Word of Life Church is a local evangelical church located in Feasterville-Trevose, Pennsylvania. Our mission is to reveal the mystery of salvation for all, to raise …
derogatory you through the
previous to us in music list a
mere 1 on your friends brothers
sisters I greet you with the
name of Jesus Christ peace to
you just got killed
give your process for people who
have a believers who have known
the truth vardhaan the Hadith of
w– bush it's important to be in
the house of God it's you not
gonna start now
I always wanted to to ask one
Lord has to be in the house of
God so um so me and she said
theorem and if Psalm 62 to
otakus lava which weakens lava
David said the following unique
words told Cobourg yeah Spock is
douche ramaiah my soul only rest
was spicy mayo their salvation
from him yeah that'll be so
seeing us
would like to ask each one of us
and whom do you find rest in
home does your soul find rest
rest David coverage to talk of
ghosts Padilla who spoke I would
say to Somalia and David says
only in the Lord my soul finds
rest you will spur seeing you in
your from him is my salvation
vodka Aunt Virginia Maya he is
my Fortress
pretty busy stream of you he is
my healer my my
strength my book knock at door
oh boy my God in whom I trust
you stored your natural born in
nasik a sport and today our hope
is are you
on Russia torque of growth spurt
and I Strength is only in the
with a procrastinator Ultra so
in this wonderful
morning in this option National
gear let's stand to our feet but
producing block a Slovenian
let's ask for a blessing in
Nashville not years do and we'll
put our hostel Pavan you report
our tribe has launched from the
course but I upon the Lord yes
I'm still gets posted us now and
I know that the Lord is always
with us gosport you to you still
doing your nausea this kalana
she was pursuing you it will
curve goes for your admin the
holy music and yeah
Radha as if a colleague a sport
car crash oh but no you pursue
Street for your own domain for
youngest partner
nice large dots attaboy you
slingshot think that 14 years
lie Lupe she goes get sporty
soldiers to
Signal svami Bob said you that
can change a vehicle tip
baldness Hallelujah ketchup
recorded gotta study a
general thing immediately
started 200 some against both to
your small and revered against
put tailpiece shall Bridge
thing does not mean the cows
and yes you can see in the Lord
himself bogus Virginia najma
Hallelujah Salama Jimmy
Moore sorry my bought many
priests are him Slava Chiba
those two things junkyards the
not but the most contemporary
are Beyond us so it's know you
care of you Amidala get a star
is severe but Mama Jeana since
huge pour me some of his tree
stand up yeah he told Sheree
suppose John the against
polygamy take care of you for
your you guys put take regular
cheese gets put
that Almir sir are people of
slavich abuser to just put the
two you mirrors the to you
brother brother to go to redeem
Israel should not she sees you
isn't that pretty Grassley was
seriously jail because
cheapskate for used to know
gosport Porter Stones love it
the street Alicia
made for clients a printable you
just put will provide number of
us to you
Medieval Europe city mayor will
you be pure will will see films
about your sport the story to
produce wobble sutures
much Judy limits you both until
seen you do see a toy
give you praise and honor God
this morning that your king of
glory your lord God almighty
thank you
it was
it is mean
a slave in Islam it removed
dress it look at that sure
it's hard to be but um Slava
but an onion
to the store in slowly let's go
get our son
the store in printed shoe goes
put into the darkness
of course we Napoleon of Suzy
are blue this is what you want
the mudra because
police's are you so similar
Autumn to him circuit for you
was with it it's our
it's our Swedish report when I
am sitting here reporter was no
seem to be having a Squatch kak
Dela Katie goes for the gelato
come true little heart with you
told you my
exit evaluate for a slavich
about a sport he but he hits his
sweetheart Curitiba goes forward
done ecology if Sally what's up
Rob you look
up on yo you drew hook the
police she was stupidly Galliano
scratchy old style inertial huh
gah he was so clumsy me Raja is
Kasia equally iboga
efficient route via editor hi
him Equalization Burger it was
will start to build up some
Patricia joke respectively Rama
yeah Rosa achieves the steam
is still only Graboid
yet had your Anna
say yes or no
promised promised her she will
you move him stop it
to you Rocky beautiful oceany me
Napoleon is silly idea
Nepali cilia a push-up
were gonna be here probably if
not real are gonna use me who
very Mia is so sorry star
promises just Porsha she likes
Elijah see you later in singing
shh see what is today shh
the habits of items Alia even to
be a fiery explosion mr. tsunami
dislikes tell you Ellen policy
that should look on
you're not poor only if it's
roughly a year that's the liable
not only
singing Here knock over your
body against you that we do
it by email is so sorry star but
yeah but she's just Porsche
decision phone could not get
piñatas Thrill Kill she's here
you must Synergy that reason
mr. but yes he is is singing
yeah yeah Alleluia the plus love
is our email to
your spirit all year you feel
it should be Bach mammalian
himself a Miracle my Molly
Messiah thousands are killed you
stand memoriam says she bought
yeah circular Russia Ramona
Michelle so crazy you know me my
name is sasirekha she uses
my money Misha Saakashvili
bisection sorry Anu
new memorial missions against me
real Porsha are to Munna Road or
civil Shimla Shimla
lose enjoy your meal look
sandbach to shut up boy
at crime knocking at the cushy
low beam in here is Susa Krista
the plus 5 is 30 he was really
she'll need in my Kush asleep
