John Shaw, executive chef at the Hermosa Beach, Calif. steakhouse, Steak & Whisky, and Playboy senior editor Jeremy Repanich are tired of eating terrible …
– So you wouldn't want to
put that through the mincer?
You just want a good chop.
– [Chef] No, no no no.
You never wanna use that
candy ass shit anyways.
(Jeremy laughs)
I mean if you're gonna cook,
pick up a knife, right?
– Yeah, that's part of the fun of it.
– [John] Yeah, you got it.
(upbeat rock music)
– Chef Johnny Shaw, Steak & Whiskey,
here in Hermosa Beach, California.
You guys are kind of the
new, modern steakhouse,
and what I've found with
some old steakhouses
that I've been to in the past
is that they really
(bleep) up creamed spinach
and it's just this vat of
cheese with some spinach,
like some green cheese.
– [John] Right.
– But you guys kinda do it differently.
It tastes amazing, so how do you do it?
– So what we do is, we
don't (bleep) it up.
I mean, that's our trick.
We just do it properly.
– Oh that's it! All right, cut camera.
We don't (bleep) it up, that's the key.
– That's it.
I mean, we just allow the
spinach to do its thing.
This is like a hundred-year-old recipe.
– [Jeremy] Yeah.
– As long as you do it
well from start to finish
then it's going to hit every single time.
But, having nice garlic,
having nice fresh spinach.
Pecorino is what we use
to finish it off with,
it's a bit more nuttier.
I think the trick and secret to this dish,
which makes it so good, is nutmeg.
– So how do you start this off?
– Very simple, just get our pan hot here.
Nice oil.
Nice bit of butter, right.
I am very kind of French
classically trained
so butter has to be in everything.
– [Jeremy] Add butter in everything.
– [John] And butter
makes everything better.
So I'm gonna toast off the garlic.
– You're getting that great
fragrance from it.
– [John] Aromatics. You can
really smell that right?
– [Jeremy] You can really
get it out there.
– [John] And then get our
spinach in right away.
And then right away I'm
going to season this
and what that's gonna do
is that's gonna start extracting
all the water from the spinach.
It's gonna decrease the
temperature of your pan
and not allow your
garlic to basically burn.
So while I'm sauteing my spinach down,
right, you're starting to see
all the water come out.
I'm going to hit it with
a little bit of cracked black pepper.
Turn down our heat really low.
Then add another knob of butter.
– [Jeremy] Just to get a little bit
more fat in there, but–
– [John] Well what this is gonna do is
the water that came out of the spinach,
emulsified with your butter,
is gonna start to create a coating,
start to create a sauce,
so that you don't have just water
because then you're just screwed.
So here we have just a spinach puree
which is basically just blanched spinach
that is blended with cream
and butter and that is it.
– Where did you learn
to really do this dish?
Or learn to not,
or to do it properly?
– [John] I was working
at a French restaurant
and I was told that every piece of spinach
that I ever cook in my entire life
should be hit with nutmeg.
So I made this dish
and I always did it with nutmeg
and it always came out perfect
and everyone always liked it.
Just to incorporate it
into the entirety of the dish,
give it a quick stir.
So from here what we end to do,
is just take our fork,
I finish it with just a
little bit more nutmeg,
and a little bit of pecorino,
which is kind of like a
parmesan made from sheep's milk.
– [Jeremy] Okay.
– [John] So it's nice,
sharp, and again, nutty.
And then serve it with the lid on,
and then present it at tableside
just to the side, just like that.
And there you go.
You have your creamed spinach
from Steak & Whiskey that's not (bleep) up
and classic and delicious-
– (Jeremy laughs)
– With six ingredients, that's it.
– Six ingredients, super simple.
Just gotta dig in.
You first.
– [John] Me first, okay.
– [Jeremy] Chefs first.
You guys always have
to serve everyone else.
It's time to let you eat a little bit.
– That's good stuff.
– The garlic in there.
– The nutmeg.
– [Jeremy] So good.
But then it's like I said,
the problem that I've had at other places
I just feel like I'm eating a cheese bomb.
– Right.
– Like I didn't want macaroni and cheese,
I wanted spinach, I want to taste spinach.
– [John] Yeah.
– [Jeremy] The key, as
you have taught me today,
the absolute key to
perfect creamed spinach
is just don't (bleep) it up.
– Very simple.
– Very simple. Very simple thing to do.
Just don't (bleep) it up.
– Yup, I tell all my
cooks that all day long.

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