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"Rather than visiting, I will give you a little picture.
My name is confusing, sorry Chinatown…"
*Adorable laughter*
What does that even mean?
Thank you for the picture.
"Take care of yourself."
I will~ Thank you~
"Hope you are feeling better"
Thank you~
I can't read these Kanji
[Ayame's words, not mine]
I can't read these Kanji…
I can't read Chinese, I can't read these Kanji…
Thanks for the Supercha- I mean the Membership!
"I haven't slept in 24 hours, but I saw that Ojou [Ayame] is streaming.
Right now, I'm so happy that I could fly!"
Fly? You're going to fly?!
I totally cannot read this…
[tries to use Japanese readings to pronounce a Chinese name]
I feel like that's totally wrong, I'm sorry.
Thanks for the Membership!
[I'm assuming this is Bitar Pirorra, or something similar]
"I love you! Hugs from Brazil!!!"
*Perfect oni laughter*
[She's figuring out how to say what she means]
This must be like "Hi" in Brazil. Their way
of greeting people, it's adorable!
Hugs from Brazil!!!
So cute~
"Congrats on the Ai Kotoba video!"
Thank you! You all should listen to it.
[A really long name]
"I'm glad you're back!"
Thank you~
I'm grateful for that.
[she struggles for a second]
"Hello, Ayame! Thank you for the stream!
I hope you can (something) feel good soon.
Ayame-chan, thanks for the stream! You're doing great!"
Thank you! You also wrote it in Japanese too,
I'm grateful for that. I was able to understand it.
Something like 'I hope you get well soon'.
Thank you!
[It got cut a little too short…]
"Today is my birthday, and I wanted to be here."
Oh! Happy Birthday!
*Ayame sings Happy Birthday*
I hope you have a wonderful year!
Bitar Pirorra, I wonder if that's correct…
"Long time, no see! Hugs from Brazil! I love you, hope you feel better soon!"
I'll try to get better soon! Thank you!
Hugs from Brazil, Part 2 has come!
[food recommendations for a sick person]
Nattoast? Oh natto toast.
Thanks for the Superchat!
That really isn't something you say in a Superchat!
"I can't take it (nattoku dekinai) to have just natto"
"Kinoko Mountain Milk (?)"
I'll go buy some!
I often get Takenoko Han (?), but Kinoko Mountain Milk is new.
"I see it's time for humanity to work together to help a Kijin [species like Oni].
Yeah the fox, I mean the Kijin, needs help.
Thanks for the Superchat!
"Then there's the shining Chocomint Chocomint."
"Please give us the (something) drill"
*10/10 adorable Ayame noises*
This honyonyon voice is the one I use when playing with Jiru's face.
When I did that, Jiru got a very unhappy face.
Like 'UGH' or like 'please stop' kind of face.
I would totally buy some Tigris!
Should I really go get some Tigris?
Should I obey the internet's orders?
I've heard Tigris is pretty good.
Thank you. I will eat some delicious Tigris.
I got tea down the wrong pipe, sorry
Where did I leave off… Diminished…..
something… I'm sorry, I can't read it.
"Hello Ayame, hope you are feeling better. Was my birthday yesterday.
I'm now 30. Sorry for being late to today's stream, I just woke up."
AH~ I know what you mean.
It's your birthday, um, you're hoping I get well.
Your birthday was yesterday, you're now 30, and you're a bit late because you just woke up.
That's about it. But happy birthday!
Yesterday? Well, I hope 30 is a good year for you.
"Thanks for the fo-" wait Jiru is up.
Jiru is clawing around.
*Ayame_lungs.exe has crashed*
I can't breathe (lol)
This was delicious! I've had this before!
Jiru-nyan, what's up?
I'll go grab Jiru-nyan.
We're in the middle of a stream, so behave yourself.
Come here, Jiru-nyan~
You're sandwiched!
When Jiru-nyan came over here, she got sandwiched!
Sorry, sorry, I'm sorry for getting you sandwiched.
Jiru-nyan isn't coming.
She's meowing a ton.
Oh, Jiru-nyan, you're over here now?
Ah, you're going back…
Oh, Jiru-nyan, you came?
What's up, Jiru-nyan?
Here you go, here you go.
Right there, right Jiru-nyan?
Jiru-nyan won't stay still, she's walking around.
What's wrong?
Alright, let's go back to reading the Superchats.
"If your health is bad, mom, you don't have to read this"
I read it already! I read it!
Thanks for the Superchat.
"I like it when you eat a lot"
"Con- Con-…"
"Congratulations" I guess?
Ah, yes yes yes yes yes.
"Congrats for 'Ai Kotoba' hitting 1M views"
Thank you~
Hayato Tenryuu-san:
"Ojou, hope you feel better soon"
I will try to.
Detective P. Kanzaki Ranko-san:
"I bought you some candy"
Thank you! We got candy.
