Video sebelumnya saya sudah menjelaskan bahwa manusia adalah herbivora, video kali ini adalah kelanjutannya yang menjelaskan lebih spesifik lagi …
humans are herbivores more precisely starchivores
in my previous video I've discussed about
herbivore carnivores and omnivores
What is it that they are called … the voras? Yes, because of the food they eat
then they are grouped into three in general and more specifically, namely examples
insectivores, namely insectivores
and there's more
frugivores are frugivores, and folivores eat foliage
and what humans are, yes humans are
herbivore eater
plants more specifically what plants are the staple food for humans
English is usually referred to as starch
Strach in Indonesian translation is starch or kanji
examples are whole grains and legumes
what is starch starch is made from solar energy
that illuminates
and the plants convert it to glucose
and tied into a structure
and becomes difficult to digest
For example, like rice
Grains certainly cannot be eaten directly by other mammals
must be cooked first
well this is a gift from the creator
Because humans are endowed with common sense to
processing rice processing wheat and grains earlier
The history of this staple food goes back thousands of years to the ancient Mexican civilization, its staple food is corn
South America is potatoes
The ancient Egyptians ate wheat
Asia and Indonesia
eating rice, so the history of human civilization was built from a staple food called stach
namely Starch. There is one advantage of humans compared to carnivorous animals, namely the human mouth contains
saliva, which is saliva which has an amylase enzyme which helps the process
breakdown of starch
starch earlier and turn Pati to
glucose or sugar
so this glucose will be very beneficial for the body
produce energy without causing diabetes
You can taste it because chewing the rice for a while will taste sweet
history records sitting in Japan especially in Okinawa
very long and healthy, on average they can live more than 100 years
was nicknamed The Land of Immortal
It is very interesting to find out what foods they eat that make them healthy and live long
the staple food is sweet potatoes, which is 80% of the carbohydrates they get from sweet potatoes
protein is only nine percent fat only six percent

and the food is mostly fresh vegetables so the most suitable diet for humans is
starchivores Namely the consumption of starch as a staple food
and if in Asia the consumption of white rice
it is the most ideal accompanied by a variety of vegetables, nuts and fruits
And we must pay attention to completeness
macronutrients and micronutrients too
I'm here as an Asian
as an Indonesian also feel very lucky
we are used to consuming
stach (starch)
or white rice then it is not difficult for us to learn to be vegan
because we are used to eating white rice
in contrast to western people they only eat the western diet
just eat a pizza burger
or spaghetti they don't eat rice they still have to
How can we eat rice, if we just have to do it
so we just need to replace the protein
animal protein with tofu and tempeh or analogue meat. We live in Indonesia, the vegetables are very abundant
various spices are also a lot
the food is also very delicious, so let's live this plant-based diet to make it healthier and more delicious
I'm Donny.TY bye

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