USE & APPLY cream for Hemmorhoids to decrease pain and bleeding in bavasir – Anobliss , Fidonal, Pilex, etc WHAT ARE COMMON MISTAKES & how to use …
Many People suffering from Hemmoorhoids & Fissure Use Local ointments & cream
Used for pain relief & decrease bleeding
However there are many mistakes which we have noticed what patients do while applying cream
So today we will discuss some important tips & advise to reduce such mistakes & for Successful treatment
Anobliss contains Nifedipine & Lidocaine
Nifedipine is calcium channel blocker which helps in anal sphincter relaxation & reduces anal spasm & pain. Also increases blood suppply for healing of Fissure
Lidocaine or Lignocaine is local anaesthetic to reduce pain
Before applying, make sure to use washroom to clear your bowel movements or motion.
Wash Hands
Wash & dry the perianal area clean.
Then you have to use this cream ointment
Attach the applicator
Remove the cap
Then firsth thing is about the tip of applicator
This Tip can Poke you and can cause pain
So first Lubricate this tip with little cream by pushing slightly
So while applying it will go inside easily & Less pain
Very common mistake is that people apply it outside external to anal area
However Hemmorhoids, Piles, Fissure is inside anal canal
So if cream goes inside then only it will be effective
& so healing rates of Fissure & hemmorhoids
Anal Canal is around 2.5 to 5 cm long in which this disease is present
Thats Why you have to apply 1 to 2 inch inside
Not too deep & Not too superficial
Apply exactly in anal canal for best results
Demonstration of Cream application in anal canal as seen in video
Some patients complain about inadequate Dosage of cream delivered
This issue came to our notice
Fidoanal Ointment – other brand available
This has unique & novel way of application of this cream at anal area
It has applicator which has to be attached with syringe
This Syringe is attached to Cream pack
We will push the cream pack & you will see plunger moving up
This confirms that cream has entered in syringe
This ensures right amount to be delivered inside
Detach it & Attach yellow syringe to white applicator
This is now ready to be used
Again as i said, always lubricate the tip first
This makes application pain free & easy sliding of ointment inside anal canal
Many had pain issues & this is the solution of lubricating the tip
Demonstration of Ointment use
After using this cream inside , avoid washing the perianal area, Just wipe Perianal area clean & dry for better results
If You apply outside anus on skin then it will remain moist causing dermatitis & itching
& it also wont give you good results
Correct method of applying cream is Inside anal canal , 2 to 5 cm
Not Too deep & Not Superficial
Maintain Hygiene & keep Area clean
After Usage , Remove the applicator & wash it clean with soap water & Air Dry
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