pork a cheers sin it will shut
off boy I mean butcher block
Iceland is an amazing
machine it was God's voice was
like a sliver may be seated and
may the Lord bless you
Hallelujah Isuzu boy Jesus is
nice gospel Joy our Lord is
alive Luigi Luigi
me too
in chaos and vanity he's not
your that
could produce Amish and they
don't know where the help is
going to come from I'm Liz my
Masha at
ghost but we know that our help
is from the Lord God goes for
the Couture is a tutorial nearby
assembly from the Lord who
created the heavens and the
Earth nausea pull much at
Nashville A Dickey see my gosh
oh gosh Our Hope as from our all
Mighty God moved up with it's
just Lover a chest all the glory
and honor be to him the British
German let you know
delicious Lon and before I'm
going to start sharing with the
word let's see what America
turkey plasmid then Blackadder
in your past three today
the churches in America are
thanking their pastures of the
day of a pastor
that you would have Google
Google I got that nice imposter
imposter and therefore I express
my deepest thanks giving to our
pastors Pastor Nick colletti
after Paul
our entire church from your your
love and for your patience
eyelash over mostly West for
your endurance it's possible
thank you so much was bogus late
may the Lord bless you slow
motion whoa ghost or an ICS
loser to La Couture is
devoted son has presbyter got
that we have our ministers who
are caring for us you know ship
is on a gorgeous
top that we have to pray for
those who are caring for the
church noisy bloggers
lovely but it and don't just
pray but we need to bless them
and also take care of pressure
laughs never be silent never get
weary of in praying for our
ministry success love about the
boot National Hospital and met
all the glory be to our Lord
yeah I see what you mean
today we're going to read a lot
from the Holy Scripture but the
more pressure was pretty much
slower bourgeois
Rasmus lat sweetie piss on
e probabilities were using it's
the worst time of with him
cheated T so please accept the
word of God and examine your
life and the light of the
scriptures that we will be
reading an additional was being
protective mr. is Shinobi
not be so I hope we'll be able
to read all the scriptures we
want life to read it was a
middleman actually save you a
proper VGA
and a few weeks ago if you have
noticed we started a series of
sermons according to the flesh
to live with him go to that it
catches takatori to be sunny ago
the boom email and we'll be
talking about the qualities of
which the scripture says that we
have to have
moved him sweetie piss on your
private she won't need those no
amino acid has
a lot of the scriptures were
going to check what we should
not have in our life you see
what do you mean boojum go
worried or procrastinate um
Daria Kotori at the Churchill
awake at 6 ushi and today we're
going to speak about a wonderful
gift that makes a person
different from any other
creation Oh da recover it this
is the gift of speaking when
Buddhism is avoided as much left
over yes the care today we're
going to be talking about the
tongue or Slaughter about the
word flow looks lava Catherine
Weaver him the words that we say
– I'm Julie both
nom de Lune you can no space
openness and truly God gave us a
unique ability nobody trusts go
are you a top shots to speak to
communicate to talk with us
that's why you muesli to express
our thoughts deletes us way my
Vanya me choose told me she
share our worries are feeling it
procrastinator memoriam cover it
and it's wonderful that we can
speak you cook them with every
Muslim would you shot and when
we say something we can Comfort
level that we can Inspire
someone gonna bone I'm dull yes
it let's watch the boom ugly
survive it Boca and the most
important is that God gave us
the tank so we could praise God
book named all a tad are
stubborn whim ugly press lovely
at Iwo Jima little God gave us
this gift so that we could
Praise Him and pray to him
without stopping me pack learn
really Sumo he gave it to us so
that we would worship
worship him the boost the
National Mall College to visit
National Mall cow value goes but
there are mouths or tongue would
not be silent and giving praise
to the Lord yet the
procrastinator and this is a
wonderful gift maximum delete a
procrastinator and truly it's a
wonderful gift no me in our that
Eames love poetry blame but
sometimes we misuse it
may not they will patter blame
near Point has not changed as we
do not use it according to
its purpose it what about them
is what you put in gallery and
we will be talking about that
today today thank the white you
don't you touch her let us start
to read from the Holy Scripture
if it sounds pathetic if he said
I'm short a global and what's
the devotee Visions for 29
through 32 new Cucuy Agony
Louis Louis Danny is hot it is
loosed Vash at all kadhambari
Atlanta's a Daniel
very wi no that's not a blogger
that sushi let no corrupt word
proceed out of your mouth but
what is good for necessary
edification that I may impart
grace to the hearer
there's genius carb lettuce veto
overdue kabocha Catherine with
the pitch it to you lived in his
cup Alania and do not grieve the
holy spirit of God by whom you
were sealed for the day of
redemption exactly exactly here
has any arrests significant
lower reaches of
Chicago Buddha to delineate was
Earnest wrath anger clamor
and evil speaking be put away
from you with all malice more
booty druker Drew go debris
first reduction appreciated
Ruger khaki bow steel us and be
kind to one another
tender-hearted forgiving one
another even as God in Christ
forgave you what is it if
ratchet and nasty cough the
watching my personal dream nice
car wash Rock of Dennis from
these verses that we read let us
look at a couple important
