What’s MetS? It refers to a medical condition diagnosed by insulin resistance. Impaired fasting glucose with impaired glucose tolerance plus two of the following …
Hello guys is Julian Adrian thank you for watching us again. And today we are going to talk about the metabolic syndrome
Metabolic syndrome is a pathology. That is actually pretty common worldwide affects about 20 to 25 percent of the population
It's highly correlated with the increase in obesity prevalence and thus this can make you more or less
Gas that is related with body weight
in fact in order to diagnose
Metabolic syndrome a patient must have an impaired fasting glucose
That we usually refer as an insulin resistance
So you must have impaired fasting glucose plus two of the following factors
which is obesity obesity we refer as
hip waist ratio
Being more than 35 for men and more than 34 for women
and also your BMI is increased usually when it's more than 25 v we refer it as
Or being overweight
Now BMI, you can easily you can easily work it out. Just just google it it's a simple formula
Then there must be an iPad lymphedema
hyperlipidemia refers to
hydric, desire right low HDL and high LDL
Moreover there has to be an increase in cholesterol
now remember it whenever you check your
HDL and LDL it's important to check the ratio because it might seems that you have a low HDL
You have to always refer to the LDL because if your LDL also law
Refer to the reference range then
DHT else could be okay
So always double check don't look at your results and be scared
And the other thing is I per tensions or Michael Bowie album
Michael Bowie album anemia refers to kidney damage
Okay. Now the pathogenesis. Oh why?
People develop metabolic syndrome can be both
genetic or environmental
so there's that there probably there is something in your genes that predispose you to develop the pathology and some
Environmental factors are usually lifestyle and diet
in fact lifestyle and diet actually play the most important role because as we said the metabolic syndrome
It's highly correlated with obesity prevalence
so the first thing that we want to do is to act on your lifestyle and it's actually very
Important because we said that everything started with insulin resistance
and insulin resistance
Actually starts while once you see fat
accumulations of belly fat accumulation
So once there is the Betty belly fat accumulation what happened the insulin resistance?
basically refers to
The fact that you expose your body to a high
Concentrations of glucose over time and thus your pancreas will response by producing insulin
insulin allow glucose to enter
but as a defense mechanism
The more you expose your blood so to glucose
The lasts yourself that internalize the glucose via some receptors will become less sensitive
So you will end up having a high increase of glucose around that's not being internalized
thus your body will perceive this as a conditions in which your body is actually not exposed to glucose and
will start to break down other sources of
So after glucose the next source of energy is actually fat so you will start to break down
lipids and
Lipids are found well in your belly so fat accumulation
Why is the glucose coming from Leitrim lipids path because when you break down the lipids they will be broken down in
Modern units known as fatty acids a lot of fatty acids in the circulation
leads to a chronic inflammation chronic
Inflammation is the precursor
So it's actually what's trigger many disease in our body and this is why we want you to lose weight
Your belly fat because we want to stop sources of fatty acids in the circulation
chronic inflammation and does
Eventually the development of a metabolic syndrome through insulin resistance
Will at the end lead you to cardiovascular or cerebrovascular event
That of course can increase the chance of death
So now my colleague is going to take you through the process
to eventually reverse your metabolic syndrome and
Actually, we would like you to add more on your lifestyle because there is little known of genetic predisposition
Pharmaceutically is not always the best option
Okay, so as julia has said the most important thing is to act on your diet and lifestyle
When it comes to diet
Of course, you don't have to be perfect. You know, you don't have to eliminate like everything that's bad in the world
The most important thing is to look for the alternatives. So for example, if you wanna eat cookies
And you usually go to supermarket and buy like the first, you know processed food
which is like cookies full in sugar and
Like, you know, like all Eve pal moil and like all of these
Crappy vegetable oils. It's not really beneficial for you. So why not instead searching for the
For the recipe in which you have like just you know oatmeal with a little bit of honey
like maybe half half a teaspoon of honey and
limit of cacao and
I don't know like one Apple for example, you mix it up. You put it in the oven and bam you have super
healthy meal which actually reduces your
your blood sugar because oatmeal have beta glucans that are beneficial for
for you
Remember like always search for the alternatives when it comes to nutrition
Like if we're gonna be talking about the general picture, I would say 90% of your diet should be the whole foods
So let me finish
you know like healthy fat like
raw virgin olive oil something like eggs, you know and try to eat as
as like a little
Processed food as possible. So rather than cooking on a pan and or frying food, you know, like frying some
Eggs, you know, why not?
