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mesalazine belongs to the class of
medicines called anti-inflammatories
used to treat colitis
ulcerative and Crohn's disease when
are mild to moderate acts by reducing the
degree of inflammation of the intestines
is designed to work between
different places in the tract
the digestive tract from the mouth to
the anus ulcerative colitis affects only
the colon and rectum while
Crohn's disease affects the entire
gastrointestinal tract for this reason
some brands
and preparations of this medicine only
are used to treat ulcerative colitis
while some can be used to
treat crohn's disease and
ulcerative colitis this medicine is
available under various brands and
different presentations and it is possible
have your doctor tell you for a
date different from which I have
mentioned how to use the tablet
for adults the recommended dose of
this medicine varies by product
chosen tablets should be swallowed
whole and be careful not to break it
I took the tablet as directed by
your doctor does not change the number of
tablets or dose frequency
without first consulting with your doctor
suppositories and rectal suspension and enema
the usual 12 for suppository and
rectal suspension is 1 to 2 grams per
day usually at bedtime
or as indicated by doctors
this medicine is contraindicated
for patients who are hypersensitive to
any component of the formula

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