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Where is the output
check check
check check
right up here me the microphone
input layer week in a snap snap
properties properties properties
Blue Yeti microphone
to the Minecraft check check
Choo-Choo Cha-cha-cha yeah okay
but damn
that's nice it's fast okay
okay check check
I guess it is
working now I don't know the
quality sucks
is the quality good is the
quality any good what is the
resolution bro bro
okay 720p is fine okay hi Emily
gaming with some B's gamer with
sabelo Lulu
quickly are we can is now yeah
yeah I uh
yeah yeah
Minecraft oh to it exhale Belize
Billy's here all right as you
guys can see her now
the cat where is the cat wait a
second wait a minute
oh he's here he's here he's here
here is the cat I'm sorry I
messed up the cat cat
was invisible for like 5 Seconds
it is back back
performance mode okay okay let's
let me just check if I'm running
I chain tell you HD graphics
just give me a second let me
just let me just
worries up by a mobile player
yes abhinav
goes with puts up okay
what's up what's up what's up
let me just launched it with the
Epic graphic processors
processors yeah
we'll suppose suppose what's up
everybody what's up Minecraft
Minecraft know what's up
version the version is the
latest version 16 one point it's
one point sixteen point three
yep it is the latest version of
Minecraft you guys can come
update have fun
fun join come on and come on and
come on in everybody
version the version is the
latest version 16 yeah okay come
and come on and I'll just I'll
just wait for my game to just
load up I'm on the Discord voice
chat yeah gags mmm
Discord discord Cola here okay
I mean
automatic them up no BS Wallace
which curlier so I'm like I'm
streaming from I'm streaming
from my OBS stream Labs Wallace
oh it's working fine it will
stop how you doing
my Instagram sucks okay
other boys Salvador
Guatemala the literature I am
Kiss Me O Sanam tuna named Blake
oh how are you feeling voice
glitchboyz glitch nearby
by Q again they are gamer exams
Green Building higher as
safe condition devata- devata-
bro bore bore bore full screen
Ari are you pull screen at again
a risk on screen oh yeah yeah I
got sub R sub our alley
yellow audio let's go the
guys are some local level and an
epic amount Minecraft Among Us
knife so you guys can
join in right now you guys can
have fun Amharic Island bunch of
either server is also on it
her nose
IPS screen permalink data also
just just copy John Koerner
here is server a pink ask her
then thing how do I how do I
frickin pin the what the comment
guys can someone
tell me
come and catch up in grazia like
how do I how do I how how we
have a window shelter I can
America we
gonna put ovilus NPR's about
Bachata the sun Jia Jia
okay so we're going to go over
my school a locker key H ki o
Rahi Hai
kuch Kar Rahe Hai hexagonal
gonna guys
a second old gonna come look
just just a minute
just a minute game capture
oh finally putana Catania are so
Barman game capture chalukya
like what the Kabhi nahi hota
bye cubby knew the mirror game
ours okay bye ah ba-dee ah
ba-dee ah ah boo epic's in a
byotch cookie or you
qrq Niara Mirko Music and Sound
oh let's go wipe it all away
let's go let's go let's go come
and join your low blocks
friendly creatures
ambient creatures yes of master
ticking music Theresa come
quality or a Squatch algorithm
ale IPA IP IP to IP
Mirko screen pelican ibaraki my
screen click the arrow exhibit
the IP is let me give me a
second melek date on screen
break that down
IP okay
I pick a HUD chili
dog okay okay part i Anna
hey or teacher patch I dot
eighty rnos dot Emmy
Emmy at or noski spelling Sienna
copy give me a second man
mathematically screen flick
their all yellow yellow Tiga
to AIP
just copy join carne or or
disco be joined gonna IP to
mookie screenplay method is your
background background or open
our account
background opacity what are the
town so this could be John
koerner IP for tox screen say
ignore join continue its it's
that simple
I think anybody geek is Chic oh
cobby be safe man with my guruma
offline a server
Gavin DeGraw Malik server window
yoga bites all over
bonds are you learn about array
and I have leaky at a lumen if
it's a
confirmed Kia the I'm pretty
manicure to confirm manikyam an
oath bro bro server name server
by server key
IP ban adult age is Kobe Anna
please goes job bro please wait
I'm updating
launch area Jo sub block
everybody come on in come on and
come on and join Cassie got a
pal of mine Craft curve all a
version with a joke about their
scope Java version T
launchers a download code number
the Gobi tutorial the closer I
PQ D chai with five eyes dr.
