Using nicotine lozenges to help you quit smoking.
The nicotine lozenges are a simple and
convenient way to relieve craving.
The lozenges are mint flavored and
are very easy to use.
Essentially, whenever you have an urge to
smoke, pop a lozenge in your mouth and let
it dissolve between your cheek and your gums.
The nicotine from the lozenges are absorbed
across the lining of your mouth
and will alleviate the craving.
The nicotine lozenges are not like a
normal lolly.
You need to use them correctly.
So don't chew or swallow them.
Any swallowed nicotine is not dangerous but
it might give you a stomach ache or hiccups.
Some people find the taste of these lozenges
a little unusual to start off with, but I
promise you over time you'll get used
to the taste.
Finally, you can use the lozenges in combination
with the nicotine patch.

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