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Our lung meridian has
11 points it starts in our mid abdomen
and it goes down both sides of
the thumb side of our arms. Large
intestine has 20 points it starts
at the inside of our pointer fingers
comes up and ends at LI20 to the side of
the nose
I like to connect the lung large
intestine channel also known as gyan
and I like to swing the arms stretching
out the thumb side of the arms
connecting lung and large intestine the
metal element
I also like to cup over the lung organs,
so bring your
middle finger to below the collarbone
cupping over the lung organs to keep
things moving and flowing.
Our large intestine organ it goes up our
right side ascending
transverse over to the side and then
descending down the left side and then
sigmoid in that bowel movement
so work in a circular motion up the
right side over to the side
down to the left side
The metal element is associated with the
lung and large intestine
channels and organs and associated with
and I'm doing it early because hello
um wildfire smoke, covid, not good for
the respiratory system.
So the lungs are obviously all about the
respiratory system and the large
intestine is about
bowel movements. And the metal element, the associated emotion is grief.
We'll talk about that and the metal
element is all about being
organized um in so many ways so i'll
different ways and how they guide us to
be organized
and this is also the time to keep the
back of your neck covered i don't have
time to explain that right now but in
the meantime
wear a turtleneck, pop your collar, you
know um we're going to talk about foods
make sure to wear short sleeves because
we're going to be working the meridians
and we will be doing some breath work. I
hope to see you Friday. I will tell you
everything I know to keep yourself
healthy right now.

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