Turner's dot me ubaid game know
by Denis was the by bought worth
it angra Jay and Reggie candy
lollipop yeah
come music here eccentric
are bad welcome
are not going to bore me keep
that big deal
will take like
30 seconds or something get the
daylight Bob
stream the might be many Corner
ability just go on a magic or oh
no pulse cookie
key part to be quite is any
service may I be like hi Amira
webcam up without border like we
are we are minimalistic yeah it
is what
to do or where you have solution
for free download my own okra it
is it is free
it is free it is free a how much
our minute charm it dakara
I hi giving good bro
anger towards up a webcam up
without bottle like we are we
are minimalist yeah so
what else what else organism
or Goodman's Colonel chasms of
Among Us be killing a but a big
is Ustream am starting May mind
trapped killing it from
Lucas are take them build
karta IBM local authorities in
progress which is the fare best
remedy that was epic and
up jar part when they be digging
into my life dream car motakay
because they are
bought I bought their over your
body know where your Digger
among our scaling
you call killing a build cool
killing it but a wallaby
Minecraft free a third is
American Liberty Bosco Java
version to local phone number of
the pieces were download
Connecticut that's it verdict
sighs uh cookie charm in it but
uh arm till midnight watch
actually while I'm talking
distantly their my bathroom with
a kneaded eraser virtually would
I go but you guys can hop in and
we can have fun or Escape atoms
which are ranked a exam tourism
and type correctly argument
lager from our Java version
Balaji Pro player co-op epic
players at own kbf tournament
Rock day
a jazz a bowl okay let's see
let's see about that maybe like
something will go on top of the
concept from epic mr. Beast
videos let's go but yeah the
thing is you guys can join the
members for epic members only
live stream and
ask about the event today a
coach a man swimming March we
launched carnival
the members are all get that
envelope epic discount whenever
a word cute says were during
Among Us dumb yes so turnout
Poliwag merge Bernardo dumb it
it will just say dumb but not in
English go of each other I'm
thinking Japanese
I will make it as static
aesthetic lip using pleasing for
you guys I'm sorry if I suck at
pronouncing Salonga skew nakheel
right Among Us kill night my
cow pie is made made as a parent
you desire whatever namik Among
Us only player I could chew
China mira mira Channel
get Banner will icky icky I only
play among us
as a good silica gonna sound
like how though we'll go some
of them look as a name for
gaming is yeah Among Us is a
game among Us give us a sec them
channels my wife is growth
I Among us give us assemble
pays back on track again from
killing among us something up in
a bullock among us Nick healing
I'll make them up as metabolic
let's drink to make Minecraft
Korea Among Us Craig it again to
the Among Us
scale hurts it hurts it hurts it
listen to me a result our said
Iraq them live streams on right
now off I do it Anjali what's up
hi hi dude okay whoa
whoa careful yeah dude
I don't know hi dude what's up
Anjali ha a character
many companies okay the server
is starting
other confirm gonna kick it
lisanna Desi Batman
garment like can't you guys see
array by info Bowl discords or
interlay ha silly
– Padma Minecraft channel is not
argue Arteaga Tiga guys is
Kirby Agra CIP JEA other screen
High other screens any direct
method is called Giancarlo
description but it is called
Kalinka Jackie joint Globe
Minecraft cake voice Channel 1
which is why can't you read like
screen pellet highbrows green
Billiken you guys are like
behind us
bat goddamn it join Carlo server
on her i a mirage up that
PewDiePie valmiera basic
wall of map
top rope shop at the Sky
Skyblock my blog be unpleasant
Skyblock healing
are Skyblock Whoppers kill me
with love PewDiePie net dou v
dou t in videos was when I
discovered Skyblock charity oh
cobblestone generator goddamn
a cobblestone a
chance if – – Athena
let's see what the yeah I'll be
other you are many Viscardi
resources okay
cameras are all
Charlie okay Malik join Curtis
production without okay
multiplayer Minecraft
sorrow cameras are which Allah
guides is a joint on the screen
Pi pilikia for taxi
join girl oh archaic or magic or
my size close it
no no no no no Eggman Eggman
okay I'm back I'm back I'm back
I'm back ok so sad well Charlie
again a question Tony
and let's go let's go let's go
I'm in the Sahara how are you
dude I am doing great until you
say what's happening like vodka
of like what the bro no
no mood offering full support
yeah our molecule Katya up I
tell me
acknowledgement for celebrities
Hannah Village me too man man
it's hard to believe believe
are a villager cases so far
sadly Minecraft No
papi okay
table table Cooling a crafting
cop Place carrying a or as
Cuba's skiing devil incarnate
photos of compromise colonel
appraise know
no denying a system but I am
system buying it do not worry
about it
the schooling gay fit o'clock
ask about the public airing a
pay his pajamas or stick behind
Charter stick banality for the
squad as you can okay
egg Total War
Salvo Duvall or food
launcher up in the chat
a cassock them
full support by G over here
collage 1v1 clutch solemn air
by March
hello hello
hello hello
let's make it together oh yeah
this come on up buddy and it
also obeys your voice over your
way so we're you raised her veil
away away
but acting marsala go hopefully
hopefully to Andrea love you can
see the value cavalry
we love you get to the river
normal normal
they are a bow and bow and arrow
keys banana thank you okay
if work given a 1 million
I'll be
yeah actually no game gameplay
to need a key
but it's epic a rather risky
main house the
pods are no friends and main
house the butler Le the hospital
make our
cute to make our Beauty category
concept our Giver arriba guys
hey both of you skeleton drop
Carta marnik little warm war
well this is
is bad hi
for me okay
this is nice makka pakka I guess
cut over yeah but yeah
look at this look at this
marsala marsala go
go chicken
here I need some food oh boy
is similar boy oh boy
boy but can also play with me
Melody no spot pal go do I bro
everybody's observe a league
game ever Kappa hyperbolic
Bedrock how to spread of Aramis
Kathy to 2165 – Kip
or a plus 0
0 340 or 155 155 what the cord
don't know what the cord is what
called like like PC card like
charging cord like phone cord
like wireless charger cord like
what the are you talking about
bro Casa download
KX video Bernardo era by yeah
jacket the egg Nan Chi 3
allocated coordinate 3 45 min 40
380 or 160 government har har Oh
380 or are open
380 or
