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mention the word "dieting" and it
immediately sends people in
all sorts of different directions
because there's always gonna be a never
ending debate about which
diet is best for weight loss it's almost
become a religion that's why people get
so dogmatic about it and it just creates
mass confusion and by far the most
popular one of them all and it's still
considered conventional wisdom by a lot
of experts it's just
eat less and move more or it's more
commonly known as calories in versus
calories out but did you know that this
calorie counting method has a
99 failure rate and if you've tried and
failed at losing weight through dieting
more times than you can count you
already know this to be true the problem
is the weight loss industry is a
multi-billion dollar industry there's a
lot of money to be made by companies
selling you magic weight loss pills
detox lemon teas
freezing your fat away and i don't even
know how that works ultra restrictive
meal plans
workout supplements and whatever else is
trending right now the funny thing is
since the conception of this eat less
and move more concept back in the 80s
was also the start of the obesity
epidemic we're facing today there are
more gems per capita in the us for
example than anywhere else on the planet
yet two out of three american adult is
either in the overweight or obese
category it doesn't make sense it's
clearly not just eat less through
dieting and moving more through
exercise so in this video we're gonna go
the other way i'm gonna show you how to
lose weight without
dieting no shortcuts or gimmicks no
magic weight loss pills just proven
principles that actually work
these are also the exact same tips that
i give to all my students
and they've all gone to see some amazing
results so you know what works
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number one and this will yield
immediate results stop eating like an
ass stop eating highly
processed fake foods and when i say fake
foods these are foods that you can
usually find at the center aisles of
grocery stores they usually come in a
box or some sort of
packaging with a nutritional label
sticker on it with an endless list of
ingredients that you and i can't even
instead i want you to focus on real food
foods that nourish your body
this is why i always say that your diet
should always revolve around plants and
animals meat and vegetables stick to the
basics i want you to eat single
mostly unprocessed nutrient dense foods
whole foods i always love using this
example but those are the ingredients of
chicken nuggets if you pan fry or roast
a piece of chicken thigh for example
there's only one ingredient which one do
you think is healthier the same concept
applies with plant-based meat
beyond meat for example has something
like 18 ingredients and it's been
processed to the nth degree to make it
look and bleed like meat that sounds
like a great scientific achievement but
a scary thought at the same time while a
burger patty only has one ingredient
beef some people think that i hate carbs
but that's not entirely accurate if you
want to roast some potatoes or sweet
potatoes for example
go ahead the problem really only starts
when you eat those foods in its highly
processed deep fried form like french
fries or sweet potato fries you can eat
as much
vegetables as you want just don't think
that vegetable chips are one in the same
they're not they're deep fried in highly
inflammatory toxic
vegetable and seed oils and it causes
nothing but bad things to the human body
view the reason why you want to eat
single ingredient natural
foods is that they're extremely filling
you're eating real food in its most
natural and basic form vegetables for
example naturally contain
fiber they're also naturally low in
calories so you can eat them in high
volume again we did not have an obesity
epidemic in the 50s 60s or into the 70s
it was never a thing
obesity rates were extremely low back
then it really only started when we
started switching our diets to mainly
processed foods
if you look at the diet of native tribes
who still live a mostly hunter-gatherer
lifestyle they don't suffer from modern
western diseases like obesity
cancer diabetes and cardiovascular
disease they also have perfect teeth
the moment they get exposed to processed
foods is when the problem starts because
these highly processed frankin foods
have been stripped of all nutrients
and they've been replaced with additives
and preservatives and who knows what
they're also designed to be highly
palatable which messes up your palate
and sends your hormones into a roller
coaster ride again i'm not saying that
you can never have processed foods again
but try out this strategy and it works
so well i promise because you don't have
to diet i want you to follow the 80
20 rule so 80 of your diet should be
single ingredient foods i want you to
eat them first because again they're
very effective at turning off hunger
hormones and resetting your taste buds
and you can usually find these foods at
the outer aisles of the grocery store
and more likely than not
after you eat a nice big plate of
vegetables paired with your choice of
protein your desire to eat junk food