lessons for us movie Jean-Pierre
we're stuck neleus lava mole
good as garbage
sweet overdue huh first we see
that evil words can hurt the
Holy Spirit and
almost a go at it a going any
lower and slower than
his hoodie to do so wash your
carpet it says no let no corrupt
word proceed out of your mouth
and then it says do not grieve
the Holy Spirit sakagami lawyers
lava Oscar beaten at the
hospital every corrupt
World Grieves the Holy Spirit
sorry with Stoke Neely is lava
is hot at talk to him it's
volume character is leadership
Consciousness secondly corrupt
words come out from
the person who has the following
characteristics is Kaku asserts
his holy
OT Technologies lower from what
kind of hard to do these work
working most from what kind of
mouth got it email to him
character he arrests that is
when you have
Creek letter H A bitterness
wrath anger as letter reaches of
psychos Louisville you
and just speaking in all kind of
with all kind of evil it does Li
Ali boldness lava lava
proclivity Lisa lobosco aw
Olivia these are evil words
or hurtful words words of curse
something that brings and
offense to a person beside me
and I'm the youth caucus
emotion emotion
and the scripture tells us how
we can withstand us so what's
leadership must bottom
boot group go through debris is
a strategy to brush your teeth
and here we see it as be kind to
one another tender-hearted
forgiving one another even as
God in Christ forgave you we
doesn't approach the Panama to
store you is love hold it
at to understand that these
corrupt words
a person who has this
characteristics International
this Russia it's terrific
wearisome and here he's turning
to the church to the Believers
of the most this is no business
law book was what Christie
price to to institution Ludovic
Christie it says God has
forgiven you in Christ so he's
talking to people who are in
Christ that should go to the
store any abuse writing has
completed the hospital was
ludica to remove the hospital
and then it says do not grieve
the holy spirit so it means that
he's talking to people who
already have the Holy Spirit
snatch it Liu Ji Kristie Lu zhi
music spicy Nia mortgage low
Pottery Village H a Templar
cross them dharam so people
who are in Christ already have
salvation they might misuse this
wonderful gift it took nearly is
lava Etta Oscar beating is lava
so corrupt words are the ones
that bring offense slow Vasquez
only a walk near the words that
are spoken in Wrath slow Vasquez
only is
Creak mm words that are spoken
with high tone of love us
cousinly of yeah Rusty what
could the Chupacabras word
spoken when you persons just
it just completely flow of and
awards of curse duck duck duck
we're addressing me you are just
so upset because the chimney
double know when you're unhappy
with something watching was not
years at his legs as Obama
yesterday was very important to
hold your
tongue behind the teeth that
said there's such an expression
I took a devotee what you hear
as duck duck
if you had crew has wrote tog du
is it creates a we get organized
but then when you have a wrath
and anger than your tongues be
Tom becomes this
this PETA of fire in with us the
piñata my glove
and the most important thing we
have to understand is that
corrupt words they grieve the
Holy Spirit
shoe McNeil is love has got a
blow to hospital why do corrupt
words grief
that she was living with us
gonna be till now why is it
hurtful to him that's what you
time if he's here
425 25 through 27
Camellias nice agree shy team
Sunset the news I do too
too need to write to mr. Zhao
Liu be angry and do not sin to
not let the sun go down on your
wrath nor give place to the
devil smother the newest nice
aggression here it says be angry
and do not sin in a business
turn it over to mr. David and
then do not give place to the
devil stole my motion is that
our mr. aggressive apology what
can we receive for ourselves
from the scripture but the most
that is good new is lava chill
Avec which is night is crushed
his wife of Rama Duke Hospital
of corrupt a words the the
person pushes away from his
Temple the Holy Spirit either
you'd miss the diabolo and he
gives place to the devil cheer
is grenouille has got to beat
any black
he a business lava through
through hurtful angry
bad Words which is that I'm
still not sure Thiele
national champs are cheats I
know that our body our soul our
spirit that is the Temple of the
Holy Spirit you
Adama will pay Triple A Metric
newly Slava and and when we use
these evil words me
me sweetie to hospital we're
pushing away the Holy Spirit he
died young Master suite diabolo
and we give place for the devil
to live there what that does
garbatella and that is really
offensive mood but stuffed it
with DiMaggio T imagine you're
living in your house yeah the
pushed him
music began uh you know and for
example the husband is telling
his wife to leave it provided
the movie Cocoon with Boogie too
and he brings some kind of
adulterous woman in Chicago
is lasagna that used to house
the wife going to feel what the
some I asked
our witness um I was just I to I
think that is the most offensive
the worst feeling no but with
Purdue Mighty but think about it
I've done with the human Kingdom
were terribly I'm gonna do is
lower when we use corrupt words
move we're gonna aim to hospital
we're pushing away the Holy
Spirit and we're pretty blush I
am Diabla and we're inviting the
devil by ottoman without sleep
and you match doggy we fly right
and you promised us lava
therefore we have to understand
that corrupt words are not just
simply words at the dear Duke
chawla this is the field for the
the work of
the spirit of the
and that most of the prominent
and we have to remember to
Olivia Culpo tribulations newest
robot a person who uses corrupt
words it's unproductive late mr.
