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Mom Finally Pregnant After 5 Years Trying,
But Ultrasound Results Not What Family Bargained
The journey to parenthood is a joyful one
that many people love to embark upon, but
the experience can vary greatly every single
Sometimes the route to babyland is short and
sweet, while other times hopeful moms and
dads may feel like they've been waiting forever
on standby.
Jamie and Skyler Scott, who already have two
sons, desperately wanted to have another child.
But, as the years went by and they didn't
see any new baby bumps appear on the road
ahead, the couple slowly began to accept the
fact that it would likely remain flat and
Then after five years of trying, Jamie realized
she and her husband were pregnant, but everything
was about to change for the family.
This particular pregnancy wasn't exactly what
they had prayed or planned for.
Like many couples who have problems getting
pregnant, Jamie and Skyler enlisted the help
of fertility specialists to help make their
dreams come true.
After the procedure was complete, the 33-year-old
mom couldn't wait for the official lab results,
so she used a home pregnancy test to find
out if the treatment was successful.
Jamie excitedly told People:
"I went through so many pregnancy tests, I
was used to seeing a negative.
So, after all these years of trying, it was
just incredible to see those two pink lines."
The two pink lines only meant that she was
pregnant, not that she was having twins.
However, a few weeks after her doctors confirmed
her pregnancy, Jamie's extremely high levels
of HCG hormones told an entirely different
Higher than average HCG numbers usually indicate
that multiple babies have been hard at work
producing this pregnancy hormone.
When Jamie and Skyler made an appointment
for an ultrasound, they figured they might
be having twins or triplets.
But, this lucky mama actually had an incredibly
productive baby-making assembly line going
on in her tummy!
"I was absolutely in awe, and I cried to see
all of those babies on the screen."
If Jamie's at-home pregnancy test showed the
actual number of munchkins that were on the
way, it would have shown an astonishing five
The entire test stick would have looked like
a solid pink highlighter marker!
When the cravings strike, Jamie doesn't hesitate
to down fast food milkshakes, and she doesn't
feel guilty about doing it either.
Per doctor's orders, she needs to consume
around 4,000 calories a day so she can gain
100 pounds.
Not to worry though – with five energetic
bunnies hopping around, she's likely to lose
that baby weight in no time.
"It's a little much because it's already like
having a giant pumpkin in my belly.
I feel full all the time, but yet I'm hungry
and thirsty all the time.
I have to eat more small meals throughout
the day but packed with high-calories."
With so many tiny lives on the line, the couple
didn't want to take any chances.
They temporarily relocated from their home
in St. George, Utah to Phoenix, Arizona, where
Jamie is currently under the watchful eye
of Dr. John Elliot.
His's delivered 23 quintuplets during his
career, which pretty much makes him an expert
in the field.
Jamie and Skyler are overjoyed that their
long wait is finally over.
But, they're also overwhelmed at the prospect
of having five cutie pies baking in the oven
at the same time, instead of just the one
they had planned for.
"I wanted to be a great mother for all these
individual human beings, and I was thinking
about how we were going to do this.
Then, I just had this overwhelming peace come
over me, and just this message, 'Just be love.'
I thought, I can do that."
Not many parents get the chance to take off
on a brand new adventure that's filled with
five times the happiness.
There's no doubt that Jamie and Skyler are
in for a wild ride once the quintuplets arrive,
but so far the journey has been a dream come
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