Magnetotherapy Biomag has also proven itself in cellulite and psoriasis. Try magnetotherapy even in these troubles. In cellulite, low-frequency pulse …
From the etiologic point of
view, cellulite and psoriasis
are totally different
diseases; however, as for
their skin symptoms, they
have one thing in common –
affected patients try to
minimise these symptoms.
For this purpose, Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy can be used.
Cellulite causes disorders
of elastic and collagen
fibres and a loss of skin
elasticity and quality.
Fat is accumulated in the subcutaneous tissue,
microcirculation of the oxygenated blood is
reduced, degenerative
changes in the connective
tissue develop and the skin
resembles orange peel.
Microcirculation disorder leads
to the further accumulation of
metabolites and a gradual impairment
of the lymphatic circulation.
Women who suffer from constipation have
hepatic and/or renal impairment, and
blood or lymphatic circulation disorders
are more likely to lead to cellulite.
Low-frequency pulsed magnetic
therapy can improve the
microcirculation of oxygenated
blood in the treated
area; the detoxification
effect of magnetic therapy
helps remove metabolites from
the subcutaneous tissue.
This results in reinforcing and better
quality of the skin. This effect
can be used not only for cellulite
but also to prevent wrinkles.
Psoriasis vulgaris is
one of the most common
non-infectious skin diseases.
It mainly affects the
skin on the elbows, knees, torso, groin and
scalp, but can also affect the nails and joints
Arthropathy – psoriatic
arthritis – is similar to
rheumatoid arthritis;
concerning the application of
low-frequency pulsed
magnetic therapy, it should
be treated as one of the
non-infectious arthritis.
Using Biomag low-frequency pulsed
magnetic therapy for psoriasis is
suitable not only for arthropathy
but also to improve skin problems.
It has anti-inflammatory,
healing and calming – generally
detoxification effects;
it also reduces itching.
The exact cause of psoriasis vulgaris
is unknown, but many factors have been
reported to contribute to the development
of the disease, such as hereditary
predispositions, autoimmune mechanisms,
environmental factors – stress, infection,
injury, impaired liver function, certain
medications, hormonal influences, etc.
In psoriasis, the skin cells reproduce
far more often than normally, which
causes a constant piling up of the cells
and scaling of the affected area.
Both traditional and
modern methods of treating
psoriasis – biological
treatment, photochemotherapy,
etc., can be combined with applications
of low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy.
It is possible to use an appropriate
fluid intake program with magnetised
water, as complementary therapy generally
supports detoxification, helps
regenerate and improves the functions
of liver, kidneys, urinary system and
general metabolism of the skin; it also
reduces manifestations of skin diseases.
We use magnetic therapy
both during the active
period of psoriasis skin
lesions as well as during
the remission phase in
order to maintain the
condition and prevent
exacerbation of psoriasis.
In addition to attaching
applicators to the affected areas,
it may be beneficial to apply
the therapy to the liver and
stomach to support general
detoxification and metabolic
functions and to adjust the
digestive and absorption processes.
In these diseases, magnetic therapy
should be applied repeatedly
and basically permanently,
according to the development and
progress of the disease; the
treatment should be supported by
an appropriate fluid intake
program using magnetised water.

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