yollop Swahili officially gives
room to the for the devil and
his lab I told you do much know
what you mean and then some
people think well why is
something now what you may have
seen me and yet Meera why do you
not have peace in my pajamas Why
is my wife and my children
why is everything so bad in my
life Brewster everything is very
simple mr. edano you have a look
the place was
given to the devil – Williams my
treat kind of come down here
Authority show
later on we're going to see what
kind of house he abides you
don't – shh uh yeah James
chapter 3 verse 7 yeah but she
tell you
it's just one chill of each is
Kim for every kind of Beast and
bird of reptile and creature of
the sea is
tamed and has been tamed by
mankind is he who created
technique to Isla de namur shot
at a new regime has Law only
small means Milton has no yada
but no man can
tame the tongue it is an unruly
evil full of deadly poison
even block a slow tempo gaiata
he impractically named Sheila
vehicles that were unique Papa
doble bore you with
that we bless our God the father
and with it we curse men who
have been made in the
simulator hood of God is to
choose this hooded blogger
Slovenia Ypres Claudia needles
no bratty amazing booty it out
of the same mouth proceed
blessing and cursing my
brethren these things ought not
to be so he dropped his at know
what we're seeing is to
Czechoslovakia corcovado that's
the spring sent forth fresh
water and better from the same
opening emotion bratty amahi
smacking it's a pretty nice it
must be
Li EV vinaigrette smoked way can
affect tree my brethren bear
olives or
grape wine barrel actually I
didn't instruction emotion is
the words alone Mario is like
we've ordered the snow
Spring-heeled both salt water
and fresh mood early resuming
Toys R Us the cash witness a man
Gilead open Pavilion smooth to
be protester who is wise and
among you let him show by Good
Conduct that his work light on
in the meekness of wisdom no he
is the washroom shirts we meet
you goal to user visits Varley
was Tony
qualities in you'll get new get
a nice to know but if you have
better and we and self-seeking
in your heart do not boast and
lie against the truth at the New
Year's motorist nice car – yes
we shall nose him Nia do shave
my be so scared this wisdom does
not descend from above but is
Earthly sensual demonic when you
he deserves this world was Tom
used to do is to use to hold on
for wear and we and self-seeking
exist confusion and everything
every evil thing are there no
more dress
scotches wish you
a happy Easter
Easter hear the Adobe period of
this priest rasna Inlet Smyrna
but the wisdom that is from
above is first pure then
Peaceable gentle willing to
yield full of mercy and good
fruits without partiality and
without hypocrisy Lodge approved
of me receipts Hotel Couture
Grand yacht mere now the fruit
of righteousness is sown in
Peace by those who make peace
yeah the monster what a
precaution appropriate
I think this is a wonderful
sermon precisely oh what a queen
Ukiah cheated if we just
carefully we read
it she thought were targeted
media sites and just reading it
really touching sweetie but you
don't know and just in light of
what you read just examine your
life bogum emotions is now
which its and we can learn a lot
from here you should not put you
in the patrimony Zeus Chilliwack
hold it going to do is hold that
can use lava another reason why
evil words come out from a
person's mouth what was this
much Italy we read here she look
good yes data Gorka your service
is were Rivers were there is
evil bitterness and just
just disagreement David look
really – dr. diet means the
diabolo and who gives place to
the devil
wanted to get Services really
was Tom's time he was to is so
good he says
well there's jealousy and
there's disagreements there's
just everything that goes
against peace which is obviously
swirly West where there's envy
and disagreements slowly was
lead with the service you when
we argued that follow our lead
has a new lease and that is
corrupt words newest lower and
these are evil corrupt corrupt
words video
we'll go to special and actually
says listen if you saw that
somebody's life is starting to
be successful
total natural color shows
Ritalin is diatom Whispers
nobody matters with somebody
began to live well or maybe
successfully working in Ministry
Whoa stop that when you are
natural Apollo Jets something is
turning out well for him eh look
of Couture mm do here geoduck
sweet boy
and a person in whose Spirit the
Holy Spirit Level English don't
start with her it says that
he rejoices with that person
who's buddy boy
get the gist of the Patna – shut
up lord
you that you're raising up that
person much look at the reserve
you do it but a person who's
jealous once Razzles to buy it
mr. Takahashi toshiya below
right away he exchanges the
place for the halogen lights as
worldly was think it was wrong
to the devil and he begins to
argue not your night so that is
what you see going on knocking
you shouldn't you be at the
mokpo how can he allow himself
