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Spiced Beef Jerky
Beef slices
Add cold water to the pot, add beef
Boil the beef after boiling
Add cold water to the pot and pour the beef
Ingredients: ginger, grass fruit, star anise, Chinese pepper, dried chili, cloves
Dark Soy sauce
soy sauce
After the high heat is boiled, simmer for an hour on low heat
Beef brisket cut into pieces, soak in water for 1 hour
Remove ingredients for boiled beef
Original soup and juice
Stir-fry the broth and stir-fry for 5 minutes
Spiced Beef Jerky
Shred carrots
Shredded beef
Salad dressing
Shredded beef salad
After soaking the sirloin for 1 hour, clean it
Cold water pot
Rapeseed oil
Ingredients: ginger, garlic, bay leaf, grass fruit, star anise
Stir-fry beef for 5 minutes
Add chili sauce
boiling water
soy sauce
Dark Soy sauce
Simmer for 1 hour
Braised beef
Spiced Beef Jerky
Shredded beef salad

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