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Hi I am Astro Numerologist
Swetta Jumaani
In this video we will be talking about people who fall
under numerology number 7
I understand it was a long wait
and many of you were upset with me
Many wrote negative comments
and one such viewer said, she would
unsubscribe my channel
So I am extremely sorry
But there were a few unavoidable reasons
We all go through ups and downs in life…
big or small
Which is why there are times we aren’t able to
do things, we love the most
with the same focus and passion
I apologise to them
who had to wait for so long
and thank you to those of you
who be it are sitting in San Francisco , Tokyo
are watching my videos
I am really grateful to
Youtube for this global
reach and where it has taken my channel to
People born on 7
16, 25
of any month
number 7
The first word
that comes to my mind
when I think of number 7 is moodiness
Second is
So now you can imagine if a person is moody
and restless at the same time
how would he be?
As many number 7s
I know off
continuously keep thinking negatively
always under some thought
they are
day dreamers
but always you will find them living in either past of future…
Very few
number 7
live in the present, live in the moment…
Because they are
either reminiscing the past
or planning for the future.
Non stop thinking
And that leads to anxiety
they stay nervous
they stay in tension
you will not find them in a carefree
light hearted , happy mood.
Some or the other pain
or sadness holds onto them.
If there is any problem in our family
we tend to get upset
but number 7s can get upset for
others anyone
in their extended circle or family.
People they aren’t connected too
they get upset for them as well
Which is why they are good at social service
Helping the poor
the needy is what they like
They have a helping nature
and don’t hesitate in giving a helping hand
They are animal lovers
They are very sweet
but for how long can you stay
with a sweet person
who has many mood swings
Especially the women
Men still tame their activities
don’t express
what’s going on in their mind very easily
but number 7
women are very local
They like wearing dark colors
wherever they go
they want to make sure
I am here, look at me
That is how they are… Moodiness
is their
biggest drawback
Those of you whose wives are number 7
would definitely be living
under the fear of their wives mood
what would
his wives mood be today
So as a number 7 you should be careful
that because of you things can turn sour
At the same time
other family members
should keep in mind
that a number 7 easily gets depressed , easily sad
give them
less reasons to show
the moody side of their character
psychiatric patients
are number 7
Maximum cancerians
again cancerians
are number 2
too go the psychiatrist
And its not a bad thing
Im not saying its a bad thing
If we can take a medicine
for bad headache we can definitely have one for psychiatric troubles
Im not saying
its bad, I’m saying
everything is a
mind game for them
And everything
depends upon
their mood
Im sure most of you
living with number 7, would know
There are days they will love you
immensely that
you’d feel top of the world
and the very next minute
they will insult you
or fight wit you nonstop
or stay angry with you
they might make you feel like a nobody
at the same time
they are
also extremely
Don’t like to
get close to others
To an extent they are loners too
They take a lot of time
to get friendly with a person
They might have very few friends but
those few would be strong-knit
Once a number 7 enters a persons life
they will make sure
that they stick along for the longest
7 is one such number
that no matter what hardships you must be facing in your life
a number 7 wouldn’t turn his back on you
will do anything in their power for you
And will stand by
you in your tough time
They will help you financially
Not big on money
but just like us all they need a good lifestyle
just like most of us
They don’t live
with a lot of planning
They don’t live life in technicalities
They live a life in delusion
They have their own world
Where things change
in a fraction of seconds
Same way
If you are close to a number 7
or are a good friend to a number 7
you will definitely feel
on days they bring life to a party
and there are days
when they take the life away from a party
Its very easy
to notice a number 7
They are busy in their own thoughts
And like I said
if and when their mood is great…
you will find them
doing everything everywhere
Just like I said, they are very fond of
helping people. Their gut feeling
is very strong!
unlike, other numbers
Though number 2 is considered intuitive
but nothing
close to a number 7
They have a very strong gut feeling
They get
They get intuitions
They should always listen to their heart
Face reading , astrology
number 7 is very good in all these fields
Sports is one such
field where you will find maximum
number 7s. They are
very fitness oriented
They might stay in their own world
but fitness is very important for them
They don’t like
to eat unhealthy food. They don’t enjoy
that kind of lavish lifestyle
They always stay connected
to an exercise routine
One more thing that they should definitely
do is positive thinking
They think negatively
This won’t happen…
I won’t be able to pass this exam
I won’t be able to do this …
they are always thinking
negatively…They should
boost their self esteem
They have to learn to see inside them
Its a very powerful number
but they aren’t
aware of their power
Their self esteem is extremely low
Number 7s should wear catseye
But for
self esteem, you should
wear an emerald
If you are not a number 7
and yet suffer from low self esteem
then you should
wear an emerald… Green in color
It is very commonly available
You have to wear this stone
in little or ring finger
Even with cats eye
we have kept made lockets
People who stammer
children who are autistic
kids who are late bloomers
are primarly
number 7s
But if your kids belong to a different number
that you feel
are late bloomers, aren’t
upto the mark …
they should be made to wear cats eye and
green emerald pendent
this will help their intellect
and smartness
One more thing they often do is
they like to run away from things
Yes, you heard me right
Not like Usain Bolt
but in their thoughts…
Running away from life…
running away from situations
Not able to handle anything in life…
even small amount of stress
seems big to them
To stay happy
they need quite a few things…
Being happy is a very big task for them
One term
that comes to my mind
when I think of number7s is. Be Happy
in Unhappiness…
These people know how to handle depression
moodiness, negativity
and unhappiness
pretty well…
Which is why they stay less happy
Very rarely will
you see them smiling
You can see Karan Johar
hardly he has an pictures where
he is all smiles
Irfan khan,
Shahid Kapoor
mostly number 7s as I said
are stressed
and I think they can handle it well

