This is Machi Noodles in Cheras – the name means Mom’s Noodles. It’s a dish of pork (sliced pork, minced pork. pig liver, pig intestine, pork balls) in soup, …
Waitress: What would you like to eat?
What do you have?
Waitress: We have pork noodles and curry noodles.
What are pork noodles?
Waitress: It's different cuts of pork in soup – sliced pork, minced pork, pork liver, pork intestines, pork balls.
Pork noodles are your specialty right? Let's have one of those then.
Waitress: What kind of noodles would you like with that?
Hmm…what types do you have?
Waitress: Rice vermecelli, egg noodles, her fen (not sure what this is), lou shi fan, and Maggi instant noodles.
I want…you have Maggi noodles??? Oh, but I want…er, the long, thin one…
Waitress: Rice vermicelli?
Yes, mee hoon!
Waitress: Mee hoon. Do you want it in soup or dry?
I want the noodles to be tossed and served seperately.
Waitress: You want innards/offal in your soup?
Waitress: So pork liver and pork intestines are fine? Would you like to add egg, vegetables or bitter gourd?
I want all 3! You've asked me the previous time I came too. It's delicious.
Waitress: What do you want for drinks?
I'll have your barley without sugar – same as last time.
Waitress: Okay…no sugar. With ice?
Oh, I want to ask you – what are machi noodles? (The name of the shop)
Waitress: Machi noodles are our pork noodles – made by mom!
Okay, so ma in machi means mom. What does chi mean?
Waitress: Machi means mom! (The chi word is an emphasis thing for person in Chinese)
Waitress: This is also a family run business. The recipe is passed down generation by generation.
It's a family business?
Waitress: Yes, correct!
Okay, thanks!
Waitress: Oh, we also have dumplings! Would you like to try some now?
Now? I'm full though. [Note: This is a pickup shot after I've eaten coz the original shot was too dark.]
Waitress: Next time then!
Thank you!
Hello everyone! I'm Huai Bin.
We're at Machi Noodles in Cheras today.
What are Machi Noodles? I asked the owner and it simply means Mom's Noodles.
Something like that anyway, I'm not quite sure what "chi" means. [It's an emphasis word.]
I'll ask her again later to clarify.
Anyway, I'm in Cheras coz my gym is just 5 minutes away.
Izumi told me about this place and it was really delicious when I first tried it.
I wanted to come back and eat it again.
These are pork noodles – there's pork, intestines, liver, pork balls.
I've also added vegetables, egg and bitter gourd.
This is my pre-workout meal! I'm going to the gym after this.
This is a barley drink, the only drink without sugar coz they make it themselves.
I don't like soupy things so I ordered the one where the noodles are served seperately.
There's also pieces of deep fried pork skin inside the noodles.
My apologies, it's a bit noisy here coz it's kinda outdoors – it's like a hawker center.
I should probably get a lavelier mic.
This is their minced pork.
I first ate these pork noodles in KL. We don't have a similar dish in Sarawak.
Oh and if you use Google Maps to come here, it'll send you to the wrong place.
It directs you to a shop behind, but I hear that's also the original outlet.
This place offers you egg in the soup. I've never seen this done in other places before – it's delicious!
I came here after gym last time and I always don't have appetite after working out coz I go hard.
I came today BEFORE gym so I can enjoy my meal.
I think the dry one is a lot better than the soup one coz they toss the noodles with sauce so it's more flavorful.
I love the egg in the soup. Maybe other places does this too but I just haven't seen it coz I don't eat this often.
The soup is very garlicky. Hmm…how do you say garlic in Mandarin? Well…you know, garlic.
I remember a university friend I had. Well, it's not uni, it's like a prep school before I went to Monash College.
There was a guy who ordered Maggi noodles with egg at the canteen and the cook seperated the egg.
He wanted to eat the egg so he was "forced" to drink the soup.
I was thinking to myself, why does this guy not want to drink the instant noodle soup?
I realized later that this was quite common! They don't drink instant noodle soup coz they think it's high in MSG.
I've drank it since I was little and my parents never said anything to me as a kid so I've gotten used to it.
Maybe I'm not one of those health conscious people.
[ My apologies for the vegetable stuck in my teeth. I didn't realize. Oops! ]
My hands are shaking coz I drank a lot of coffee.
Caffeine gives me motivation for working out in gym and…well, not strength but something similar.
How do I explain it?
It's like 1/2 motivation and 1/2 power? Or maybe it's just psychological but I like it.
I'm done!
I'm doing a fast one today coz I'm rushing to the gym.
I regret drinking all the soup coz I feel so bloated now and I still have to do cardio.
Thanks again for watching! Bye!

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