Join us on a special Frankenstein’s Monster of a show which is part Beat Saber, Part Fundraiser and all lulz. In addition, we have some cringe/funny stories and …
December while indoctrinated
could not explain his toxicity
you should not listen the men's
rights Advocates if you want to
know what they have to say say
okay hello everybody
and welcome to Honey Badger
radio my name is Brian I'm here
with Alison this is the
hbr fundraising man splaining
beat sabering sabering Prince
Fest stream
where we try to entertain you
guys with music bright colors
light sabers
articles and maybe a little bit
of rants and rage
in the hopes that we get raise a
few shekels
so so I do see that we already
have a request
but Allison why don't you
explain how this works oh sure
this works well I don't know if
it'll get too much rage this
tends to be our chill it's why
some people like it
so just so you know what I'm
playing right here is called
bead saber and it
involves hitting these blue and
red blocks to the beat
of songs and you can request
those songs but first where you
them please make sure that they
are in existence yeah I going to
be saber be I will
type it in the chat be saber
saber dot-com make sure
to be confirmed that
the song exist or just go there
look for one maybe you'll find
something you've never heard
I know that before we started
doing these I never heard of
Sabaton and now I know of the
bards of metal
because there's at least one
request for a Sabaton song every
time we do one
of these that's just one example
so I think it's because the they
are power metal and people want
to challenge me me okay yeah so
how we do this is if you have a
request and you've made sure
that it is
indeed in the library you just
send through a super chat
with the name of the song and I
will play it and there's a catch
I manage to successfully grew go
through the song without dying
then then you will go to feed
the dot-com
/ I'm about to fail because Mike
just had a huge glitch but
/ project / Badger – media –
Blitz and put
$25 in the Hat to pay for Brian
crewman Hannah's work
for the month of October
so you get a song give me
playing a song and they get they
get to
continue to do their work for
honey badger radio
or to you be supported in their
work for honey badger radio
so it's like a win-win-win there
you go that's what we'll call it
all right so just send a super
with those requests and if I get
through the song just put
$25 in the Hat for Brian pillman
Hannah if I'm unable to get
through the song and
I managed to get through the
song on slow or no fail and I
get in the leaderboard with in
the top 100 that is also
considered a
because some of these songs that
you guys send our trollee
are trollee and insane so that's
only for the super duper
ridiculously like broken songs
though yeah well I mean if you
get in the top 100 in the
leaderboards usually is because
the song is insane
on slow or no fail it's because
of the song is ridiculously hard
right so that's my Hail Mary
option to get through the song
but usually I'll just go through
on on whatever regular setting
it well Expert Plus I play
everything on expert but if you
don't have an expert plus
version of your song I'll play
it on whatever version you have
all right so let's put the
request in just running yep hold
on just a second I'm just
sending a message to Hannah all
right I did know we have like
four requests already so okay
this is good Joss Ricketts gives
us a hundred
and says any Muse song of your
choice so why don't you go ahead
and put Muse mu SE and let's see
what songs are available and
I love muse so I want to be the
one to pick mmm
so newborn Muse newborn what
else this area
you do that one propaganda Muse
muse all right yeah that was
also auto-generated oh that
sucks okay
Joss Ricketts right now I'm just
going to do this I'm going to
see what the auto generated
looks like
oh God God oh yeah
this is uh let me think
that's not that bad bad is this
the sounds you wanted to
this is awesome it's a good song
yeah yeah
so they basically can on hurry
know well
I mean maybe I make this look
easy easy
well I'm just I'm used to seeing
a lot more chaos that's what I
mean well this is a little
difficult because of the angle
cuts it's a little awkward but
you're right it's not that
but it's an automatic generated
map maybe it's a good
way to like you know practice
those angular hits
you know
like I used to I used to play a
lot of rock rock band
Expert with the guitar on
almost every song say for a
couple of the really really
intense ones and I noticed that
there were some songs that are
set up to teach you how to do or
that you can use to get better
at certain techniques whether
that was
you know Hammer ons or Hammer
offs or chords you know which is
like hitting multiple things at
the same time or really
really fast like clicks where
you're like you know jamming up
and down on the on the bar
really fast to hit a lot of
faster notes
and so you could do like oh you
know the songs are going to do
more of this which lets me
practice it and then there are
some that sort of mix mix fatso
so I don't know I mean I know
this is auto-generated
but I guess I'm trying to look
at the bright side of
existence yeah you can sort of
tell that this is not
it's hammer-ons and pull-offs
I'm sorry I forgot the
hmm yeah it's good song I also
have articles
so many articles so many
articles okay that's great well
how are we going to
find a a what how are we going
to decide
between your many articles well
I'm going to tell everybody the
articles and the size
on the article all right so
let's go through a couple
in Denmark there is a Danish
children's TV show
that has a central message
message one positivity it's been
trying to say normal bodies look
like this this
and what it does is
it features naked adults adults
of different body types that I
guess are supposed to
they face the children
completely naked with their
hands and arms folded behind our
backs it's called Ultra strips
down which is supposedly
communicating about a message of
body positivity so we
could like go into that and find
out what the deal is with this
I don't know what's going on
you Nordic right there I don't
know I don't know it's like
what okay meanwhile in Denmark
that's all I can say yeah
what's the next actually before
you continue what's the next
song the next yeah Yeah
Song Jos Ricketts again gives us
to a hundred rubles
Thank You Joss and requests
ghost I guess the band's name is
Ghost the song is called
rats so make sure that you guys
go to be to confirm
that the song is available and
just in case it's always good
to have a backup because
sometimes it seems like it's
happening it happens a bit like
I think we
run into this at least once per
stream where a song will not
actually work for other reasons
because they are mods and mods
are imperfect is there any
additional information because
I'm not getting goes yeah he
just throw ghost
so is that nothing there no I'm
not give us give us a backup you
can tag me at Badger live
streams in a comment in this
we're formation yeah yeah or
just give us more info but tag
me in the chat you don't
necessarily have to send another
Super chat or you could just
give us an alternative some
other way but make sure that you
go to be the see if
it's there if you'd like I could
just play another room use
because newborn is also good so
I don't doing that beta mosquito
or Uprising I
like Uprising it's pretty it's
pretty mainstream but it's good
beta mosquito gives us five
dollars Australian and says
Devin Townsend
Genesis and then he says it
ramps those who if you can't get
past the to 30 Mark make it
Townsend why so he gave us a
backup Devin Townsend Townsend
is Devon is d e VI n Townsend is
t o WN SE ND
and the
song is called Jenna Isis hey
you know Rebel Wilson lost a
bunch of weight I see people
talking about Rebel Wilson and
the chat Rebel Wilson who was
known for being basically
Melissa McCarthy but
from Australia or whatever New
Zealand I'm not sure she lost a
bunch of weight and people are
pissed at her they play him
I don't know there was another
there was another famous singer
who was
fat and lost a bunch of ways not
the time to be fat it
was no it's not it was what's
her name adèle Adele Adele lost
a bunch of weight and feminist
got pissed too
all right um next next request
all right let me so you get that
did you get Genesis I did I
apologize for being such a Spur
but you know I do have to get my
request in all right Albatross
flight gives us five bucks and
request X's
best friend by Machine Gun Kelly
X's best friend so
so e^x apostrophe s
all right
John's Ricketts says just do
music again okay so he gave us a
backup he wants music again he
says it was
on be I'm sorry Joss I
don't know I don't know why it's
not showing up in the search
box of his best friend what's
the rest Machine Gun Kelly
machine Machine Gun Kelly maybe
if you just put in machine
well what might have happened is
I just can't find it
so I need more information but
another way to narrow it down
okay download all right and then
the other
one was Muse just go music again
and see if he eats a see if
Uprising is in
there if not just do newborn so
try and Muse uprising
do you have another request
no I got a super chat from
Albert data retro for five
dollars Canadian and he says
Allison what did you think of
those vids I sent any rants her
potential oh shoot I don't even
remember them anymore how did
you send them
if you sent to my email I might
not have have look them up
just tell me what you all right
so we're going to do genesis by
town Devin Townsend
okay and he said it ramps up at
about 2 minutes and 30 seconds
and if you can't do it as a
backup song
okay so this is Devin Devin
Townsend all right so back to
the articles articles I also
have a slate
because slate is always good for
cringe this is an
integer yes
I know there's a way you can put
cringe and vintage in the same
word just can't figure it out
cringed hitch greenish tinge
that is craved
yes all right so this is a from
by a rich rich Jews we are
the article is entitled how
to do it Yak Jews we act no
that's literally his name ju Z
wi AK Rich Jews whack he writes
do I get a say in how am I sugar
baby markets her sex work online
it's a it's a it's a
column it's one of those a
scabby things I think
so yeah do I get a say in how my
sugar baby markets her sex work
online that's the that's that
title then then
I got one from motherboard
motherboard is the feminist Tech
wing of which is the
feminist website
basically the whole thing is
feminists don't even know why
they bother making an area of
Vice extra feminist but it's
entitled how much I make a zany
girl for hire in this economy
some gamer girls are offering to
play video games online
with lonely strangers for cash
cash oh man
man what can we do that where it
ramps up
oh no I just got to into I've
got to
focused on what you were saying
oh in my article yeah so
there is a new levels of simp
simple Edge going on so yeah
some gamer girls are offering to
play video games online with
lonely strangers for cash I
don't think
this is new I think I've heard
about this years ago to so it's
probably just
sort of become
more really advanced then I have
this article from medium it's
really just a Blog and
it's entitled girlfriends which
is in quote so I can only assume
it's a
TV show or something showed us
what a toxic friendship looks
like can we really talk about
Joan and Tony two girls so
it's some TV show from the early
2000s then I
got this one one from
called why
I love Lisa is one of the most
terrifying Simpsons
episodes so I love Lisa is a