160 I think I'm near
I think horny horny pass me open
all right 340 or ari Ari
three forty plus 100 plus plus
1/16 uh
goddamn it it
ender man come on
is equal to P0 $100 heart McHale
sector yes yes yes yes yes now I
have my friends went when come
name tag name tag denying a pal
Mario Batali
a bogus webinar that Ripper
your car's creative with it the
Marty our product product
Oh Boy boy
earmuffs hello Maria tuna
maybe what I'm good yeah
oh nice nice a car again Madara
bro there is a model in the game
Ida please
yo what's up what's up what's up
Vishnu Mishra what's up Welcome
to the live stream brother
brother also key card
okay moderator Survivor my
creative camera a Goro by
iOS own oldest son Gob by bundle
decry the please a come got to
um local sheriff diamond armor
Devas or questioning like
pickaxe bus bokkeum lookups of
calm curling curling it
is it fair it's not but yes it
is what it is
Malik to compare my neighbor
room Village
League mama Malik
Malik trader happy 19 in llama
away go away I have a miracle of
God tree llama treated
supposed to this one will take
creative kashikar an iPad my
creative new the right it smell
of survival by creative near the
creativeness survival Osaka let
me just get some resources for
for myself Machi machi not a
picture whatever was
correct unit
oh dude you know BTS by BTS
they take Sandra the casa
trigger by Bond a command for
the segment BTS is overrated as
got it it
am I wrong or am I right now I'm
at am I right or am I right
lock on who they are pickaxe
democracy the pickaxe
did to my persona son who you
yeah well guy
we have watched iti yeah
wait what good I need need wood
I'll tell you what's give us
Brewery cable Tesco Brewing ah
by 8:00 to 10:00 tonight let's
go to Jackie
Mariko Kayla need a guy man
man can America band ban if I
have to wait
say thank you thank you for
joining in Borough head head
head fun with you
Brewery several cabinet position
at NWTC Traders are able raw
flesh a emerald the rabbi
catch a mask a creative
survivals art mikhail's acting
I don't think so we go any
further I do not know are they
go Malik hey Willis 30k
Bart Bart I'll be a cure
be mad at the need a cow give
these boys of kids owes me
let's go
buy some nice one nice one nice
one nice nice one they go yes of
the village story bro I don't
Mill Mill up our game
so Mary Watson
I think a made it possible at me
the coordinates
275 275 159 two years ago area
have my op HR blocks
blocks long as it makes you know
Koko Ya Habiba negative no men
mean to have a girl ache ache
hey guys
stop animal person person yeah
or here I go swimming pool it
let's go a Chihuahua not a a
buy a cow
okay okay though
Dean Dean char
here the blocks they crave a
double-double gorilla or a
canonical system otherwise your
Kathy right to make a
cobblestone the
coops are I need Cobblestone I
need Cobblestone upload banana
Valley epic aesthetic luxurious
Epic something
that's going to be epic like you
guys can join in right now if
you guys want to play by
you're Takin eariier
I thank you for the wooden
I need to find some wood wood
photoscape I don't mind buying a
be the copy of each subset fell
upon objective of our banana
spawn while you play
spell Joey what's up can I have
a shout out yes Destiny how can
I join a you just have to
the launcher and you just have
to enter the IP in the
multiplayer section that's it
Parts gamer what's up Malik give
me some wood if you have guys
guys guys guys if you if you are
in earlier teleport case occurs
here in Loco it look at
tell I think creatively
upon assigned
yourself to a Convent the
creative economy in the normal
air that is just a bonus
mr. biscuit server May create
abnormal normal survival how do
I do that
John oh dear
if you re Gonna Keep and okay
like what the bro
come on join in
I'll have a capacity of 20
members on this Server so you
guys can 20
people can join right right now
okay so let me just
just now boom raw flesh Malik
may say well in Rome Italy
in the Bots are a mere pass
bought Zara ARA sa Sai
SAS is shaped curve like maybe
we'll make it more more
again music Whoppers again music
oh my my
whitelist me Ankita yes I will
my boundary when our wake
Angela got the the rope
but variable username is the
number pal
I have a pretty great plan for
the house
this is gonna be the Epic
swimming pool pool
are there
on the market now boom let's go
Bukhara Kitsune yeah
crafting table I remain Sachin
I'll be belly in
in Côte de novo courage and
please write with him cos Theta
by 2 seconds / TP meet you I
cannot do that I am not in
Creative bro I cannot and I
cannot like it's it's not far
away from
the spawn I just got spawned
from wait rewind the Stream
I just got spawned on
the starting point you guys can
just follow me where I went
that's Bedrock or Java Java Java
is a pure AA Oh Carl a burger
colleague are they just take
this out
let's go colleague or anything
and its capacity okay we've
already got Anna evil is garko
be colleague guru we need it
to we need we need we need
blocks bro a couple of well
boundary when I'm gay
likes netskope we we a concealer
TV I'm cute guess the server is
now stable
please ride by car
there although II seborga Riga
night the by manual dial a way
to not to be a whitelist
governable ra normal joint Carlo
I told us a lag and
we'll see about that well Gary
what's up help me
just assemble this house house
minutes till dark are blocked
blocked – we'll put a plank on a
polymer go
no I playing mellow Vibe God
damn it thud oh boom
bime Hood said Malaysian food
VCR DC animated problem again
guy's voice
said We join constructive you
guys are on Discord if you guys
have Discord join the voice chat
what the are you guys doing
please Broca's points pohnpei of
I spawned when I asked I are
very bad so no make coordinates
there are who are at coordinates
to murder to dubbed Jericho
carrier with Optimum location
button way
we have three they Coraopolis
screen with XYZ XYZ happy XYZ
like have Wally coordinates
image column eh
let's go if you guys cannot
leave the match
extreme physical of without her
there pal maybe sponsor sponsor
yap i oughtta Tanya robot the IP
is on the screen
the IP is literally on the
Mike Shaw will I get it away
okay so the IPS on the screen
Borough burrow
give me a cobblestone let me
just get a couple cameras join
you know me tell my name in MC I
know Opie yes join girl again
or a custom look creative me
another please some locals have
Cobblestone were guerrillas
vo sub trees are they the my I'm
looking mind you get the default
look man mechanism was such a
lucrative our squat challenge
Adventure met adventure with the
boys okay nice come on in Mike
shovel been a little shovel
shovel dirt clear Colonel
