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Hello success seekers and welcome to Furetastic
. In this video I'm going to talk about some
of the lessons that you can get from the movie
the peaceful warrior.
*Firstly lets talk about the movie at a whole.
This movie is a wonderfully moving and inspirational
cinematic experience.A young and promising
gymnast has set his sights on winning gold
at the Olympics.Justifiably, perhaps, he becomes
very conceited and cocksure.
One early morning, unable to sleep, he goes
for a run, and meets the proprietor of the
local convenience and mechanic store, a character
played by Nick Nolte.
From then on, Dan's life changes completely,
as he discovers his certainties and his convictions
rapidly eroding.
The movie re iterates the tenet that anything
is possible to the person who lives in the
moment, and doesn't let his past and future
overtake his present.
An ounce or two of magic, a smattering of
philosophy and oodles of inspirational messages
make this a movie that is definitely worth
So now lets dive into the lessons from the
1.Knowledge is not what you study but what
you gather from experience.
-If you are updated with our videos then you
might know this because i have said this a
couple of times on the video like The alchemist
summary,lessons from Aankho Dekhi etc.
How much time has it happened to you when
someone says that take this medicine when
X disease attacks you.?
It just remains on your brain without use
but at the time of emergency it doesnt work,
instead you needed something else.
You see then you come to know from your experience
that what works and what doesnt.
Knowledge is gained either by books or through
the real world scenarios.
The knowledge gained by books lets a person
know about the theory, but by experience,
he can feel and understand the complete mechanism
There is a saying,'Not everything that is
learned is contained in the books'.
There are certain things which a person learns
through the experiences in life.
Such as feeding the child, upbringing the
child, walking, swimming and many more.
Though a person may have knowledge about the
skills required to swim or drive by reading,
but, until he experiences it, he cannot learn
to swim or drive.
Experience is said to be the best teacher.
It allows the person to understand the practical
aspects.Without experience, there will never
be true knowledge.
You may think you know, but only with experience
will you have anything more than grasping
at an idea.
Therefore, experience is more preferred than
People are not their thoughts and the mind
is just a reflex organ.
People think they are their thoughts and it
brings all kinds of sadness.
Million of thoughts you have everyday reveals
no more thing about you than a freckle does
at the end of your nose.
The first time I watched this movie, I didn't
really give this any thought; but, the fact
is, if you accept it, this philosophy is an
extremely freeing outlook on life.
Think about how much guilt people can carry
around about the things they think.
But why?
What do your thoughts have to do with anything?
It is our actions and our practices that define
who we are.
This is also represented in the anime movie
"i want to eat your pancreas"where the boy
develops the thoughts about what other people
think about him.
If you want a video on that,comment below.
But again Like Soc. says, so many of our thoughts
are just reflex reactions to things we see
and hear every day – they are not who we are.
How freeing!
3.Life is about developing the wisdom to apply
the right leverage in the right place at the
right time.
It's about knowing what to say and when to
say and how to say it, so that the outcome
of the intention of saying it is achieved.
This applies to doing as well.Too many times
people say or do something based on their
limited premise of 'right' & 'wrong'.
But what outcome do we aim to get?
That is usually ignored or worst is the person
themselves forgot.
Then it becomes a reactionary response without
Knowing the right leverage puts the focus
on the outcome, instead of the process.
There's never nothing going on.There are no
ordinary moments.
If you pay enough attention and look closer,
there is never nothing going on.Something
is always happening, whether we can see that
or not, and the great part of this is that
what is happening, is always impacting our
Let me give you an example.
Those who know me know that i am a nyctophile
person and I love the moon, as it teaches
me so much.
As usual this morning I was doing my early
morning walk – I love saluting the moon
before sunrise, she always leaves me with
an inspiration, and this morning it happened
The moon was showing off her silhouette “C”
in the night sky.
It was the “waning crescent” phase of
the moon, which is when the moon has a “smaller
part of its visible surface illuminated so
that it appears to decrease in size.”
It is the last phase of the moon cycle.
At this point, the moon continues to shrink
until it becomes invisible, and that is when
we name it the “new moon.”
The new moon is invisible to our eyes; it
is fully there and yet invisible.
I find this fascinating and it makes me wonder…When
we feel and think that nothing is going on
in our life, nothing is happening as events
don’t seem to occur, is it possible that
we are living a “new moon” phase in our
Events invisible to the eyes, and yet there
fully happening?
Is it possible that things, events, people
are not currently visible into our life or
experiences, but since there is never nothing
going on, and always something happening that
touches our life and exist even if we don’t
see it, is it still possible that everything
is on its way into our lives, and things,
events, people, will just simply appear when
the right phase is mature?
Do not be discouraged when stillness is there,
when silence and no events seem to happen.
When you feel like you are in a corner or
in a desert-like experience, and nothing happens
and nobody shows up, trust in life because
there is never nothing going on.
You might just be in your new moon phase and
surprises are just a shift away.
Death isn't sad, the sad thing is people don't
live at all.
Most people never live at all.It is a waste
of time thinking about death if it’s only
going to keep you up at night worrying.
Being anxious about the inevitable seems a
little pointless to me, since there’s nothing
we can do to stop it.
Yeah, we can cure disease, but to put it bluntly
for the purposes of making my point, it’s
just delaying the inevitable.
People spend their life thinking about the
scenarios thats never gonna happen.They worry
about everything and forget to live their
own life.Living life mindfully, consciously
and living the smallest moment of life is
tht thing people needs to do.
Because when you are on your death bed you
wont think about your wealth rather enjoying
the time that you had.
So why not do it now??
Anyway this is it it for today guys.
I hope you got to learn something new.
Apply the lessons in your life I'm 100% sure
it would create a difference.If you like the
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Goodbye, stay safe, stay productive, peace

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