episode of The Simpsons where
I think it's a son
of the police guy I forget his
name we see if I can find
it you know I'm talking about so
there's like
Ralph Lisa and Ralph Ralph falls
in love with Lisa or gets a
crush on her so it's an old
episode that's is that the I
Chew Chew choo Choose You
episode and so this person is
saying why I love Lisa is one of
the most terrifying Simpsons
Simpsons episodes
all right hmm then I got an
antidote to toxic masculinity
the moss grows
of tick-tock it's a note
tick-tock is the
moss Bros of tick-tock the
antidote toxic masculinity oh
that's it right there huh
yeah sit right there I'm gonna
have to do it on
a slow song song
Steve I can even comprehend
what's going on
I want to see if that actually
is legit or if it's trollee
is this the
no it's legit it's just
that's on 80% though
are you going to try it figure
out the pattern pattern
going that fast
but now with it a little bit
slower I can see the pattern
yeah although now it's going I
hate to say it I can see this
there's so much going on at once
yeah he's great this is one hell
of a hardcore song song
I think I probably could get
through this on a slower speed
like on slow yeah yeah like
the slow that you get
automatically yes a bit slower
slower than this so
this is definitely something I
had to focus on yeah
yeah so has anybody else
something no not yet I haven't
seen any super chats for
it but people are expressing an
interest in
Ralph and Lisa looks like I also
have the
one of the last thing is this
one from a Hollywood Reporter
notebook Kamala Harris rises
above a man splaining Mike Pence
and vice
presidential debate
yes mansplaining became the
topic of discussion Alison your
thing dropped your
particular stream
yeah it made my computer wow
all right you're back so that is
quite the strong
but that is quite the song oh hi
Joe don't you just came back
from a walk
walkies all right so I'm open
this up again let's do if nobody
has a has a preference we could
do the I love Lisa one
okay okay okay
and I will try this on slower
song and see where we get
whoo who all right
so yeah it's an old it's an old
episode but this is a new let me
see how
old this article is oh yeah no
it's from today all right so
our it's not a stay this this
medium blog about
I love Lisa yeah it's from today
does October I'm sorry
it's from yesterday October 8th
that's ridiculous
somebody was like watching The
Simpsons episodes and was like
oh my God problem mad at you
by One Rachel presser holy basis
match the opinion that's what
that's all I can say about that
let me I'm going to show you
guys really quick this is faces
that match the opinion green
hair overweight smug
okay so so
press or the writer of this
article oh I well she just wants
to prove that
even fat chicks can find the p
in their mattress yes
growth some if you have if you
find the
genome address it's a problem
with your self-control
yes stop eating green peas in
your sleep we're getting someone
to label them into your mouth
while you're breathing in the
right direction all right so
Rachel presser is a game
developer writer small business
and tax consultant to
Indie devs above all socialists
Child shitposting crazy
toad lady from the Bronx that's
how in the end the
this is all cap
it's in it's got capitalized
letters like it's an official
price gentrified gentrified now
or something yeah probably
all right so that's a little bit
our author let's find out what
she has to say she mean by toad
lady I think it's obvious
maybe she owns a pet toad and
she thinks it's like the best
ever because they're even lower
maintenance than cats I don't
know I'm just going to start
at at
at 2:00 minutes in I don't have
to go through that again I won't
be able to get on the
though though all right so
she see what she says I love
Lisa from the fourth season of
The Simpsons is still worth a
watch but contain some
content and Concepts that are
more frightening
and hindsight's than any horror
movie Andy horror movie
oh God this is gonna be really
it's gonna be quite a challenge
to I'm going to come back to
this one okay
I'm gonna come back that so I'm
to net my ass his best friend
all right let's do that one I
will go back to that one that
one he gave you a backup he gave
you a backup song so he's giving
you an out remember so yeah send
us more
requests I did get one but we'll
wait until you're caught up you
guys can
even if I fail your song send
the new song in a Super Chat
so we can keep track of
everything all right
okay so let's go ahead and read
this yeah with Halloween coming
up you'd think this would be a
good time for a Treehouse of
Horror retrospective but given
that The
Simpsons was so Visionary and
reflective of our culture when
it first rose in prominence in
the 1990s revisiting episodes
from the show's
golden age are more my jam after
all I remember seeing most of
these episodes when I was a
child and it was this huge
huge subversive before animated
shows for adult audiences became
a regular occurrence and
something more frightening than
any references to The Shining or
well-placed retro horror
pastiche that classic
Valentine's Day tail of
love between two Springfield and
school children I love Lisa
I Revisited Selma's choice and
looking at how attitudes towards
single women over
30 have evolved at an utterly
utterly glacial pace and it
turns out that several
ladies and I love Lisa also
speak to truly horrific
undercurrents in American
society that sadly have not
changed much
I love Lisa is still a fantastic
episode that serves as an
example of The Simpsons golden
age in the early 1990s when this
type of
animated show was incredibly new
and subversive hey you said
subversive again you must be
it's still chock-full of those
genius tidbits
you won't catch or don't
remember until the third or
fourth viewing although it
certainly contains some social
mores best left in the Clinton
era get to an action is
something interesting now how
many of them have persisted and
this he has like subchapters for
this blog post
the weaponization of of women's
guilt so to start with there's a
bit of a double standard in our
society oh I can't
wait to hear this what's the
standard oh boy and I just
finished X best friends whoo 86
in the
leaderboard for what it's worth
now I'm gonna do uprising all
okay this should be good
yeah it is good I'm already
enjoying this more than a
fucked-up article
particularly up
okay so sorry up Bronx I'm so
edgy so to start with there's a
bit of a double standard
standard in our society men are
not socialized in any uncertain
to feel bad about telling a
woman who's into him that he
doesn't feel the same way about
her when a woman doesn't
reciprocate a man's expectant
like what the remember cases
that match the opinion okay no
you you cannot you cannot do
this because if
there is money out there
Point toward shaming men for
their sexual preferences
preferences is there money for
the put out there for them for
women are there is there an
movement legitimate legitimated
by Academia
median government that
essentially says that women
don't have a right to their
no there is not so you are so
it's just like right off the bat
she's Prague I'm guessing that
she's experienced
men say you know I'm not
interested in you she wants to
take the ability of
for them to continue to do so
away away oh man and how can we
even say this men can be men
can tell women that they don't
find the truth okay two men and
Public's 82
to say I don't find that women
women attractive
yeah without getting any kind of
huge amount of social censure
and the other thing is that this
doesn't even work when we're
talking about individual cases
because there is a lot of
pushback on men denying the
advances of
women women yeah I remember
you from oh are you gay too even
thinking that because she likes
you you should like her her
you know I want to say it's like
listening to
somebody who has absolutely no
knowledge of what they are are
pining on
I don't even know where she gets
that like how is that even
especially since she's probably
somebody who would Advocate that
men should be ashamed for their
preferences yeah I would guess
that when you look like this
you probably do have an opinion
on what men's men's preferences
up no no but look look look her
look up her name and see if
she's done any fat shaming
articles would you amount to
maybe yes men no no I mean
fat shaming or against been
having a shootout yes
that do not include women who
look like her yeah I'm pretty
sure I'll go ahead and see what
else she's written but I think
it looks to me like like
but she's their preferences
so the fact that men's
preference is exists offends her
most likely
all right what's the next
requests because I'm going to go
back to Genesis
okay you want me to give you
some more request let's see
her she writes about just you
know about dating Sim
video games why does everything
sucks so much because of people
like you like
you know like yeah exactly like
I'm just just mad mad at
everything thing
and it's everybody else's fault
that's why I and it makes me
even more mad glad why
I'm glad I was single during the
hardest moments of aren't a
partnership yeah I'm sure the
fleeting patter of toad pods
just just clean your room lady
all right so away from that all
the what's the request
Richard be are gives us $4.99
and says Naked Danes please
naked Danes please
please I don't know what that is
do you know what that is no just
break it Danes oh no no she he
wants to talk about the naked
Danes article although the
Danish thing okay okay okay let
have any more song requests X is
best friend Coast rats get the
song requests in do the backup
song though for
beta mosquito the other Devin
Townsend it's called why
Devin Townsend why while we're
and oh I need to get another
request from beta mosquito
but you have two other songs so
so Devin Townsend Y and then I
got one more
towns and or Santa is end
and Santa Fe County Townsend
yes send SES beginning it okay
what's the other requests from a
mosquito beta mosquito says
thanks for taking on my
challenge have a fun one instead
cake Shadow stabbing
us $5 Australian Richard gave us
five dollar five pounds didn't
include a song request but I
think he meant to so Richard
just type it in and tag at
Badger live streams make sure I
see it otherwise I might miss it
Grand jurors asks
does beat saber have any prints
I don't know Al Allison does
beat saber have prints it might
I know that Prince was extremely
territorial about his music
but he's been dead for a while
so it might be in in there
but once it was has Shadow
stabbings this would be an
excellent way to get a new
interested in your music yeah he
know this will probably get us
demonetized try got prints cream
bream of there is print on here
yeah there is Prince make sure
again if you don't know
go to be and search it
up okay anything else are we got
I think that I think that
Richard meant to give us a
request but it didn't come
through I'll just wait till he
do I and Shadow or cake Shadow
or sounds sounds okay okay
so I got two songs already but
that sounds your songs in all
when might have to actually
split this into part on Sunday
oh Richard did he wants one week
by Barenaked Ladies oh okay I
think we did that one last time
but yeah okay so let's go back
to this article by this
really Modern Woman
entrepreneurial my guess we have
to do the naked
you know what I saw want
to make a Danes he want the
article but I've already started
so yeah let's continue all right
we got confused I'm
how much can you say the Danes
are getting naked again in front
of their children Nordic thing
