Linfadenite tuberculosa /Tuberculous lymphadenitis
Greetings, my name is Jezreel, I am a radiologist
And this is yet another video for students and health professionals
In this video we will talk about this image
Okay, so this is the image.
Computed tomography of the neck, with contrast
Let's quickly review the anatomy
We have the vertebra here
Vertebral canal
Here the thyroid gland
lobe, isthmus and left lobe
Here are the carotid arteries
and here the right internal jugular vein and left
This is not a normal anatomical structure, next to the vessels
This is a lymph node.
And this is another lymph node
But note that there was a peripheral annular enhancement
And the central portion is not enhanced by contrast
Because it is necrotic
When the lymph node enhances at the periphery and not the central portion
Assumes a central necrosis in this lymph node
Here the reconstruction in the coronal plane
Here the internal jugular veins
Note that there are multiple lymph nodes
multiple lymph nodes
The majority with peripheral enhancement without central enhancement
Bilateral cervical necrotic lymph nodes
This is not pathognomonic.
However when we have lymph node enlargement with a necrotic center
Some diseases must be remembered immediately
One of them is tuberculosis
Another is paracoccidioidomycosis
Another is cat scratch disease
These 3 diseases should always be remembered
In this case it was tuberculous lymphadenitis

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