to do this what you want
business and these animals that
could only one who seems like he
doesn't really have a business
but where did he get these cool
shoes shoes from Apple watch at
wouldn't she be with more
possible to watch oh how could
he even
house even able to buy the Apple
watch Olympus Mons
when you watch it you can say
like oh how did he get a new car
how was he able to
chart you that is revealed
possible for a Believer to live
in such luxury
he just starts to just crumble
the newest lover as just speak
corrupt worthy your schedule
what the hell is the matter is
this one has her own show you
know we carpet and I'm gonna say
more I'm looking at
our wonderful new carpet who I
was he the only chick that
is another one an unhappy person
will always be unhappy oil
chocolate on the carpet is not
right who is that
oh why did I lay it out this way
yeah push it
I'm gonna come back to this
category of people and you want
your normally they're very smart
I knew watching expertise puff
simple process but they're
experts and every question and
use that
probably knows the pit they know
how to sing properly illusion
seeds are abundant they know who
needs to see how to play the
guitar we have to have them
on a monitor
how we need to stand on our
knees or not past of those and
probably do it how the pastor
needs to preach mother's 90
watts how we have to dress up
shows night he knows everything
no we are in a very unique data
quicker process but sometimes I
have this question
will talk the EDD lie well then
go and do it plus the is he
are just simply show your face
on your work sensor but I wanna
pass to chase it behind the
drums and play
them back to the vulnerable
Grand Canyon Boutique they won't
be too loud I won't be too quiet
Edie pastilla carpet come and
lay down the carpet could be
drew a category to be prayatna
by another one that you like
better that's leading purchase
it with your money ya Yin
you sure to is gorgeous if
you're not tithing but then
you're still talking too much
about the technology is
lover so I understand these evil
corrupt words but the most of
society swirly was because
there's jealousy there is great
and there's just a lot of room
for the
deaths of some get to mr. Ducey
Tomo and there's just no room
for the Holy Spirit
ducky you please lower your salt
a not go during the day so this
corrupt words usually come from
prideful people really do much
Daniel music who think that
they're smarter than anyone you
seek does not news not private
has it they always know how to
live properly I need to seek the
new double they're never happy
and you think that what to deal
with the me China and they
always have Point things out
what when you might want to
be certain that doesn't scare
that's why you need the whole
store and they always have to
express their unhappiness it
wasn't personal for any object
apology Prodigy he he would here
is that next after the service
he definitely used to come up to
you and say something smart to
yeah I'm not saying that we need
we should not be able to go
anymore but the Bible says when
we do give some
kind of category
any pain you go I don't like how
old guys dressed up I'm not
gonna go and tell her that I
usually go to
talk to brother Paul why did she
dress up like a show gonna go
marry a girl who has friends
friend Chablis I need a new
Dynasty so then they would send
a message to her her
say is one thing but the best
thing is to actually buy the ELA
Progressive magazine
or to invite them to the store
and say
hey just choose buy something
from Macy's is an emotional
zigzag is exactly why but if you
can't then just hold your tongue
behind your
interest a book or it an
interesting God says what did
you lose your mudroom Gordon to
these wise and prideful
people expert on Puffs MBA
programs through the experts and
all areas that organization come
on they know who needs to be
told what got it God tells them
mood rusts caxias we should but
wisdom that comes from above
there was just is pure button
Myrna and then it's Peaceable
about them scrum nice and gentle
launch liver it's willing to
yield let me less here they're
full of Mercy dobrik blood off
and good fruits yes please trust
me without partiality you let
Samir Naga and without hypocrisy
well this lie is the triangle
this category of ways to promote
your daughter-in-law or
something like that you're going
to be silent my universe
categorical distribution if my
daughter-in-law is going to wear
you that look at the first go to
your daughter-in-law
partiality what what mother with
calcium had in a covered place
it's a slow boil we have to
treat everyone the same
with love I used to me what a
commotion so recover him but if
we behave like this and we say
this thing annually is lover we
say these corrupt
Psalm 34 pretty detailed
was it a little bit a little bit
ly dogateers fear
fear visit blogger I would gives
way his voice will start Where
You Are
love your children listen to me
I will teach you the fear of the
Lord who is the man who desires