it's like they're aliens we'll
see we'll see if we get through
this one without like walking
away but all right
Beyond probably do that in there
they're saunas or something yeah
who knows who knows like I could
be completely innocent because
it's just a different culture
hmm okay so the weaponization
life locked up I'm not sure I'm
happy with this particular
concept of doing this in like
a classroom with kids like no
it's like a children's TV show
so it's not just like in a
controlled it's like in front of
like children in the audience
but also on television
yeah but there why would they do
that when kids don't look like
that yet somebody
some body positivity
well we see it's about the
targeted audiences are
supposedly between 11 and 13
year old
kids so I guess they're there
right when they're about to
start thinking about that stuff
maybe and again I'm not making
any excuses I'm just trying to
explain the logic and I'm like
yeah but why don't you tell
interesting yeah yeah I'm not
sure if that's AI don't know it
doesn't seem like it would
have the desired effect because
people will always have their
hmm you know it's like for the
most part people's bodies aren't
going to prevent them from
finding a mate well now they
will because we've destroyed
pair bonding but
yeah well anyway all right
anyway I kind of thought like
maybe this whole thing about
Chad's that
insults have our because the
requirements for getting
laid have become so high I don't
know for men
I think so yeah I think it's a
it's sort of a product of
the Hook-Up culture created that
was think about it overblown
female entitlement
mmm the internet in general
because before the internet you
basically had to work with what
was around you know it was in
your community but when you have
the internet you can like talk
to people anywhere and people
will relocate and I think that
there are more likely to have
you know like oh I think I want
some of that over there you know
where as before you just were
well this is the city I live in
or the town I live in or
whatever and I the school I go
to with a place I work and this
is just where where people are
and going to pick from this pool
you know I don't know
oh no No all right so anyway
let's get to Black to the
double standard our society men
are not socialized in any
uncertain terms to feel bad
about telling
a woman who's
into him that he doesn't feel
the same way about her but when
a woman doesn't reciprocate a
man's expression of romantic or
sexual interest it's considered
a gallon achievement if he takes
it well and respectfully moves
on on
that rejection can be met with
her being called a a or
even met with violence with a
link which I'm going to look at
really quick
what does this link to
medium another
rejection killings need to be
tracked to more women died this
week after saying
no Jessica Valenti no thanks
um internet Edge Lords bemoan
being placed in the
friend zone put a pin in that
we're coming back to it later
and Zone if women can't deny
their advances yeah no there
they're afraid to because if
they do
deny them they get murdered I
think that's pretty rare
probably about his common as the
reverse to be honest yeah well
maybe not but but still I don't
know it's just one of those
where we're going to find the
most extreme and then judge
everybody everybody buy it which
you know if we did that with
women I don't think women would
make out very well either either
what song did you finish just
this is cake before beta
Alison wasn't able to pull off
Genesis but she did why so
appreciate if you go to
feed the and handle
that and I'm right I might
try Genesis again though you
know yeah she made I don't like
it when I can't complete
something I'm quite proud there
you go
all right you have any more
two more Richard gave us one and
Robert Michael gave us one but
I'm going to wait until that
song is over and
also teal here is hanging out in
the chat thank you dear so
internet it Edge Lords Damone
being placed in the friend zone
okay let's put a pin in that I'm
going through some sort of time
it's a nightmare I can't even
where I am anymore the VR thing
you know what you know
what I'm going to close this
because I'm getting sick sick
you're really sick let me know
when you're back yeah I'm
trying to salvage this but I
have to thank God that does that
Genesis it really everything up
a everything
up I wish I could show you know
I guess I could show you what's
this let's put this up
right now and just like wait
this is the author of our
article I believe her name was
Rachel presser
a surprise
I can't believe how many leather
belts is that holy dude she
looks like like she's
she's a hut she looks like a hot
uh-huh hunt later
Bell like she's demanding
being the body of Han Solo like
that's she's like a mountain of
Flesh oh I'll since back all
yeah he's still mine I'm back
doing fake okay well apologies
guys my computer apparently was
still recovering from Genesis
Genesis but that was quite the
what you laughing at market
shares look at the comments
responding to photo of
Rachel presser more like racial
pressure Jesus
she's got her own gravitational
pull Allison I mean this is not
a small person
and I can say that because I'm
not a small person
are you anyway I'm going to be
mean I mean I'm not a I'm not a
slim guy I could lose some
weight sure but I'm low I'm
trying at least this woman is
indulging I can I can concur
with that you know I think
the photo from the I'm sorry go
ahead well I'm
and I am also a person of girth
a relative girth and I'm also
trying you know
trying this is the most
flattering photo she was able to
herself all right so I'm going
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you better not to be fat no that
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try to go for walks and also or
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all right mr. Fantasmic gives us
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Cake my cake oh a hundred and
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leaderboard okay so what are
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Barenaked Ladies One
Week what gives man that's all
okay look I think I might
already have downloaded that but
what's the other one that
one week right and then Robert
Michael gave us five euros and
asks for see
vest from The Simpsons see my
Vest See My Vest made from real
gorilla chest
chest you know that one that's a
class it's it's very funny
let's see and then I got two
more girls get those two
all right Tyler Preston gives us
two dollars and says in honor of
an Eddie Van Halen
play eruptions so eruption Van
sounds like a sex reference
which I'm pretty sure it
it is
you know Eddie Van Halen died of
throat cancer and you can get
through cancer from eating too
many vaginas so you have to like
just pace yourself Pace yeah
don't quality not quantity okay
you don't want to end up like
him or George Harrison get those
tie quality voice not a joke I'm
serious not a joke eating a lot
of bad ads can get you
throat cancer so because the
women who don't you know they
don't follow they don't they're
not thorough
thorough when
they're bathing not even that
it's that they don't they are
you know to share their it's a
shared to share that it's a
shared plate she's passing the
clam around the table you don't
want to be the guy so so okay so
then Richard or it
gives us five pounds and says
mr. Blue Sky by Evo
I love that song song mr. Blue
sky oh that's so awesome yes
that's a good song
electrolyte Orchestra I like I
like Electric Light Orchestra
Orchestra a lot
so if anybody else wants to
treat me me nonsense really not
at that it's really about that
you know but okay
so we're doing See My Vest did
you get any others or that's it
that's it
for us that's it okay I'm doing
See My Vest now all right
I predict a
very easy run some hunt for
the only thing isn't it
looks good
good mom
all right
this is a funny song
see mother see my my beds
go friends
I like the best I'm going to
because the end end I really
liked the best
looking forward to this
I'm gonna go back to reading the
regular super chats while you're
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right back all right
Polaris 589 gives us five bucks
and says TI L the local Pizza
Hut won't deliver to my address
because the drivers kept getting
robbed robbed wow the
neighborhood got a lot better as
of late
late they won't and then they
got better
Polaris 589 gives us five bucks
again and says maybe I can start
a business called Pizza hoods we
will deliver pizza to the worst
hoods in America America will
use armored trucks you also want
to have armored delivery guys
would like body armor and
he's earning something I don't
even think tasers tasers don't
seem to work like I've seen lots
of videos of people getting
tazed and they just get angry
angry Polaris where you I want
to know what part of the country
you're in or world
for that matter for I don't know
you could be in Paris for all I
know Paris has rough
neighborhoods to so
so yeah actually the you can go
for contact and honey badger yeah
honey badger yeah
contact also I wanted to say I
guess you'll have to hire like
mercenaries for your pizza
delivery you'll get your pizza
but it'll be like 300 bucks do
the do the contact one then
contact a honey badger yeah okay
that is he fit for one that we
should probably be
oh so so yeah this is the
he's got a like to see the
pattern got to see the pair
it's probably a reverse pattern
let me just try it on slow see
if I can get through it same
difference though you know what
you could do is you can
like we just reformat the pizza
so it's no longer a disk and
instead it's like a tube so like
cylinder of cheese sausage and
whatever your ingredients are
that will fit in
some kind of like like like
vacuum-sealed packaging ring
that is cylinder shaped and then
you fire it at the apartment
from one of those t-shirt
cannons that you see at like
concerts and you shoot it right
at the
porch and they just lands there
it's clean because it's wrapped
in that ceiling they come out
and pick it up there's a handle
on it because it's hot and then
they bring it in and they open
it up and then the pizza just
opens you know that may be the
way we have to go in
neighborhoods like yours and you
call it
the Cannons zone or something
like that the cannon calzone you
that maybe what you have to do
wonder it's just a it's just a
half off from what I'm used to
let me see see
is is is why is why is Lindsay
going ouch baby you okay you may
have stepped on something or
JoJo play stepped on her foot
well is it quite that he's be
that heavy he's clumsy and
at all I mean he's not that big
but he is heavy and he doesn't
know his own weight like
if he's walking and he step if
you're Barefoot and he steps on
your foot it hurts not only
because because of the but also
because of his claws so
okay it's his nails he needs his
nails done he needs his nails
see if I got this this
yeah it's an exaggerated wrist
my right breast
yeah that's what you um just
looking at the comments there
they're laughing at the
cannon calzone or the calzone
can and I don't know the cows
Annan you know you
could do calzones or strombolis
which are very similar to
and can fire them at the
apartment little bits the only
way it's
the only way to be safe and also
have pizza anyway where was I
yeah so
Albert need a retro gives us 10
twenty dollars Canadian and says
follow up the vids I send
Allison were to SNL
clip smocking statutory rape and
Tara Babcock's response
to a letter I sent her regarding
my being an MRA I requested you