chalu coronavirus of Sao Paulo
let's go I need another shovel
shovel shovel shovel
Magic so they can I book a
savannah their bow and arrow
Q good morning with some Shin
nice let's go
now I just need some dirt to
cover up the
let's go boom boom boom boom
boom boom boom boom bop beep Bop
bop bop Rick
come out of those one or two he
got around
skip bad I'll just just
here you have and that's a
Japanese car key
each you have a swimming pool I
mean that's a
egg them NADA que somnath Omaha
selling a
yeah happy Oriana some shovels
Pahlavi he loved he loved hockey
here Echo
dot oligarchy hey guys
he pillar Venn diagram
Tiga tiga nice let's go yellow
boy okay nice
nice and easy nice and easy or
the skipper and pull vinayagam
our garlic is harmless a bull
take the map it was a labrum
Charlo guitar version the
version is is it's the latest
version it's like
1.60 3.16 it's the latest and
greatest version of all kind
of all time time
you'll be equal oh my God the
house is gonna be big as bro
what damn it I need to get rid
of them patches patches
okay let's go so
I'm imagining stuff maybe I'll
need to clear this up
I think Romano diarrhea after to
let's see about this maybe
maybe okay maybe this way is
gonna be fine then of scape
bod gehazi why are you here is
guess a join bro yeah yeah
don't know like the version is
yeah yeah something latest
version T launcher download
career latest button select girl
okay coordinates Castle: guys
please someone
tells somebody tell this guy
please okay you guys can also
join the voice chat if you guys
wanna yeah by telephoning our
sector because unfortunately
this is
survival it is not creative but
yeah I gotta I gotta get my bad
of the
oak oak sapling
Ctrl 1 1
if you are on a PC F3
F3 f3 pal gardening bro
maybe like
ah thinking thinking I'm
a laptop by now you have
survival may be two jars actin
Asia Saturday
a create by
creative 90s are rare rare nice
one nice one Joker nice nice
nice my but are eccentric
second okay second look but our
oh contact Logano
yeah I think so Tiga the
car disco Arava ra by X II II II
II II II II the match to Colonel
sir Humboldt ajara handsome say
what a guardian guardian
are you saying he joined garnica
yeah but
you're swimming pool a swimming
pool Gilbert I don't think
anybody I'll be back
jelly jelly 40 tea please
if you guys want to make them
actually progress to
make a cardigan Ito you give me
right on
Isabelle Americans who never
ever need too many problems
but also if you are watching the
guy how would I communicate to
him bro
just give us some beds Barros a
bad day they are just give us
some bad if you are in if you
in creative mode it's fine you
guys can play in creative mode
but please give a just
supporters group will have fun
we'll have fun
I am joining yeah come on and
come on and everybody can join
too much extra work bro
bro god damn it sorry
sir Sorry
I've been getting
is gonna be epic bro up recorded
with the egg medic medic medic
with a second of nah
press the t button keyboard then
you can chat okay
let me just Mark the fall the
four corners of the the house
I cannot talk I cannot talk talk
okay so
I need to sleep I guess I need
to sleep how would I sleep
sleep I need a bed do I have a
bat here nope that's I think
that was my bad okay with you
I'd take it
it's okay well I'm joining to
buy a car loan
mm and Coach Mauna Kea Kea
management Monica does it have
any I'll just take this chest
then what
man man would like to buy jasper
ran away
nice ah breaker what is
happening what is happening
F3 the bar yellow yellow Armand
Mary coordinates are 313
1372 125 mile of
say X or Y dignity
that's nice
bad ban
ban ban what else who else who
else who else who else well
well that sucked
huh well I'm back on the respond
auntie I got to decorate
the miracle Electrify work
through this
lol sound of Shannara well I
just got wrecked rekt bro this
Bank an opera I'm just truck
so both are 300 and
god damn it
Matt of coordinate Y coordinates
capitalism in America bottom
I'm dead I am dead
dead No this bunny is following
me bro what you need bro
do you need you need something
small ha ha small small in the
buy some lucky peach in value
guys can
your coordinates
I think I can I can I think I
have I will have a bad in here
oh this is nice oh bro this is
is nice Epic I can actually
survive the night I can actually
the night
let's go what you do what you do
okay so now the thing is I'll
have to kick people out
goddamn god damn
close the doors close the doors
somebody open the door right
right I read or
or but Crocker
oh look at this
this run
let's go oh yeah
do you have food food
people are here
million let's go
oh we are lovely we move it on
gimmick in low
son with a kick them too
statehood statehood
oh yeah
can I join in Pocket Edition no
no you cannot this is Java
addition Bedrock additional
Pocket Edition
between each layer you can join
the like Java Edition from your
oh oh armor armor
I'm gonna go I'm gonna go
let me just clear arm up let me
just wear armor
and then get this sword sword
Boo Boo Boo
wait a second
hello Lois
hello hello
bi mát under we are
are Barney
god damn it comes it comes
look so good
someone that I know
the robbery spawn points at
Curtin bad day order to do
dead when I'm dead
broke yeah something is wrong no
okay wait I'll have to I'll have
to configure the server it has
come little
girl bro sup look so to the
server array Bo bought
cerebellum created a sorry
creepers KCRA I'm I'm going to
talk to you
haha I expected recovery
oh yeah
bro why you banned me from the
server because you are dumb bro
well sup look leave Cairo has a
cookie Kuro server say yardage
karna padega are world
ask ask
no no no no no no
it's fine
Irene I by Cocina cocina
what's your name
eggs again take second Adventure
monster nether nether
Moser of cardiac week repurpose
Pawn Cara hi are you sure
what code my code Guy Code guy
and Gortat food Peru
y'all have got them them
night of her the garbage I gonna
hit the gal apologizing gigantic
Lord Arryn give her their of who
go to screen pixel about let me
figure this out manager camera
Lake where is the
excellent I joined catch a cargo
bay area join join going creeper
moans okay bro please unban me
I'm not going to unban you off
wait no no but yeah stop stop
akamaru akamaru please
players of a world where jockey
ha huh
now he
oh yeah
refresh refresh
okay start over
action action
live streaming dashboard yellow
guys uh
yet sir
progress bar for
for a scotch oligarch take it
Judy Cavallo
sorrow – all hooray those second
row bottom though
hi kanji other guys everybody
subscribe if you haven't already
sub K subscription signature
America keep in peaceful mode
yeah Teague taken it's fine
your timers Elroy yeah timers
