the
channel Angel game over is here
you're on the
game X flow yes oh wait I
already read that sorry sorry
see you join the group and try
friend me oh well my list is
falling Roblox so I cannot
really add people in Roblox I
add any more Fred's why Roblox
okay I need to update the
follower let's see who's the
real most recent
and follower text needs to be
above that where's the follower
there it is again
bum ba dum bum we have pets okay
so just like this we're going to
put it pets when they are out
except it will be the correct
pads so right now of course this
isn't the pterodactyl of course
this isn't Deinonychus of of
course this isn't
a T-Rex but but once they're out
we will put all the pads here
and then we will have like a
Jurassic Park tour we get oh my
God it's an actual
mom has long that's beautiful
is so beautiful you guys we got
our first mammoth we got our
first mammoth in the park that
is so beautiful
look at it we found a mammoth we
have it look at this she is
a real Mammoth in adopt me is
there's a gluto down as well
let's see what agglutinins to
Turtle because the turtle is a
bit like the clipped out on
that is a very good idea can I
have a build permissions in your
no because I don't have that
much money left I just want to
save most of my money for eggs I
want to save at least 9,000 I
now have nine thousand nine
hundred ninety two so that means
I have about a thousand left for
other things I want also get
maybe the monocle does the
pet shops all the monocle today
wait let me check check
see what the Pet Shop is selling
today attending check you out I
did not yet check what it is
selling today I'll be heading
out now have fun
making your insane content thank
you Greninja ninja
grinning Jaws so cool Pokémon
Okay so as you can see my timer
is not
really the same oh wait they're
still song the same as yesterday
oh it's like per week
okay I thought it was like per
okay so they still sell the top
hat already got that one if I
get it to your ex on putting top
hat on it if you guys get a
T-Rex put a top hat on it and
call it Builder Soros or put
boots on it and call it put some
sneakers on it and call it your
sheet aren't you from build
about yes but I can also play
it up me okay everyone says have
to play build a porch
sometimes I can put other things
things okay other things nice
to what is this Wings whoo
making Neon on what is that what
does that mean I don't know but
we got a new
I'll rename it I'll rename it to
one of your guys this pets will
be named after the
winner who is in a chapped duck
wait didn't we already have done
I think not actually I'm not
sure now okay
because I'm not sure I'll just
call it duck
Duck key but it is a dog to duck
is called ducky the dog is
called the key
it's a DOT you already got the
name that's what I thought now
I'm not sure
oh man oh man who are we going
to name the
dinos and after whoo-hoo whoo
whoo whoo we're going to have to
the dinos after some of you guys
we're going to name
the dino after after will show
of you
that will be cool if I name the
a T-Rex after you or something
all right so it's called duck if
we get another pet we will name
it after someone else okay okay
everyone make sure to get the
free Dino head as you can see
I am wearing the Beautiful
dinosaur hat if you want it for
free make sure to look at my
previous video or just go to the
side oh
lovely Cherry thank you for
subscribing go to the side
/ promo codes and enter the code
tweet to Mill
and then you will get this hat
for free and you can wear it
forever but it's limited time
time it's going away
soon you cannot get it anymore
you can wear it in any game you
want so make sure to get it
for sure make sure to get it
name a pet after me okay next
time we get a pet wait now okay
I thought I had a new pet okay
let me check if I have another
pad to rename this one doesn't
have a name
okay I have found one that
doesn't have a a name
when I gave you the dog thank
you X4 okay we'll see
who this one is the winner is
build a sir has
Shadow lies thank you for
subscribing okay I'm not going
to name the pit Builder stores
because that
is I mean that is weird I don't
know you have a T-Rex why I'm a
x66 th e kala I don't even
didn't even
see your message but who is that
okay I guess it has a nice name
pet it call it God God's tags
house dead 6 th herds I cannot
use your name
60 60 hertz
okay I'll just call your age
Zed okay fine that'll be the
name then EV foxy did
you reach subscriber thought you
were already subscribed anyway
thank you for subscribing and
or welcome back do you want the
NFR pink
cat sure I don't know I didn't
even know it was a pink hat
actually I did see
one ones
I think it's best if you keep it
