Louise gets Teddy to give them an old tub they can make into a pool. Subscribe now for more Bob’s Burgers clips: Watch …
– Hey, kids.
I don't mean to break
up whatever you're doing
in an empty metal
tub that doesn't
at all make me feel bad for
you, but I got to get going.
Teddy, since you're
just throwing this out,
can we have it?
– Really?
Why do you want it?
We're going to
use it as a pool.
OK, now I feel worse for you.
But, sure, you
guys could have it.
Should we ask your
mom and dad first?
No, no, no, no, no.
We can't.
Because it's for them.
It's a present for
their anniversary.
And that's, oh,
wow, it's tomorrow.
Their anniversary
is not tomorrow.
Oh, yeah, I know.
But the anniversary of
the day that they first
went swimming together is.
Their swim-a-versary.
I got to mark that down.
You want me to bring it in now?
No, no, no, no.
It's got to be a surprise.
Can you bring it
around back and help
us hide it with some trash?
That won't be hard.
It is trash.
So we're going to
swim in the alley?
Like rats after a rainstorm.
No, we're going to
stash it in the alley.
And then we get a
chance, we're going
to install it in the basement.
And we'll bring it down
when they're not looking.
Basement pool, very romantic.
Bob and Linda are lucky
to have kids like you.
They really are.

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