are generated job Chuck
from logo old car
it was the
okay I'm back I'm back
I'm back Minecraft with the one
new block what what what what
went on with the new one block
I'm back I'm back I'm back
yeah I'll be there son of line
and I need a cracker Erica hot
many technical approach come Fox
dumb Squad
tickets are minute orbit curtain
Jarvan web apis and of what the
heck is going on
like why does it this take so
much time teen minute it's
there it's almost there and we
are going to start epic so guys
I'm logar Palais
yes in academe local joint
Colonel Dobie smm office spawned
Jesse servers are you got some
up looks at miss Monica give my
Beemer together me response at
Anita though him look weak
Village mil Gaya this is
actually baseball shops seat I
read those
again to Chopra yeah yeah so
this is
has been voiced shop succeed
Village mil Gaya Village kobbari
Pala come looking them
Droppin the headquarters
Bernardo headquarters came out
of the Jungle Adventure by will
probably will kill Ender Dragon
in love week sub block is
Argentina babies when they're
identical twins are rating on
Indian YouTubers well that's
nice I I don't think he will
ever read me I don't know I have
less hopes for not for you
I'm saying for the people in
life to be okay
so the thing is um Logan
like medical game yeah Kelly a
silly man less any Kingdom it's
trending or something game Kelly
America by
bundling sot Kayla magic hernia
and stuff I do not believe Kim
Rococo period for
again stuff or a scale our
rather I got make them free
fire pup dual streaming room
with many subscribers when you
bring it then oscarbots
America's Iggy Joyce but gik of
man yeah thought about Minecraft
or stream karuma maybe I'll play
among I'll I'll play Among
butterscotch famous hotel room
and I'll just fill my video
banana start cutting because I
do not know okay yeah okay do
not don't worry alike like
trying for like maybe like four
years or something it's sucks it
sucks for real it sucks I'm
doing disco disco be joined
Governor Discord when Kendra
it's not that I'm like tired of
working hard or like I do not
want to work hard but it sucks
like how Indian gaming Community
is at this point of the
it sucks it sucks that yeah like
there are dumb who just want to
free fire DJ elope gameplay
mother Ethan is
a car wreck attorney Gary why my
nether one block of Moser joined
color please go to the
by code catacombs of code
probably some intermediate
mannequin robbing banks
on coin cap
geylang a bill called bill could
record okay see ya Waitin queue
by the thing away when will you
pray play ball sorry are
McHale dick Thompson Kitt
Michael dictum thank you
a socket the socket
oh God said we're prepared
thanks yeah
P type cannot join: it's that
bro for a bleep balls
are ER McHale dick Thompson Kitt
Michael victim kolaveri di give
kanji out of cat the bike at the
catchy them go g once it catches
you but I like them Joe by hello
track a boy what's up correct
correct go
Treecko Treecko
what is the role of Ayub and
vitamin Rock Marco marra that
said mannion Banker by you can
try anywhere else I'm not going
to unban you sucks it sucks give
me your number no why why the
would I give you my number
like why the would I give you my
number why like couch or mangled
by like them which or mango come
on Yogi I don't know but the
vibe I'm a
massive Abby I can only arise
you can go
hey what the just happened
happened okay performance mode
Minecraft guy P by L
A Cowboy screenplay can't you
guys see it on the screen
monster Mirror by Mary John
Irish Cream garage or Minecraft
haha shrimp a our notification
icon right right
I did
extreme pain Echidna chasm
I rented to do
Caldecott spider-man Electro
So Amazing Spider-Man Meredith
tick tick tick tick Morocco
karma for you
okay bro I even did not touch
you bro I was
but building the headquarters
you even appreciate your gnocchi
out yoga th at 2:30 kitty kitty
broken Banker and when Congress
on guys server is back on wait
server back
our 2011 back on their own
a second are going to analyze
server server is back server is
back join don't know guys
Guardian man Guardian Vanguardia
magic magic arrow okay mira mira
Lily okay okay okay go go go go
four trucks are ree can a
constable yeah it what what
server I am I I in
okay come on join Girl guys join
Girl Giancarlo
whoa yoga performance mode come
on and come on and come on
in Miracle band Q Kisco case
Comerica Bank yeah Monica
bankia manic is going to bankia
there are okay
it it what manic a banker give
me a number nine he phone number
they cover
damage up annually is this the
same map okay
I'm Barack Obama okay okay
and I'll be first summer job you
very much
where is the where were the
coordinates 3 or it's it
teen Zone of bay saw
yeah yeah
our daughter are
a total removal a techie boy
internet can inter net both
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi lakia lochia
rfrk are firmer Jama I need to
car type
I just
I'm gonna take this bed bad
okay okay I'm going to place it
here okay what's up whoa
guys guys come on
but yeah need some food bro bro
bro thank you
all leather very nice nice golly
mr. Kent you
to avoid that's all we need
thanks a lot Mentor in my bro my
words by Kana Dado give me some
would you like them they are
ticklish teacher so then if I
would have pulled their food
food guys stupid a did not had
food food
food Colour by Ford Ford Carlo
okay I'm sorry I'm sorry I
apology I am
am apology
I am a biology I am apology for
that I'm apology for that okay
thank you thank you for telling
me mieka loading Quran Arabic
you can rub some know awake
iranica to
fall to make this Romero
Bao gu phone we're going to hit
Panama Banker a band called upon
by mirror carp
our bike a loading arrays on in
Java Java Java Java audition
modulo edition
I need to get some food food
Health Products
LT gets alexandrovna
X and of next video bye band
their product is
Scott so we ban Gotama oh Sondra
comet is called as a banker also
gives you Banker oh off Ike's
and by six seconds
band players a second look in
her eyes
players players
where is the guy that is the guy
and TR Roenick here band let's
go man boom
than Isabella could seat Colonel
protect American Tito Log Jam
from among his fellow Yannick
killing everardt Minecraft mods
Minecraft both magnetic them
thumbnail Boneta so of gonna
break oh nice nice nice
guys carrot Cossack Tina a
carrot carrot concertina can I
eat carrots carrots
oh yeah thank you thank you
thank you
what you guys talking about
finally finally nice come
from coach uh come to Bible
Gulliver McCullough or
carrot Kunik RIAA to take my
things Harvey Milk and Milligan
thank you
Udo crafting table yet there is
a month ago thank you nice Joker