We got candy, Jiru-nyan.
"I love your stream!"
Thank you!
(She struggles with the name for a sec, I think she means Asoktenchea)
(she goes with this)
Excited Anti-tank Gun Guy-san:
"Welcome Back!"
Arigatou, Thank you!
Jiru-nyan, what are you doing? Jiru-nyan.
"Hello!" Hello!
Arigatou for the Superchat! Thank you!
Jiru-nyan, you understand.
Right? Right?
Jiru-nyan, playing with your paws, aren't you?
AH~ she's so CUTE!!!
She's in my lap purring like crazy.
That piece of crap, Lilycoma-san:
"I'm half Brazilian, so welcome back!"
That's not a "welcome back".
"Hugs from Japan! I love you!"
Thanks for the Superchat.
Jiru-nyan, [I swear some of these are Chinese words]
– can you do it?
Ah, ow.
"I'm Taiwanese, my Japanese isn't that good,
so I'm using a translator, sorry!"
Ah~ "Taiwanese, Japanese isn't so good,
using a translator, Ojou take care!"
It's okay! The translation came out
really well. Thank you!
When I hunya hunya in his/her face,
Jiru-nyan gets troubled.
She bit me…
Owie, Jiru-nyan. It hurts.
It really does hurt.
Gray Fox the Enigma-san:
"Ayame is the cutest Oni!!!"
Arigatou, Thank you!
"Hello Ayame, hugs from Tochiriken (?),
glad you're feeling better!"
Dialga is from Tochiriken (?)
[I'm trying guys, but it's hard sometimes…]
"Ayame-mama, I'm glad you're back and feeling better.
Your streams always make me very happy"
Ah! Thank you!
"I will save Jiru-suke"
Thank you!
Jiru-nyan, she's gonna save you.
Jiru's still purring like crazy on my lap.
She feels good based on her facial expression.
"Thank you for the smiles. I'll protect your peace of mind".
Arigatou, Thank you!
"Can I swap places with Jiru-nyan for a day?"
Jiru-nyan, they said they want to be you for a day.
She's just flopped there, and won't look up at all.
She's just on my lap, sleeping.
"It's my first time being here live. Ojou is so cute,
plus she's cute, and also she's cute, I'm in love."
Wow, I can tell that you really like me.
Thank you~
Hayato Tenryuu (I did this because someone asked me to):
"This stream has been amazing, it's warmed my heart.
Can you make more cute noises with Jiru-nyan?"
*Sounds of regret*
What the heck?
*More sounds of regret*
What should I do?
[I wasn't expecting anything by now]
*Makes cute sounds to Jiru-nyan*
I nyan-nyan'ed to Jiru, does that work?
[Yes, I am grateful, Ojou!]
"KawaYo! [Ayame-style 'cute'] Take a lot of care!"
Arigatou~ Thank you!
"Until next time, hope you continue to feel better, Ayame-chan"
Thank you! Arigatou!
Hold on a sec, I need to move a bit.
That was close…
"I'm glad we were able to do Last Rights safely."
Wait, why am I thanking you for that?
I just said "thank you" without thinking.
What you you mean by "Last Rights"?
What are you talking about? I was so
surprised, like "AH!" just now.
I ended up having to call myself out just now.
"Love you, from Thailand"
Thailand, huh? Thai?
Thai-Thailand is how you say it, right?
Arigatou for watching, Thailand!
Thank you~
"I forgot to say it, welcome back Mama!"
I'm not your mama.
[Works on Ao-doctor aka Blue doctor]
"I am happy to see you back! I missed you. Glad you're
feeling better! Please do not push yourself too hard."
Hmm, it's hard, there's a lot of English…
But they seem to be saying "don't push yourself", right?
Thank you, Arigatou~
"I would like to become at Jiru"
I guess she means she wants to become Jiru.
Thanks for the Superchat!
She says she wants to become Jiru~
"I'm happy you're back!
It's hard to live without your streams."
So basically "welcome back", I think?
Oof, it's been so long since I streamed, I've just been
talking constantly about a bunch of stuff.
But if I hadn't done a lot of talking.
I wouldn't have been able to wake up (?).
There was a lot of back and forth with
the Superchats, plus several "Welcome back"-s,
And a lot of "We're glad to hear your voice"-s.
Right, Jiru-suke?
Right Jiru-suke?
Alright, with that, thank you for watching the stream!
Please subscribe and follow my Twitter!
Jiru-nyan, say "bye bye"
You're not going to say "bye bye", are you?
Don't face-punch me~
Okay, with that, OtsuNakiri deshita~!
Bye bye!
Thanks for watching!
Have a good night!
Subtitles by Hayato Tenryuu~
Definitely subscribe to Ayame at the link in the description!
Somehow there was an echo in my recording, sorry about that…

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