life and loves many days that he
may see
good keep your tongue from evil
and your lips from speaking
deceit depart from Evil and do
seek peace and pursue it coach
is it is your coach has dogged
else there if you want to live a
long life brother good
with this way is because it says
keep your tongue tongue from
evil guys eating tonight system
so our wonderful sister Olga
who's huh than you do vinegar it
every time I come to her she
always speaks blush over
him at all coronavirus lower
always she speaks Woodward
the whole night you know how a
spiritual person needs to live
if I hit to go get into and
that's why God
is giving her long life usually
she's the Godzilla a person who
is holding his tongue from old
Legend the secret of
the nagas live here this is one
of the secrets of living forever
from Violet newly slower just do
not speak corrupt so let me show
it knows itself also corrupt
word Lush equally Vita that is
when we are sitting this leg
lower Proverbs chapter 12
verse 22 Mirza Spirit gospel de
música Syria
Russia via Agra – is no good no
more lying lips are an
abomination to the Lord but
those who deal
truthfully are his Delight what
must name – though not very much
to tell choir sister
what do we what it means when we
say abomination
is an abomination
but this is the same type of
abomination just like we go to
cool it
to be too cute website and we
say oh this pedophiles this is
how they're horrible gruesome
is let me go with him lost and
we need to immediately change
that new but my friends are for
speaking lies and we're not any
different from that almost at
the cashmeres is what Biblical
it mirrors the spirit goes for
the I must tell Julius it's the
same Abomination because the
Bible says lying lips are an
abomination to him so when we
speak words not as I do
matter we have to thank need to
thoroughly emerges am I creating
kind of a good him Lush when I'm
lunchtime theater me when I'm
lying to Lois Lane my mushroom
to my
husband rushed waves away from
my wife lost liter P my charity
I'm not a boat in two brothers
at work hard on my God I'm lost
Beauty lemurs when we're
speaking lives this is an
Abomination at the Camellias
lover and these are corrupt
words what people are watching
us and the
Bible teaches us go and eat you
told Caprara Rodriguez who speak
only the truth truth to each
the lamp is sure I'd love net
categories laughs hey there's
another category of words that
are part of the corroborate that
that is not pretty to do not
seek the glory that's not
something here Proverbs 12:18
that's what you're doing and
listen carefully you know I post
has love with let Kirk Mitchum
Isaac mother graduate there is
one who speaks like the
piercings of a sword but the
tongue of the wise promotes
Health in like pushed us love
the one who speaks the has lover
empty words laughs it was really
nice to get together it's a
slower porosity in general
journal um it's called the Paris
Paris just extra and useful
words but as it is slower Kotori
the words that you not bring
good meaning when you desire
has a smooth slope and they're
destroying the meaning of good
words funny magic trick that
chili ignite gluba shoot it
when a person begins to just
foolishly joke around again in
slow motion – it's a group you
should have
are also part of corrupt words
what is the killer jacket or a
business that you know there's
no TV
it's nice what have you said
that there's no activity cooked
about pop culture news are some
people who just want to like
just Pierce you something just
point something out you won't
tell him dact to Misty took a
seat over there place where the
devil is sitting instead of the
Holy Spirit he begins to tell
these people what was that all
that work was actual set of
puzzles and since soon as you
came to church you greeted the
person yes it took us to me and
if you're wearing a suit with a
toasted pepitas this is what I
experienced oh but I do want to
see what like a real Baptist
today that until June on Friday
you I wear jeans they're saying
old you're like a real car is
makarios charismatic person
nobody was lucky
then this seems like these into
what is the meaning behind them
most religious
you just need to
pierce the person Blaster shot
that this is nice a lot now that
they are family faster saying
something but you start just
going against him and you're
saying okay okay I know
everything I'm just going to
pray like to shoot he doesn't
live with character seems
mishnah you know the jokes only
have to be spoken when it's
funny for everyone you touch the
tip bit
through Grace at immutable no
stones when it's so funny for
you but the other person is soap
heard that he doesn't want to
live anymore it's almost like
the post of wolf because that is
just it just empty words not
tonight drug Africa load but
College when people
begin to just don't make fun of
each other Pierce each other at
the post office lawyer this is
empty words that slowly you sure
or also empty speaking at the
Music City in it and what we