officer would about 2,000
FaZe Clan room room
your mother got it bro Tommy
told it Abby Bella helpful
connect this is my bed
Carter inventory night they cry
Eric second require a pathan EK
Hasina bro
bro ha X II of no seraphic
second look now
areare single PC Mac no Dubrow
single PC my AC Notah inventory
me the cream with love okay xnxn
transform okay
okay I guess this is fine up in
yoga thank you thanks a lot
Viper thanks a lot
performance mode Avenue by our
picked up with any consider a
solution which which El Rey 720p
days in Appalachia 1280 720
P p 24-bit okay
I'll follow you up a couple of
yoga I've taken up a couple go
go go booty booty screen screen
burger yogi I'll be be near
okay let's go stretch garden
cosplay yeah this is nice I get
this is beautiful beautiful
beautiful wait what
karev row as Selena curtain so
let's mine for what let's mine
for some Oak planks bellick bar
Oak planks
applicable nanoparticles
keyboarder physical body
from the child during a very
pillars crying and stuff ARA and
tiara come on I got a job for
you bro
I will not pay you if you do not
work it it
you need to work ironic if you
are watching come on come with
me pickaxe
x 1 RS I'm Nichelle go pick x 1
now here's a Beach volley plank
Vallée du vallon as cathode oh
Oh plank
blank blank okay it's wait a
second wait a second wait a
minute wait a minute
are you
oh yeah yeah yeah
but first a crafting table but
now bodiless and pure Java
egg protein char bungee crafting
table now beach what the bro
yeah breaking em knee crafting
table is my
burning upon Kia is available in
Japan lockrey luxury
luxury giggity Escobar
Escobar burning a pickaxe
Tick-Tock tick tock on cello
equality equality
yellow Tigger though one guy
Eckstein pickaxe oh very nice
cold yoga calls a palpable of
Bel-Air woman a little military
vandalism who sorry the torch
is he gay araki Cole
your kill luckily let's go oh
yeah way more earlier torch
figure or skip a double
copy mine Kanika Cobblestone
Cobblestone career way plus a
Carnage a Molotov oak sapling
off of it it
okay okay
Gaia gear rid of all to me
bardia girl
oh nice
one nice one OK TKS is keep the
valve and or Charter of a a ROM:
do not fight no fighting in
the game a capella IV
ache ache ache room another r0
yeah I did
this this I'm sorry X I can talk
my window
capture layer on your DNA You
Remember full
Cargill Runner the last son of
Shannara pure experience
committee video settings much at
we need a camera okay a second
look I'm sorry all right window
I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry
I'm sorry
window capture
this is what happens bro
this is what happens when you
try to be on budget budget I
guess of the car over I'll be
full screen the
the Cara
ha goddamn it okay I'm sorry
yeah see see me stuck
okay up take up take I guess of
but yeah the Vault benign a
lesson which I I agree Rocco
biology biology
best a total villagers come on
tomorrow Village in
are they have based our total of
old Rome
villagers byronic
Bangor to me are brutal hello
bapu Devon Iva top right corner
but all data collection okay
disgusting gross disgusting is
fine is this fine all right
let's go taken back to game
game so when I Don't Wanna Wake
mr. of of banana bread
Obito a ticker tape because for
Evan digital AV bundle of
subterranea play by mine Colonel
allegory Erica oh yeah this
looks epic bro oh
dear I got model swimming pool
this is gonna be the Epic
swimming pool for us us oh my
God look at this guy's
Diwali bro yeah this is what I
wanted the valley
really happy todo toddler got
you man
so highest
art by a car a job even de ya –
algorithm mind cannot
algorithm you how to do a lot of
this code Michael Latham ha ha
the you doing over there
well darling I'm just making
some stuff and playing with
some dumb people can I play with
you yes you guys can look at
this I made a house for us
if you want to join okay I'll
tell you how to join then we'll
make this house okay let's go
if you want to play if you want
to play Minecraft why why are
you wait okay let me just give
me a second okay I guess this is
fine you can you can try
commenting something
I will I need to notice you get
them them
yes yes
I'll be smuggling caring m are
we on smuggling carrying you ski
but yeah pickaxe lay low yellow
pickaxe Italo yeah a lot for for
the sub
no No
server name server name top
corner server name top right
corner look at this look at this
I just I just yes look at this
so I just took this pool in it
a natural pool it is like five
feet deep or something it's
gonna be enough let me just get
rid of the gas gas everybody
just get this is Step blue
Bubala G wheat seed analogy
Milegi now pick toddler anybody
at this like it is under
progress amazing
thank you look at this this is
this is pool is
gonna be this is pool is gonna
be epic bad bad english
look at this
I mean yes light look at this is
the big this is the big area
nice look at
this look at this so much so
is space okay toss epilogue I'll
give shovels out broken up
Redmond VPN SEC network create
curse active
problem or a VPN with
VPN ilakaka bro I P9 name array
the server room could use
just gonna take the
grasses of the the
I guess maybe go torches or
banana keep it cool Sorry torben
let's hear our plea will keep
the other way to make a bundle
will click on abort
up miracle miracle
take on an ER I P9 name Balearic
is cabaye Mera naam chuda chuda
chai Tu Mera naam Bina mr. Garza
grogg has a look at this like
look at this it's so epic
but still alive Andy Roddick
I guess this is fine fine maybe
I'll just take this one
one my my evaluation so you have
not this is the
NIV as a milligram our govt must
do or say I am known as I am do
not have MC / yeah
oh do not hit me so so now a
Comm cart a
pelvic area are bad bad give you
stock your chest kasaba nothing
let me see chest th
th box ciga ciga
how do I make chest guys can
someone tell me how to make box
is it just like
okay CH E yes yes let's go let's
go let's go
and I can I can just place them
like in
lo que pasó rock that amount
will look awake them security
Bude I got the convene Yogi so
so ache
too nice nice choice mabini
update on where pescara via a
potential member pass Oak
saplings like the down arrows
thumb bone bones bone marrow and
anger okay life hello Lulu
how to play with you join JoJo
arrays arrange for tea launchers
at Casablanca textbook a low
blow PLS TP me bro I cannot TP
no one because unfortunately
this is survival my survival
which is equal to TP nagar so
terms and I'm so freaking
sorry one of them location whole
set of AC major rules the same
nice so
oh listen up boys come on come
on Madam look over the wrong I'm
giving you guys a hoe and a
shovel let me just make some
