Sequoia, a.k.a. Jennifer Criteser, attended Mt. Hood Community College on a basketball scholarship in the mid 1990s. After MHCC, she ended up in California, …
Mount Hood, I started, I started my whole
path there. And I was exploring many
different types of classes and that then led me towards what I'm doing. I graduated
from Oregon State High School and then
got my scholarship to go to Mt. Hood
Community College. And through sports I
learned how to lead a group, in essence
coach, as the director less than what
other dance companies are how they might
work. Part of my degrees and choreography and dance so it weaves choreographic
elements into the show. It involves many
different elements many different types
of fire, all of the performers bring
different skills into the mix to create
a really awesome show. Fire dancing is
exciting; I have been in fire dancing for
15 years. It was always something
for me that I was afraid of, I was afraid
of fire, and it was a challenge for me to be
able to do it because I had to work
through some of my biggest fears. And
when I got the fire fans, I felt like I
could dance and I felt really free with
it, and that was sort of how I got
started. So somebody literally passed the
fire to me.

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