to avoid the stresses of life
they run away from situations
They run away from things…
and at times
run in the wrong direction
smoking, weed
which is very easily
available these days … the topic is
separate as to why it is so easily available
But it is very sad
and very easy
for a number 7 to be addicted
to many things
which are wrong
Which is why I always tell a
number 7 you shouldn’t have even a fraction of second to stay idle
You should keep on working , remain busy
music , dance
painting, singing, artists…
they are number 1 in the filed of art and creativity
Many people consider you arrogant
from your heart you aren’t arrogant
You just don’t gel
along with a lot of people, because
one you
have a low self-esteem
And secondly
you lack confidence
Because of this you aren’t friendly and
people think you are arrogant. You aren’t arrogant
you are just
little tensed
Tensed is also a
good word to describe you… You get lost
when you enter a crowd
and that you don’t like
You are little self centred
So you don’t like to get lost in the crowd
Which is why you are
not comfortable in crowds, big parties

You like criticising others
But if we critique you
regarding something
you don’t like…
then you can even detach your self, break talking terms
with those who criticised you
Number 7s are attention seekers
Which is why if there
are more people
and no one is paying attention on them…
then they don’t like it…
We have now discussed many negative qualities
about a number 7.
But you are here
to know
better about a certain number or numbers
And if the Almighty has given us this job
then we are ought to do well
My job is to
show you the mirror and
I’m the same person who tells you the
bitter truth and
charge the consultation charges from you itself
I tell you the hard truth
so that you can improve your life
If you aren’t aware
of the disease how will you get your self treated for the same
Which is why you have to visit the doctor