why not putting eggs, you know, maybe without even the
the the oil on on a pan that it's not
not adhering and
You can make like really good, you know scrambled eggs
Which which are super super healthy and they do not harm your body because the the oil do not
Oxygenate and does not lose its its properties
so when it comes to carbohydrates remember aim for
Aim for the whole foods such as like potatoes
You know sweet potatoes, maybe that have lower glycemic index
maybe a little bit of rice or
Or some like alternative grains and
Such as such as quinoa grains actually Kino is a seat like, you know
Withers you can you can eat beans you can eat like whole vegetables such as broccoli
Brussels sprouts, you know a little bit of fruit is also good because
Actually small amounts of fructose are beneficial for you
The problem is when you eat like too much fructose, the is actually causing inflammation in your body and is harming you
then when it comes to protein, I think
too many people
Over exaggerate you know
Like the amount of protein that they are eating
Usually you should stick something about 15 to you should stick to about 15 to 20 percent of the protein
of your general diet of your general
You know diet so
so the protein should should be something around 15 to 20 percent of your all of your like overall calorie intake and
you should not eat higher than that because
There is no any benefit, you know for further organism like your muscle will not grow
like more or or
You do not gonna have any like benefits for your organism
It's it's actually just harming you because if you eat a lot of fish like every day you want kilogram of fish
You know, it has a little bit of mercury and it just accumulates in your body
So remember like don't exaggerate the protein
Carbohydrates like Whole Foods and when it comes to fat and don't be afraid of fat because fat keeps you more
satiated and will actually
lower your
You know like insulin spikes that you are getting from your meal. So don't be afraid the fat of fat just
remember to eat like
As little processed fat as possible. So as I'm saying like avocado
Maybe oil but put the oil on the salad
Don't fry or or you know, like use the the vegetable oils in the processed fruit
Then you can also with eggs. Oh, that's like fatty, you know fish or meat. It's also super good because it's high in omega threes
So it it further lowers your information and as you remember inflammation
corresponds to you know, like
Like information is actually harming you and it's one of the things that
That that cost complications in the metabolic syndrome. So it's not it's not good for you any like at all
so so you should aim for you know, reducing the inflammation as much as possible and then
Yeah, vegetables and fruit are are very important because they are rich in in vitamins like vitamin
Micronutrients that
That are very healthy for your for your body for the over structure and the most important thing
Is that vegetables and fruits have fiber?
So if you eat them like fruit if you eat fruits, for example before your meal or if you consume vegetables with your meat
the fiber will will
will make sure that
That you do not have like insulin spike. Which which is very good when you have metabolic syndrome because
Let's say that that you have actually there's been a research, you know
Like if you eat a meal without the vegetable and if you eat the meal with vegetables with fiber
You do not have that much of the spike
because of the fiber like
right because because the fiber slows down the digestion which which is the thing that you want when while having the the metabolic syndrome
So you remember to consume like around 20 grams of fiber at least per day?
Also, it's very good for your gut in the future. You will
To avoid any you know things like
Complications for the for the gastrin then intentional tract like cancers or other diseases
Remember to consume your fiber
the last
thing that I want to mention is the timing of your meals, so
When you have metabolic syndrome
You can actually use the you know strategy girl
You can have like the proper strategy to
Reduce the the blood sugar
And to reduce the insulin response that that you are having
within the day
I'm not sure if you've heard about the intermittent fasting but intermittent fasting is very very beneficial for people
Who are obese?