sticks you guys need a horse you
got if you guys need the hose
yes just okay
condition Davina okay and a
shovel let me just give you guys
a couple of shovels
Tojo Paul to get dirt Ana Paula
Abdul fall to the dirt and house
colocar Dana
bigger one one
two Hey listen up yellow yellow
I know squat nice
hello everybody Watson oh Joe
open his coat
this mind is output a boundary
clear car to take at OTC
space to another update dot
Thirty super and oh spaceman now
our a crafting table table
picture a crafting table music
finally we need to
mind more room
so maybe
equally get solution
may be they may be equally catch
a loser and I need some
let me just get this a Corbin
Alito I guess that would be
enough for today for for mining
were going there could be a
coach a yeah
so I'll just get this and okay
here is the Hope now
I'll just I'll just pour em Jose
together question yoga how much
I'm gonna stream well I'll try
to okay so observing now what we
what we need to do is we need to
mine cobblestone scan the rack
do we have someone here
here can Cobblestone mine car
guys come on in made a pass
House of
cobblestones a year ago
cobblestone Jay comes from
Chaucer cobblestones a subset
else you are going to get kicked
out yes that is what I'm gonna
do yeah
what the however cobblestones
the drop Corridor
drop car the Chrome Cobblestone
but are they never come out
Hallelujah we are going to get
some cobblestone let's go
I wish my man my man Mandarin
and my man I'm on
could have joined the Epic
server server if you guys are
guys please come on in mosy
Block millimeter Kumasi block
disassemble this house in like
yeah just take this house out
put up with a colleague or
this one column has an oval with
a cry arose against coach
Milligan e I don't know I don't
know how long I'm gonna stream
may be like I don't know maybe
narc or something Michelle Devon
garthe Knight is a cultured
– come on Ahmad villagers click
are Banning gay villagers are
the original landlords of the
svr Azul
Azul Vallejo campin villagers
come on about Nevada or
villagers Kelly egg
bad or Gob Chelsea Mera Mera
saath Villa Cucina
stone cold okay hundred door
door key yeah they do drop
car that dropped the pewter
color then Kata to what I say
bro Ali Dudley Cobblestone drop
court or in not by Avi stream
Ahola what's a monster huh nice
nice my men nice
put it drop car they put it
off guard ETA Rivers nice nice
job nice job and they are nice
Todd is er er planks academic
papers so so
remember they close to my
country to manage
manage is payable on clingy
monster Karl jarmons a therapist
laptop and I do is pick charu
girl de planks
Lucretia parallelogram
collecting poop sorry
to my boy Jay Gaffney take a
look pretty away by uploading
lately Tigger a bloke that they
have a couple strong
rilke leg though though teen
char but she oh nice let's go
okay hello
guys Madam local pickaxes the
own whereabouts how come to me
come to Daddy come to Daddy
Reuben Angus
yellow yellow
whoa catch alligators
please Among Us no no Marisol
make a furnace okay okay
let's go here is the furnace
Blast Furnace banana more coffee
goddamn it
away my known to make it another
time lately about yeah yeah
by boring boring
monster Kayla cal cal no game
Spider-Man food Armand sponder
they create the both bigger
opening rajee
I guess how many door banana
Cherry yeah
yeah happy I think here is gonna
be the door
it let's go let's make it one
the side entrance front parag
Amara to
remove that furniture just use a
stone pickaxe it will be faster
thank you how to Vogue I had
worked at one of
Destroyer I guess
Dumbledore I want to make it
epic to 2 well this is just the
boundary scan
there probably yeah I'll be at
the karaoke luck idea is can
direct OTC the wall or bernama
server IP
or top right corner mayank top
right corner and subscribe if
you guys are new
maybe paused or Pi up I have
doubts I have doors doors
see this
I guess
Dumbledore side I got Dumbledore
Dumbledore Dumbledore Sarah
Mossy block lagaya me
rare rare a Kia I don't know no
know goddamn it
Dart Dart let's go
I will look cool in Africa hmm
mmm-hmm our nice boys of nice
Cobblestone key Duvall banana
cookie is this enough enough
clear after do you score then a
nice nice nice nice so you have
one Japan not door of Yamaha say
how are they you
elaborate a real ago but I ones
who can I play as Ritu yes you
can is it a crack server yes a
real Laguna
let's go
I guess this is fine
ha guys come on in Minnesota
Minnesota Minnesota come on
I just got a report of normal
top right corner
come on man
I will get
I will have to kill like like
hello what's up what's up what's
up guys what's up guys
need to get some meat stepping
on the bit bout to beat Mommy
okay okay I'll not get hot
hot hot ja let's go do I have
Okay charmolue so
egg-based our Urban Saga ReRe
look tiny they made a pass well
I'll have to get it on my own
name and
question is said by serif you
you dollop Erica they're 5p
de-esser for IP dollar join
that's how I beat on his own
color it's simple survive would
also join girl girl OH
TP nagar sector because this is
survival this is not normal mode
pro-survival a survival survival
a agar-agar creative author the
survival guys survival this is
survival it's not
it's not that
that what can I say I guess this
is enough egg bad orban's I got
comes from villager
with a beguiling sir 5B dollar
corner corner paint on canvas
that's it ha ha
roh again
IB IB by top right corner this
is nice
actually check on Girardi our
boat hey Nia Nia
whoo laughs:
mine got anybody in mind but
not at all is not able to embed
is nothing like that you are
creative you can even tape in
survival okay to Cassie Cassie
how I do not know commands and
bro I do not know about the
key peeing and if I pause Alexia
Catholic or topic
I guess this is fine
this is fine thank you
now it's Chabad to year the one
yeah have no choice to reject or
a nice
will do sir villager Gaia
villager go Martha medium low
I mean server might come on
command bars on blocker o4 gotta
go go go go go go go
a DK DK DK DK Taco command bars
and block nature I guess command
unblock negative image add
vinegar or
he gave us because our office
aluminum layer wait a second
wait a second
okay okay
this is the coordinates to 76
149 276 or 149 to 7670 149
figure hmm hmm
hey Hey
I'll be Guru girl
start covering start covering
start covering
discover gonna start crew covers
on Guerrilla Crescendo
Aesthetics Japanese Japanese
Japanese Aesthetics aesthete
section complete colonel real
ago our arm up
he'll be murdered you guys are
annoying as bro bro
Eggman Eggman otaku Bang Bain
hmm Magikarp
let's go guardiana
it's cold a low eternally
yeah our cat two chains on a by
granny gear
nice let's go go