Have to find the remedies
to fix the fault in your birthdate.
They love to travel
At any hour of the day
and night they will be
in for a travel journey
They are fond of driving
fond of flying an air plane
Fond of far off places
big big landscapes
mountains, holidays
Number 7s love to travel, take them away from home
On a jungle safari , mountains
they feel really nice
At the same time
are the biggest shopaholics
After coming back from the mountains
you will find them straight going to a mall for shopping.
They are
fond of shopping
So if you have a wife who is a number 7
I know
your clothes would barley
find some space in the closet
everything else would be taken up by your wife
Another thing about number 7
is there cupboards are
full of Red, Black
and Maroon colour
Other than these
the other colours that you will find them wearing will be
dark Purple
dark Green
and rani colour especially
the number 7 ladies…They love dark colors
But this can
turn fatal for you
Which is why you should avoid wearing them
and wear light shades
The more pastel shades you wear
the happier you will stay
The day you wear dark colors,
your mind stays hyper that day
which is not right for you
Because you are already a hyper person
and already think negatively
So wearing dark colors
will irritate you further
So make sure you
are in light shades like pista green
green is very suitable for you
White, cream,
off-white, beige …
some of you might be wondering
what colors are these
But at the same time
some number 7s
absolutely love white
They either get attracted by Red and Black or White
They do love a lot
of light shades too but
wear dark shades mostly
A very important thing about them…
they are very sensitive
If you have young kids
who are number 7s
please avoid having
arguments in front of them
When they are off to school you can continue with your Mahabharata then
But even the Mahabharata will stop
if you put number
24 on the south wall of your bed room
Avoid wearing dark colours
use white, blue and yellow shades for bedsheets, towels and curtains
don’t give number 7s
a tough time at home
Because what we become in life starts at home
No doubt
we go to school to attain education
But the education our parents
or the environment at home provides us …
no where else can we find it
So if you have number 7 children
make sure you
understand they are like sponge
Whatever you show
they will absorb it
So please stay positive around them
live life, stay happy
If you take less stress
it naturally will
have the same effect on them
And please involve them in some kind of
painting, singing, music, dance
If you add Madhuri Dixits
bday it a 7
Shahrukh khan’s
bday total is 7.
7 is a very creative and beautiful number
Ekta Kapoor are client
who is facing some issues this year
but then ho isn’t facing troubles this year!
So, Ekta kapoor
has been following numerology
for many many years
And touchwood we are so proud of her
and we are grateful
to her we are here.. because
Had she not been superstition
numerology would have
reached all you people quite late
Because she believed in us
she did whatever we said
Whatever surgery we
had to do of her surgery we did
She is happy, we are happy
and so are all of you
So like Ekta Kapoor if you all remain busy
I don’t know how many movies she is making
how many serials she is making
To remain busy at all times
is very important for you

You will find number 7s
in the field of
Astrology, numerology, Vastu Shastra
Pranic healing
Paranormal Experts
they excel
in these fields
They get premonitions very easily
Many number 7s
are psychiatrist
Working in NGOs
or having an own NGO

They do very well
in politics.
Since, we said Politics…
Arvind Kejriwal Ji
for whom I predicted last year
itself that he will
easily win the elections
because that time he was
in his 52nd year
Phenomenal actors
Anupam Kher, oh my god!
I just love him… He is so good
and to top that he is our client
He is a water sign and is a Pisces
Anupam Kher has brought
laurels to our name in Hollywood too
They are very very versatile
especially in things
that give them happiness
So if you are finding
a career for your kids who are number 7
So its all inside them…
Explore the music
dance, painting within them
Hema Malini Ji
How can we forget her
My other favourite, she is my child hood favourite
Hema Malini Ji
Dream girls smile and
dream girls acting
and most importantly her dance
Till date
she performs and is a politician too
she performs and is a politician too . As I just told you
And I had told you
Madhuri Dixit indirectly is a number 7
Karan Johar is another
Ekta Kapoor, Ram Gopal Varma
Mahesh Bhupathi
Saif Ali Khan
What do you find from these
That number7s
have mastered their
art in the field of
sports and entertainment
Mahesh Bhupathi’s
wife Lara Dutta another number 7
Shahid Kapoor
is so smart
that Mira must have chosen him after seeing his birth date.
And that’s what I want from all of you
Choose your life partner
after seeing the birth date
And the ones of you who are already married
stay committed to it
As much as its possible, number 7
should avoid the field of manufacturing
They aren’t very
good businessmen
They take decision from heart
from that moment
Which is why they don’t make good businessman
and we don’t recommend them
that you get
into business.
But some number7s that are already in business
they can have their spouse
mother, father, brother, sister
or kids on paper can take
as a business partner
and our business partners birthdate should be
1, 3, 5, 6
These numbers
are good for all businesses
They do very well in service related jobs
They become good consultants
if you need knowledge about something
you want to gain insights
about a certain thing. They have everything with them
They are aware of import-export
knowledge they have
they do some way or the other work
in international alliances
Mostly number7s you will
find in the travel industry too
Because travelling is their
number one hobby. You will find them in travel transport too
You will find them in the
tourist industry too
Which is currently down
But for the coming year
our prediction is
that there will be
a boom in the tourism industry
Right now we are all caged
but next year we will
all soar high like birds
They are great fitness experts
Gym trainers
gym owners, number7s
do really well in that
Some really brilliant doctors
are number 7 too
But mostly psychiatrists
They are good in the education field too
Many number7s
are teachers
Mostly craft teachers
are number 7
else number 2
Interior designing, dress designing , beauty
parlours, spa
makeup and hair styling
they are very good in these too. In short
you have learnt
that their career
is hidden inside them
The legendary Charlie Chaplin
born on 16th April
he made you laugh
but his heart ached
He was never happy
But an expert
in making others smile
So when a number 7 is in his good mood
ie when he is in
his element, he can make
you laugh and laugh and laugh…