like I'm not desperate for any
pets right now I'm just waiting
for the dino pads so
if you have the pink cat made me
sell it for something good or
wait until the dinos come out so
you can trade it
but if you give it to me there
is a chance I will may be traded
for a dino because I am
desperate for dinos your you
were about to type 666
don't the evil number
get my timer isn't correct with
this timer look 16 minutes
11 minutes 60 minutes love and
it's –
five minutes wrong how how can
my me five minutes wrong
come nobody will sit down oh no
she wants to talk okay fine okay
fine let's see if the portal
works now
I'm going to
check if the portal Works wait
this the wrong way wait where is
my house wait the beach oh it's
only exact other side
okay am I gonna make that
we're going to the other side of
the town oh put me in a car
Li Mo for sure whoa
yo yo yo no no okay please work
please work teleport please work
yes okay it didn't work last
time so that's why I was scared
what's your Roblox
username is the same my channel
name Bill dos Horas cap tu turn
turn turn turn out all right
Dora Dora
all right you recent Oh Oh I
thought so
okay people people you have to
sit down and have to buy a
here you have to buy ticket and
then you have to sit down down
here we have a real T-rex a real
in the T-Rex and closure and we
still need to do light behind it
Angel was
working on likes but I think he
had to restart or something
because I don't see it
oh we have a Dilophosaurus we
have an actual Dilophosaurus
okay guys you have to be careful
because otherwise it will spit
at you you
you have to be careful or it
will spit the poison this is the
gyro Dawn no wait
Philip Toad on sorry here we
have someone eating an apple or
this a triceratops very good are
you have three horns well this
is close As It Gets actually
I think there is a triceratops
head isn't there I feel like oh
this one actually
kind of looks like the Tasmanian
Tiger because that one will also
be orange Alexander says I'm not
going to
to win wait wait don't really
know why is there so many stores
here okay
let's see we need we will wait
for someone to perform on the
name in
Roblox what are you mean you
I want you want me to name the
pad after you I do a random one
you need to
sit here Dino I need to sit
behind okay okay I will sit here
special for you
thanks Thanks family me all
I don't know what's going to
happen but she works for the
park okay she's a Dynamo expert
and she gives talks for the dino
Park so then I can teleport if
something is wrong okay okay
okay okay
okay she's going to do a talk
about dinosaurs I think
can I be park ranger okay Kaz
please wants to be a park ranger
yes a park
ranger what does the park ranger
do wait we have to Google this
jobs in Jurassic Park
world Park doesn't matter
Jurassic world
employee handbook comes up what
what what is that the Jurassic
world employee handbook is a 96
book in a
style of what an employer would
give to an employee regarding
rules and regulations of their
place of work it's read and
written for written from the in
Universe perspective of Claire
Dearing asking Owen grain Grady
for his opinion on the book
before it is sent out to
employees all that is pretty
cool it has like safety
instructions Park capacity
30,000 average vistors predict
as crazy
I didn't know there were so many
of people in Jurassic world
island Isla nublar that is crazy
are you ready
to teleport the porch okay okay
I will say to her are you ready
teleport if she says why did you
say yes
or no no T-Rex comes she says
wait where
is she
ah here oh no my dog is sick
it's not even a dog I forgot
what this is Bandicoot what even
is about any good I genuinely
don't know it's like a possum
kind of thing I don't know what
a Bandicoot is have never seen
one I
think in my entire life so like
a possum kind of thing
okay sit here ok I will sit here
you put so many logs
on my stage why have you put so
many logs family me we were I
already did what happened
what happened I wanted but I'm
in class what do you want Alex
Hunter keeps I want to win but
I'm in class I don't know I
think you have a Miss
understanding of like there's
some kind of giveaway but there
isn't all I did winner for is to
choose like a name for the past
like when I have a pet that
doesn't have a name I type
winner I need a stone please she
says okay but what
stoned okay give do I have a
stone what kind of stone do I
stones Bree subscribe welcome to
the channel we have
stones I didn't even know there
were stones in this game
I will check my bag for Stones
I don't have stone stones wait
to start
pet Stone all for wasn't there
for April Fool's bed Stone
stone I think maybe maybe bump I