not be hard on Terra and have
prim that one okay I don't know
my mock statutory rape that's
something that no no
my leave I've been thinking be
hard on Terra Babcock who you
know I'm
I'd still be willing to have on
the show but I do think that
terrible a doctor or doesn't
seem okay to me talking about
things who's there
again she's just she's like a
YouTuber I guess that
she's just just a youtuber chick
as far as I know I don't know
hmm she makes videos and and
I don't really know her story
that's all I can say I don't
really know how did I up this
just yeah know excruciating like
I had it and then
why is this
this is a very iterative process
I had to screw up a lot
that's okay you're figuring it
out out
what was I looking at oh
um so anyway yeah
then we got confused
gynecologist gives us 2 euros
and says hey Brian why are you
my clientele I'm just saying
there's a risk and you should be
careful Polaris 589 gives us
five bucks
king of are you like I think
that's that's not considered to
be part of doctor-patient Ethics
I mean I don't know about his
practice in particular but like
all forms
of medicine not just Western
our Valance oh this is how he
does his job I you know I'm just
saying as long as it works I'm
not Who who are we to judge the
another man's practice Yeah but
just make sure that you get your
throat check for cancer yeah
yeah definitely
check for cancer if you're doing
the extracurriculars in your
gynecology practice Yeah okay
all right so anyway Polaris 589
gives us five bucks and says I'm
in Cincinnati Ohio the
neighborhood got a lot better
but the local Pizza Hut still
won't deliver
it's currently a nice place with
crap roads but you can do better
than Pizza Hut anyway right
Polaris 589 I mean Pizza was
used to be good
like many many years ago like in
the late 80s but they ain't what
they used to be
Justin just can you just get
Dominoes I mean if you gotta go
with a cheap pizza I still gotta
go with like a you know like a
well-known franchise Corporation
top dominoes or Little
Caesars is just fine personally
I don't like any of them and I
would only go with like a
mom-and-pop place because
they're going to be the they're
going to be better in general
but yeah there's that so
so all right let me say I think
I've read all of
the super track down in Rome in
the kind of makes sense
although Pizza in Italy doesn't
look like pizza here here
I mean I saw some photos it
looks like it's not you know a
Perfect Circle and but I guess
maybe it just depends on where
where you go
yeah no you're right
it doesn't it looks more like a
sort of a pita with toppings
yeah when I don't have a problem
with I mean people have
complained like All-American
Pizza you know it's not as good
and I'm like well maybe it just
evolved differently Cuisines
change in other places over time
no do you think you're doing you
think that people eat chop suey
and China they don't if I laugh
at us for eating it but people
people like chop suey so Papa
John's I don't know man I heard
things about Papa Papa John I'm
not a big fan
Domino's is the worst pizza I've
ever eaten they're not as bad
honestly they're not as bad as
they used to be they used to be
a lot worse and they're really
anywho mr. fantastic is his five
bucks and says
hope Alison is feeling better
than she was on Wednesday I
don't know are you
because I had a migraine oh
that's right that's right no I
am feeling better I was feeling
a little weird
when I started this so so might
trying to get get Brian to split
the show maybe and do the rest
of this on Sunday but I mean I
can it's just
you know it's my last weekend
here in Chicago and everyone
is trying to see me before I go
so I'm like meeting with people
tomorrow but
I'm still packing and then I'm
meeting with my mother and my
for dinner on Sunday because I
believe you like this
and then Monday I have to go get
the truck and you know we're
going to
basically spending all your
Monday loading the truck so so
it's just going to be
all day so
doing mystery low right now yeah
no mr. you stole my bit mr. Blue
Sky yeah oh okay I know this one
is there any additional Electric
Light Orchestra that's what
he'll o stands for
no song request I did get Thomas
thing gives us five
bucks and says people eat dog
owes yeah
that's what I heard Venezuela to
so yeah if you guys want to put
if you could put in more
requests we appreciate it
or if you aren't interested in
having a request can also help
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and Hannah I'm going to feed the
Badger Don't calm / project /
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content here yeah honey badger
we go wrong wrong
yep all right all right so I may
go back to this article yeah do
it sun okay
you still haven't gotten to it
actual God
which is sometimes taken
literally of a man can't take
rejection even if the woman who
don't even if the women who
don't get into
a relationship with The Men who
pursue them are expected to
tiptoe and spare their feelings
feelings all right Lisa
Lisa do you want from this do
you want to be able to just want
to die when she lets them down
because we all know we all know
this woman is beating them off
and not in the way that they
would want
that's like okay so there's
probably two men in the world
who've done this in about a year
I mean seriously it's not going
to happen realistically is not
going to happen and the other
thing is that who are like a lot
of this doesn't come right out
of the blue generally you know
if you're around a guy he's
gonna kill someone for
disrespecting him there's
usually signs
signs yeah I mean because it is
just coming out right out you
know like
so don't end up with a Criminal
element like you know
they're dealing drugs you might
want to just stay away because
Men who do this are going to be
peace men with antisocial
personality disorder
and impulse control and anger
and yeah yeah avoid men like
that and I know sometimes it's
difficult to guess
but How likely is it to happen
versus I mean because
there are we could show you
cases where men women wasted men
for refusing
their advances does that mean
men are too terrified to say no
well actually many cases men are
because they don't want to be
accused of rape
her no that is a legitimate fear
fear because every woman can do
that whereas only a very small
number of men are capable of
kind of violence that she's
talking about so it's extremely
unlikely that that's going to
and yet any and because women
are generally told that they're
false accusations are extremely
damaging there's less of an
inclination to realize
maybe I shouldn't do that all
right but
you know but the ultimately
comes out it's such an unlikely
occurrence anyways why even
worry about it what
is the What is the so we don't
have anymore
let me see no we don't actually
what time is it 5:22 5:22
alright so we've been doing this
for about an hour I could go and
say thank you to people who've
put some money in the pot sure
sure go ahead whether yeah yeah
let's check it out let's do that
all right okay so
we'll stop here and I apologize
for the
image but I think we need to
know what we're dealing with
here what we're up against
what's up against us
if she ever goes to the beach
she's the only person that gets
a tan everyone else is in the
the shade
hey you guys want to it's not
too late
to send in super chats with
requests feel free
um all right you're back yes I
am okay
okay so I'm going to take a look
and see see
where were at once I can get
through all of my
tab sorry guys
Okay so here we go
okay well you can also go and
read the
article to you don't have to
just wait for me I know
I know but you're going through
the thing and I don't want to
talk over you so all right so we
got T
$15 from
from Britt master $50 from Tiny
draft thank you Johnny draft $10
from from m be
be tiny and other tiny draft
gave us another $25
and $50 from from Robert em
thank you Robert M
and we have a pending payment on
$25 from
cam d so I don't know if that's
going to go through or oh I see
the so that he or she put
another $25 through there all
right so let's see where we're
at I guess 25
a hundred and fifty to a hundred
and seventy-five so thank you
I go let's do the the article
okay let's see
all right Lisa initially feel
sorry for Ralph
because he didn't get any
Valentine's so she sends him one
come on even Barney sent MOA
Valentine after all
he spends the glut the class
getting laughed at for not being
on the same level as the other
and that was just the icing on
the cake Ralph immediately
takes this gesture to mean that
Lisa sees him as more than a
friend and she's instantly
uncomfortable when he walks her
home but despite her blatantly
feeling this way and
looking for ways to tell him
gently she feels guilty for
eventually telling him that she
doesn't like him he'll hell she
even outright tells her parents
that she
only sent him a valentine out of
pity pity look at how many hot
a bound on social media about
how violence against women would
decrease if we just be nicer to
them but what about when that
kindness gets mistaken for
something else or you simply
just don't want their attention
shockingly Homer and Marge
actually give Lisa good advice
Homer plays up how he wouldn't
have had a love life if it
weren't for pity but he actually
gives Lisa some decent comebacks
before they get to
Oracle and Marge ever the voice
of reason in the fourth season
says she should tell Ralph that
she's flattered but quote not
ready for this kind of thing and
quote it still centers on
sparing Rouse feelings which
makes sense given that they're
just children in contrast Chief
Wiggum tells Ralph to be
persistent while he
doesn't directly tell his son to
refuse to take no for an answer
he still hammers home this idea
that you have to try and try
again to get the girl this was
frequently shown in so much
media and the 90s to the point
that so many rom-coms of the day
stalkerish Behavior and
presented him as hopelessly
romantic Obama's courtship of
his wife
hopelessly romantic or stalkers
Behavior well I mean he from
I remember he kept after her
like she she he knew
her her bus route so he kept
asking her over and over again
in the context of
knowing or bus route something
like that and and I don't know
the details but it was a
situation where he knew
an aspect of her life so she
knew that he could she couldn't
escape him and he just
dog ably persisted hmm and it's
a you know
that's that's the way that a lot
of relationships happened
and now they're making that
problematic I suppose yes oh
she is I mean well here's the
did Ralph end up doing in order
to be persistent persistent
I don't even remember the number
the episode I mean it's from
like 1993 or something right so
let I maybe she'll mention it I
don't know because I don't think
that she has a problem saying
exactly what happened but just
putting her own
spin on it from her brain I did
get a song request by the
way but let's see
see yeah I do have a couple of
song request anyway persistence
is self as a neutral
concept you can be persistent in
trying to get a business deal
applying for jobs or casting
calls with the same place
practicing guitar or some other
Personal Achievement and it's
admirable it's downright
off-putting when you're when you
politely expressed disinterest
in someone
and they respond with showing up
at your home and you expressly
don't want to see them as Ralph
does but Lisa's guilt
gets weapon when she's presented
with a moral dilemma an
unexpected lavish gift from
Ralph that Bart happens to
want oh and then we get into
another chapter her thing
entitled police property and