said here we just began to go I
wash like a gloopy gloop was a
shame on it has yellow oh look a
chancre is so foolish why did he
do this well you might not even
know what that is do you like he
should have done it this way
look easy
why did he start doing that what
you but what that goat XD lol
they should have done this and
he's not you
those this Gil political of
society and they just start to
talk about geopolitics that's
not cool he's like dude behind a
table in the kitchen anywhere if
possible shows you listen to
them the most insisted it and
you think why is he sitting here
lukashenko Vietnam option is
night even know how to rule the
or these Asian countries what
those umbilicus you know this
person should have been been
without meaning and your words
are not going to change
when you start saying it
we have to watch out what we say
that I did receive conservative
budget and your friends at the
I would like to read lost the
schedule is so Christos what
Jesus Christ said you wanted
atmosphere do not
stay Global threats Baptist
Gospel of Matthew 12 35 at the
schedule Christos Christ said
this Dobra cilic is
dobrovolsky Croatia well no Doug
Graham has logic is Louis
a crucial when I see a lawyer a
good man out of the good
Treasure of his heart brings
forth good things and an evil
man out of the evil treasure
treasure brings forth evil
things but usually one
stuff sack prize – lava cake the
do Tanya treat
but I say to you that for Every
Idle Word man may speak they
will give account of it and the
day of judgment he bought sloths
leave approved our shh yeah it's
moves while you are so disturbed
by your words you will be
justified and by your words you
will be condemned it Nia postal
was causally new pierogies
cuddly this wasn't
said by the prophets or the
apostles that's causal talk to
some he relates a slower it was
spoken by the one who is Worthy
word hello makka tourist all
applaud you the word that became
flesh metallus Regina's who
about who was amongst us Oscars
Allah and he said suckers day a
plasma is lava for Every Idle
Word though is the cars
the Slovak Artorias cousin Abyss
Minya so for every word that is
spoken without him cash Lola
I'm cutter away evil eye has new
yeah every word that if the
author is not God of that word
xiety broccoli slaw for
for these idle word can you
please love us for these corrupt
word Ludi the dude a twit
wit people will give an account
and in day by day of judgment by
Adam regular Asia therefore dear
where does my appearance my
teeth with your we need to
re-examine our heart is that you
doing Pockets if we are jealous
we need to repeat this value we
pack is if we have a
disagreement in grumbling is the
apparent Wagner vadoma
at home and your wife is
upsetting your you're starting
hurt her you need to repent is
that the musical is not they
yelled mm yeah if you're saying
to your husband oh I'm tired of
your emotional solution how for
how long can I live with you
another Buck I'd say you need to
repent is an oddity Gorilla Glue
please lower if you have spoken
foolish words to your children
are beaten is lower if you have
offended offensive words you
need to repent nobody needs to
die so that during the day of
judgment see what yeah so that
the day of judgment would be
today but we see what member
guiley so that we would
repent today of Dean soda and
then during the day of judgment
about the stitches we would
stand and Holiness and Purity
goes for the and the Embrace of
the Lord I mean
amen would you Melissa Scully
I'm calling you on our knees and
pray that our biggest boat
my blog at Nazi guess porch mr.
Boyer cocteau in in Iraq
octodome Factory GT Behold Him
tibia he praised if she will get
spot process in Pristina price t
plus T gas ports are sake Anu is
lava prestigious Lasker beating
New Year category
McGovern really Place team in
yoga spot both gasp oh
laughs boo gasps both you come
with a Peugeot
come on at the old ball now how
about a gas Port was mostly when
you sell gas Port the gloopy you
should keep Rusty prosti menya
Pristina Road gets bored my
proximity bizarre cash the new
Louis Louis Jacques de Pasto is
pristine nasty voting against
poured my proximity of a mezuzah
if I'm a geek a spot trouble me
catnip is not sloppy to him go
very little cottage cheese
– oh yes Eastern Australia is
prouder so here's Justice love
my story is
gets bored of dark nebula a
flutist oh yes Lou both shriek
it's just that uh gasps vote so
we've National Stock Newsela
loss guess what Newsela get
spotted the cover story is not
just bought my mama
a little bit to know that are
going boy boy mr. Bhatia
guys guess what she wouldn't
tell me I've never Li efficient
nationalist Army I've never
liked him said
do come you guys put them gym
with a lie mr. chawla Miss
Yvonne Yvonne he met Jesus and
Krista are three kinds
at Ottawa either you're mr. Duke
who sweet omo book The Toy for a
stick them with
masculine in my brush in Cuba
talk about Dukas little against
vote nickel than your teammate
has stopped kept them in ew mr.