can you say hi hi staring
night girl build a snow at the
woolly mammoth police is broken
please come and fix it
oh no mayday mayday we just got
a message oh we got a pet
without a name
we've got a pet without a name
or if we had welcome to the
channel okay we got a pet
without a name we must name it
was going to be the cat win
who's going to be the cat
and do whatever remember me hey
you feel that lovely
cherry I'm just going to call it
sherry there we go Cheri Cheri
okay what is wrong with the
floor of the ayats' a little bit
to the side
I think Angel tried to change it
or something because I
already I only put two so I
think Angel put like more
because I didn't try to
make it perfect
I think I only put I think I
only put these two and then
there's like a little grass to
decide but
I don't care I actually kind of
like it like this like it like
you can actually see that it's
not real
snow but it's more like a rug
and I kind of like that so but I
think Angel thought it was a
mistake and he tried to fix it
but I'm just going to keep it
like this I actually kind of
think it's fine like this
there's Triceratops Triceratops
trike trike escape trike Escape
okay Triceratops escaped this is
when I need to use my gun
where's my gun quick
let's see we need to put
sleepy dark back in your cage
back in your cage
okay good good good back in your
cage Triceratops Derek okay the
Triceratops is back in the cage
I want to shout it please shout
out to oofy head
shout out to you my friend but
then a banana tribe oh no we're
still doing the
tribes oh yeah I'm going to do
kiwi tribe wait doesn't even
work if you do in caps lock
I don't know if it even works OK
this is our jar down for now
about doesn't work if you do
caps-lock baldy I think you need
small to do small saber-toothed
tiger it's an order it's
a cat with the tusks so funny
you just did put the tusks on
the cat and it's like now it's
just Smilodon now it's a
Smilodon and here's a
Dodo ah beautiful very and he's
playing a song for us
us look the daughter was playing
this song from The Jungle
thank you dodo for playing this
song that is so beautiful
I love your channel thank you
for had oh hello that you're in
the cage lock house
please but the stage is now free
so you can see
this stage is free
I don't want to lock the house
because then everyone is kicked
I will do it if they they don't
behave now look the stage is
free now for you to talk
okay anyway what else do we have
to T-Rex very beautiful
T-Rex this is our Raptor for now
this is our Raptor are
Deinonychus we don't have a
pterodactyl replacement we have
our map beautiful mammoth
is stinky like a real Mammoth is
also stinky and then we have our
stegosaurus kind of what Lee
shifted like the big tail kind
of like stegosaurus
and a ground sloth oh that looks
really cool though a turtle with
neon on it I
I did not look so cool
the saber-tooth was
yours says Tyson Tyson it's
really funny look at this
beautiful chair that angel mate
Angel made this beautiful chair
it should be the stegosaurus one
because it's so beautiful
there's so many spikes
Triceratops is also playing a
song this is like if you go to
Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and they
pull it in the animatronics play
a song except it's dinosaurs
that pulley songs and they're
animatronics but they're real
thing by now now all I need is
pizza oh no
no the Shelly is smelly smelly
Shelly sorry Shelly just starts
going some stink off of it
bump birdie for
hashtags I'll build a source I
hope you like it oh thank you
okay everyone I'm going to sit
and see if the dino expert is
going to talk a little early I
need a tombstone what why why
why does she need a a tune stone
for I don't understand
five nights at diners yes
who will be pretty cool remember
when we played for now for not
for that the robot team where
you could make your own for now
and I'm a dad I know and I'm
trying like oh look at the time
look at the time it left 23
hours left
until the update you guys it's
almost 8:00 p.m. where I live I
don't know where you guys live
23 hours left until Dino eggs
fossil eggs so until 4:00 so on
eggs wait what
if you put the text number I'm
not gonna mess with it again
nights at dinos there will be
cool we could build that
sometimes hear what if we build
that here or someone
else wait are you put more
she keeps putting stuff so so
lilius building rights okay
everyone quiet everyone be quiet
she's going to tell us about the
the Dinos
everyone listen to Lily she is
done or expert expert it's too
ET where I'm going to CT I know
what I means am I'm guessing
I'm guessing it's 2 p.m. so that
means that for you will come out
tomorrow at 1 p.m.