The biggest disease in a number7s life
lies in their mind
The more
negative their mind is
depression, sadness
unhappiness that will
their health
So first of all you have to
keep your surroundings happy
And when will surrounding be happy ?
When we decide from within, everything is inside us
When we decide we have to
remain happy then we
start staying happy
Any form of exercise
even if its for an hour
is very important for them
Most of your problems are related to
nervousness, tension
stomach problems, anemia
I have seen many number7s who are anemic
they have blood realted problems
especially Anemia…
Problem in blood circulation
heart problem, diabetes, asthma
will happen because of
your uncontrolled
If you’ll keep your self happy
a sneeze wouldn’t trouble you
Like I said, somewhere in their lifetime
number7s need
the help of a psychiatrist
Whatever the weather might be
number7s are
more or less
affected by cold and cough year round
They do have ENT problems
they should be careful
Sore throat

Avoid cold beverages
its not good for you
Give and take is a part of life.
if you are a number 7 try
and not hurt others because
after hurting someone
you feel terrible
Guilt factor
will grope you. And people
who are with a number 7
or are a family member of a number 7
family member or friend
or a relative
then forgive them a little
Because many a times
things are not in their control

Lucky colors for number 7
are all light shades

Pastel colors, green
pink, all light colors
white, blue
you can even wear dark colors
but only bottle green
and navy blue.
Avoid wearing any other dark colour
Unlucky colors…even the world knows now is mostly Red and Black
You are very fond of maroon too
so please don’t wear
Red, Black and Maroon

Your luck stone is
Cats Eye
I wear it too
I have been wearing it for 10 years
the only stone I wear. Worn in silver
in ring finger. Yes I wore it in left hand
because I’m wearing a fashion ring in the other
But people mostly
wear it in their right hand
So you can wear it too
and people who don’t like wearing rings
can go for a locket
And a cats eye
number 7, number 2
and all those people who are going through depression
or mental problems
should wear it
Its worn on
Midnight Thursday
Which is Friday morning
And before wearing it
you have to chant the Mantra, "Om Kem Ketave Namah"
16 times
Don’t forget to
soak it in Panchamrut and
before wearing any stone keep it with you
for a few days and feel the vibrations of the stone…
The lucky numbers of number 7
are 1, 2
You will have quarrels
with a number 4, bitter sweet!

I wouldn’t tell you to do
your important works
on these dates but
Yes, they are your compatible numbers
Important works
like getting married , opening a new clinic
or anything important you are planning to start
do it on 1
6,7 number dates
Among them too 1 and 6 will suit you the most
Unlucky numbers
are 4 and 8
9 too is a bit of trouble
for you at times
It doesn’t mean you don’t have a
quarrelsome relationship with number 1 …
you face some or the other issues with every number

Something a number 7
should always do then
so that you become a lucky 7
Try and stay happy
Second is
Yoga and meditation
Try and stay busy always
and fourth is
help others
Things you should avoid at all cost
Avoid wearing
dark colors at all times
Stay away from
drinking, smoking
And don’t stay sad
because you never know about life
Kal Ho Naa Ho…
Now I have told you
its important for you to stay happy
important to wear your lucky colors
So I hope
you enjoyed this video
And now you will probably learn
how to deal with a number 7
And number 7 will learn too
he is magnificent
Please make sure
to share this video
as much as possible
Numerology reaches every house
and everyone is
able to learn
how a few changes in the spelling can do wonders for them
So if you have to
get your spellings changed
you can contact me on the numbers mentioned below
So I hope you guys
meet me as soon as possible
for your spelling changes
And you can change your destiny
just like that…
you are all aware
of the power of numerology
and if you do not know then please watch
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I hope number 8s
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and soon enough I’m able to record it for you!
Thank you so much
God Bless you

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