will usually go away which should be the
remaining 20
by the way and even if you still crave
it you're gonna eat significantly less
of it compared to if you had eaten at
first that's why the 80 20 ratio is so
important this is how you effectively
can manage your calories and
inadvertently stay on a calorie deficit
without having to track them
remember our paleolithic ancestors were
naturally lean and strong
their physiques rivals today's elite
athletes that's the default factory
setting of the human body and they
didn't eat like
they never took protein powders they
discovered fire they hunted animals and
they ate them they definitely didn't
have deep fried fast food they didn't
have skinny vanilla lattes they never
drank diet coke they didn't have
vegetable chips they just had
vegetables number two eat foods that
turn off hunger hormones here's a fun
fact for you
your body doesn't count calories it does
however have a physiological response to
whatever food you put in your mouth and
this physiological response is done
through the activation of certain
specifically satiety hormones and when
your satiety hormones are activated
that turns off your hunger hormones what
activates your satiety hormones you ask
well there's a few
vegetables because of its fiber content
which then activates that stretch
mechanism in your stomach as well as
protein which activates peptide yy
and healthy sources of fat like meat
cheese eggs nuts and avocado because it
also activates cholecystokinin and again
you want to eat these foods in its most
basic and unprocessed
form this just goes back to single
ingredient foods vegetables especially
leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables
are extremely filling while being
naturally low in carbs and calories but
again who's counting
again there's always going to be a never
ending debate about which diet is best
for weight loss but almost all of them
will virtually agree on this one thing
that you have to eat your vegetables
ideally half of your plate or as much as
75 should be loaded with them and truth
be told i didn't start eating vegetables
until into my
early 20s instead i ate a lot of
processed food i was also
fat when i started incorporating
vegetables into my diet was also when i
started losing weight
go figure and you can't use the excuse
that you hate vegetables there are so
many varieties and options to choose
from cauliflower for example has kind of
become the new grain
of vegetables the only difference is
that it has 800 fewer carbs than
rice to add to our 80 20 eating strategy
eat vegetables eat a lot of them and eat
them first then eat the rest of your
meal which contain proteins and fats
because again they're extremely filling
and they slow down the rate at which
your food travels through your digestive
helping you feel fuller longer that's
why ice cream is better than eating
skittles for example they both contain
tons of sugar but ice cream gets the
advantage because it also contains fat
protein and it's delicious and when your
satiety hormones are activated and your
body is well nourished you won't have to
all day thinking about food you can go
longer periods in between meals without
feeling hungry this is called metabolic
flexibility i want you to remember that
term but that's why i always say that
weight loss in its very essence
isn't about counting calories it's about
controlling hunger this is why drinking
diet soda or using artificial sweeteners
to curb hunger is such a bad idea
because even though they both contain
zero calories they don't turn off your
hunger hormones
in fact they usually make you hungrier
because your brain gets confused it
tastes something sweet but there's
actually no food coming in so your brain
gets confused so it sends
even stronger hunger cues that you need
to eat something
same thing with eating doritos or
twinkies they're devoid of all nutrients
you eat that stuff and then your brain
that wasn't it those were empty calories
we need to eat more this is why you're
always hungry an hour
or two later whenever you eat processed
carbs or refined sugar we simply did not
evolve to eat or drink that stuff again
don't eat like an app
since we're on the topic of drinking
that's my next tip water should be your
drink of choice no water isn't gonna
magically burn all your body fat instead
we're gonna use the concept of addition
by subtraction here i often don't make
blanket statements like this but sugary
drinks are basically pure evil they're
just empty calories and they just do one
thing to the human body
they make you fat and sick there is
absolutely zero reason why you should be
drinking that stuff unless you're a
professional athlete and even then the
merits of it are still
very questionable like it's not uncommon
for example for endurance athletes to
become diabetic even though they train
for hours every day
if you're someone who regularly drinks
this stuff and you drink water instead
you're gonna lose a ton of weight
without dieting guaranteed
also after just a few days of not
drinking them your desire for other
sweets will diminish
drastically your only other drink
options are tea and black coffee because
we've also been drinking that stuff
for thousands of years your body also
responds to them very well
