Năm 2018 của Song Tử, giải mã vận mệnh từ A đến Z. Tử vi cung Song Tử 2018, mọi thứ giữ ở mức trung bình, ngoài ra, bạn sẽ tiếp tục phải chịu khá…
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In 2018, Gemini deciphered his destiny from A to Z
Horoscope Gemini 2018, everything kept average, in addition, you will continue to suffer quite a lot of pressure this year.
In 2018 Gemini's financial situation is not stable, easily wasted money.
Gemini 2018 horoscope, in general, everything is in keeping with the average, in addition, you will continue to suffer a lot of pressure this year.
April, 8th and 10th due to the influence of Mercury, your life completely change, it is difficult to control everything.
Gemini often have short-term thoughts, which are easy to make wrong decisions that lead to undue trouble.
However, the rest of the month is not affected by Mercury infertility, Gemini still have good opportunities, try to grasp.
On the job, Gemini under the pressure is relatively large, mostly by himself.
Pressure from the boss is less than the pressure you create because you think so much.
You are passive at work, so often have to deal with unexpected situations, resulting in broken plans due to not possible.
Although you are capable of coping, but now is too panic anxiety, so many times do not know what to do, the pressure is increasing.
However, this year there are positive months like January and May.
Watch the horoscope 2018 of 12 zodiac signs, the financial situation of Gemini is not stable, easy to spend money on.
Despite the stable revenue, there are many unexpected expenses such as receiving guests, visiting patients and so on.
You will also receive many wedding invitations, or some family issues that are bound to cost you much.
So, this year should set aside money for you to take the initiative in case of emergency.
In love, Gemini always pay more attention to the spiritual satisfaction of the two sides, you care about the future of this love story.
So even though you are unrealistic in love, you stand before the decision to marry you quite realistic and sure.
In the year 2018 of Gemini, single people with nature are too daydreaming, vulnerable when faced with harsh reality.
What should be careful not to be careless, hurry, bring bad impression to the enemy.
You may find it hard to get rid of the stresses of life, leading to mental disorders, and unexpected incidents that put your health at risk.
With Mercury's impact, health is more negatively impacted, and the impact of habitat makes you more sensitive.
So, this year, try to control the emotions well to balance your state well.
You have the power to make your life more vibrant, more colorful even if the surroundings are not so sparkling, so that your life becomes more wonderful.
So do not be afraid of the bad effects of the planets surrounding you, but enjoy what you feel is good, meaning in life.
In december, with the support of Mercury, work is going smoothly, if anyone is looking for a job that will find the job you like, you will easily achieve the goal and Plans have been made.
However, the unfortunate time is from February to April, because the work has the time to rise, although previously or received the praise of superior
But now you do not get any attention, nor do you understand why.
From May 21st to June 21st, thanks to the Sun, Gemini is extremely successful at work.
Opportunity for you to show your talent in the work.
Those who are looking for energetic work, let the employer see your strengths, so the chances of getting a job are high.
Sometimes you get stuck, but you know how to get everything back to the old one, to support your career.
Do not forget to reward those who have supported you, as it is, the way of the future is really open to your eyes.
The last half of the year is the busiest time, especially the first half of October and the end of December, because of the mercury, so you have to work more.
It could be a negotiating trip for a long-term partnership, or receiving many undeniable tasks from the superiors.
In short, this time, you are very busy and often have to move.
Gemini's 2017 horoscope, 2018 Gemini thinking ability is controlled by Mercury, is often mistaken, easily lead to errors.
April, 8th, and 11th, due to Mercury inertia, you can not keep calm, refuse to learn, reduce learning excitement.
Many times, you try to restrain your thoughts, but there are no results, easily affected, distracted by other things around.
From the middle of May through June, learning has improved, you should speed up, because Mercury is now in the study area to help you think more openly.
You are curious about everything and there are changes that are beneficial for acquiring knowledge.
In addition, you are good at communicating and should be appreciated.
In your study, you show agility, positive thinking and ability.
At this point also coincides with the college entrance examination, you do not have to worry too much because your knowledge is quite stable, peace of mind can pass the exam easily.
December is not bad at school, Jupiter appears in your sixth house related to study.
As a result, Gemini can achieve high achievement, have the opportunity to meet people who give you tips or cough for school selection.
Learning well gives you a sense of confidence, some people also receive scholarships to study, if family conditions permit, do not miss this rare opportunity.
The first half of the year, Gemini was quite satisfied with his financial situation.
In general, things are well distributed, step by step you have a clear understanding of your financial situation of the implementation of the solution very carefully.
For those who think they have no financial control, listen to their friends.
April and May, under the influence of Venus and Mercury, you have a lot of ideas to make money and quite active in this.
However, when thinking that your plan is feasible you spend a lot of money.
Therefore, although it is unclear whether this plan is beneficial or not, the evaluation of market research should be rigorous, otherwise it would be pointless.
Mercury has a great impact on your finances, and for those who have a lot of money available, they are starting to think about investing, they are eager to find opportunities. make money fast.
But these efforts are not very successful, usually an item will have a go, so consider carefully.
The 12 zodiac love twins, with whom are married, under the interaction of Mercury and Juno asteroid, emotional life is relatively harmonious and happy.
The second half of July, 8th and 10th is very good to create a peaceful atmosphere in the family.
If the couple has past issues that have not been resolved, the appropriate time for mediation is right in January.
Because of the Juno visit, Gemini is very easy to get pregnant, so if you do not intend to have a baby, take precautions.
With couples who love to go through a period of boring, two people are not as passionate as before, rarely talk to each other so far away from the heart.
Emotions are more active at the end of the year, especially in October, thanks to the impact of Juno, the distance of two people narrowed, becoming closer.
