Professor Paul Montgomery discusses his team’s new research, which has found no evidence Omega-3 fish oil supplements help aid or improve the reading …
Well it was a randomized trial where we
gave half of a group of kids fish oil,
well in fact a vegetarian version of it,
versus placebo and then at the end of 16
weeks of doing that we tested their
reading, their working memory and their
behavior as measured by their parents
and by some teachers. The kids who
were included in the study were seven to
nine year olds at primary schools
learning to read and they were in the
bottom quarter of readers. So they
were the ones who were struggling to
read. So if we were able to show an
improvement it really should have been
around those kids. So we measured reading
working memory and behavior and we
didn't find differences on any of those
outcomes that were substantial anyway,
we've got to realize that these kids
have got particular issues. If you're in
the bottom quarter of readers your
trajectory for the future is not bright.
So we need to invest in interventions
which are really effective and having
real power and this wasn't one of them

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