possessions when she stops
responding to
persistence and showing up to
her home on unannounced
unannounced Ralph basically
tries to buy mises affection he
has a Malibu Stacy convertible
sent to the Simpson household
which is like a Barbie doll car
you know with two tickets to
Krusty's 20th anniversary show
inside the toys trunk
wow he went he went above and
beyond this is where the moral
Event Horizon for the episode
you know what this is Lisa can
only keep saying no to Ralph
nicely for so long and he keeps
mistaking her then discomfort
base acquiescence for interest
she knows that Ralph will
expect her to go with him by
presenting her with the tickets
when she could have easily gone
with her brother or even just
given them to Barton Homer but
her guilt has become weaponized
exchanging Valentine's cards is
one thing what frame of
reference is a child have
for acknowledging such an
expensive gift gift he'll
there's adult women who don't
know what to do in this
situation because things are
still unbalanced in this
one were they take the gift and
then they say you know I'm not
feeling it yeah women take
women women do that all the time
they say I wonder if a guy and
I'm not even blaming women for
this like I think that they
should be you know they should
have more integrity and
basically say look I'm not
interested in you I think that
will be thoughtful but on the
other hand I don't think that
men should be spending a bunch
of money on women that they
don't know are going to be
they're not sure whether or not
it's going to be appreciated and
I think in a way men are at
fault if they if you buy someone
a gift or take someone on the
date or whatever I
think and you're offering to pay
then you have to accept the
product of your own commitment
so you're basically saying I'm
going to do this thing and I
don't think you can back out
just because she's either not
not interested or she's playing
games or whatever right you have
to accept that as a possible
thing if that's what you do so
you have agreed to those terms
right off the bat that's
something that you know I mean
like I can't blame her right now
you do women get up to some
sketchy so they can get
free meals out of men absolutely
and and I think it's kind of
shitty but all that means is
that men you guys gotta know
that that shit's out there so
you know I'm sorry but
if you're adults do yeah I mean
we can't the what you know the
only reason why that's going to
keep happening
is because women know they're
going to get away with it I mean
that like if and
and that there are enough men
who are gonna be like now you
know what we're going to go
dutch or I think that was a
story I read not that long ago
about this guy was a black dude
and he took a girl
to I think took her to the
Caribbean I can't remember it
was Jamaica or like like Haiti
or one of those countries right
st. Lucia whatever anyway he
took her on a trip and he was
doing so because he
was expecting sex and I think
that they were talking about sex
for a while
and then he was like let's go on
a trip and he was going to make
it really special and all that
and he takes her there and then
he finds out that you know she's
not she doesn't want to do it
like she's playing games she's
being you know really difficult
or whatever and so he's starting
to expect that the only
thing she's gonna get out of it
is a trip and like a nice hotel
and and dinner and everything
right like the
full nine yards and what he does
is he basically just tells her
you're going to have to get I'm
gonna I'm gonna Leave you're
gonna have to figure out how to
to a way to pay for the rest of
this hotel room and
fly your ass back to America
because I'm not doing this and
then he just left and I could
say that what he did is kind of
shitty but at the same time they
didn't work that out in advance
ants and
you know that I mean you all
should have just had that
figured out this
is the way it goes but if he
chose to leave that is something
that he can do is it shitty I
guess that depends on you know
what you think should have
happened but but if they had
agreed that they were going to
do that they're going to spend a
weekend in like the Caribbean
under certain circumstances and
she doesn't live up to her end
of the contract I don't see a
reason why he
and just like cut that off and
go it's shitty but this is where
we are now this is
what this is the way things have
to be it has to be mercenary so
and again I don't know that
there's necessarily a moral case
there I'm not going
to make the track on argument
and be like well you have to you
know take care of her
no you don't have to do that
just go I mean if she thinks
you're a piece of that she
thinks you're a piece of but
guess what so
you might be the just the right
piece of for another person yeah
maybe that's just not well
well why didn't your an idiot go
ahead go ahead no I said you
might be well rotted manure and
other hands Yes actually really
valuable there is a shortage
in Saskatchewan right now so so
turn your nose up a bit well
you might want
to you might want to
cover it yeah you can't you know
will turn your nose up at it
yeah but just remember in the
future like you know if you're
if you're going to engage in you
know relations with women in on
a level outside of a friendship
just don't don't
don't give too much of yourself
because you don't know if you
know like what they're going to
give back you just don't know so
you should be prepared prepared
that's all
all right anyway do you want to
we have a couple more song
request you want me to finish a
paragraph or actually sort of
enjoying just sitting down and
reading this article
okay well we'll let the rain
keeps letting this the super
chatter that's
song requests and we go in a bit
yeah by the way you probably
want to check the Discord
messages because
Hanna yeah yeah we got it about
what we should do
all right so anyway yeah we're
going to yeah
so okay let me yeah keep reading
the and I'll do that all right
anyway well there's adult women
who don't know what to do in
this situation because
things are still unbalanced in
this regard despite progress
that we've made that's like
something if if you're an adult
Walt it's okay an adult I cannot
take it
anymore that the humor of this
episode is the fact that
Ralph is completely and utterly
harmless harmless
he's not doing anything like the
the only thing that's happening
is she doesn't like him that's
he she does not like him that
way he's not offensive
he's not aggressive he's not
doing anything dangerous like
he's not
forcing her to anything really
really it's all just
sympathy X her excessive
sympathy and this is the
part of all of this woman with
her stupid green hair okay
you are denying the fact that
this is not about as much as it
is about
Lisa and what it specifically is
about is that Lisa is
allowing her sympathy or her
perceived niceness or wanting to
be kind everyone to put herself
in a situation that she does not
like she couldn't get out of if
she just
established what she wants but
she doesn't want to do that
because she doesn't want to be
seen as a
bad person okay this is
weird story this is her story of
learning to
gain agency over her life by
deciding that sometimes it's not
worse sacrificing yourself to be
seen as a certain way okay
it is just it is personal growth
it's her personal growth and
what you're talking
about is reframing it back on
Ralph and saying that Ralph
needs to get have Ralph needs to
the personal growth to somehow
Lisa from having to grow well
thank you you're caught entire
concept of this story only
betrays your
abject moral
depravity yeah inability to
recognize the humanity of women
okay I did not expect to go into
this author or this is article
I did not this offer oh my God
but image don't go into this
author would never came back I
did not expect it go into this
article I did not expect it and
then perceive myself to
be the least misogynist person
in the room although she's not
in the room but if she was in
the room I am less misogynist
than you if she was in the room
Allison we wouldn't be able to
be in the room with her wouldn't
be able to fit
a large room okay and we were in
that it'll be tight but yes
we'll probably being
be no I wouldn't nut I was not
expecting to conceive of myself
as being less misogynist in this
person I'm supposed to be
the misogynist here lady but you
own your ilk
you Eclipse me because you
have literally taken Lisa story
way Lisa's personal growth away
and you've decided to append
it all to Ralph so wealth is the
one who's supposed to be able to
like and I don't even understand
that the
the personal growth that they're
expecting men to go through men
need to grow telepathy
men need two men need to grow
ability to
scan women's minds but not in a
gross and creepy way yeah it's
like you have a problem problem
all right you have a serious
and if what you're saying
requires men you have more
psychic abilities then you are
wrong right off the bat if
the only way that men could be
in the right or be able to
understand what they need to do
is to have psychic
abilities you're asking too much
Lisa had to be the one to tell
him know and what she learned is
that when she
denies her own needs and her own
in order to be quote unquote
nice and sympathetic long enough
she gets to a point where she
cannot control herself anymore
and she makes it the shitty
choice okay this is a lesson she
had to learn she should have cut
it off immediately and said
Ralph I don't feel like that I
don't feel that way with you I
did this because you know I feel
like a sympathy and I feel like
you're a friend or whatever but
where I don't have those
feelings for you yeah beyond
that Ralph does it actually have
the feelings of he has because
Ralph is a good example
of someone who's been deprived
of you know affection and
for so long that they don't know
the difference between someone
being nice and someone who's
attracted to them and that's
that's the that's the real
right of that episode it's not
only Lisa had
to learn and these are children
these are like lessons that Lisa
a tragedy because it's funny
because it's a problem world
yeah yeah yeah well it is a bit
more tragic and it's not
weaponizing women's guilt
because Ralph had no clue like
is it and here's the other thing
he's assuming a level of agency
for the lamest
character in The Simpsons that
that is is it's like okay
you know what you're expecting
Rock to be God no Ralph is not
God men are not God
there's no way Ralph would know
that he's using her guilt
guilt against her and every in
her is her mother is telling her
not to do it you know she is
telling herself not
to do it and she's failing
we can see it's like this isn't
a situation where Ralph is
weaponizing her guilt because he
doesn't know or he doesn't know
like I said if the only solution
here is for Ralph to be psychic
then your entire premises dumb
you're an idiot
hmm not only that it says
something about this authors
beliefs about men and women that
she is convinced that men have
these powers that women do not
she actually think that women
are inferior inferior
yep I apologize for that banging
sound in the background
as a
side of the house and the window
faces the building next door
and the building next door
they're building like a new
porch area and
that sound is a nail gun so it's
like a popping sound
I can't help that sorry sorry
all right if I close the window
you can hear it before I go
to the to the other computer and
finish up the the song requests
just as know no please go to
feed the / projects
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be able to afford Hannah Brian
