So multiple masses on my liver. Whaaaa? I’m changing my eating. Join me? Also I will have to go off my depression meds… Hi! I’m LaLa, WholyFit Founder, …
okay hi everyone I'm gonna try to try
again the last stream didn't work
hopefully this one will so I wanted to
let you know about my change in eating I
have not been able to eat anything for
like a couple months my stomach gets
gnarly and distended so um I went to the
doctor got an ultrasound and there are
multiple masses on my liver so I get a
CT on Friday I'll let you know what
happens but let me show you some of the
food I picked up today so I got fresh
collard greens and Swiss chard and
cilantro and so I'm only eating fruits
and vegetables from now on well for what
so what I had for lunch was I had this
had one of these and I had some Marsala
tea which is really really yummy I just
got that from a traditional Indian
wedding and for two days I ate their
food which was vegan and for two days my
stomach felt fine for the first time in
two months so I am changing my eating
habit habits I've been eating just way
too much processed foods so I'm going
back to my juicing and my beets and what
I used to do and it takes it's a lot of
trouble right but it takes a scare like
this to get you back to eating the way
that you know to eat right so Mitzi I'm
doing the healthy food again
but you know I'm gonna start doing
meditation on the verse that says be
anxious for nothing but in everything by
prayer and supplication with
Thanksgiving let your requests be made
known to God and the peace of God which
passes all understanding will guard your
hearts and your mind in Christ Jesus and
right now
I'm going out I'm starting a garden I'm
gonna start growing my own food which
I've wanted to do for a long time but
I've been like well I'm too busy blah
blah blah I've got computer editing to
do well I may cut down my number of
videos I do so that I can grow my own
vegetables so I may just switch to once
a week but at least we will all be
healthier and I will be encouraging you
to eat fruits and vegetables and the
spices that I got at the Indian wedding
I'm just putting them on everything and
my dear family member who is is from
India is a Jainist from India they
actually go to the farmers market they
pick the stuff for their spices they
grind it themselves they make it
themselves and she loaded me up with all
this wonderful Marsala spice that makes
any vegetable taste amazing and and she
and her husband make these delicious
things that don't have butter or
conventional sugar they have ghee in
them and oh my gosh I could totally eat
this way so anyway I've got all these
wonderful spices that are making
vegetables and fruits come alive to me
and this is going to be my staple
because it helps to digest food this is
papaya so the way I cooked the squash
today that was delicious was I just took
one of these squashes and I actually
microwaved it which probably isn't the
best way but I microwaved it I put on
some coconut butter and some grapeseed
oil and chopped up some cilantro on top
and then put this wonderful savory
marsala- marsala just means a blend of
spices so a wonderful
family member who are Jainist
from India made this wonderful stuff
it was so good I could totally eat this
way and I just wanted to encourage you
to join me on my quest to get healthy
again and I will be doing more videos on
that Scripture be anxious for nothing
but in everything by prayer and
supplication with Thanksgiving let your
requests be made known to God and the
peace of God which passes all
understanding will guard your hearts and
your minds in Christ Jesus so Friday is
my cat scan or CT whatever you call it
so pray for good results from my CT and
hopefully the masses on my liver are
benign and just come from eating really
bad processed foods because see I'm
constantly on a diet because I film all
the time and I have to stay ten pounds
under so you know I don't eat the
healthiest well that's gonna change now
so I may put on 10 pounds because
healthy eating is not necessarily a
weight-loss program right but I don't
care I am gonna be eating lots of fruits
and vegetables and good healthy foods
and just gonna let my body go wherever
the weight goes and at least I'll be
healthy and I hope you join me in my
quest and do pray for me I'll let you
know on Friday the results of my CT
multiple masses on the liver okay bye
bless you

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