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hello youtube family I am your friend dr Gaurav Sardana
welcoming you to female delivery part 2
those who have not seen part 2 should see part 1 first
link is in the i button
a topic which was not covered in part 1 will be covered in this part
1st we'll discuss about the products discussed in the last video
second is when the delivery of a female dog starts how will we know about it
and the possible complication that can occur in the dog during delivery
and how can u solve that at home
and at what point you need a veterinarian
so friends lets proceed with the video
so the first part was how do we recognize that female is going to deliver
as you know gestation period is of approx 60 days days
which can extend sometimes
reason being some people calculate days from mating days which is actually false
sometimes when female and male dog mate
male's sperm which enters female tracts
can sometimes stay alive for up to 7 day
for example, if we mate female on the 1st of any month
it can happen that the fusion of sperm and ovule start on the 7th of that month
so when we calculate that 60 days
it might be 67-68 days which is absolutely normal
so you should consider this while calculating
when actual delivery of female starts
she starts to show nesting behavior prior to 2-3 days
experience breeder can correlate to this
female starts digging ground more often..she starts selecting a place for delivery
generally when we have a female dog at our house
and she can't find a place to dig which indicates her nesting behavior
she starts jumping on the floor
which indicates that delivery will happen in 1-2 days
when the actual time of delivery arrives, when the pain is about to start
she generally starts panting loudly
which means she starts breathing fast witch tongue stuck outside
which clearly shows she will deliver in sometime
there is one more scientific way to know about delivery
her rectal temperature drops
so whenever we test her fever. 6-7 hours prior delivery
her temperature increases to 99 f which server as an indication of delivery
in part 1 people asked about when to use honey, when to remove clamps
honey given to puppy is actually to develop his grip
generally, it is hard for a puppy to develop a grip
to make reflux we take a drop of honey on a finger and give it to the puppy
which I'll show practically
it helps to make grip and sting reflux starts
2nd importance of giving honey is that
after 6-7 hours of delivery the first puppy gets some energy until other baby are born
another product that was betadin.where to use betadin?
it is used where this calmp is givin to child
and the naval part that is left in front.. we have to apply betadin continously on top of it
so that he doesnt have any infection through navel
someone asked this question that when to remove clamp
clamp's purpose is basically to stop bleeding
it can be removed anytime from 2-3 hours or 6-7 hours depending on your convience
is the bleeding stops then removing after 2-3 hours is also safe
we even use single calmps for differnet baby
after2-3 hours of one puppy is completed we use the same clamp on the new one born
so this clamp can be shared as well
these were some questions which i answered
what are the possible implication that can take place in female during delivery?

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