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and one other thing Brian I
think that we will probably have
to to cut it off today because
we got to do our digest
recording with Hannah so so
tragic War yeah well how many
song requests do we have
I got one too three
more song requests okay we might
have to end it at the hour so we
might be
able to get one more song
requests in so get it in guys
all right I'll go back to the
computer keep on fighting the
article I will keep reading
article all right so
so women were historically drawn
to jewelry out of being these
greedy Magpie light creatures we
just love shiny stuff
and making their partners by
women didn't always have
property rights we could just
buy a orchid we couldn't just
buy her inherit property and
awesome work included in wills
and as a result
oh for know you are okay let's
get those
those requests before hi answer
this yeah let me know when
you've gone lives are going to
share the Stream yeah um I oh
I'm sorry I'm live I think yeah
but you're not streaming to to
what's up Brian can you hear me
yeah maybe I'm waiting seven
years ago
a few years ago I'm just waiting
for the Stream women were still
viewed as
chattel women's
you still view the reason it's
not giving me the option so
I'm gonna have you run a little
bit of testing here Diagnostics
all right so we have the super
chats that are not song request
sure let's do that man Lindsay's
cooking with onions man my eyes
are watering but it smells so
I love onions garlic love that
all right lol
Richard be are are gives us 4
on and says if that woman goes
to the beach Greenpeace we try
to return her the to the ocean
by telling her to
the Sea so mean that jokes
Albert need a
retro games is $10 Canadian and
says I resent the vid links to
our SNL skits
mocking statutory rape the other
is to them Tara Tara Babcock
video I can tell you more about
Tara up a up upon request and
Confused this person has care
okay all right Milo direct he's
got large breasts and I guess
she's a twitch streamer or
something probably has more to
do with the breasts though
okay confuse gynecologist gives
us 2 euros and says if only if I
only had a v
okay song requests yes Ergo
Proxy gives
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the hit t wrp
sorry I'm late so the hit
hit T WRP okay okay
okay got it Thomas
theme gives us five bucks and
says mikazuki
big wave mikazuki and my Kazu up
big wave which is one word bi G
wa ve
E and the song is called Hold My
Hand hand mikazuki
mikazuki could you say it again
mica mikazuki a my Kazu Ki ki
zucchini Nick wey one word and
big wave is also one
word the IG IG w AV e the song
is called Hold My Hand I Wanna
Hold My Hand
hand okay somebody should
request see
if there's any Dewey Cox stuff
on here because Dewey Cox big
wave length
be great movie I love that movie
biggest it mikazuki big wave
my hand oh okay all right and
what's the next one
confused gynecologist gives us 2
euros and says Nirvana Mexican
oh ho ho Mexican seafood
by Nirvana okay make Mexican
seafood seafood
is that it
yeah that's it it I think
going to make another request we
have time for one more more guys
oh he's hitting to wait till
Sunday all right
all right
Seafood seafood Nirvana are you
sure sure I mean they said
Nirvana Mexican seafood that's
what confused gynecologist said
is it not there
right just put in
there you go to be to
make sure the song is there give
us a backup one in spirit that
it Heart-Shaped Box mr. mustache
mustache No Approaching Nirvana
fragments Apex alone
another world
you just put in Mexican seafood
he with that comes up dispatcher
gives us two bucks and says see
the patriarchy fall thus I don't
think that's a
Mexican seafood oh is that one
no no Mexican is one word
Seafood is
one word
I think brings up the egg
Mexican Institute of sound I
have no idea what that is is let
me try again
yeah go ahead Nirvana nirvana
no I'm just getting a lot of
Smells Like Teen Spirit is there
any other Nirvana that you might
give us a backup song confused
gynecologist give us something
else because it's not showing up
okay look it up
all right doing the hit now I
still don't know what that golf
mode is
good right what the oh
what well might
my last Sabers giving me no
feedback that's weird oh
dispatcher is
making a request literally let
me see is this on be dot-com for some
reason I'm not getting getting
oh God that's going to throw me
off sorry I gotta well I guess I
can compensate with an easy song
but it's going to really throw
me off for any hard ones I'm not
getting any actual feedback on
my left
oh that's weird yeah isn't it I
can ask
Jonathan to help me out just a
are you watching well I'm
thinking of it but the thing is
that with an easy
song I can just fake it right
through it yeah I can get
through it
my right my left controller is
no longer responding
if there's any tricky part in
this I'll probably fail though
all right yeah I'm gonna go
while you're doing that I'm
going to read more of this this
lovely article
article first article my
personal blog all right
so women didn't always have
property rights we couldn't buy
or inherit
property and often weren't
included in Wills as a result
yeah sure
whenever you see the word often
commonly or merited your husband
or you know rarely whenever you
hear those words
just throw it out because they
that that they're just it's an
equivocation they don't have
data they're just saying many
like that all of those things be
very very very skeptical of that
because they're not
providing data they're just
saying it happens a lot and the
fact is death happens a lot too
it's actually inevitable but it
doesn't say anything anything
well yeah because what they're
not saying is that they are not
admitting to the fact that
men had a fine Aunt Ari
and social and ethical
and legal expectation of
financially taking care of women
when you got a man when you
married you got somebody who
was on pain of being imprisoned
expected to financially support
you know who else resembles that
I'm paying of of being
imprisoned expected to
financially support you what
class of person person
oh well let me let me explain it
if they don't work they go to
jail yeah
I think there's a class of
person that that that that
applied to
other than men and we don't
generally look at them
throughout history and you know
what I don't even have to
complete that sense I know that
every feminist listening to this
has completed it and is
absolutely offended at what I'm
saying class of person that can
go to jail if they don't work
for your upkeep who Could That
Be what class of person could
that represent and men were in
that class class but they don't
ever point that out when they
say well
women couldn't well first of all
they could inherit property
if they if they had a husband he
would be expected to
manage their property okay this
is this is probably I'm going to
die because
I did
nothing yeah I can it's like
it's extremely difficult to do
it without feedback make sure
confuse gynecologist you tagged
me and a backup I don't see it
tag me back up song So when a
woman married married she got a
just got it she she gained the
benefit of a person who would go
to jail if she was not supported
so if she was she didn't get
enough to eat she didn't have a
place to live he went to jail
okay yeah you can go off and
just have a
job and do whatever he want know
he was obligated to her
upkeep now in the complete
absence of any other Factor that
actually is an incredible
for men shall we say but as a
as a compensated company Century
measure he gained access or or
her Finance finances and
property now now the truth is
that families could still do
things legally to
make sure that they're married
daughters had access to their
own money money
if they were ever divorced or
outside of their marriage
but think about it it's a much
more equitable situation when
you include the fact that a man
was legally expected to
financially take
care of his wife and if he
didn't do it he go to jail and
that entire
legal situation resemble
resemble slavery
but it doesn't because he had
access to her property and to
her money
and he managed it for her but he
was legally expected to manage
it for her
benefit and if he didn't he went
to jail so it's a lot different
than what this woman is saying
saying without the the context
yeah so I could have just been
an in and makes sense because
women still went legally they
voluntarily went into marriage
and makes more sense
they voluntarily went into
marriage when it was a trade-off
yes they may have lost
absolute control over their
money and property but they
gained someone who took all the
financial risks to make sure
that they survived
maybe they were pretty smart
maybe our female
ancestors knew how to structure
society in such a way that they
got what they wanted from it
instead of just being helpless
victims of
everything which incidentally I
hope you've noticed she has a
tendency to make women into
oh yeah of course course are you
yeah I'm doing it I'm good you
get the thing fixed yeah sorry
I'm actually like
I'm getting a lot of information
from the tactile feedback so
it's harder for me to to play
the game without that that
because it helps me time and
feel the patterns yeah and if I
have that I have to use my
vision which is much slower
hmm things you never needed to
know about beat saver
well it's okay all right
so let's go back to the article
and I will confuse
gynecologist gave me a backup
song So when this is over we'll
quickly put in the system before
I lose and then we have another
one right we do we have
to we have that one one the one
from confused gynecologist and
one more from
dispatcher Okay so all right so
anyway she said in America we
didn't even get the vote until
200 years ago Jewelry and Gifts
were often a form of financial
security and this expectation
that men provide them persisted
even as
women began to earn their own
incomes and manage their own
finances surprised because it's
a benefit to women in society
wants to benefit women yeah so
every way that women are
benefited Society continues
while reducing
men's factual ability to deliver
that that benefit yes
totally unfair it's just it
doesn't even mention it
this is an official sexism
that's why
she you know it's okay blah blah
goddamn it no men are your
fellow citizens ladies why don't
you treat them well yeah it's
not supposed to be a thing
all right
where was I I jewelry and Gifts
were often form of financial
security already read that part
when I love Lisa first aired in
1993 there's a very good chance
that the women who worked in the
recording studios and writers
room to create this very episode
couldn't get their own credit
cards or apartments until barely
ten years prior
27 years after its initial air
it's a different story although
property disputes still come up
Alibi for this I just up
damn I think that was close to
the end of the song too everyone
was saying
that that was like okay okay
27 years yes got a phone running
sort of an off day cuz I'm up
on fairly easy songs I'm not
Genesis Genesis is actually
quite difficult yeah yeah
27 years after its initial air
date it's a different story
although property dispute still
come up I mean I bought my own
vacation and practical clothes a
fancy computer and so forth with
my own money and can only be
swayed by a man's character and
but even though I'm older and
more world-weary I'd
still feel uncomfortable with an
unexpected lavish gift for a man
I turned down the
expectation that a woman knows a
man something No
think it does
no no no I'm gonna go on a limb