However, this time around, there are many Gemini tend to have sex with the opposite sex
Because this gives you a new, intense feeling, it is unavoidable to change your labor, and this is accompanied by the pain of separation.
For single people, flower delivery this year is good in February, June, September, October, so should expand the relationship and do not be afraid to ask friends, colleagues, family introduction to increase muscle more accessible to people, higher success rate.
Sometimes, you do not even bother to look at the opposite sex, but thanks to a special power, you notice a person you do not even expect.
In 2018 Gemini, the first year of Gemini under pressure, from physical to mental are not mind.
The reason is mainly because of being too busy or because of lazy people, so do not exercise.
Add to that the negative emotions are not processed in time, so over time has caused you mentally depleted.
You should watch sports and communicate with people to reduce stress.
In September, your health gradually stabilizes thanks to your increased attention to exercise, and more opportunities to participate in recreational activities.
The stress of life, occurring in the first half of September is not enough to make it difficult for you.
If you are sick, focus on treatment in the month, because you have the opportunity to see a good doctor or find the right cure.
If your health is stable, this month should continue to maintain good habits, ensure your health.
Gemini 2018, the second half of November, 12 Gemini have the opportunity to travel more, you should take the time to rest, stress.
The last months of the year are considered the most tired of the year, body and mind are vulnerable to weakness.
You should take a massage to promote blood circulation, relieve symptoms and reduce the pressure on the body.
Do not overwork, take too long if there is no risk of stroke.
In addition, when driving the car on the road, Gemini Special be careful, the last two months of this year are prone to accident, so do not drink or too tired to drive.
The first half of Gemini was quite favorable, despite many difficulties, pressures and risks but in return for promotion.
This time should also focus on learning.
Marriage is improving in a positive way thanks to your optimism.
The financial situation is quite satisfactory, you get more bonuses, then remember to buy some worthwhile items to reward yourself.
Many planets appear in the area of ​​Gemini, bringing you harmony of relationships, from work environment to private life.
You live closer, more in harmony with everyone, plus the appearance of Jupiter and Mars, is very suitable for business cooperation.
Work gives you more motivation and you feel everything is going well.
Colleagues also inspire you at work when everyone is happy to support each other, so work becomes more effective.
This month you have a lot of obstacles, because some people are too cautious, so you spend a lot of time to persuade and remove barriers.
Although peach blossomed, most relationships are quite ambiguous, if you are single easily into trouble, embarrassment.
You should try to stand in the position of others to judge the problem, avoid them to bias.
The spirit of Gemini is very optimistic, except that you need to pay careful attention when signing a cooperation contract with someone.
You are vulnerable to the conservative and stubborn opponent.
In general, the situation this month was better than last month, you continue to maintain steady state in the work.
You are quite focused on your work, but you have to work alone, so it can be hard, so you may feel exhausted, but you still try to get better results.
Do not forget to get enough sleep, do not get stressed for too long, affect your health and thus keep you going to sleep, creating a vicious cycle.
Horoscope in May of Gemini mainly problems in love story.
Expressing your feelings is good, but you should be more attentive, do not be so bothered to bother others like that.
Some of you are too busy, so not enough time to take care of their half, the distance between two people more and more distant.
Do not forget romantic actions to show affection for the enemy, because only then will new things be resolved immediately.
In terms of health, Gemini should learn to control his emotions, because frequent anger will cause damage to the internal organs.
In addition, you must exercise regularly, be it outdoor sports such as swimming, jogging.
In addition, more attention should be paid to the nutritional status of food every day.
In 2016 Gemini's work progress is moderate, but if you focus on completing each task, it will definitely be a successful month.
Many Gemini are willing to apply new technology, aiming to improve the efficiency of work.
Those who are in business, the situation this month has improved over the previous month.
The number of customers is stable, the organizational structure is stable.
On the academic level, you must be highly prepared for the upcoming exam.
To make learning less boring, try to interact with people more, because staying in a place will not make you feel happy learning.
In general, Gemini's situation this month is not really good, when everything is fairly even though you are still working hard and creative, looking forward to the applause of everyone.
Finance increased slightly, but relatively large expenses appeared.
Love meets many thorns, those who have lovers still feel a little lonely in the heart.
Single people also encounter obstacles, you may accidentally become a third person, should find a way out of this relationship.
The job is quite smooth, you have some good ideas, and can immediately put into application.
With the help of everyone, you are quite proud of the results achieved.
Your mood at this time is quite good, try to promote in work as well as life, surely you will not be disappointed with the effort you have spent.
Your whole resource is rapidly advanced, all the stars gather the power just to help you shine, so, seemingly aspects boom.
At work, sometimes you are impulsive, should pay attention to your emotions to control and quell early negative reactions.
You have a lot of luck this month, so even if you have difficulty, there are some people who help you.
You have a great experience, making you more creative and open minded.
You are not interested in engaging in controversy, or competing with anyone.
In spite of the conflict, you do not want to waste time and effort on quarrels, so you try to avoid them.
In the face of everyday stress, the best solution is to take a holiday so that you can relax, rest and rest.
A lucky month in terms of money, you can buy a lottery, because there is a very high chance of winning.
You should participate in public welfare activities, as this is an opportunity for you to add new friends, you may inadvertently find opportunities for yourself.
Income sources are relatively stable, money is showing signs of improvement, is a great opportunity for those who stand up after the business break down or bankrupt.
There are new business opportunities that are extremely tempting, but you should be more careful, because there is still a lot of uncertainty.
December 2011 Gemini, love story is not good, when this is a month with many emotions fluctuate.
Too many people care and give you many different tips, but you do not know who to follow and follow.
But in fact, Gemini is very confusing, so when more people make requests, or show interest you are dismissed because of not like.
The only way you can deal with this situation is to avoid it, and to find your own way to deal with it, not to listen to anyone.
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