And for people who suffer from metabolic syndrome because let's say that you are instead of eating, you know
Seven meals a day you eat two bigger meals so you fast until 2 p.m
And 2 p.m. If your first meal and then
You have your second meal around 7 p.m
In this way, you are making sure that your insulin is not released all the time, right? It's just released in these 2 points
Which is the thing that you want because your pancreas can
Can rebuild you know your sensitivity for the for the insulin can
can get better and during your fasted state you are actually burning fat from your
Familiar fat tissue from your belly and
And that's the thing. That's the exact thing that you want right having the the metabolic syndrome, right?
you want to burn that belly fat and
and you want to improve the
Sensitivity for sensitivity for the insulin nearby in your body. So I think
yeah, definitely go for intermittent fasting and make sure you're changing your
Your dietary habits. So lifestyle you talk about lifestyle. We say that these people are overweight apart from diet
What else should they do apart from the diet? You should start exercising
The same thing that goes from diet, you know, like you don't have to be perfect. Like actually there is there's been a research
You can check it out. It's at tika trial and they showed that
even moderate
Exercise every day. So like 20-30 minutes, you know of the of the light to moderate
Physical exercise which we define like less than seven seven calories burned or a minute. So light light exercise, you know, like light
walking or even
Like slow running is very beneficial for you. You don't have to be perfect
You don't have to be an athlete, you know, you don't have to like train at the gym five hours to
to progress that the thing is you should stick to
some form of exercise every day and
Make it a habit, right? So so you will definitely improve your
Your insulin sensitivity and you will reduce
The prevalence of your metabolic syndrome and
And I hope you know, I wish you will cure the disease
okay, so last thing that
You know can help you to further
totally cured your metabolic syndrome are
dietary supplements
that you can use
the way of working is actually
Like all of the supplements is very similar. There is a slight differences but in general they improve
Insulin sensitivity. Yes, so basically the idea
Is that as we said there is a state of chronic inflammation
So we want to act on your inflammation and these supplements. We work by as an anti-inflammatory
mediators and also they are
Antioxidant, so they resolves the damage or they limit the damage that our free
radicals to on the cell and
They increase the insulin sensitivity
We said that this usually metabolic syndrome
We'll call it's actually caused by your insulin resistance
and if we increase the insulin sensitivity of the cell
actually now the cells is much from $0.02 insulin and thus internalized glucose and
Avoid the problems that lipids breakdown caused to you. And then the other thing is that they
Decrease the lipids so decrease cholesterol
increase HDL and decreasing the LDL that causes the damage again to your
To your body so they act on every small things that actually cause your metabolic syndrome right like metabolic sensitivity
high levels of lipids in your body like
cardiovascular events hypertension and basically they act on free radicals so they are anti
Antioxidants, but also they act as anti inflammatory
You know supplements. So so they are super beneficial for you and definitely should try them. We're just going to list them
So the first one is turmeric
also known as
Cumin, yeah
The second one is garlic
then you have cinnamon which
which is full of
Polyphenols strange then he also activates metabolism. So usually people take cinnamon even before sleeping
because activates the you know, the breakdown of fats, this is very good and it has been demonstrated that it decreases the
Glucose fasting glucose level, so it's very good. So cinnamon. You can either take before the
For sleeping or you can actually put small amounts of cinnamon oil to it to you know to your meals
and it's going to also reduce your
Now you cannot eat women to
Cookies. Yeah, we could do other videos if you like maybe about recipes which is yes, so that means you add some
small quantities of cinnamon to
Try through your meals or have some seen a yogurt or something before before you sleep
Next one is neem oil
Neem oil is an it's an actually
extract that is associated with
Like it regenerates your your pancreatic beta cells so it mostly
with your insulin secretion by pancreas and
In general it helps with your pancreatic health
Then there is also rhizoma copy this
Which is a Chinese?
Actually Chinese Chinese use it regularly in the in their diet and evidence showed
That is very good in preventing and curing
cardiovascular diseases
because of a can of the old effects that we said before so the
inflammatory and theater at Rose chlorotic plaque accumulation
So you can add it to your meal or you can just get some tablet
okay, so the last ones are
bergamot essential oil
carved among grapes on you on
Fish oil and and broccoli. So make sure you implement them in your diet
because they help you if your instrument resistance and they will help, you know, the curio metabolic syndrome and
Let us know how it goes
if you have any questions about the supplements, you know, you can write the comment or you can write directly to
Us on our channel and we'll be happy to respond. Okay. Thank you guys
Thank you guys in to see you next video, okay?

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