here and say no but
but well I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm
gonna I'm gonna add a disclaimer
it probably happens more often
than you guys think it does I'm
gonna say it probably does
happen but I don't think it
happens as much as she says but
it happens
more than you think even the
women that look like that and
then think the way that she does
well well isn't the solution
Sneezy just give it back to him
but she kind of wants it though
I feel bad about it
is that case she kind of wants
to wants to be sure when she
turns him down she wants
to be with a basically take what
a guy gives her then say look
I'm not interested and then have
say oh no that's okay I just
want you to have it and then he
just leaves leaves and he
doesn't get upset he's not he's
not disappointed he's not
heartbroken he just says oh
that's okay I'm Tom I'm just
feel lucky to have that actually
be able to speak
to you and have you respond to
me and I can hear your voice and
smell your musk and now I'm
gonna return to I'm just gonna
go back into my whole yeah into
the wet slimy cave that I
crawled out of the give you this
gift Queen
can I just all right yeah
pay attention focus
focus sorry guys I don't know
happening interesting to say but
I could not and pay attention
because this is like your last
to so don't it up thank you for
the pressure
run him what does this have to
do with the Simpsons she's just
you know what feminists are you
know what drives
me nuts about feminists and
sjw's they are so addicted
to Media they use it to
communicate every idea
and they do it like it's literal
like it's reality
like it's not like you know oh
this is sort of allegorical and
we can like talk about what it
and you know I like to do that I
TV well I don't really watch
TV anymore but but I mean I
watched shows and movies and I
ask myself why did this resonate
with me and why did this not and
I sort of like
you know explore that a bit and
then I usually figure it out but
it's usually something sort of
big picture and Abstract it's
not literal like I don't think
to myself this is literal and it
literally means this thing but
feminists and sjw's man they
using using its but they do it
in reverse right they don't
analyze the product and say oh
what is this trying to say
they basically say aye feel like
this way about having to
reject men How can I express
that through media oh I know
I'll bring up this old Simpsons
episode about Ralph and I'm
going to use it to say this is
this is a terrifying
episode you should be afraid
that you might actually have to
turn a man down because he might
murder murder you for
you until you die or something
okay until you die yeah because
that's what that's what Laura
Bates said right but she used to
get men saying they want to grab
her by her hair and rape her
until she dies and she presents
it like a threat all while
getting wet thinking about it so
I mean she may or may not be
getting you can't really
honestly say but the the
lavishness of
the details a little little more
graphic it's a little bit
pornographic is a little slavery
treat it like yeah maybe you
you shouldn't be reading fit the
Shades of Gray in front of 14
year-old boys you creepy creepy
human being yeah let's leave
that for the Danish you'll see
what was I going to say sorry
that that entire that was
actually quite difficult
but I finished it is the heavy
let me give you the backup song
that she was gynecologist game I
got 44 on the leaderboard us
pretty good all right because
there go ahead go ahead go ahead
no no I should listen to you I
shouldn't just blurt things out
like a sperg go ahead
Samuel e Wright
or Samuel e Wright under the sea
maybe just try Samuel right
right with a W RI ght
Samuel right under the sea
well what was it that she was
saying again just summary this
thing what this lady in the
article yeah like
Pete men used to give our women
women used to not be able to own
property that's why men used to
give them property for them to
own yeah I think so so
yeah because once you take away
the right to spell WR
r IG HT Samuel right okay she's
basically saying
that now that you know even now
that you know property disputes
they'll come up but
she says that now she can only
be swayed by a man's character
and values yeah I'm sure that
he doesn't have to have a
right but even though I'm older
and more world-weary I'd still
feel uncomfortable with an
unexpected lavish gift from a
man I turned down the
expectation that a woman knows a
man something for a rare and or
expensive gift typically
a date leading to sex and she
can't just take it or refuse it
without consequences it's still
present pun intended of course
you can but she
doesn't want to say no because
she's also are these you know
maybe it's just
because I'm really high on
on disagree ability but I just
like tell people unless I think
it's going to be a real pain in
the ass and which case I just
maneuver things passively to get
them the out of my life yeah but
usually I just
confront them the only time I
don't directly confront people
that annoy me or irritate me or
I just want them to leave is
when somebody else
like there's a third party
involved and if I do that I will
piss them off or upset them yeah
but otherwise that and then I
have to do all
kinds of all kinds of you know
maneuvering maneuvering
to to extricate the person from
my life but if it's a situation
where I don't have to deal with
third parties I just tell them
like it is is and I'm just
baffled why these women can't do
that too
too yeah okay
did you get that one that you
get that one under the sea all
right so going back
see the page because they want
to be a victim that's it that's
the only way I can see things
see this
as being yeah just the
they just want to be a victim
they just say no I'm not taking
that I'm not interested
and also I resent the fact that
you are attempting to make or
attempting to put this crap on
by giving me an elaborate gift
after I've said that I'm not
interested interested does that
sound like I'm an like I guess
that's me being an no
I mean yeah like a man might get
mad and call you an but so what
he's just mad yeah okay so
where was I
see the patriarchy fall that's
literally the name of the song I
don't just just search that I'm
sure you know how to spell spell
patriarchy yeah yeah I'm not
that incompetent
if it doesn't come up I have a
backup to
and after that I have one more
after that yeah
know see the patriarchy fall is
not on here as far as I know
I yeah I don't know why okay
well anyway the backup he says
try we're in This Together by
Nine Inch Nails so try we're in
this together just put that in
see how it comes up
again like if you have a problem
with men giving you a gift or an
expecting like a date in return
maybe you should not be dating
unless you basically are doing
so on your own terms
and those men know
it up front right basically say
look I don't have sex on the
first date I don't even kiss on
the first date I just want to
get to know you on a figure out
who you are to do it that way
too weird
together with Nine Inch Nails
there's a fair amount though
okay let me try this confuse
gynecologist you gotta our
dispatcher you got to give us
something better okay so
I got one other one try typing
I respect your feelings as a
woman this is another request
for making
make sure you got
to be to look at the
song list okay Nine Inch Nails
and silicon maybe they they
wrote it as an ni n
okay so maybe it maybe it'll
come up that way right and I I
yeah another thing I get from
this too is I'm
starting to think that like what
we're really seeing is there a
people who
recognize the way that their
actions influence
not only the world around them
but their own state of being and
then there are people who
don't think that that's true and
that everything in the world
happens to them and
their actions are meaningless
and the people who believe that
their actions are meaningless
tend to be
angry angry like this and so on
person I still think my actions
are meaningful Yeah but I think
then that means that you've at
least shaken out the stuff that
you can control and only left in
the things that are out of
your control and you just have
to accept the things that are
out of your control and the
really I'm angry on behalf of
other people like I'm really
for men because they have to
tolerate this yum and this
self-righteous and they have to
tolerate being citizens with a
group of people who have who
apparently have no
belief that they have to take
care of their fellow citizens
that if they happen to be men
while they don't even have a
belief they have to take care of
their fellow citizens if they
happen to be women I honestly
think that if you are raped as a
woman you have a civic duty to
report it so that other women
don't get raped and I don't give
a flying about how horrible it
civic duty is is more important
than any individuals feelings
get therapy and get on it um
like and the fact that women can
go through
their life not feeling a sense
of responsibility to their
fellow man is
astounding to me it's like when
I listen to them and they say
things like I'm
so afraid of being raped I'm so
afraid of being murdered oh
you're so afraid of something
happening to you instead of
being afraid of failing in a
duty that you have
because those are my fears I'm
afraid of failing
failing in a dude
I have to say other people to my
Society to to the people that
are around me the people who
rely on me I'm I fear that it's
like rape whatever least I'm not
the one doing it I don't have to
feel guilty afterwards anyway
yeah the I respect your feelings
as a woman this
is from confused gynecologist
for 2 euros please tell me
you went to beats it beats
how is it it smells really good
but I like the smell of onions
yeah it's liver and onions for
dinner hmm
I know organ meat or for you I
know it is I like
blood like yeah man liver is
like Okay can be tough but you
know what though
Lindsey does a much better job
of making liver and onions with
my mom ever did when I was a kid
it's actually like somewhat
edible did you use a lot of
dude it's yeah man my eyes are
watering I'm pretty sure it's
like garlic garlic
and onions but mostly the money
is is a lot of sort of Punky
old Te'o de origen tastes really
helps it really helps pork it
gets rid of the sometimes poor
cousin under
it's not your best it's not her
best she overcompensated a bit
the onions okay okay respect
okay who's
very sunny can you get my refill
the coffee whatever is left who
is the person who sending this
through these these requests
use gynecologist yeah I respect
your feelings a woman as
confused gynecologist and
dispatcher maybe these aren't
like actual song request maybe
they're just super chat no
because he okay okay look up is
and hmm what name is Angel but
instead of
anal anal cons I'm sorry Anil
Iris respect to Z if that band
is in there again go to be saber dot-com you just
thought it was a funny song
requests so they don't even look
to see if it's there
I have a feeling it's not I
don't see any anal country
no anal you don't know what
their otherwise this is sort of
a fruitless
yeah okay I'm not going to I'm
going to do though one song
request that as managed to come
through under the sea all right
all right
it's on me man it's really
organy tasting
well that's just the taste of
you becoming
more Alpha it's okay but you
know what I mean like it's its
chalky and and
hmm it's not to chalky
liver in general it struck me
digital Señor
under the urine of the see right
now hi Joe Jojo doesn't care he
wants some of this well you know
I'm not going to give it to him