giallo no stop – I'm sure it is
still named Mister Tolkien that
are going us book
my tibia so to another ploobis
Prussia is me actually share is
gets bored he acknowledged see
what you
guys bought my God I'm still not
sure what's Tha
gotta watch the boys love it to
be a mass quality
that mean
Sushi on Ibiza
yeah in assembly similar crack
in the Navy lip National park
in Pristina
Pristina but why oh yes our
story see what is
lava vehicie vehicie mean
Slava blue glacial stream praise
God brothers and sisters mostly
oudy proper with you
Miss Carson hi mr. Godfrey after
this word we're going to say
we weep and Kristina's forgive
us God is not stable on the show
mommy Auntie Gina genomic data
packets each one of us probably
found those moments where we
have to
return has put you at sorry may
God protect us from jealousy
gosport Nam she lie bullsháá
bullsháá tsatsa
tsatsa even are six may the Lord
give us strength to be
Sanctified in this morning our
words they teach him a guitar
me Por una Voz Unida these are
topics that we're going through
them very important item
sometimes we need to be reminded
of how are you how are you to
speak what does have been a
mudra Sasha solution whatever
the words of wisdom that comes
from above is the important
thing that we need to have like
a slave witness may God bless us
but it's just recently announced
will Brodsky Soviet fun sisters
today we're going to have a
a board member meeting or
Western Avenue
solution has we're going to be
talking about a restyled it's
just because our services
services if you're sharing your
story and there's also a
possibility that we'll have an
evening service yes – no yes
you're eligible dear Barney of
circuit we know that in the
church there are some people who
are watching
so we're teaching people that
those who are not feeling well
horse lays it home isolate
and people understand that
doesn't look at the ripples
vanilli's Spice and some calls
that they're not going to come
to the church
with impart to his tushy tushy
it reads it reads about Nick
parks over 160 people in the
service today and 33 well
morning mimosa
importantly and mr.
can only have two services in
the morning they're still
available spots sanctuary
with massalia top chef kitchen
torian Noona Scola we also have
children in the sanctuary who
need me
but if we could you yes now now
she is a crucial human pollution
are shipping a senior we have
our treasure boxes where you can
put your childhood in the
furnace Lavista email Borg I
mean the name of
God be glorified thousand
dollars we also have a
box for everybody
Jim – Jim Palmer should we would
like to help with himself I will
book a guy
at if you choose to eat it
obviously solution more for sure
to watch in that Circle itself
nights are cramping you you can
donate for that church as well
pricing short film has wheat was
more Nya branya our Thanksgiving
going to be November 8th Search
the book shows material be
asking for the Lord to if I'm
walking I'm Waitin
help us in that God is so sheer
I believe in you I think
these are all day announcement
solution our solution with
religious support I think our
services are going to be now
an hour and a half going to be
going back to our
normal Services gradually not
but it is rainy a tyranny remove
snow up there
was I'm Melissa during these
days were continuing to pray for
our people who are sick
should I erase huaraz McCollum
alijani yeah stanovich so
luxurious I smoked with Michael
a lion and Tanya isn't really
matters mom
darn it but I'm very very
thankful to God for the volume
which is normally said we're
continuing to pray fervently you
can choose cause I do very
seriously and I want to say
brothers and sisters we just got
his money so that everyone would
clearly no Liesl I actually
occur occur that God heals the
person you put them all she'll
immediately box eliminate
liberationem so let us pray more
and God is able to change any
kind of decision support may God
help us in that mood Rasheeda's
give us wisdom but if
who are you without shame or
achieves eitc is usually
represented we possess guys here
tonight and the whole way you
can also pick up a copy of a new
newspaper it's like you you have
sold palakkad Kotori National
leadership Gala you know I took
the poster that our youth
offered to us in nam Moi je
properties to it yoshiko
perched over years and I have a
mailbox on my property with was
traveling approaching
poached oh yes we put this this
post in front of the mailbox
your Chi hoon go very quietly I
was observing from my eulogy he
is a s'more how people were
dropping when you matching the
cheat on you data more carefully
reading the sign you should
actually as I met you and
another thing I know what you
want on the nationally all you
think your music on for some
reason on our street where we
live but she Halloween when you
get Monaco I don't even see any
kind of Halloween if I said
we're adults
my neighbor who lives right next
to me also put up the same
trait yeah Roberto listen it
works it really works well
it was you later so I invite you
we're gonna increase the if I
beat you we're going to overcome
because we have Jesus gives life
policy makers for
like a slave you know if you're
a Sly made a name of the Lord be
blessed and praised Steinem
apologist and and pray my
watching you block a dark night
in Vegas porch is have
substituted the your smashes his
knee a Blog a dream
diversity dorival Nam is true to
throw was krishnaveni Academy
push lived on bourgie
Emily Nash legit sir up xianyang
militaria Slovenia
it action peony black Authority
babuji story
pallucci yes
nashe business
for you
Chief to you-ward oh my bladder
that need to be asked to meet
you the machinery are my black
darkness to bestow Mercy
Virginia shyam for you
absolutely you
Sabato on our series me move
booty condition report is
slavich means arietta
goes for human ogia or Millie
RWJ name are you talking to me
man what puts you more
moochie beer bujumbura
Bujumbura Darney the space yeah
you hungry a lie
gospel but Ali Baba
I mean smear important
peace be with you and may God
bless you

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