no no no okay so the dino expert
is on the stage she's
going to talk she's going to
answer all your Dino questions
hey oh please sit sit
there's enough chairs okay
there's enough chairs
for all you can you sit wherever
you want like in the middle
everyone sits done
says I am American welcome Chase
wait you were already here
you're not new are you just
saying that if you are American
and for you it will be
early tomorrow because it's all
so early now for you but I
am in the Netherlands and it's
late it is later where I live
and the update will be late why
does everyone put their stuff in
my house I I really think
me should add some more freedom
in controlling
who is in your house and who is
not in your house like you don't
like I cannot remove these
things can I I can't so
that is weird like why not allow
people to remove those things
from their own house I don't
I stress out just just do the
no she says she's stressed out
see all because there's people
on the stage all of stage
all of the stage donut okay guys
we can only have have everyone
wants to be on the stage she
wants to do the
dino talk Filipino it's true
too am 20 amp no wait 12 2 a.m.
you mean what
are you at night Jay's is 2 p.m.
okay then tomorrow at
1 p.m. for you will be Dino
update and for me it will be
7 p.m. after dinner but I will
have early dinner and then
stream for very long because we
try to collect
all the dinosaurs
we'll put dinosaurs here in in
Edina park bump bump bump but
I'm fine okay okay okay guys
guys everyone is on
the stage okay you know what
I've got a what if I put walls
walls what if I put
like like glass
like this guy put the glass like
can you jump over that
or they can always like jump
over it still yeah they can just
use the toys
to get over it hey whose egg is
this this
guys guys okay fine find I don't
know what to do
because people can go on stage I
don't know how to stop now just
do the talk and ignore the
people okay look wait okay
okay it is locked again but then
after that people
will go back in
lock I have an idea okay what
you going to do now what is she
up to this time I don't know
Daniel can you tell me when it
comes out my time is 11:04 and
for you it
is 1004 because it's just now –
one hour
for everyone it's now – one hour
but tomorrow so if
it's 11:00 for you then tomorrow
it will be 10 for you when and I
know scum
and also you can just see if you
go any
hang on okay capture copy can I
I okay I don't know if this is
gonna work
wait okay
can I move this and what happens
if I do this okay so if you go
into the
game and you look to the side it
says right here
it says right here how long it
is is
Dental the time it says to
decide how long it is until the
update you see the
update button that's why okay I
don't know why I made it that
clear okay there we go
okay I'm going to unlock the
house okay unlock okay
you inspired my name Dawson
whoo cool name say on the board
sit down please
okay okay okay
everyone sit down and listen
there you go everyone sit down
and listen
on the side okay so now I'm
going to unlock unlock again
okay okay they are Coburn
sit here Dino okay we're here
bumper-to-bumper wait am I
supposed to be
looking this direction okay fine
I'll sit sit here
I'll sit for the theater
okay the theatrical performance
can I join
fan of pork I don't know what
you mean / park ranger if you
want to be a park ranger you can
be accepted I'm Dory mom
cool to say about that why are
you climbing on me
why do you have such an evil
why are you climbing on me ah
blue man you look so blue you
look like Aladdin Genie Jeannie
genie from Aladdin Dora Iman
if Dora the Explorer was a
Pokemon into is Dora a month
I don't know say hi to you case
is starry night giri
girl okay hi to UK everyone in
the UK hi
to everyone in the UK and
everywhere else too thank you
for the sandwich and who gave
the thank you
if you wanted me to park ranger
that's cool for now we're just
pretending but maybe later we'll
give like
ranks to like donators like if
you don't eat this much your
park ranger and if you don't eat
this much your Ace
investor and if you donate this
much you are a Wrangler or a
dino expert everyone can have a