very good
it does
Authority or hide or to yet who
is he I talk to you
she looked out at you with
your journey I want an epic high
ceiling ceiling group
so what I do is I'll get up
photo array
it sounds terrible go go I'll
boom boom boom like
like boom
why two
one two
I'll be happening I have fun
cool cobblestone cobblestone
I guess this is high enough
one tool
tool hello ouch
let's go I need a torch
it's called a car that the
section is unnecessary
when I when I
haha yes everybody can play
everybody can play everybody can
play subscribe I need food
hold me yellow are equal
everybody can join its free
literally free it's literally
free throw
Miss Raja Raja righto this court
by demented despot
we better see this
let's go
we have enough
at least so negative
like we will have a roof on the
head it's cook a burger is rumba
mad doors
oh nice one this is look comfy I
this is looking
comfy cakana covergirl's cover
let's go
I'll get some more
hi banana know what's up bro
eat cooked food yes yes yes yes
yep a load or yellow Mayan
Kansai why
I who is the Mayan guy join
a örebro say Phi P type canoe
particular right specific IP was
type corner
just go week on akane please
lady and I answer Brian Pro in
nice Connor Connor tonic is
Google GOOG luggage pass my
you would they be a bad idea by
just coffee Hannity Hannity
asked Elena awesome
mr. glass
this is this is all food I have
type caperna Europe by Minecraft
normal value version
finish a legacy of java version
will be T launcher wallpaper
come on I need more Cobblestone
guys by the cobblestones Esco
Esco the CoverGirl all mine mine
Colonel but can anybody hey
I'll be voting put it on
ice guys work complete torches
guys light Killa Killa latest
version 1.6 3.16 a signature
some torches
Jamar go or is purchasable our
test fit all the tests
acknowledged as one
a man of a other ever saw come
with me Woody torches is
Amado take it I have a door
are they are mine gonna tell you
her number me or Kokopelli map
610 lat now I have less sticks I
need more sticks
okay he always takes takes
planks okay yeah one point
sixteen point three coordinates
Puglia area coordinates to 71-63
week a Karai what the is this
guy doing doing yeah well
let's go go go I need more
cobblestone cobblestone above
there is a big area to cover
actually see see about
this this
guys Cobblestone will eat more
common coordinate the yarn a
button by potato I 8o
296 teen so satiric so pajamas
okay yeah
I need more Cobblestone
we need more Cobblestone mine
Carnage are you gonna mind only
Parada Ge Ge Ge see the Beast
Boy shopkeeper the key videos I
killed Under Dragon Eyes what's
the code the code is the
code is on right corner it's not
code its IP you guys will have
to enter the IP to join in the
game hmm hmm ha ha
mine mine as much as Cobblestone
you can gather
I gotta call you create about
the cobblestone
what if you pro model of
it's annoying as do not hit me
from going to ban you yeah yeah
we will be needing glass and
windows and stuff
will just break sorry I have to
go okay it's fine it's fine it's
buy it now but I got yes bro how
highly appropriate to react them
to recycle and thanks a lot for
the sub thanks a lot for the sub
a lot I'm like 3,000 subscribers
when a male model of so it's
like we are just we are we are
very close to getting
palpable in Lithonia
let's just make some more how do
you do yeah
mature mature boom Bop
bam I guess I've enough pickaxe
to mine a lot of
behavior that career
accomplishment just just pick
axes let me show you guys my
pickaxe collection okay
so how do you download
Minecraft vital area car
my know Katie K now
I'm thinking this is the right
spot for the mine
mine go go go go no this is not
the right spot but love come see
the Mind can catch em in get em
in get capacity occurring M
let's let's okay
we'll start off the example I
don't know how do I join you
just gotta enter the IP bro
that's it I guess
I really happened or logarithm
Manny Pacquiao Pacquiao
nope this sucks air in local
bolivão clear garden and nope
they are dumb dumb asses I need
to do it myself fine I'll do it
he's silly
guys I got arrested again again
this is nice this is fine
yes okay so I guess this is this
is this is a great spot I guess
this is a great
spot to myopic charmoula
Boulevard a thumb
any of us The annotation
I want
to close this this
it's cabbage are not even on a
guy's member theroad2 local
jessebella was fake cobblestone
generator when Athena like
unlimited water source type
schedule for Sato vesicles
bucket bucket bucket how do I
create avatars fire engine if
you are pretentious answer my
question Phantom membrane
mending book I'm leaving okay
bye so I guess this is a decent
for mine so I guess yeah
see the Dickering is probably um
um yeah okay to come they
killing it they
cling you will see is the only
way to get well
by both of the co-creative
magical healing is a go Abby
I will see case Cody Sego
creative can say banana well we
see co-creative
cursor there
then you gotta think about it
what shovel so I just let me
just boom boom boom boom boom
boom boom
boom boom boom boom boom boom
boom boom
boom Boom I need that
I need poopy poopy Yeah
but I am wearing mine I think
it's pretty big I need
everything big like my
peepee I guess this is fine it's
fine it's fine this is
enough this is good enough this
is going to be the mine um
mining Charlie
got there
me and you bro yes hi dark woods
our creative
is also called cheat mode you
know that right yep I'm not
gonna use it to cheat or get
diamond for I just need a lot of
cobblestone hello will hold on
Charlie Korea guys
how are you
that's cool off okay now we what
are going to do is start mining
you are correct but do not
books check out I I don't know I
forgot everything I wanted
won't I knew about Minecraft I
I do not know about about
Eric now how about uncle soon up
like a boutique a betrothal ha
torches torches torches
where are the Torches I need
where the are the all torches
where the are the Torches
well I guess this was it for
the live stream bro man named
Luke is necessary Joker because
random memory again
well I'm gonna go now guys above
knee progress together
okay I'm kicking you guys out
listen I'm
kicking you guys out the
chimeras are ther intr gamer
or made first corner Mera saath
okay this is cool and TR camera
bucky bucky sakuma kick around
again hmm
are a bad bad girl bad bad bad
bad bad
so bad
everybody sleep sleep
okay huh
I'll be a coward what is
I'm done with the stream okay
so yeah okay so guys this was it
today's stream
I'm going to turn off the server
now other KGB progress should
get to I'm sorry but Mirabeau
spawn points at need the some

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