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Greetings sir!
Greetings Sir!
You are welcomed at Planet Ayurveda Centre.
What is your name and where have you come from?
My name is Amit Saral and I have come from Patna, Bihar.
What was your heath concern because of which you have contacted Dr. Vikram Sir at Planet Ayurveda?
3 months back from today, I came to Delhi for general check up in hospital.
There I have got Fibro Scan of my Liver done.
So, fibro scan of my Liver was 26.3 (approx.),
CT scan and all tests had been done, they didn’t call 26.3kPa as Cirrhosis,
but as far as I know that above 14kPa, it is considered as Cirrhosis only.
So, met doctor and consulted, it is never reversible, Cirrhosis
But, My Fatty Liver Grade 3 was diagnosed, so due to that I started treatment there,
then I searched a lot where can it be reversible?
The thing is, it does not have any treatment in English Medicines,
I have not seen worldwide,
but in Ayurvedic I have seen his, Dr. Vikram Chauhan Sir’s,
and luckily at that time only, his visit program was there in Delhi,
so I went to meet him on 14 may.
Went on 14 may, isn’t it?
Yes, on 14th May, I met Dr. Vikram Chauhan Ji, he has prescribed some Ayurvedic medicines
and said that have them for three months, it will reduce.
He has also provided me the diet plan,
In Diet Plan; it was plain food, to consume simple food,
to increase the intake of protein and to have the medicines, I am giving.
So, in that he has given me five types of medicines, in which some….
You, show it to our viewers what was your prescription?
This is your first prescription, from here, on 14th May.
These were the medicines taken by you for 3 months.
This is your diet chart and this is your today’s prescription, further.
And see, the report that came 3 months before, my fat is also too much, 26.3kPa for Cirrhosis…..
Yes, this is your liver Fibrosis is 26.3 and….
And fatty Liver is 395.
And at present, which I have got done recently, 3 months….
This test report is of 27th April.
Yes, it is of 27 April,
and the test I have got done just 2 days back, on 12 August.
Ok. Would like to show doing comparison.
(Showing comparison of old and new report)
Fat is reduced too and liver Fibrosis also…
Completely reduced, just normal…
Absolutely, Liver Fibrosis is become normal.
There also, people called it miracle,
all doctors that it never gets treated so rapidly,
and these, the medicines that were provided,
3 things play a major role.
Firstly, you have to be very careful of the diet,
and Dr. Sir, the medicines prescribed by Vikram Chauhan should be taken timely
and thirdly, the workout to be done, such as walking, morning walk,
weight, those who are overweight, they should reduce their weight as soon as possible, so it relieves faster.
I have taken care of all these 3 things, morning walk, yoga, plus diet, plus medicines, Ayurvedic Medicines.
In this, one I liked the most, Yakrit Plihantak churna.
Yakrit Plihantak Churna.
Yes, this is one of the best.
Consuming it, means, have to drink it twice in 400 ml water….
preparing decoction of Yakrit Plihantak Churna.
Yes, take it two times, boil that in 400ml water until it gets 50ml and then drink it once in the evening, at night.
It is very much effective.
It is a classical Ayurvedic formulation, in powder form.
It is so good that it will melt the fat, also reduce Cirrhosis or Fibrosis, whatever it is.
So, for me, it is a miracle happened,
I will never forget Dr. Vikram Chauhan’s beneficence, he is not less than a God for me.
Were there any symptoms when it was diagnosed?
When it was diagnosed, at that time, pain was being there in the right side, liver, abdomen,
for that only; I came, for the body check-up also, does there any abnormalities in the body?
Ok. Then this problem was diagnosed.
Yes, at that time, it got diagnosed and after that I, as I knew it from the earlier that it does not have any treatment in English….
So you didn’t take allopathic treatment.
No, Allopathic does not have any medicine for this…
Doesn’t exist, especially for liver….
They just give Vitamins like Vitamins pills that do not work,
in that prescribe you for diet plan and exercise, that you workout.
So you already had information about Allopathic opinion,
that they have such opinion, no treatment for Liver can be available.
Yes, its worldwide, not just here, in the whole world, you see anywhere, any video or anything,
Cirrhosis is at nominal, if somebody’s got reversible, it is called to be a Miracle only.
It is not reversible, worldwide but it is possible in Ayurvedic.
And by watching this video, people should wake up that if one has Cirrhosis.
Because, the one who has Cirrhosis, he dies half at that only,
because after Cirrhosis, Cirrhosis is just considered as Liver Cancer,
so it is very difficult to get reverse.
Afterwards, you only left with one and only option, in case, your liver gets damaged immensely, i.e., liver transplant.
That also is successful or not, I don’t know.
But I will suggest that, for 3 or 4 months,
you come to Ayurvedic Dr. Vikram Chauhan Sir, those who have Cirrhosis,
and I have 100% trust that he will make it normal.
Like my got normal.
Within 3 months, your liver fibrosis becomes normal.
Yes, I just have to concentrate on my diet so that my fatty liver can get reduced.
It is reduced from before, but has to get it normal.
What message would you like to convey to our viewers?
I will only say that the diseases which can’t be treated in English medicines,
for that you should go for Ayurvedic….
It does not even have any side effect.
And it does not have any side effect, take support of Ayurvedic.
This is not of present, it is also written in the ancient texts,
earlier also the treatment was Ayurvedic and English just came 200 years ago.
Even today many herbs are there,
some are not even discovered yet,
and that can eradicate every disease of the body.
I will only say that, you must take help of Ayurvedic and get away from your disease.
Ok. Thank you Sir, Thank you Ma’am.
You have given your time to our viewers & shared such a good knowledge.
Thank you Sir.

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