Homemade meatloaf, very tasty Polish delicacy.
Welcome to my kitchen
Happy Easter to everyone
Today I'm going to make a dish which is not for vegetarians
I'm going to make a meatloaf from beef and liver
First we have to mince the meat
in my little meat mincer
We slice the liver
it has become a little dry
it's calf's liver, very tender
I could smell it this morning
Of course, it's Easter
There's nothing like waking up with the smell of cooking liver
I recommend it for breakfast
Are you going to mince the carrots as well?
Of course, we mince all the vegetables
while I was boiling the meat…
I added carrots, onions, and leek to make it more delicious
I also added bay leaves to the meat…
nutmeg, salt & pepper
Now we are going to mince the bun
previously soaked in the meat broth
Now I add the minced bun to the meat
I'm also adding the fried onions
I added 3 eggs, 1 tsp of ginger and salt & pepper
Now we mix all together
I have to taste it
Are you going to taste the raw meat?
This is already cooked
Is it salty?
I need to add some salt
Why don't you add some Himalayan rock salt?
This is Himalayan but not the rock one
Why don't you add the rock one?
Because it's gonna stuck in your teeth
I'm going to use this baking tray
It could be to small, but it's ok
I have to spread some butter on the bottom
It's going to prevent the meatloaf from being dry
Beef and liver are dry so we need to grease it up well
a little bit of breadcrumbs
then transfer all to the baking tray
We add more butter on top
You suppose to add bacon but we don't like it
because it has a lot of fat
Here you have it before baking
Now it goes into the oven on 160 degrees C
We bake it for 1h and a half a little long but…
that's the procedure
Our meatloaf is ready, let's take it out
Our meatloaf is ready
you can eat it with bread or without, as you wish
you can keep it in the fridge for a couple of days

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