different job because there's so
many jobs in
Jurassic Park think about it
there's Dino Wrangler park
ranger dino doctor Dino feeder
we need regular janitors We need
regular like in if we have a
hotel in the park we need all
the normal things that our hotel
has which already a lot of
different jobs is that a ghost
what is that wait what there's a
there's a ghost I've seen ghosts
right now tetanus here cast
Dedham see a ghost
right now anyone else seeing
this ghost
hmm it's my house haunted I
think my house is haunted
oh no I removed his name now I
can really not see him oh no the
where's the ghost what
what cost what
are you doing where are you
trying to walk on the wall but
what's going on with the wall
Isis all the floors not perfect
oh that's fine that will sit
back down again again
okay Lily is beginning to don't
know talk everyone are you
sitting down bumper-to-bumper
bumper to bumper Alexander says
oh my God oh my God
oops I renewed the follower let
me actually
check YouTube yes yes we are
still live ten to our sorry not
10 hours that would be crazy
two hours and ten minutes brass
is really the
ghost we now know the language
of the ghost it's a bra bra
oh we have like a dragon or is
pterodactyl dude he has a baby
it's a pterodactyl
who took a baby
he is turn actual we're still
stolen and maybe from someone
that's not good everyone make
sure if
the dot pterodactyls ever
escaped go inside you have to go
inside they will never Escape
rule try best we have the best
security but if they do Escape
then make sure to always go
inside because they will come
from the sky Apple tribe yes
it's there
try books is dried Apple try it
should exist your voice is so
cute I think turn it
don't know why my voice is good
but thank you unless you're
still microphone is being weird
if my voice is like super low
then it's microphone problem I
hope that never happens again
again it's a ghost where's to go
it's now
where's the ghost I saw him I
saw a ghost I really
saw a ghost all right all right
now he's gone
I think
okay I think he's gone again did
he come from the grave of the
Aussie egg because
we made a grave for the Aussie
egg because tomorrow when a dino
egg comes the
oci goes away
call Ghostbusters Who you gonna
call Ghostbusters don't don't
don't we have another
Dilophosaurus okay Lily is doing
dyno chart you guys sit all for
chalk so it offered a no talk
show everyone at the
same time go pool party imagine
if you were in a room and
at the same time set the same
would be so loud Ghostbusters
I seen a ghost wait it out leg
leg should cost
I just hope she's doing the talk
okay back off the stage but
there should go sit next to her
at all don't out there goes to
spare bag ghost
why are you spamming hmm it's a
Spam ghost how do you
drink when you have a mask
I don't know how to do it so
I'll just do it can I
join the fan park ranger shirt
we will
try we will hire you if you have
a good resume okay
pom pom pom pom pom screams
loudly why is no one
sits and he don't sit I don't
know I don't know how
to control them I don't know how
to control
everyone it's too crazy everyone
is being too crazy what is this
oh no
went into the door again I fell
for it again is it the same
house from a
for I think it's the same house
it's at least I don't know it is
the same type house it's the
same time house house sorry my
Richie you know what happens
when we're life it she knows
happens it happens from the from
the mask I think
get all we have a new dog thank
you who gave the dog I didn't
see okay we will
we will name a dog after you
guys who is going to
be the dog is it going to be
easy a Z
how you have the dino Dome a
screw that's pretty cool Malick
Malik is the winner really
there we go Malik you're the
winner alright alright
alright alright alright you know
what I really need I need me
I need liking
Lego Star Wars like you have
hearts and I don't have those
Lego Star Wars
wars game
I mean the game not the sets I'm
Googling it hang on
okay so when you play Lego Star
Wars you have your face
like this in the blue but then
there's like hearts next to it
here on next to it there is
like hearts and coins oh that
would be cool if we have coins