because the onions yeah dogs
aren't good with onions but but
did you hear what I said before
it's the taste of becoming more
Alpha hmm
because the alpha dog eats the
so maybe to be a Chad all you
need to do is eat a lot of liver
yeah JoJo's not
he's not alpha are you supposed
to go through that and like
take damage no I'm not going to
go through that and take damage
in the
the Red Blocks it forces you
through it
yeah it does this is very
disconcerting for me
Jason Bourne add some bacon to
it we usually do we just want to
have any bacon right
now because we're going to be
we're gonna be leaving the city
in a couple of days so we're
to like eat whatever's left in
the freezer that's why we're
having liver and onions today
it's really because we're just
trying to we don't want to leave
food behind you know
thanks babe
did Alison ever do the big wave
song I'm pretty sure I had a
preview for it earlier
oh Mac mikazuki big wave hold my
hand um did you do that for me
you failed that okay Allison
failed that one you may have I
don't know if we did that one
you got to do that one too
yeah yeah
it's just cool
yeah okay
I mean
I'm not a big fan of the Disney
songs but I I like I guess I
was you know it was a 90s I was
like in my early 20s 20s I'm one
of those guys that like I didn't
care for
Lion King and people think I'm
just some kind of Criminal but I
like the Aladdin
I lied that was my favorite of
well that's because there's more
of them
well actually I guess a lion
king there's more the male
character yeah I did we're gonna
get wow that's a really popular
song song
it's also a Technique song which
I suck at all right you wanted
wave right mikazuki
big wave hold my hand
okay yeah
I'm pretty sure that I've had
issues with this I could try it
I do it out slow let's see where
I get on the leaderboard course
that nobody else would be a
matter of how many people
actually play the song too too
blue mermaid was
1989 yeah I was like 1989 1989
how old was I
I was 16
but I don't know Little Mermaid
was just it was all right
what the maybe I didn't do this
no I don't think you have I
haven't heard this before I
don't want to
are you doing it you know I was
doing on Sookie did did the
person who kept asking for weird
finally find something that we
can actually
like going to know no no I'm
confused without gynecologist he
said that last thing they said
to me was that
they haven't looked at the beat
saver website and they were just
making funny request so if you
want to make a request go to be and look for something
also wasn't there a nine inch
nails that we were looking for
somebody to make a different
report find it I mean that was
another one that was dispatcher
and think yeah give us another
request for something I think
it's dispatcher oh
you got a tag me in it because I
might not see it rock it by
Tokyo machine just tag me in
a post okay otherwise I'm gonna
pretend like I didn't see it
because I don't know what you're
what you want and not this
important it's important that I
know what you want all
back to the article I guess yay
yeah all right next so that's
the next Crux of what makes I
love Lisa so frightening and in
hindsight this episode says what
we already know yet don't
acknowledge without bluntly
telling us that women and
children are treated as property
and the police mostly exist to
protect protect to protect
or late property there is this
under undercurrent of Chief
overstepping his authority as
police chief to act on his sons
affections and it drives home to
pernicious themes that reflect
our hegemonic culture stemming
settler colonialism that women
and girls are property and
our possession
oh my God escalated rapidly
and I like to speak white
feminism to what was that talk
about black
many more guys I'm feeling a
little neglected guy why am I
not the center of attention
guys I'm a white woman guys it's
Mike impression that matters
guys oh my God
why else would he break homers
taillight on purpose just to get
his daughter to go out with his
I don't know because it's funny
looking at
this in my 30s oh and he's
threatening Comer not yes yes
because of course we got to talk
about the cartoon policeman on
the show show
he looks like a pig yeah who
intentionally is drawn to like a
pig and he's also an
being an and that means that
what that that's
acceptable nobody considers a
acceptable did we get any more
song requests
is that it dispatcher tag me and
said read my mind bigot
I don't know I can't he's not
making another request mr.
Roboto gave us two dollars and
says Brian you close to Escaping
The Purge yet no there's nothing
Allison all right sure here and
I failed at eruption Van Halen
Genesis should we wrap it or do
you want to try to do nothing
things I want to do something a
little bit different guys if you
have any if you want to help us
out and make sure we can afford
Brian pillman Hannah go to feed
slash slash project / Badger –
media blitz and also just go to
feed the badger and follow the
pop-up excuse me but I want to
try this I don't know if
this is gonna make you sick a
new VR game called pistol-whip
actually don't think it's that
new to be honest but I figured I
could show you a little bit bit
okay because it's cool cool
although I is it going to show
you you
I don't see anything yet
yet well well
we're gonna have to restart
all right
what is it I got to restart the
app sorry guys
what's up no I'm just laughing
at the chat policeman bad
Chief Pig mmm
oh There She Goes no but that's
not right oh what in the world
I'm going to close this case you
share some sensitive I wonder if
I wonder if wonder if I can't
actually show you this
you can't you can't show it
yeah I wonder wonder sorry the
nail gun is going again
oh my goodness okay
let me see see
what does what
well I mean it doesn't I mean it
goes to you eventually it goes
through honey badger radio
that's what I mean it goes to
you and then it's redistributed
so so yeah it doesn't look like
I can show you this Alan it
Allison is the Stalin a honey
badger radio she redistribute
the wealth somebody Creek
somebody put us put in a request
for the what the what is it the
could the the USSR anthem Oh you
mean is a song
that's partly I can't stream
pistol whip
no you got your at why not Gonna
Get You Gotta Get a Man yeah
good job job
for me sorry guys this is beyond
my delicate feminine ability
um okay well I don't know what's
going on now
I'm trying despite your ass did
I hear mr. Blue Sky did you do
look mr. blue sky but you owe me
we didn't play that one yeah you
heard it Jesus Christ okay I
don't know what's going on it's
not letting me show you anything
just a second
yeah do the thank yous and see
if we get like that looked at
yeah sure I'll be right back
Isis was that the money
shot we just read money shot you
talking about
well it seemed like it escalated
really rapidly I thought you ran
into some sort of victim climax
oh for the article yeah
there's the I don't know there's
more it goes on for a while this
is really long-winded
actually holy this is long long
I'll be right back
it did it did get one clap is
probably her man you got to feel
like crap
if you're clapping for yourself
please please club
hey at least Jeb said please
he didn't call people stupid
bastards so there's that that
so maybe we'll do this on Sunday
we can look at some other stuff
I'm really going to be squeezing
it in
because I have to do a lot on
Sunday and Saturday
so we'll see I want it to like
the thing is I didn't really hmm
hmm now that I think about it
the problem with Sunday is I was
hoping to have the computer
packed up
so I have to pack it up Sunday
night and early in the morning
we could do
something early yeah okay so I
want to thank Alexander l
for 25 bucks that's about it for
people sending stuff through
and I think we assume somebody
wants me to do the USSR
anthem and beats Tabor was that
actual request the USSR Anthem
and beat Sabre was that
an actual request know I was
saying that I was was not
working right now anyway so
yeah like communism so yeah we
we have the try that later you
know we'll have to try it later
on few more bodies on the Fire
that'll fix things okay
so I think maybe we should
should call it a day and and
because man that are gun is
something else all right
I can't think I know are we are
are we at the money shot with
this with his article like I
said it goes on for a while
longer it's it's there's a
section she just
she's got nothing to do like she
basically goes on about property
and then she talks about
you know the the the Wiggum
thing that he's like using his
power as a
policeman to get those tickets
he abuses his power to get the
tickets for Ralph to offer
to Lisa you know and the concept
of property and then there's
like a section called friendship
is not a consolation prize you
know and and
about friend-zoning and it rubs
her the wrong way how it ended
how scary it is and sign up for
last I guess
yeah so stuff I'd never and I
try to go to her Twitter but
there's nothing there it's it
does it goes nowhere she does
not have a
Twitter hmm so I don't know what
happened I've been banned it's
just really like a cheese too
big for Twitter she's too big
for the internet all right I
think this is
I don't know where else to go
with that but I felt like that
was was like that
place to stop I mean felt like a
lot of
really rapid escalation of
victimhood like this yeah I mean
I could read the rest of it some
time we could pick it up on
Sunday yeah or we could talk
about something else yeah maybe
something else this is the thing
about reading feminist opinion
pieces if they get really
predictable like there's there
you just know where it's going
Okay so apparently
I think we have to do something
else now so I can't I can't
continue but all right Jonathan
insist that I play a
game called red red matter okay
so I'll be right back
right now yes okay
okay Bala stream goes the
tsushima when I get to where I'm
going on the other side I'm
thinking about doing a weekly
game stream where I play through
games I like
sorry about the where I'm going
there won't be people with nail
guns next door I hope it's okay
don't worry
I don't know for sure I don't
know what's going to be going on
it's not even showing up so I
don't even know if I can do this
I'm not even sure why we're
doing this but what you wanted
to play pistol yeah
yeah exactly Hannah's
waiting on us and I okay
okay apparently I don't
have to do this anymore so yeah
no we're not playing anything
we're ending the stream
it's just that you introduce
this strange complexity at the
end anyway so this is got become
completely unprofessional so
let's end it all right do you
want to say anything yeah sure
you can want to help us out pay
for Brian Prim and Hannah
feed the / project /
badger – – media – Blitz will
try to do
something on Sunday earlier in
the morning as well
and that's it all right okay
cool so we're going to wrap this
up if you guys
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we talked about about this
article about this lovely lovely
young woman that
have much to say on a nearly
nearly 30-year
episode of The Simpsons and how
it relates to real problems
faced today by women of every
stripe around the world thanks
guys for coming on the stream
for raising funds and we'll see
you guys
in the next man's right
activists are machines dude okay
they are literal machines they
are talking point machines they
are impossible to deal with
especially if you have like
especially if you have like
a couple dudes who have good
memory on top of that too holy
you're you're

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