physiologically also
unflavored carbonated water like seltzer
or soda water are also okay
number four do some form of resistance
training lifting weights has many
benefits and i've made tons of videos
why it's non-negotiable if you want to
lose weight and just be a healthy and
happy human being but the main benefits
of it that i want to highlight if you
want to lose weight without dieting is
that it boosts testosterone and growth
hormone to repair
and build muscle it also increases
insulin sensitivity muscle
is a very expensive tissue to build and
maintain which means that your body has
to burn more calories even at rest
just to hold on to them that's why
having a lot of lean muscle mass is the
key driver of your metabolism it's also
a strong indicator of lifespan it's so
important during the aging process
the increased insulin sensitivity also
helps with nutrient partition
instead of glycogen being immediately
stored as body fat when you lift weights
you're giving your body the signal to
store some of that glycogen in your
muscle instead again this is why this is
non-negotiable if you want to be a
healthy and happy human being number
i will keep mentioning this until the
cows come home take a break from eating
this is more commonly known as
intermittent fasting and i've mentioned
physiology a couple of times already in
this video so let's continue with that
the human body is an amazing thing it
can survive for periods of time without
food why
because you have at least 100 000
calories worth of sword energy
in the form of body fat waiting to be
used it's definitely not just them for
looks i've also made tons of videos
about this eating phenomenon so make
sure you check those out if you're new
this honestly might be the most powerful
way to lose weight without
dieting because intermittent fasting is
not a diet it's a lifestyle and i
mentioned metabolic flexibility earlier
because that's the key to this so if
you're metabolically flexible you're
easily able to tap into your stored body
fat and burn it for energy
in between meals all you're gonna do is
extend that period in between meals when
you're not eating to give your body more
time to burn your body
fat for energy and no you're not gonna
die when you do this again the human
body is an amazing thing and one of its
main features is that it's designed to
fast or paleolithic ancestors sometimes
would go days without food if they're
not successful during a hunt and
they were fine like unless you're at
five percent body fat you have nothing
to worry about here
fun fact did you know that the longest
recorded fast was 382 days
over a year it was done by a guy named
angus barbari and he lost a mind-blowing
276 pounds in
the process he lived off of water and
multivitamins and regular visits to the
doctor and after five years from his
initial transformation he was still
able to keep the weight off talk about
long-term sustainable results the
biggest takeaway here is that it's not
about eating less but
less frequently are you gonna get hungry
when you do intermittent fasting
at the beginning yes but that's mostly
because you've taught your body to eat
at certain times
there's definitely gonna be an
adaptation period and those hunger pangs
usually only last for about 20 minutes
then it goes away again there's nothing
exciting about these tips especially
with fasting i'm telling you to do
nothing if you take a break from eating
you're gonna lose weight it's really
only a question of finding the best
intermittent fasting schedule that fits
your lifestyle
and adherence and that's the most
important part of all of this that
if you want to lose weight without
dieting it's pretty easy to just follow
all the tips that i just laid out for
you it's not rocket science but the
is the hardest part because you're
always going to be bombarded with
temptations along the way and that's the
last thing that i want to address here
listen i love food just as much as the
next guy i've mentioned many times that
i love
carrot cake and cheesecake there's still
a fat kid inside of me but i also know
that i probably shouldn't eat it every
even now at my maintenance weight so i
only eat it once every couple of weeks
what i'm trying to say here is that your
entire life should not revolve around
food you're not a dog don't reward
yourself with food there are other
exciting things in life
i think it was oprah who said this that
you can have it all just not all at once
delayed gratification
is the name of the game you want to
delay but don't deny
the next question then becomes how are
you actually supposed to eat if you want
to lose weight because here's the thing
80 of your body composition is
determined by your diet
you can't just freestyle this part do
you have a proven plan that you can
to help you with that i want to give you
a free copy of my lean body blueprint
this is how i melted all the fat around
my stomach without depriving myself of
my favorite foods
or wasting hours at the gym it's a
simple four-step process
specifically designed for busy
professionals and it's the exact same
blueprint that i teach to all my private
coaching clients
and they've all gone to see some amazing
results if you want to be the next
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