if we put the subscribers his
coins that would be pretty cool
imagine that okay if we put some
hearts here that would be pretty
funny if you put some
hearts oh what's this go away go
away don't worry you don't see
it no I broke it
I broke it this time guys don't
okay okay okay okay invite me to
the fam all you want me to
be to invite you to the real
family I am in front of you wait
which one are you this is easy
I don't know dream is to meet a
where is it this one I don't
know which one it is Jenn-Air
boy is that
it it is that easy I don't know
which one is AC place
sorry sorry
I don't know how to cook them
they don't listen to the park
whoa this is like an egg from
egg hunt I remember this an egg
dude no no no
don't down – ooh cat someone
gave me a cat called Sebastian
that's cool
that is pretty cool give me 10
you put the comma in the wrong
place so
it's like 10:00 ten if we turn
around like so maybe why are you
not seeing my messages I'm not
about sorry
if he had the chat is going so
fast sometimes how much do I
need to donate to get park
ranger I don't know and I
haven't made official ranks yet
like that but that is something
I want to do like Park Rangers
would be maybe normal
okay so visitor if you don't
donate it would be Fister and if
you are a
mod you are a then you are
security or tour guide if you R
mod or admin yeah smart would be
tour guide
admin would be security I would
be like the boss of the park
John Hammond but I don't know
what you would call that CEO I
would be the CEO and then if you
donate a little bit you can have
like a random
I gave your sheep in who oh
thank you I didn't even see
because now I have a cat can you
name it after me
it's random who wins the name
thing here the bot picks a
random person
sorry for my own son didn't
sleep that much need more sleep
why tonight I'm going to sleep a
lot so tomorrow I will be super
and then we will go live like
super long we go live so long
can I join your family I don't
really know about family how
okay I'm going to leave family
I'll just do go into a random
guys going to someone's random
family join family
I don't want to be the leader of
the family anymore
anymore oh god what happened oh
the person whose house it was
left will Vince I know your name
will Finn's so is it
this type of house that so big
on the inside because that's
crazy I mean
mine is pretty I'm really happy
how big – but this one is like
kind of like insane like
look this is literally just a
another house in it that is
actually crazy crazy
bumper-to-bumper to Bumper with
okay I don't understand wait
there is an actual gravestone I
built my own gravestone out of
blocks I didn't know there was
an actual version item whoa look
at how Wild is disco ball is
what can you put multiple inside
of each other
don't be wild do this look this
actually looks cool this
actually looks cool please can I
give you robots I'm not really
a giveaway kind of YouTuber but
I'll do give I'll give away some
stuff in this game when I'm done
with the
dino updates and don't we
and stuff and then we will move
on to other games because the
adopt me craziness I don't know
how long
it will be done on Saturday or
if we'll do it for another week
but what we once
we're finally done with the
adopt me craziness of the Dynamo
update I'll go back to building
in Parker Soros and I'll
probably give away all my adopt
me stuff to you guys
why goes to
why or how did you goes to
something where's the ghost I
don't see the ghost I think it's
or maybe it's still in my house
I'm not sure bump bump bump bump
okay which outfits do I have
Dino things outfits
this is my Dino of random dino
stuff outfit I don't know which
one of my outfits is the
best which one is my best outfit
I'm not really sure
that that lie man it is a man
who is also your dad dad cool
okay I'll be paleontologist
we also have paleontologist who
are indirectly working for the
park they will just continue
their jobs as usual
in the people in their regular
place of work however they will
work as advisors for the park
and they will give any
information that they can find
that the park might need and
sometimes they will also work as
tour guides but usually they are
over qualified as tour guides
okay what is this
dude you actually build
a house inside your house
there's a house inside your
house how can I be a house
inside your house
and it's crazy pick up my cat
pick up your get cut and go dude
there's a lot of cool Halloween
can I pay 500 adopt me money to
get a rank sure I don't know how
to give
rank so we're just pretending so
yeah but sure
do what you want it's just like
pretend rank for now
turn turn turn
or maybe it should be like on
depending on total donate money
or something I don't know
know so my daily log in is
seven I'm proud of that okay I
logged in every day for seven
days that's the most I ever had
my house has a house or was it
you you was it body
bum bum ba dum bum bum bum
Okay so we still don't know if
we still
don't know how much the egg the
dinosaur egg will be everyone
thinks the dino egg will be 750
dollars in this game oh thank
you for paying the key your I
will consider you a
park ranger
or a park worker whichever you
want to me okay okay fun fact my
time is an hour behind yours
whoo then you must be like UK or
something like that that means
for you it will come out
tomorrow at 6:00 6:00 p.m. for
you will be Dido update
and we will be live but for
today sadly sadly I
have to end the live my friends
I have to end the live stream
because we have been
live for two
two and a half is almost and I
have to prepare for tomorrow
because tomorrow we will go Live
extra long at least three hours
we will go long live we will be
live before the diner's come out
and then the dinosaurs will come
anyway before then I will play
some more I will not
be live but I will be playing
and I will keep my join button
on so join me if you want and
I will need to finish all of
these rooms for all the
dinosaurs so let's look one more
because we still have
to dinosaur in here okay so here
we have the Tasmanian Tiger Mt
Triceratops is empty oh no empty
empty and I don't know it this
model Donna still here is a cat
would tasks so beautiful
the dodo is here he has a
balloon now and he has a pet
goat nibbles what
a beautiful name for a beaver
nibbles I like that I love the
name is the best name for beaver
we have to T-rex's you guys we
have two T Rexes rawr okay stand
back everyone
everyone don't get the t-rex and
don't go in there because you
will get eaten by a T-Rex s
Everyone be very careful and
let's see here we have the
Deinonychus which is just a blue
guy for some reason
I don't want just kind of looks
like a Dino what does he say out
okay we have a dynamic is and a
genie from Aladdin we have
pterodactyl you have wings so
you kind of look like a
pterodactyl's because you have
wings then we have the ma'am
both are cool so I really love
outfit that you made the mammoth
outfit over here that is so
beautiful and then of course the
elephant is the one that looks
the most like the mammoth here
if the stegosaurus which is for
some reason a golden Gryphon and
then we have the ground sloth
is an altar for some reason I
don't know why and there's a
penguin in my house flying
around I don't really do why
anyway oh thank you
doctor for paying you will be
considered an act worker
everyone who wants to work for
the park you can work for the
park okay we need as many
workers as possible anyway
that's going to have to be the
end for me thank you guys so
much for watching spook drought
thank you for subscribing and
welcome to the channel and I
everyone will come back tomorrow
same time we'll be here when
this timer right here when this
timer gets to zero
zero we will be here and a dino
update will be here that will be
dinosaurs eggs
Dino eggs and we will try to buy
all the dinosaur eggs that we
can and hopefully we'll get a
Dodo or a T-Rex for our park and
all the other dinosaurs and
is going to be so awesome anyway
thank you guys so much for
see you guys tomorrow in the
live stream thank you for
watching thank you for playing
thank you for being nice don't
forget to Stomp Like a dinosaur
now we need an outro song but
the song just ended
all right we'll just have to
this is the outro song bye-bye

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